Spring on the Porch

Big Dicks

It was an unusually warm late spring afternoon. I was sitting on the front porch of my house watching the people walk by and the cars going down the street.

Most of the houses along my street are up against each other with only inches to spare.

After about an hour Janet my 42 yr. old next-door neighbor walked out the front door of her house wearing a light blue backless summer dress. She had the perfect body for that dress with her smooth skin. She stretched her arms out like she had just woke up from a refreshing nap. Janet turned around looking in my direction and noticed me sitting there watching her. I could easily see her nipples on her apple size tits and her thick muff through the fabric of her dress. She was a petite woman about 5’2 with long jet-black hair tied at the back then flowing down to just past her shoulder blades.

Janet is a divorced mother of two full grown girls away at college. She’s been my neighbor, best friend and sex buddy for a couple of years. We’ve been sexually active since the day we met.

“Hi Paul, Are you hot over there?” She giggled.

“Actually, I got a nice breeze going on over here, come on over!”

Janet slowly walked down the steps of her porch, just the way she walks and flips her hair alone usually sends my little rocket into orbit. She reached the top steps of my place, smiled then leaned over, and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the lips. She rubbed her hand on my belly then she reached down and grabbed my hardened cock.

“Wow, it feels like you’re ready for a little action, eh?”

“When you’re around I’m always ready for action.” I teased back.

“Hmm…guess I’m going to have to take care of that then?” Janet returned in a low sexy voice.

She sat down beside me and leaned her head back while she pulled the top of her sundress down a bit displaying a little more cleavage. Her legs were spread apart and she slowly pulled her sundress up just past her knees. Fortunately, the deck has a fairly private solid plywood railing around us. Unless you look really hard, you wont see much from the ground.

“This weather makes me feel so horny. How about you?” Janet groaned in a soft sexy voice.

“Well, believe me it’s not the weather making me horny and you already know that you little slut. You’re the reason I’m horny all the time.” I confessed.

Janet kept inching her sundress further and further up as we sat talking until I got an unobstructed view of her black hairy muff.

“Wow, you’ve got a nice hairy little twat there, did you grow it thicker?”

Janet reached down and grabbed a hand full of pubic hair “Well I left it to see how thick it grow. Do you think I should trim it or just leave it?”

“For me I love it. But you do what makes you happy. However, my vote is no, don’t trim or shave it.”

I reached over and ran my hand through her thick bush and gave her clit a quick rub.

Janet smiled, “Does it feel nice Paul, do you like it?”

“Oh hell, yes I love it. When are you going to let me stick my cock in it?”

“Patience, honey, patience…” Janet teased.

“Pull your shorts down Paul, I want to see your cock.” I pushed my shorts down and started stroking my cock.

“I love watching you play with your cock,” Janet cooed “Can I play with it too?”

Looking at Janet a bit puzzled “Since when did you start asking if you can play with it? Knock yourself out.”

I put my arm up over the back of her chair as she moved closer to play with my cock, as I caressed her neck and shoulder. A few people walked by and waved at us unaware of what we were doing.

We talked and played with each other for about a half an hour Manavgat Escort when Dana a friend of Janet’s showed up.

I whispered. “Do we put our pants on or what?”

Janet looked at me and smirked, “Fuck no, Dana’s a good fuck, she can join us.”

“Hey Dana, come on over and join us.”

“Hi Janet, what are you two doing over there” Dana laughed loudly, knowing full well what we were up to.

“Dana, meet Paul my neighbor, you’ve heard me talk about him. Don’t worry we do this all the time.” Janet assured her as she pointed to her hand wrapped around my cock.

“Paul, this is my girlfriend Dana. We’ve known each other for years.”

Dana was smaller and too had a perfect body for a 38-year-old woman with a couple kids of her own. She had a nice tan and freckles and wore her dark blonde hair straight down to her shoulders. Dana’s the gregarious party type of the two with a contagious, warm, and mischievous smile. She’s the one you’d hear cheering at the top of her lungs at a baseball or hockey game. I eventually came to envy that girls energy. Even the energizer bunny couldn’t keep up to Dana.

Dana threw her purse just inside the front door of Janet’s house then quickly straightened herself up a bit and bounce over like a rubber ball. Unlike Janet, Dana would not be the one you’d want to escort you to high class society dinner. But she’d be my first pick going to a strip club.

Dana and Janet embraced each other with long passionate kisses. Looking at them it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see these two spent a lot of time together. I had no problem with it.

After they kissed for several minutes Dana backed up, wiped her lips; breathing heavily she pointed down at my cock while looking at Janet “Can I play with your toy Janet or you hogging it for yourself?” she questioned.

“You can come over and play with it anytime you want, but you can’t keep it.” Janet said sternly, setting her precedence by waving her fore finger and hand. It was her rules or nothing.

I’m thinking and laughing to myself “What, don’t I have a say in this?” Apparently not.

Dana smiled and agreed, then she squatted down in front of me and wrapped her tiny hands around my tool and worked it. I tilted my head back as Dana took my cock between her sexy wet lips. Janet reached over and grabbed my hand as she showed her approval to the both of us.

The first thought through my mind was how aggressive she was. No question, this woman is a human vacuum cleaner, and she loves giving head. Dana stopped, looked up at Janet, did you want a go at it too?

