Sorcha AndMegan Join Our Staff And Lose Their Virginity

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I’d met Sorcha and Megan seven months before the events of this story took place. They were introduced to me as two Irish runaways, by a client that I was seeing on the south coast. I met them on what was a scorching day for England, with temperatures hitting thirty centigrade. With our meeting and business completed, the girls took me to a local naturist beach and, inevitably, we ended having sex. Seven months later, as I stood on the platform, waiting for their train to arrive, the weather couldn’t have been more different: snow on the ground and below-freezing temperature. Our office had been a clothes free zone for well over two years, after we’d had a vote on the issue. From day one, we’d agreed sex was allowed, as long as we maintained our work schedule. With seven good looking girls and two men, it was rare on any working day when sex didn’t happen somewhere in our offices. Six of the seven girls were on the pill, leaving only Anika having unprotected sex. Anika was off work, having had her first child, (father most likely Andrew or Peter and not her Indian husband, Rakesh) six weeks earlier. But pregnancy must be contagious because Maria, Chrissie and Isabella had all caught the bug, despite using the protection of the pill and were in the early stages of pregnancy. We joked that the boys sperm must have developed super powers and must be very strong because of the amount of use their cocks had in the previous two years. Sorcha and Megan had resigned, packed their bags and were travelling north to join our team. When I originally met them, I’d have needed to be blind and stupid not to realise that they were gay and a couple. Physically, most people would have looked at them and said, they were lesbians and, as a couple, you could immediately see how much they were in love. Sorcha was about five foot two, with short brown hair and brown eyes. At best, you would argue that her physique was curvy. She was overweight but to most who chose to look, her most striking feature was her E cup breasts. Megan, by comparison, was the same height, with same eye and hair colouring but her hair was longer, shoulder length. However, she was very slim, with boobs that were very small, almost non-existent. The one irresistible quality that both girls had, was a soft Irish accent that sounded like enchanting music when they spoke, making it impossible not to want to be around them. They were virgins and, apart from each other, the only other person they’d kissed or had sex with was me but they were excited about working clothes free, losing their virginity, having sex with our office staff and maybe, becoming pregnant too. They were not going to use contraception. It was 11.30 in the morning, the temperature barely above freezing as I tried to shelter from the bitterly cold easterly wind. I’d been in the office prior to travelling to the train station. Of course, I’d been naked at the office and had sex with Mandy and Chrissie, before leaving Peter to fuck both of them when I left. I pondered for some time on what clothes to wear when picking up Sorcha and Megan, I didn’t want to freeze to death but wanted to look and feel sexy. I showered quickly in our office changing room and looked at the clothes I’d travelled to work in; jeans, socks, shoes, t-shirt, sweat top and a long coat. I couldn’t possibly look good in those, so I decided to wear my shoes and long coat – and risk getting cold. Oh my god it’s cold, I thought, as flakes of snow, carried on the wind, hit my bare legs. And there was no sign of any arriving trains. Maybe, being dressed as I was, in a coat that fell halfway down my thighs, was not such a good idea after all. With no socks and only shoes on my feet, I found myself skipping on alternate feet, in an attempt to breathe life into my freezing toes. Warmth was rapidly disappearing from my body but, just as I was checking my watch – it was 11.38 – I heard a train announce its arrival with a loud blast of its horn. It didn’t take long before the train to pulled into the station, doors were flung open and passengers stepped onto the platform. There were only about ten people disembarking from the train but, so transformed in appearance were Sorcha and Megan, that I nearly didn’t recognise them. I watched the passengers step off the train, all wrapped up, dressed for the intense cold. At the far end of the platform, I noticed two slim, dark haired girls walking towards me. They were dressed similarly, in ski jackets, one virginal white, the other pink and black, leggings to accentuate their shapely legs. It didn’t dawn on me at all that they were carrying five suitcases, their long flowing hair threw me completely. I continued to skip in an effort to keep some warmth in my body. The girls got closer and