Spark from Long Ago: Ignites



It’s now many years ago, but I still remember clearly the first time I met Jennifer. I was a young professor, and was advising new graduate students starting their doctoral programs. Jennifer Roberts was next, undergrad at Dartmouth, so I was expecting a typical WASPish young woman, but there was a disconnect when she entered my office – clearly Asian features, dark hair, somewhat taller than average and quite thin. Mixed asian and anglo I decided, a striking smile, somehow enigmatic but quite beautiful, distinctly almond shaped brown eyes. We talked about her interests and the faculty she might want work with, which it turned out to include me. We selected a full list of names, some courses for her to take and she went on her way. In the next few weeks we met several times to talk about research, and each time I was struck again by her smile. In the end she selected a colleague as her research director, I couldn’t decide if that was bad, or good – removing temptation.

Although she was not working for me, her project was in an area I was interested in and she came to talk about her project several times during her first year. We eventually decided that some methods I used in microscopy would be useful for her work, and developed a plan for her to learn them. She always had a smile when we met, and sometimes we would get coffee during a break chatting about random things, finding we had many common interests.

As she was learning to use the microscope she would sit in front of it and I would stand beside her, looking down as she adjusted her sample. At some point I realized that she often wore a fairly loose blouse, and when she leaned forward I could see that she did not wear a bra most of the time. Her breasts were small, and usually her nipples stood out clearly, visible even through the blouse, but leaning over I got some great views of them. Such views caused considerable stirring in my pants, sometimes requiring me to discretely adjust things to prevent a big bulge. It was never clear whether she knew what a view she was giving to me. These glimpses generated numerous masturbatory fantasies for me, but I was married with two little kids, faithful to my wife, and getting involved with a student was a good way to get fired, so I never pursued anything with Jenn.

Jennifer became very independent on the microscope, but I would still see her periodically and always enjoyed that smile that left such a strong first impression. She completed her degree and moved to New York, but kept in touch with periodic emails. When I was visiting the city we would meet for dinner, always greeting with a warm hug, and I would get caught up on what she was doing and tell her about what was going on in the department and with common acquaintances. These visits were always a pleasure, I think for both of us. She seemed to have occasional boyfriends, but there never seemed to be one who lasted from one visit to the next. When we parted there was also a big hug, and a quick kiss on the cheek.

It was nearly twenty years after I first met Jenn that my wife was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, and she was gone within a year – an agonizing year for me. The kids were off in college, so much of the time I was alone. I got into a routine, work all day, go to the gym in the evening to stay fit, home for a quick dinner. Almost no social life, and no sex life at all except periodic sessions of masturbation, usually while reading stories posted online.

The fall of the year after my wife died I realized I could take a sabbatical semester, and ended up planning to work with a colleague in NY to learn some new measurement methods. Things fell into place, and I was set to go, plane reservation in hand. I hadn’t contacted Jenn for a couple of years with all the turmoil at home, but dropped her an email to let her know I would be in the area for a few months. She replied quickly that she we should get together as soon as I was settled. After a couple more emails we agreed to meet for dinner on Friday, the day after I would arrive. The flight was good, I checked into the hotel, and got a good night’s sleep.

I got a number of details about my visit sorted out the next day, then decided to walk the couple of miles to the restaurant. I was a bit early and sat at the bar enjoying a gin and tonic when I saw Jenn walk in. The same very slim, beautiful woman and her face lit up when she saw me, and she almost ran over to give me a big hug.

As she looked at me the smile went away and she said “I heard about Amy, I am so sorry. That must have been really tough for you.”

“Yeah” I said softly, “but I guess I am getting over it. Life does go on. It was pretty hard on the kids too.” I paused a minute then said “It is sooo good to see you, it’s been too long.”

The smile was back on her face then as she said “Damn right it’s been too long. Grab your drink and let’s go have some dinner.” We got seated quickly, a small table somewhat out of the way. I took the seat against beylikdüzü escort the wall, while sat facing me. We spent a few minutes on the menu and ordered. We talked about people she knew from her time in grad school and what they were doing currently. We finished the main course, and the waiter came and cleared the plates. Jenn reached over and took my hand, stroking my fingers gently.

