Spiritual Sex


My girlfriend Jen has been trying to get me to go to a spiritual group encounter. I had been putting her off because it just didn’t interest me.

“Larry says we both would enjoy it.”

Larry is some guy that Jen works with. He has been working on my girlfriend to attend one of these meetings. I guess Jen finally got to me. I was thinking she might break up with me if we didn’t attend one of these encounters. One Saturday evening we got in the car and drove out to this desolate location. It was way out in the boondocks and we actually drove by the road into the place.

I turned the car around and we drove down this long driveway. At the end of it was this large barn-like structure. When we got out of the car Larry came out of the building and greeted us. He gave Jen and big hug and he shook my hand.

“I am so glad you made it, you are going to enjoy this,” he said.

We walked inside and Larry took us into a small room. He poured us two drinks and then he gave us both robes to put on.

“Drink up and then change into these,” he told us.

Frankly I didn’t want to wear a white robe, but I did it to make Jen happy. We both drank down a goblet full of I don’t know what. I do know it was making my head swim although I couldn’t taste any alcohol. We waited a few minutes and then Larry led us out into the main room. In the middle was this large altar. Two sets of steps led to the top. On top of the altar were these large mats.

As I looked around there were people lined up around the altar. Jen and I were certainly the youngest of the bunch. Mostly everyone here was no younger than forty. Most looked to be in their fifties and sixties. I could tell that Jen was getting into the whole thing. She actually seemed giddy. Maybe it was from that drink. Jen was on the petite side with long blonde hair to her shoulders. I saw more than one guy giving her the eye.

Larry then introduced us both and then he walked over and took Jen by the hand. They walked up one set of steps and Larry told Jen to shed her robe. I damn near ran up the those steps and stopped things right then. I knew if I did that Jen would never forgive me so I bit my tongue and held my place. büyükçekmece escort Jen pulled her robe up over her head. Her tits looked magnificent, her nipples were erect.

I saw more than one guy with his mouth open. Larry then had Jen lie down on those mats. He called out a name and this heavy set man began to walk up the steps. When he got to the top of the altar he pulled his robe off. He was naked and he was showing a big beer gut. He also had this enormous cock dangling down. He must have been close to ten inches in length and it was thick as well.

My mind mustn’t have been working too quickly. I was totally caught up in what was happening. So was everyone else. I looked across the room and saw this dark haired woman spying me. She looked to be in her forties and was very attractive. The best looking woman there after my Jen. This heavy man got down on his knees and spread Jen’s legs apart. I could hardly believe my eyes right then. He got into position and he took hold of his cock.

I and all the others watched as he rubbed that fat mushroom all over Jen’s pussy. You could plainly see that my girlfriend was getting into it. She pulled her legs back and the heavy man fitted his cock into place. He began to push into Jen’s tiny pussy. Jen let out this blood curdling cry. I almost started to move when I felt Larry’s hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t do it Tom,” he urged me to go back.

I didn’t run up the steps. Ultimately Jen would have been pissed at me. I wondered if she even knew what was happening right then. This heavy man with the huge cock took hold of Jen’s ankles and brought her legs up. He was pumping his rod into my girlfriend. Jen looked like she was totally out of it. Somehow he managed to push all ten inches into Jen. His cock was completely buried in my girlfriend’s small pussy.

The onlookers were getting into it as well. Some were clapping, some were chanting. I looked over to the dark haired woman. She wasn’t watching the festivities, she had her eyes on me. I thought she had even used her tongue to lick her lips. My mind was so wasted I lost track of how long this fatih escort went on. The man fucking Jen finally let out a cry like some wild bull. His body stiffened and he began to cum.

You could almost see his stiff member growing and contracting. He was sending his hot cream deep into Jen’s belly. My girlfriend was totally into it. Her face had this look of ecstasy on it. She was squeezing that fat prick of every drop his sticky milk. The fat man finally fell onto Jen and they held each other for some times. Jen’s lover pulled out and stood up. Everyone but me cheered. He stood with his half erect prick in sight. All their love juices were dripping onto the floor.

He exited and some women came up on the altar and assisted Jen away. Larry didn’t waste a second. He took my by the arm and had me walk up those steps.

“Take your robe off, Tom.”

It must have been that drink that Larry gave me. I pulled the white robe off and stood there naked. Everyone was now looking at my nude body. Larry walked down the steps and he went over to the dark haired woman. He walked her up the steps. He didn’t have to say a thing to her. She pulled her robe off and threw it to one side. She was shapely, that was for sure. She had big breasts capped with large nipples. Her black bush was shaved down. Larry walked down the steps. The next thing I know this woman is on her knees in front of me.

She took my dick in her hand and brought my cock to her mouth. I just sort of lost it and I put my hand on the back of her head. I really didn’t have to urge this woman. She took all my cock down her throat. It was like she had done this many times in the past. She had me deep throated. I can tell you it didn’t take much to get hard. She was bobbing up and down and loving every minute of it it seemed.

After a few minutes she pulled away and got onto her back. I just stood there until she motioned for me to come over. Was it the drink? I went over and knelt between her legs. I took my cock and I pushed in the whole way. The crowd that was there went into a frenzy. I was fucking her like some crazy man. My dark haired lover was esenyurt escort besides herself.

“Fuck me deep!” She kept crying out to me.

I thought I was inside the whole way. Sex had never been like this with my girlfriend, that much I knew. This was something more primal, more deep. I took this woman and made her mine. I knew no one else was going to have her, only me. I just fed her my cock until I felt my balls pinch. I tried to hold back, but it was no use. I blew one hot load after another into my lover. She used her muscles to take all my love seed from me. I realized this had been the most intense lovemaking I had ever experienced.

After we finished she pulled me down on top of her and we held each other. I soon got soft and I pulled out and stood up. Larry led me away and as I walked back to the room we first entered I looked back to see my dark haired lover. She was up and being attended to. I could see her calling to me.

“Meet outside afterwards.”

When I entered the room there sat Jen. She looked like she was in a daze. She had gotten back into her street clothes. I tried to talk to her, but she held her hand up to me.

“Not now,” she said.

I would have to wait until we got back to the car. Larry entered and told us both us how great is was that we were part of the group now. I wasn’t part of any group, but I held my tongue. I got into my clothes and Jen and I stepped into the night. The sky was now pitch black and the stars were out. My head was still spinning. Just outside stood the dark haired woman. She walked over and placed something in my hand then walked away.

It was a long ride back to our apartment. I told Jen I didn’t want to attend anymore.

“Well I don’t feel the same as you,” she said.

I wanted to scream at her that she was under Larry’s spell. It seemed that we were falling apart right then and there. There was tension between us the next few days. Larry had told Jen about the next meeting at the barn. I didn’t want to go I told her.

“I am going again,” she said to me.

There it was. Either I went along with this business or we were finished. I went back to the bedroom. I got out the scrap of paper given to me by the dark haired woman I fucked.

“I want to see you again, alone.”

It was signed “Ellen” and her phone number followed.

This was it, the moment of truth. Should I see Ellen and give up on Jen? It looked like my path was set and there wasn’t a thing I could do to change it. I will report back when I have made my decision.

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