Soccer-Mom: First Swap Party


This story is about Mark, an experienced guy in the swinging scene and Dorothy, a soccer-mom who is a first-timer.

Thanks to LarryFromSeattle for editing it.


“My name is Mark, I am 36 and by day, a foreman over a crew of welders building skyscrapers. I keep fit at the gym. I played offensive guard in high school football, so picture me a good size but not huge. While I don’t like to brag about my looks, just let me say I have never had a problem picking up the chicks. Plus, I am equipped with a nine-inch dick that has never failed to impress and satisfy the ladies. My style is the bad-boy look with fresh out-of-the shower-type spiky hair and I use one of those shavers that makes you look like you always have a three-day growth. I have a few tattoos. Just enough to be manly without being too freaky.

I have my eagle eye on the attractive wife sitting nervously with her legs crossed on the sofa across the darkened room in the sex club “playroom.” Her husband is flirting with the woman beside him and ignoring her. My goodness, she is pressing her knees together so hard, I bet she could crack a walnut in there. He is one of those banker or lawyer types that I dislike so much that I just love fucking their wives. My wife and I have been in the swinging scene for many years and we frequented this sex club with its no-holds-barred playrooms often. She is off over on that sofa in the corner chatting up Bill, a friend of ours. The young lady in my cross-hairs is my favourite type of conquest. She is obviously a first-timer. I have seen her husband here a few times on Friday nights when single men are allowed in the club. In fact, he sticks in my memory because he fucked my beautiful wife while she was sucking my cock just last night. I just love fucking newbies to the swinging scene and it seems only right that I break in this gorgeous soccer-mom since her husband has humped mine. After all, that’s why they call it swapping. Shit, I am starting to get an erection just fantasizing about fucking this delicious MILF.

Well, it looks like the action is just getting started in this huge room. A few folks are dancing on the small dance floor to the throbbing music and others are sitting around on the many sofas just chatting and groping each other. The two huge beds are empty. It’s early. I’ll wait for my chance to move in and sweep the new lady off her feet and on to my dick. Ha Ha. This is going to be fun.

“Let me describe the target of my affection sitting across the room a bit more. She has a really attractive face and long curly red hair that falls to her shoulders. You know, the kind of hair that feels great when you grab a fistful of it when the woman’s head is bobbing up and down while sucking your cock. Yummy. She looks to be in her mid-30’s. That’s the perfect age I have found – when a woman really starts to blossom sexually. She looks to be about a trim 125 pounds with a nice 34B breast size. Yummy. When you’ve been doing this as long as I have, you become as accurate as one of those age and weight guessing guys at the midway. She is a high-class suburban gal by the way she carries herself and the expensive clothes she is wearing. Yummy. She is wearing a formal dark purple dress that goes down modestly to her knees. It is cut high on the top, not showing any tit. This tells me that when her husband broached the idea of coming to a swing club, she has said O.K. but that she “just wanted to look around” the first time. Her makeup is the key to me knowing I’ll be fucking her. She has bright red lipstick on those full lips. This tells me that secretly she is very turned on by the idea of sex with strangers. I must thank the authors of those new woman’s erotic novels for getting so many MILFs to try out the swinging scene. I bet she is also wearing special sexy panties and shaved her pussy especially smooth this morning, “just in case”. Yummy.

I sit here and try to catch her eye so she knows I am interested in just her. Ahhh. She just locked eyes with me. I give her the big smile. She looks away and crosses her legs. I love it. She is playing hard to get. Yummy.

All right! Here’s my chance to swoop in. Her husband is going off downstairs to get drinks or take a piss. Whatever. This is my chance to sit beside her and turn on the charm.

“Hi, my name is Mark. What’s yours?”

She looks up at me, smiles nervously, blushes and says, “I am Dorothy. Nice to meet you.” She offers me her tiny hand and I shake it firmly. Now she crosses her hands over her crossed legs. Hmmm, pretty uptight body language, my dear. This is one, world class iceberg that only a real pro like me can melt.

“Great to meet you too. ” Then I point at a couple groping each other close by, laugh and say, “Well Dorothy, guess you can see you are not in Kansas any more!” She gives a reluctant smile. The ice is melting a tiny bit. But I am such an optimist. She uncrosses her legs which is a very good sign but those knees are clamped shut tight.

Best to chat up this lady a bit before bursa eskort hubby returns. And I always like to touch a woman while I chat her up. It kind of sends sexual signals to their little female brains, haha.