“It really is so nice to see you” she said, her eyes looking deeply into mine with a big smile on her face. Though it was a simple gesture, her hands on mine felt very intimate.

The waiter came over with dessert menus. Jenn ordered a chocolate mousse, while I got biscotti and cappuccino. After ordering I excused myself to use the restroom. As I returned to the table, moving to step in between our table and the next I looked down at Jenn and saw that she had unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse and she leaned forward giving me a view as she had years before. I sat down, feeling a swelling in my pants as I did. I looked at her and could see her nipples were hard, making little peaks in her blouse. She was looking at me and had seen my eyes drop down, and then look back up. I was embarrassed to have been caught staring at her breasts.

Jenn laughed, and said “You didn’t think all those times in grad school were accidental do you?” As she said this I felt her foot slide up my leg, and along the inside of my thigh.

When the desserts came she insisted on feeding me some of the mousse. As she ate it she left a little on her lips and made quite a show of licking it off. The next spoonful I got was also placed so some was left on my lips, and I too licked it off showing more tongue than was really necessary. We finished dessert, and I asked for the check.

“I think we should go for a walk, don’t you? It’s very warm tonight” she suggested.

“That sounds perfect” I replied, and after paying we wandered out.

She held my hand as we slowly walked, at first neither of us saying anything. After about two blocks we came to a small alcove, with plants around, at the side of a building. Jenn stepped over into it and pulled me along. She looked at me, smiling, and then leaned forward and kissed me. Her lips were so soft, and she gradually pulled her body against mine. The kiss deepened, with tongues quickly joining the action. I could feel her hard nipples against my chest, and her hips were pressed against me. What had been a slight swelling was now a full blown erection. I am sure she could feel this, and she began to move her hips against mine thrusting gently. This continued several minutes but then she moved her head back, gave me another huge smile, then hugged me tightly with her head on my shoulder next to mine.

She whispered softly “I have wanted to do that for a long time.”

We separated for a second again, but then I moved forward to kiss her again and pushed her back against the wall. This time I was thrusting against her, pushing the bulge in my pants against her and sliding up and down. We separated again and this time I said “And I have wanted to do that for a long time.”

She took my hand and started walking again, but a bit faster. As we came to a corner she said “Let’s go this way.”

We walked a couple of blocks then took a path to cut diagonally through a small park. As we reached the far side of it she stepped into a somewhat secluded spot, then kissed me passionately again. Her hand moved down between us and rubbed the front of my pants, sliding up and down my immediately very hard cock. I reached over to touch her breasts, playing my fingers over her very hard nipples. One hand soon moved down between her legs, feeling the heat there. Our mouths separated again, we stood close one of her hands still moving slowly on the ridge in my pants and my hand pushing up against her hot pussy.

She took my hand again, and we started walking more quickly. I had no idea where she was heading but hoped that it might be to her apartment. After about three more blocks she lead me across a street, and then into an art gallery.

“You might like this” she offered, and still holding my hand guided me in. There was a variety of different kinds of art – paintings, photos, and sculpture. She slowly guided me toward the back, and through a hallway that lead to an almost hidden gallery. Jenn slowed and we looked at some of the prints, which were clearly fairly old and Japanese in origin. They were couples, close together with elaborate clothes, and I realized quickly that they were erotic prints and the couples were making love, but this could only be inferred from their pose. As we moved along they became more explicit, with the kimono’s parted to show enormous hard penises thrusting up into an accepting hairy vagina. The faces usually showed little emotion in spite of the implied passion of the activity. The prints shifted to photos, some beautiful nude women, but then couples beyoğlu escort locked in loving embraces. In the first couple, like in the Japanese prints, it was clear that they were having sex, but they were not explicit.

