Sometime in the Dark


I live in s small subdivision where the lots are at least two acres which means neighbors and street light are some distance away. I have resisted getting a security light installed because it is nice to wake out on my deck on a warm night and look up at the stars.

My girlfriend and I were in the den watching a movie last evening; after a rather long day at work for the both of us. Our usual routine after we get home it to change out of our clothes into something comfortable, we both work in an office so we both find the least constricting things in our closet to wear. For me it’s a tee shirt and a pair of old stretchy sweat shorts. My girlfriend is a small thing barely 5′ tall with very long black shiny hair that almost comes to her waist, dimples on her cheeks full lips and a killer smile and large dark almost black eyes. She had a very nice round ass shapely legs and a pair of large full round tits that don’t sag at all and very dark nipples. She always strips down to nothing, puts bahçeşehir escort on a pair of beach shorts with no panties and a tee shirt less her bra. I always get hard just looking it her and she knows I do.

We were sitting on the couch; she had her head on my lap watching a movie when a storm blew in. We heard the rain hitting the windows then saw the lightening flashing and the resulting claps of thunder. The lightening and claps of thunder were getting closer together and it wasn’t long after that we heard a loud boom and as we looked out the window we saw green smoke coming from the transformer just down the street and then the light went out. The house was pitch black so we just sat there doing nothing waiting on the lights to come back on. After a few minutes she got op and set beside me leaned over and whispered in my ear that she could think of a lot of things to do in the dark, and then kissed my cheek. I bakırköy escort felt something his my legs and reached down it was cloth the I heard a giggle and reached out to find my baby’s tits minus the tee shirt. She straddled me so she could but her large breasts in my face she loved having her tits kissed and her nipples sucked, and the harder the better.

I pulled her close and kissed her then found my way to her titties and kissed and sucked her nipples. She could feel me getting hard and slid off my lap onto the floor in from of me tugging at my short as she went until she got them off. She put her head between my legs and found what she was looking for. Now I must say my baby enjoys sucking cock and takes her time doing it. I have a rather thick cock not super long but very wide and she takes me in her mouth and love to deep throat me so she takes my hard dick down her throat to the point she sometimes gags. When I başakşehir escort pull it out of her mouth there is thick saliva hanging from it which is the perfect lube for her tight pussy. I pulled her off my dick and laid her on the couch, pushed her legs back and kissed her wet pussy; I found her little hard clit and licked and sucked it until she started to shake. She climaxes easy; she puts her hands out to me and tells me she needs me in her.

I crawl between her legs and start to put my meat in her soft wet pussy and she says ok my love buy I want you to finish in my ass. I push her leg back and shove my cock deep in her; she lets out a small gasp and meets me thrust for thrust. I pull out of her and lube her butt hole with juices from her pussy and then easy my cock in her ass; she says that’s it baby fuck me and I move in and out of her. She feels the head of my dick starting to swell within her and says give it to me baby and my warm creamy cum shoots deep inside her. We stay like that for as long as my cock will stay in her. I sit back on the couch and she comes to me kissing me while her hand finds my cock and she keeps it there while we kiss.

The lights come back on, we are still kissing, she gets up walks over and turns the light of get back on the couch with me and says “I’m not finished” and puts her head in my lap again.

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