Sloppy-Wet Pussies in the Sun


This happened about a week ago.

I didn’t get a lot of sun on my body that day…I got something better.

To all of you who always read, fav and comment, thank-you from the bottom of my heart.


“Now you just relax while I cum on your tummy.”

“How do I relax while youre cumming on my tummy?”

I was in the sun, on my back and completely covered in oil. I WAS soaking up a lot of sun, until this hot, horny woman parked her pussy on my tummy. I propped my head up on a folded towel and looked into Blue’s do-me-or-I’ll-die eyes. She reached down and spread her outer lips and slid her pussy on my slippery skin.

“Fuck, Sunny…it won’t take long like this…”

I smiled and slid my oily hands to her ass and massaged it deeply…she tossed her hair and leaned her head back, her body trembling. I slid my fingers between her ass cheeks and touched her opening. She squealed out and her body jumped…I kept my finger there and spoke to her. “Ooooooooooo…does baby want her ass played with?”

She was rubbing her pussy harder on my tummy now. “Sunny…fuck…you KNOW I do!”

Her opening was slipery now from my oily finger…I slid my finger around it, then laid my finger flat on it and pressed hard. My hot lover screamed and her pussy jumped, then wetly plopped back down Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan on my firm tummy. “Dammit Sunny! I wanna cum!”

“Oh, it doesn’t look like you need me for that! You’re pretty close all by yourself!”


Keeping my finger between her ass cheeks on her opening, I slid my other hand under her pussy. She squealed more, and I slid one finger just inside her pussy…Blue grabbed my hand and roughly shoved the rest of finger inside her as far as it would go and pressed her pussy hard on that finger…I massaged her opening very firmly and her wild orgasm took her!

I reached deeper inside her with my finger, wiggling it like crazy against the walls of her pussy, letting her ride it through her orgasm…she fucked hard and soaked my already-slippery tummy completely!

She collapsed on top of me with her arms out to break her fall, but that didn’t stop her breasts from landing on my face. I pretended to struggle, waving my arms and screaming from under her fabulous breasts, pretending they were smothering me.

“Lemme out! Lemme out! I’m gonna die under here!”

Blue moved down, giggling and sliding her breasts from my face, but not before I could give each of them affectionate kisses. I gently slid my nails down her back to her ass. I held onto her Bahçeşehir Escort Bayan ass while she spoke against my lips, “YOU have earned yourself a good, hard fuck…”

“Oh good! I love a good, hard fuck!” I looked around and found no toys. My pussy was already pounding. I looked at her. “What will you give me a good, hard fuck with?”

Baby opened a towel she’d brought with her and smiled. There was our double-toy! I yelled, “FUCK YEAH!”

“Fuck yeah is right!”

I eagerly tucked my knees way back, spread them and slid my hands under them to hold them back, surrendering my pussy to Blue, the woman who owns my pussy and knows how to treat it so well…

Baby rolled my end of the toy on my tummy, lubricating it with the lovely mixture of suntan oil and her cum pooled there…my glistening-wet butterfly pussy lips fluttered for her and she slid the toy between them…I gasped softly while she slid the toy into me…lots of Sunnyjuices flowed from around it…it slid sooooooooo easily into my hungry pussy.

My body shook, but I held onto my knees. “Ooooooooohhhhhh…do me, baby…”

She pushed the big toy ALL the way in…I screamed when it stopped at the back of my pussy, “FUCK ME, YOU HOT WOMAN, YOU!”

She held her end of the toy and moved my end around inside me. “Oooooooooo, does my sweet slut want her pussy fucked?”


My pussy squeezed the toy…my juices poured down between my ass cheeks, setting my opening on fire…she got up on her feet, crouched down and lowered her pussy onto her end of the toy. Her dripping pussy looked hot as fuck taking so much of the toy inside her. Still holding my knees back, I wriggled my hips to fuck the toy farther inside her pretty pussy…she squealed and grabbed my feet, pushing them and knees farther back and DROPPED herself HARD on the toy and I screamed out loud! “FUCK ME, BLUE!”

With her hands pushing my feet back, pinning me in that position, Baby gripped the toy with her pussy and fucked me with long, rough strokes. She made me her hot slut, filling every bit of my pussy, all her juices flowing down the toy and splattering with each fuck she drove into me…I threw my head back and came wildly from the crazy orgasm she gave me, then her own orgasm rocked her body and drenched me!

We were both exhausted! She slid the toy from both of us, then laid herself on top of me, smothered my lips in hot, sucking kisses, then kept her lips to mine and said, “Ya got me all oily and messy and stuff, but you were worth it, baby…”

I kissed her, sliding my tongue deep inside her mouth, then back out again and said. “Anytime you wanna play with me, you know where to find me…”

“I love you, Sunny.”

“I love YOU, my precious Blue.”

The End

© 2019 Sunny Johansen

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