“Dorothy, I really love that dress. Is that silk?” I reach down and place the palm of my hand on the fabric on her thigh. I see her eyes bolt wide open when I touch her.

She responds, “Thanks, but no, it’s just a simple polyester type of fabric.”

“Well, it is very attractive. And I must say, you are the most beautiful woman in this room. Well of course, after my wife who is over there making friends.” She is blushing and shyly looking down. I love it. These soccer-moms, even gorgeous ones like this, don’t get a lot of guys flirting with them and it kind of takes them off guard.

Her husband is back and he sits down on the other side of his wife. “Well Dorothy, I see you’ve made a new friend already. Please introduce me.”

“This is Mark. He just came over to chat. Mark, this is my husband, Frank.”

I can see she is flustered by my hand on her thigh while her husband is right there.

In a panicky voice she says, “Frank, I am going to the ladies room. Very nice to meet you Mark.” She stands up and walks away.

I watch her ass intently as she walks away. She has the hips of a mature woman, firm buttocks but belonging to someone who has had a child. That is the exact type of MILF ass that I love. I don’t like those small boyish types of teen-girl asses. They are attached to spoiled, inexperienced princesses with pussies too tight for my big dick. No, Dorothy’s pussy will fit just fine and those nice hips will be great to hold onto while I pound into her hot wet center.”

The husband, Frank leans toward me and says, “Mark, I am glad you came over to chat with my wife. Last night, I really enjoyed myself with you and your wife. I could see that you guys were a class act and knew your way around this lifestyle. You could be a big help to me. This is Dorothy’s first experience in the swinging scene. I really want my wife to enjoy this lifestyle so we can make it a part of our marriage. But she is very shy and will need a gentle but firm touch to come around. Please, I’ll leave you alone with her and if you could break the ice, please do. I doubt if she’ll have sex but however far you get would help me further the cause. If nothing happens, I’ll try to get her back next week and maybe she’ll get into the groove. I can only hope.”

I smile at him and say, “It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Ha Ha No, I am just kidding. It would be my pleasure Frank. She is a very attractive lady. You are a lucky man.”

The soccer-mom returns and sits between us.

Frank says, “Dorothy, Mark and I have had a nice chat and I asked him to watch over you tonight. As we discussed, I am going to be out making new women friends. That is what these clubs are all about. You know, your are my first love. Mark seems a good fellow that we can trust. Good luck guys.” And he gets up and walks over to another sofa and starts chatting with a nice brunette before Dorothy can say a word.

Her husband’s message seems to surprise her. She has a worried look in her eye as he walks away. I have an idea of how to ease her mind. “Don’t worry, Dorothy. This place has a lot of really great people. Let me fill you in on some of the club etiquette. First and foremost. No means no. If anyone is doing anything to make you uncomfortable, like let’s say a guy like me puts his hand on your thigh like this.” Dorothy freezes in surprise as I place my hand very high on her thigh. “All you have to say is no and they must stop.” Since she doesn’t say no, I leave it there and give her a good squeeze. “Is that clear?”

Dorothy is a little breathless. “Yes, I understand.” My fingers are just a couple of inches from her girlie parts. I know these women don’t want to be seen as prudes. I bet she reads Cosmopolitan and the Shades of Grey books. She is likely thinking “What harm is there in having a sexy guy feel my leg and flirt with me?”

I say, “Dorothy, can I have this dance?” I have found this is a good way to ease into the situation.

I take her hand and lead her to the dance floor. The lights are dim but strobe lights and laser beams cut through the darkness. They are a bit mesmerizing. It’s a fast song and I love the way her breasts jump up and down to the beat. Soon we are both laughing and having fun. I am glad she’s relaxing. Every once and a while, I slip my hand on her ass to guide her in a dance move and she has not resisted.

The music slows and I draw her to me. She hesitates slightly but steps towards me. I hold her right hand in a waltz position and put my right hand in the small of her back and draw her hips to mine. We rock slowly to a sexy, Barry White song. I can feel her breasts against my chest and I breathe into her ear. I can feel her move her hips towards mine and my cock rests against her pubic mound. I kiss her neck and bursa bayan escort she does not resist.