closer but it wasn’t until they were ten metres in front of porno hikayeler me that I realised it was Sorcha and Megan approaching me. Gone were the butch, lesbian traits, replaced by a softer, more feminine look. Sorcha, in particular, had altered her appearance considerably, allowing her hair to grow and, even wearing a thick ski jacket, it was apparent how much weight she’d lost but had retained her large breasts. Megan had also allowed her hair to grow but, where her girlfriend was thinner, Megan had developed feminine curves, making her even more appealing. As Sorcha, Megan and I made eye contact, we smiled, moving quickly together, first group hugging and exchanging passionate kisses. With their arms around me, I turned to Megan, put my open mouth to hers and felt her tongue on mine an instant later. With our tongues swirling together, slowly and intimately, I felt a trickle of juices running from my pussy down my thighs. I feltl myself getting more aroused with each swirl of Megan’s tongue on mine but, after ten or fifteen seconds, I heard Sorcha say, “My turn.” Megan, immediately pulled her head away, Sorcha placed her fingers on my chin and turned my face to hers. My mouth opened and Sorcha began kissing me. My pussy and clit was throbbing so hard as I felt my coat being pulled higher “Are you naked under the coat, Joanna?” Pulling away from the girls, I turned around and lifted my coat, enabling them to see my bare arse. Sorcha and Megan whooped with delight before I let my coat drop down to cover myself again. Turning around, I waited for the girls to walk a few paces before taking one of the suitcases and we started to walk off the platform and towards my car. “I can’t believe how different you both look. The longer hair really suits you.” The girls giggled, embarrassed a little by my compliment. We chatted as we walked, until I eventually asked if they’d continued to practice squirting when they came. By their own admission, they’d been very inexperienced sexually; they’d not even penetrated the others pussy with their fingers and, therefore, not found their g-spots. Spending the night with them, seven months previously, was as much an education for them as it was a night of sex. Once we’d located their g-spots, the girls had quickly appreciated the levels of pleasure that could give them and it wasn’t long before they squirted. They informed me that sex between them since my visit had been far more satisfying. Sorcha blurted out, “And exciting! We had sex on the train travelling here.” I chuckled, telling them that I guessed they had because I could smell it when we hugged and kissed. Their eyes widened when I told them that I’d had a threesome with Mandy and Chrissie at the office before I left to meet them and that Peter was watching with his cock fully hard. After a few minutes, we arrived at my car, and put the suitcases in the boot and on the back seat. Sorcha sat on the passenger seat and Megan behind her on the back seat. I asked what they wanted to do: go to my house and relax for the afternoon or go to the office and meet everybody? Megan replied, without hesitation, “We want to lose our virginity as soon as we can.” I suggested that we go to the office, via home so we could drop off their bags. A few seconds later, my phone beeped to tell me I’d received a text. Sorcha picked up my phone and I nodded my approval to look at the message. It was from Isabella, telling me that Anika had arrived at the office with her new baby. With Anika having given birth and a further three staff pregnant, I’d had one of our offices converted into a nursery, which would mean the girls could still work if they wanted to. So, with Anika going to the office, I could see if the new facility was good enough. Ten minutes later, I’d turned into the secluded lane on which my house stood with five others, leading the girls to comment that the village where I lived was smaller than the one they were from in Ireland. We entered the house and, taking their suitcases upstairs, they asked where they would be sleeping. “You have your own room but, hopefully, you’ll want to be in my bed. It’s your choice.” With the suitcases in their room, I went back downstairs. Sorcha and Megan wanted to change their clothes and I waited by the front door. It took less than a minute for them to bound down the stairs, totally naked holding their ski jackets in one hand and shoes in the other. “Do you like what you see,” Megan asked as both girls stood still. How could I not like what I saw? Megan looked to have developed from having the body of a young teenage girl, to that of a sexy young woman. Her long dark hair fell seductively around her strong looking shoulders and down her back. Her breasts had blossomed, from a flat chest, to perfectly rounded C cup mounds of sex seks hikayeleri appeal, capped off by hard, dark brown nipples. Megan’s