Moving along they became more and more explicit, with exposed genitals and penetration being very clear. Near the end of the wall they became artful pornography, a black and white photo with the shaft and head of a large cock that was ejaculating onto a hairy pussy, with two streaks of cum dripping from it and another jet caught midair on its way. Another showed a shadow profile of an open mouth and tongue under another cock, again caught at the instant it launched a stream of semen into the waiting mouth. The silhouette gave me an impression of an Asian woman, making me think of my masturbatory fantasies of getting head from Jenn. My cock throbbed as I thought about what I had imagined her doing.

At the end of the gallery there was a door, with a keypad. When we reached it Jenn pulled me over and punched in a code, and opened the door which then latched closed as we stepped through. In this small room there were mostly sculptures, all very erotic and explicit. In the middle of one wall there was a satyr that looked to be bronze, with its large erect phallus curving lewdly up from the belly. Jenn reached over and gave it a rub on the end, which was bright and shiny as though many hands touching it had polished it. On the opposite wall was what looked almost like a small alter, with a thick shelf across about three feet up but extensions coming out like arms from either side. Jenn pulled me toward it then turned and leaned over to passionately kiss me again. I was aroused beyond imagining at this point. Her hand moved down and unzipped my trousers, and began to fumble with my belt. My hands moved up loosening her blouse and slid under to hold her breasts and tweak the hard nipples.

“I want you, now” she whispered, letting my pants fall to my ankles. Very quickly she unbuttoned her blouse, and reached under her skirt and took off her silky panties, dropping them on the floor. Leaning over she lowered my underwear, freeing my very hard cock which was pointing straight up. She backed up a step against the shelf and raised herself up to sit on it, then extending a leg over the arm on either side – spreading her legs widely and totally exposing her pussy to me. I stepped over and first used my fingers to probe her hot wetness, and leaned to suck on her nipples as she grasped my cock. I swirled my tongue over them then bit gently, first one then the other. She was very hot and wet. My cock was dripping precum steadily, which her hand spread up and down the length of it.

“Now!” she moaned, and I dipped my body slightly to bring my wet cock up to her opening and slid it in with one slow motion until my body was pushed flush against hers. I moved back, then thrust in more vigorously. Jenn had her legs wrapped around me and her face was buried against my neck. She looked up and kissed me again, helping find a rhythm that brought us together and apart over and over. She was so tight and wet and silky smooth, yet there was exquisite friction as I pushed into her. I wanted it to last but soon I felt my balls tighten as the cum started to rise in them. I tried to extend it but my cock hardened even more and Jenn moaned loudly “Oh god” as she started to orgasm. That did it, I could not stop as I started to shoot my load deep into her pussy. Over and over my cock throbbed and squirted and she held her body tightly against mine moaning with passion.

Finally I slowed my thrusts, and we looked at each other. She had tears in her eyes and said softly “I have wanted you so much for so long.”

“As I have wanted you” I whispered into her ear.

We hugged tightly and held each other, rocking gently. After a few minutes my softening cock slipped out of her, and I lowered her to stand in front of me. Her legs were still apart, her skirt still held up, and as we both looked down cum slowly dripped down onto her panties on the floor.

Jenn laughed, but then picked up her blouse and started to put it on. I pulled up my underwear, positioning my very wet and slippery but now soft cock in them, and then pulled up my pants. Jenn let her skirt fall, then stepped over and kissed me again, hugging me tightly.

“Let’s go” she said and pulled me toward the door, leaving her panties on the floor. We quickly worked our way out of the gallery, Jenn giving a wink to the woman at the front desk making wonder if this kind of thing happened regularly.

“We’ll go to my place” Jenn stated matter-of-factly. We walked briskly to a subway stop, and went down. She handed me a ticket and led me through the turnstile onto the platform. A train came almost immediately, and she said “three stops”, pulling me toward the end of the car.

She hugged me again, then kissed me slowly, our tongues playing. Though bizimkent escort it had only been a few minutes since I thought I had emptied myself completely, I felt myself starting to swell again. Jenn pulled back and looked at me with a big smile, then leaned over and whispered in my ear “I can feel your cum dripping down my leg, you must have given me quite a load.”

I chuckled, and whispered back “It had been quite awhile since I had so much stimulation, and I had been waiting about 15 years to do that. I have a handkerchief if you need to wipe up.”