I let go of her right hand and slip both of my hands to her ass-cheeks and massage them seductively. She has her hands on my upper arms but she is letting me kneed her ass without resistance and rub my stiffening rod against her girlie parts. She lays her head on my upper chest and I can hear her breathing faster. I wonder if she can see that woman beside the dance floor kneeling in front of her man and giving him a blow job.

My cock is getting very hard and it is caught in my underwear. I better adjust it. Ahh that’s better. Let me grab those nice ass-cheeks again and grind my cock into her crotch and let her feel what a real dick feels like.

That is sweet. She has joined her hands behind my neck. This gives me free rein to feel her up. Let me aim for those perfect breasts. I don’t want to scare her so I’ll go slow. First I move my right hand to her waist and stoke her side and just touch the bottom of her breast on the first upstroke. Then I stroke up and down a few more times. I go a bit higher each time, feeling more and more of the side of her breast. I know she knows where I am going and that usually makes women horny to have anticipation. Finally, I cup her bra-covered globe and she gives a low moan as I massage it and gently tweak her hard nipple.

I whisper in Dorothy’s ear, “I want you feel how you are turning me on.” I take her hand a move it to my manhood. Her hand is balled in a fist. I hold her wrist until she relaxes and grips my cock through my pants. She gasps a bit and reaches down to the base and back up to the tip, measuring the length is my guess. I bet this woman has never felt a big cock before. Wow, she is holding on tight and even stoking it a bit. I think I just unleashed a bit of a tigress.

Dorothy looks up and says weakly, “Mark, I am feeling light headed. This is all so overwhelming. I need to lie down before I faint.”

I say, “I know just the place. Hold on to me and I’ll lead you to a safe place to rest and recover.” I lead her to a door off the main room that opens to a private bedroom with a bed and small side tables and several chairs. On one wall is a huge mirror. What Dorothy doesn’t know is that the mirror at the end of the room is a two-way mirror. The regular club members who are voyeurs come to the next room and look at the action in the bedroom through the two-way mirror. This club serves all sexual tastes.

Dorothy is holding my arm for support. I close the door behind us and I lead her to the bed.

“Please lay here and you’ll feel better in no time.” She lies down limply. “Push over love. Let me lay beside you.” She shifts over and I lay on my side looking down at her prone body.

Her eyes are closed and I wait a bit and see the color returning to her cheeks. I put my hand on her stomach and feel her tremble a bit, open her eyes and smile up at me.

“How are you feeling my dear?”

“Oh, so much better, Mark. Thanks for finding this pleasant place to rest.”

“Yes, it is a private place where we won’t be disturbed.” I put the back of my hand to her cheek. “Your face is much cooler now. I think you’ll live.” We both chuckle.

I look deeply into her eyes. “You are so very, very beautiful Dorothy. I feel so lucky to be beside you. Could I possibly have a kiss?”

“Yes, Mark.”

I dip my lips to hers. Our mouths open and our tongues swirl in an passionate dance.

Our lips part. “Dorothy, you are so beautiful and so sexy. Your husband is such a lucky man.” My hand is still on her stomach and I can feel her tremble a bit more. I can move my hand to her breast or down to her crotch. But that is too slow to get to the fucking. Especially since I know there is an audience on the other side of that mirror that expects quick action. I have a better idea that always works wonders with new women to the club. I reach down my right hand, pull down my zipper and pull out my hard cock. I take her hand and put it on my cock. She starts to stroke it.

I can feel Dorothy stroke my cock deliciously. It never fails. When a woman feels my dick, they lose their inhibitions and eventually beg to be fucked. I call it my Magic Wand. I am one lucky guy.

I look down at Dorothy’s beautiful face and I see she is straining her neck a bit to see my cock but can’t quite see it from her angle.

“Why don’t you sit up a bit my dear and take a good look. Don’t be shy.”

Dorothy gets up on her elbow and stares down at my cock. She gazes at it with rapture as she continues to stroke it lovingly. I notice her licking her lips a couple of times. I know what that means. Women are just drawn to sucking my cock and this soccer-mom is obviously no exception.

“You like my cock?” Hmmm. I wonder if she’ll like the taste of it?

She nods yes as she continues to stare at it. I can see the little wheels turning in that primitive part of bursa ucuz escort that brain of hers. Whenever these first timer MILFs see and hold on to my dick, they seem to just go animal. It’s fucking amazing.

Now is when I speed up the action even more. “Hell, why don’t I get more comfortable.”

I undo my belt in a flash, shimmy out of my pants, whip off my socks, unbutton my shirt and toss it all on the floor in a few seconds.