stomach, as was Sorcha’s, was flat with a hint of muscle tone, above curved feminine hips and legs, which seemed to guide my eyes to their tight, shaved, virginal pussy’s. Sorcha had undoubtedly worked hard to lose weight and tone up her body. Without the extra bulge on her stomach, her E cup breasts were even more noticeable and I couldn’t help imagining my office staff sucking on them for hours and hours. I raised my coat above my waist, exposing my dripping pussy and thighs to the naked girls as they stood a metre in front of me and said, “Does this tell you what I think of your naked bodies? We’d better go to the office now. I’m so turned on I want to fuck you senseless.” Sorcha and Megan giggled as the bent down to put on their shoes and, by the time I’d picked up my car keys, they had put on their ski jackets. A second later, I opened the front door, allowing an icy blast of air to envelop our bodies before we stepped outside and got into the car. Despite snow beginning to fall heavily, it was only a ten-minute journey to the office. But, as soon as I began to drive, the girls started to ask question about having sex in the office. They were obviously excited about the prospect but nervous, too. They were exhibitionists – the three of us had already had sex on a naturist beach with people watching – but sex with Andrew and Peter was clearly worrying them because they were gay. I assured them that they could say no to sex with any member of the office staff if that’s what they wanted. The girls added, as I pulled into the office carpark, that they wanted to get pregnant and wanted it to happen naturally, giggling when Sorcha said, “So that means we will be fucking Peter and Andrew.” “Are you sure you’re ready?” I asked, after I’d turned off the car. There was an uneasy few seconds of silence before Megan opened the car door. Nobody said a word as we got out of the car, shut the door and walked carefully across the snow-covered ground towards the office entrance. Suddenly, I felt the same anxiety as Sorcha and Megan, wondering whether I’d done the right thing, encouraging them to move to the midlands to work with us. The foyer was warm, heating our bodies as we waited for the lift to arrive, but still there was silence, no words being spoken. I glanced across at Sorcha and Megan, noticing them holding hands but also saw the uncertainty in their eyes and wondered how I could relax them. I pushed off my left shoe, using my right foot and then did the same with my right shoe to leave me barefoot. Before the girls had chance to notice, the lift door slid open and they stepped forward to go inside. Sorcha and Megan entered the lift, turning around to see me picking up my shoes. As I stood up, I looked at the girls and saw them smiling but still with a little tension in their eyes. I stepped into the lift, moving to the back, where the girls were already standing. Just as the doors started to close, a man’s voice called out to hold the lift. “Isn’t it a bit cold to be bare legged and wearing such short skirt’s? Not that I’m complaining, you all have amazing legs. And you have cute feet young lady,” the man said before turning around in front of us to face the doors. He was, I guessed, in his early forties, dressed in a suit and carrying a briefcase. I thought he must be a rep, or something like that. The doors closed and the lift began to move upwards. I glanced across at the girls and noticed the tension had disappeared from their eyes and they too were pushing off their shoes. I smiled as we made eye contact and raised my left hand to the zip of my coat. Slowly, I eased the zip lower and lower. The lights above the lift door pinged, from G to 1. Ten more seconds, I thought, and the doors will be opening for our level. Sorcha and Megan were following my lead, slowly lowering the zip on their coats, their breasts clearly visible. With a few inches of my zip left to open, I took a deep breath and quickly pulled it down. Two seconds later, the light above the lift door pinged once more and the lift shuddered to a stop. The doors slid open, I saw the girls’ ski jackets were fully open, and I stepped forward through the open doors and turned around quickly. “Look, no skirt. Look, nothing under my coat,” I said as I pulled my coat open to expose my body to the man in the lift. Sorcha had bent down to pick up her shoes, unnoticed by the man, whose attention was firmly fixed on my body until Sorcha walked between the lift doors, half turned, opened her coat, saying, “No skirt or clothes either.” My attention was taken by Megan, still behind the man, eyes widening, as I watched her pull off her ski jacket, crouch down totally sex hikayeleri naked and pick up her shoes. Sorcha remained between the lift doors, keeping them open, while Meagan stepped slowly towards her and, once beside her girlfriend, instructed her to