Jenn nuzzled against me, and I gently nibbled her ear as my hand slipped between us to pinch her nipple. She gasped a bit, and after biting my ear whispered “Now you’re making me gush. See that girl over there – I think she’s been watching and can see the bulge in your pants and the stream of cum running down my leg. I think she can tell you just made love to me, and she’ll probably need to rush home and masturbate because she doesn’t have you to take care of her.”

The third stop came, and we ducked out the train doors and quickly went up to the street. “Just one block” Jenn said, taking my hand again and pulling me with her. We walked fast a block and a half, then entered an apartment building. She pulled me up one flight of stairs, went part way down the hall, then pulled out her keys and quickly opened the door. As soon as I was inside she pushed it closed with a loud thump, and pushed me into the living room.

She immediately started unbuttoning my shirt, and then my belt. “Get undressed” she said demandingly as she quickly took off her shoes, then her blouse, and the skirt, standing naked in front of me. Her lithe body was so sexy, I wasted no time in removing all my clothes. I stood looking at her, my cock standing up again. We moved together, feeling one another’s bodies fully, skin against skin. We kissed, hugging and moving against each other. My cock slipped between her legs but not yet up into, her feeling her wet heat, and she moaned loudly.

“I can’t wait, lie down” she ordered, taking a throw from the couch and putting it on the floor. I sat then leaned back on the soft blanket. Jenn immediately kneeled over me, reached down and positioned me so that I smoothly slid up into her very slick pussy. She leaned over looking down into my eyes as she began to move against me, sliding back and forth rubbing her pussy against me. She had her hands on my arms and moved faster, making throaty gutteral sounds. This time she was fucking me, but it felt just as good and sooner than I thought possible I started to feel that I would cum soon. To try to distract myself I pulled her over and started sucking on her nipples, alternating between them. She moved faster and I could feel her pussy clench as she started to cum, crying out in pleasure. It was too much, not possible to ignore her pussy grasping me as she milked out another load deep inside her. As I finished my orgasm she slumped against me for a minute, breathing very heavily. After catching her breath she sat up, with my cock still up inside, and looked down at me. She kissed me softly but sensuously, then sighed.

“I meant that to last longer” she said, “I thought we had taken the edge off, but once I started it was so good I could not stop.”

She lay against me again, wiggling her hips occasionally. After a couple minutes and a few more kisses she lifted her hips, letting my then soft cock flop our onto my belly, with cum dripping out over it. “My goodness” she said, “you filled me up again.” She bent down and took my cock into her mouth, and licked the drips of cum from my belly, then came up and gave me a very wet cummy kiss. She then stood up and extended her hands to pull me up, hugging me again once I was standing. She threw the blanket back onto the couch, gathered up our clothes and threw them into what I assumed was the bedroom.

Walking over to the kitchen she called out “I need a beer, do you want one?”. I gratefully accepted and we sat on the blanket covered couch, clinked the bottles and relaxed. We sipped in silence for a few minutes. I had not felt so relaxed and satisfied for so long. I looked over at her still naked body, gazing at the soft curve of her small breasts, her beautiful brown skin, and noted that the nipples were soft integrating into the gentle curve of the breast.

She saw me looking at her. “They’re so small” she said, “but nothing I can do, that’s what nature gave me.”

“They’re beautiful” I replied, “I never liked big boobs, yours are perfect, and sensitive – that’s much more important.” Then she leaned over and kissed me again.

Jenn sat back for a minute and finished the beer, putting the bottle on a tray on a coffee table. She put one foot under her as she sat down again, her legs splayed apart so I could see the dark hair covering her pussy, matted with our cum. She looked at me, with a big smile. “Do you know how long I have fantasized about fucking you?” she asked. Without waiting for an answer she continued “You know I think I would have unzipped you and given you a blowjob in your office if you had asked the first time we met. Then I learned you were married, and I don’t break up marriages” she said. Going on “I was a pretty bad girl teasing you with glimpses down my shirt all those times. I hope you weren’t too mad at me.”

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