Slippery When Wet


We’d been together as lovers for a while. Everything we’d wanted to do, we’d done.

But this was just slightly hotter, on this day.

She had worked late and came to my place first thing in the morning. I awoke to her looking at me in my bed.

“Hey there,” she said, giving me a kiss.

“Good morning,” I responded. “What time is it?”

“7:45,” she said, her smile like the crest of the sunrise.

But … like so many of our romantic moments … it was a moment crushed by reality.

“Crap. I have that 9 a.m. appointment,” I said. “I need a shower.”

“Me first,” she said, referring to my shower. It was much larger than her’s at her apartment. And she shared that apartment with two fellow college juniors.

“I have class at 10. I need to get ready for and I want to feel refreshed.”

We’d been together for about a year, so being naked at the same time wasn’t a new thing. She jumped off my bed and headed into my master bath, cranking up the shower and turning on the in-shower radio to some of her music.

I craned my body upwards. It was a warm fall morning. I walked downstairs and looked outside to the neighborhood. I heard the water otele gelen escort hitting her thin body, and decided I’d join her.

The first time you have sex in the shower, it’s supposed to be a fantasy. But, as most people who have taken showers with one or two other people know, if you’re not sharing enough of the water, it gets a bit chilly.

So I decided I’d wait until she’d at least washed her hair and shaved before I bothered her with my swinging dick.

“Hey Katie,” I said, walking in. “Room for two?”

“I’m done,” she said, stepping out naked. I was wearing a long-sleeve shirt and my boxers. Water was dripping from her body as she started toweling off. She looked at me as I pulled off my shirt. I stepped to her and kissed her.

It was supposed to be innocent. A good-morning-hello-I-must-get-ready-now. But it sparked something else. I looked at her, wrapping my hand around her waist. She pushes me back against the vanity and puts her thumbs in the waistband of my boxers … kissing my chest and belly as she pulls down my underwear to the floor. For a moment, she runs her tongue pendik escort up and down my quickly hardening cock and then kisses back up to my neck…

And then I kissed down, over her 34B breasts and still wet nipples to her freshly shaved pussy, licking into her for just a few moments and running my tongue over her clit.

She is already so wet, and my cock is raging. She pushes against my shoulders, and I lay backwards. The heat from the running shower is condesating drips along my body and the window and mirrors as she falls on top of me. She pulls on my cock with her hand, and glides it up into her pussy.

As soon as I’m in, she’s on fire. Maybe it was the stress of school, or the stress of my job, or the loneliness of not seeing me for 18 hours, but she is riding me hard and fast.

She leans down, kissing me. Her long brown hair wet, dangling around our faces. She’s in total control, and I can anticipate her orgasm. This is her way to do it. This is how she loves it. Face-to-face as she grinds on top of my cock. There is a sound she makes when she’s at the tilt of cumming.

It’s a certain rus escort cry that I recognize, and I know she’s cumming. And I know that cry is cumming. It is certain, like that final friction that starts a fire. And this morning, it doesn’t take long.

She pants and cries out as she cums, her breasts resting on my chest as we kiss.

Katie knows what I want. She falls over and keeps my cock inside her until I’m on top of her. I start pounding into her petite body.

She growls into my ear.

“Fuck me, babe. Just like that … fuck me… my pussy … fuck my pussy….”

My cock is enraged as I look between us … seeing my chest and her breasts meshed. Her legs spread wide as I crest into the point of no return for my orgasm. She hears my breathing become rapid.

“Oh, God,” I say. “I’m so close…”

“Cum on me,” Katie requests. “Cum on my belly…”

I continue fucking her and then answer her request.

“MMMMMM… fuck yeah,” I say … pulling out my hardened cock as the first jet of cum darts from the tip. It spays onto her belly and she catches it with some of her fingertips.

She smiles as I keep cumming.

“Yeah, babe… all over me…” she says as I sprinkle white droplets onto her tummy and the rise of her breast. She squeezes my hardon and plays with my balls as my orgasm subsides. I shutter in pleasure and the beginning of afterglow.

She pulls herself up to her elbows and kisses me.

“I need another quick shower,” Katie says. “But I think you to join me…”

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