I lay back down beside her. She immediately reaches her hand down to encircle my erect pole like her life depends on it. That’s a REALLY good sign.

“Now, where were we? Oh yes, you were going to suck my cock.”

She slowly and a bit reluctantly moves her head towards the pole sticking up from my crotch. Then she loses all composure and opens wide and quickly engulfs the head into her hot mouth. Fuck, that feels great! She bobs her head a bit and I can feel her tongue licking my dick.

I can tell she doesn’t have a lot of experience sucking cock so I decide to help her out. Her husband will thank me, big time.

“Baby, that feels great. Why don’t you hold my penis, take the head out of your mouth and just lick it with your wonderful wet tongue?”

“Ahhh, yes. Just like that. Oh yes. That’s super. Make it really, really wet. Now, why don’t you lick up and down my whole cock? Oh, yes. Just like that that. Good girl. Yes. Ummmm. Very good.”

I find these new swinger soccer-moms love it when I talk dirty. I bet her pussy is getting all wet. It is a great indication that a woman will be a great fuck when she goes down on you and later you feel her pussy is all wet.

“Now, put that big dick deep in your mouth, suck a bit and stroke the shaft slowly up and down. Don’t worry, I won’t cum in your mouth right now. I’ll likely cum in your mouth later after I fuck you real good.”

I can feel her pause when I say that and now she is continuing so I guess she wants a good fucking.

I put my hand on the top of her head and its soft red hair and push down until I feel my cock hit the back of her throat. Fuck, she looks even more beautiful with my cock buried in her mouth and my balls touching her chin. I hold her head for a while but I better withdraw my dick a bit because her eyes are starting to bug a bit and are panicky. I guess she can’t breathe. There you go.

“Ya.. baby. You are doing great. That feels EXCELLENT.”

I put my hands behind my head and break into a big shit-ass grin as the MILF starts bobbing her head up and down unassisted. I give the crowd in the next room a big thumbs up and I hear a bit of their laughter through the walls. I know they can hear everything I say with the speakers in there attached to a mike somewhere in this room. I bet her husband is over there watching his wife getting down and dirty with me.

“Hey, love. Give my balls a nice squeeze there, will ya?” Dorothy immediately cups my clean-shaven sack and rolls the eggs in her small hand.

“Way to go love, but what the hell. Why don’t you give my balls a good lick. Ahhh. That is yummy. Yes, just like that.” Sounds of slurping ring through the room. I bet the folks over in the viewing room are getting real horny. Been there, done that.

Cock sucking and ball licking is great but I want to get my dick balls deep in this MILF’s pussy.

“Dorothy, why don’t you come up here.” She lets my dick drop from her lips and lays beside me again. I look in her eyes and see a woman in heat. She is panting and wild-eyed. Her perfect skin in flushed in a rosy hue.

I look down at her purple dress and her heaving chest.

“Why don’t I check to see if you are really turned on.”

I reach down to the hem of her dress and pull it up to her stomach. Her purple lacy bikini panties with a visibly wet crotch come into view. I knew it, sexy underwear! My sudden move has caused her to close her knees tightly in surprise with her toes turned in.

“My dear, how the fuck am I going to feel your pussy if you close your legs like that. Spread those legs, NOW.” She spreads them in a flash and not just a bit. They are spread wide with her toes pointed out.

Those are really nice panties. I love it when they have a little tiny bow on the front waistband like these do. It’s kinda like a Christmas present or something.

“Very good. Now let’s see if you are really turned on or just faking it.”

I reach down and run my palm over her pubic mound and then with my middle finger notched in her camel toe I dip my hand down the length of her panty-covered pussy to her ass cheeks. A primal moan comes from deep in her throat. This lady is fucking IN HEAT.

“Hey, sweetie, is there some reason why you aren’t holding my cock?”

“I’m sorry.” She quickly grabs it. “Good girl.”

“O.K. Let’s feel this nice pussy.” She closes her eyes to concentrate on the sensations in her womanly parts. I reach between her wide-open legs and pull the crotch of her panties to one side and with my middle finger, I stroke the engorged lips of her shaved cunny. Yessiree, that is a pussy that was shaved real good this morning. Then I dip between the lips to her vaginal opening and up to the hard bud of her clitoris. She is biting her bottom lip and giving little squealing sounds as I stoke these sensitive areas.

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