remove her jacket too. Megan turned her head. No words were necessary, the look said it all. So, with my free hand, I pulled my coast off my right side, then transferred my shoes to my other hand before fully removing my coat. A few moments later, Sorcha, Megan and I were standing side by side, allowing the man in the lift to look at our naked bodies before the lift doors closed. “Are you feeling more relaxed now?” I asked. ”I don’t know about relaxed but horny as fuck, definitely,“ Megan replied. Turning to walk down the corridor, with the girls at my side, I could feel juices trickling from my pussy down my thighs as my clit and pussy throbbed. Megan was right, horny as fuck was how I felt. Walking naked towards our office was such a turn on as we passed three doors to other business offices. Eventually, after turning the corner, we arrived at the door to our office. Handing my coat to Sorcha, I punched in the code and opened the door, inviting the girls inside. With the door closed behind us, we stood in a short corridor, hearing the unmistakable sound of Anika having sex with either Andrew or Peter coming from the main office. Sorcha and Megan smiled, probably expecting to be led into the office. But, moving down the corridor a few metres, I opened a door on the right and took them into the changing room. Their eyes opened wide as they looked at the three shower cubicles on the right of the room, the fifteen hooks on two other walls, nine with clothes neatly hanging on them, and the fourth wall covered by a huge mirror. Sorcha returned my coat to me as I told them to hang up their jackets and put their shoes tidy. While they did as I suggested, I hung my coat alongside the rest of my clothes before I looked at myself in the mirror. I saw Megan and then Sorcha walk up behind me. Megan wrapped her arms affectionately around my waist as she kissed my neck. Sorcha moved to my right and slipped her right hand between my thighs, moving her fingers onto my pussy lips, but as I felt them slip inside me, I told her to stop. “We can’t do that in here. We all agreed, if we have sex, it should be in the main office, so everybody can watch,” I said. “Come on girls, let me introduce you to everybody,” I continued as I took them by the hand, guiding them to the door. I felt the girls tense, their hands squeezing mine as we left the changing room and started walking down the short corridor towards the main office. Turning to our right, we entered the main office. In the left hand corner was a kitchen area and, at the far end, were three smaller offices, separated from the main room by glass partitions. My office was the right of the three, the middle one was the converted nursery and the left office was shared by Andrew and Peter. The main office was a big room, with desks on either side and two large sofa-beds in the centre, which were left permanently open, duvets and sheets covering them. On the bed facing us, Anika knelt with her face buried into the cushions, legs apart, cum dribbling from her pussy. She had just been fucked by Andrew and Peter, who sat either side of her while the rest of the staff sat on the edges of nearby desks. We walked further into the office unnoticed. Everybody’s attention was on the recovering Anika and Maria, who was holding baby Jasmin in her arms. As we got a few steps closer, I said, ”Let me introduce our two, gorgeous, sexy, Irish, new additions to our team.” Sorcha was standing to my left and Megan to my right as I pointed to identify them. “As you all know, Sorcha and Megan are our latest recruits, both nineteen and from Ireland. I want you to be gentle with them. Well, at first anyway. Apart from me, the only people they’ve kissed or had sex with, is each other. For Peter and Andrew, the girls are not on the pill. They want to get pregnant and have children but they are lesbians, so be at your best with sex with them.” First Megan and then Sorcha kissed me on the lips tenderly, before one by one each member of staff stepped forward to introduce themselves and kiss the girls passionately. Chrissie was the youngest of our staff and a few months younger than Sorcha and Megan, still being eighteen. She was between one and two months pregnant, slim except for her growing bump and large DD breasts. Chrissie, five foot two with long blonde hair and blue eyes, wrapped her arms around Megan and began kissing her. For ten seconds their tongues swirled together before Chrissie pulled away and stepped towards Sorcha. As Chrissie started to kiss Sorcha, Isabella walked forward. I’d known her since we were five and grew up together. She was five foot ten, had long dark hair, brown eyes and D cup breasts. Having Italian parents, she had an olive skin complexion and, being four months pregnant without a husband, was a major problem to her family.

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