“No, I’ll let you take the first load.” Janet reached over and patted Dana on the shoulder. The next thing I knew, my eyes were in the back of my head and my toes were curled up. I squeezed Janet’s hand as I exploded in Dana’s mouth. Dana still crouching leaned back against the wooden railing with her eyes closed as she swallowed my cum.

Dana’s nipples were clearly visible through her sweat soaked tank top.

“Wow, that was a mouthful! Paul, were you saving this up for me?” Dana chuckled as she looked in awe at Janet.

“You two should get to know each other,” Dana encouraged “My daughters will be around more for a while. So, I won’t be able to get away with either of you as often.”

“I think Paul and I will be doing more of this. What do you think Paul?” Dana joked as she continued squatting against the railing.

“Do I have enough time to get my life insurance updated first?” I asked jokingly.

“Only, if I’m the beneficiary.” Janet quipped.

We sat for a while sweating and talking as the afternoon sun came over to the front of the Manavgat escort bayan house.

Janet pulled her top up and the bottom of her dress down then she slowly stood up, looking at us with her hands on her hips, she asked “Anyone want to join me for a cool shower”

In unison Dana and I shouted “I WILL!!!” Dana and I looked at each other and laughed.

“Janet, I think Paul and I are going to have a long beautiful friendship.”

Janet smiled and shook her head “You two are like two kids”

I got up out of my chair and locked the front door. The two of us followed Janet over to her place. Once we were inside, I took off my t-shirt, while Dana pulled her white tank top off over her head showing her off her tiny stripper body and lemon size breasts. She had small round aureoles about the size of a quarter with short perky nipples. Dana dropped her shorts revealing her almost hairless blonde twat.

Dana moved over to Janet and tugged Janet’s sundress down over her left shoulder exposing her left breast. She took her nipple between her pearly white teeth and gently nibbled, licked, and teased it. Janet closed her eyes and tilted her head to one side. She was enjoying Dana’s affections. Dana put her hand up and slipped the other side of Janet’s sundress off her other shoulder, letting it fall to the floor. Janet was slightly heavier, still she had a perfect hourglass figure too.

Dana kissed and teased her the other nipple until it stood erect. I moved behind Dana and rubbed my hard cock from the top of her ass down between her legs, rubbing her clit. At the same time, I lightly brushed my lips along her freckled shoulders, then kissed I gave her small pecks along the length of her neck. Dana turned her head to me, smiled then she turned back nudging Janet’s flawless and perfectly round breasts with her lips, nose, and face cheeks. Dana looked at Janet and they kissed each other hard without taking a breath. Time ticked by until they pulled their heads apart, breathing heavily they gazed into each other’s eyes. Janet and Dana were both flushed from the early sizzling summer day and their passionate kissing.

Dana knew exactly which buttons to press to arouse Janet. Janet had an almost hypnotic look about her. I could smell her as I reached around her short, petite, hot and sweat drenched body. I squeezed her soft creamy white ass and reached between her legs rubbing her soaked pubic hairs.

The three of us stepped back for a moment of reflection and air. Seconds later Janet took both our hands and led to the stairs to the bathroom. We climbed and walked down a narrow hallway into a brightly sun kissed room. She started the shower then ushered us in. Janet and I kissed excitedly. Dana grabbed a bar of soap from the dish and ran it over her tiny body and between her legs. Because of the extra light in the bathroom I could see a few tiny stretchmarks leftover from Dana’s childbearing years. I thought they looked sexy myself.

After a few minutes of heated kissing Janet, I grabbed the second bar of soap from the dish and soaped up Janet’s smooth sexy back and her soft ass as she bent over with both hands washing her short legs.

Dana started lathering every inch of my body, no place was off limits to her. I took the soap bar from Janet and reciprocated lathering Dana up. After several minutes Dana and I smiled at each other as we both thought the same thing, she nodded her head and we attacked Janet lathering her up too. Janet laughed hysterically, enjoying every second. The three of then took turns under the shower head rinsing off.

Janet opened the shower door, still laughing she took Dana’s arm under Escort Manavgat hers and the two of them took off to her queen size bed where they both fell spreading their legs wide open.

“Now’s your chance to fuck me Paul,” Janet said, “I get your cum this time too.”

Finally, I thought. I get to fuck Janet!

I put my head between Janet’s legs and pulled her ass towards me. I Licked her hairy pussy, at first, I could taste soap. I grabbed the towel on the floor and wiped her muff a bit. Then I reached in and spread her pussy lips then I licked her again. That tasted much better. The more I licked the more her juices started to flow. I love giving oral and I spent seemingly forever eating Janet’s pussy. I swear she has the prettiest hairy muff on the planet next the porn star Kay Parker. Then I felt a tap on my back, I looked up.

“Hey C’mon Paul…I need a little attention over here too.” she protested while pointing between her legs.

I quickly jumped up and over to Dana and dived right in licking ad sucking her exposed clit. Dana fell back on the bed, so I figured I must be doing it right.

“Keep going Paul, don’t fucking stop eating her,” Janet urged “Dana’s almost there.” I did as Janet told me. Then Dana’s hips rose and fell a couple times on the bed. After a bit Dana couldn’t stand it anymore, she pushed me away with her feet. She laid there looking up at the ceiling with her arm over her forehead laughing “Wow…Janet I don’t believe he did that…fuck!”

As Dana laid there I went back over to Janet and slid my cock into her. I thrust-ed in and out while she caressed my back. Then Janet jumped up and wanted it doggy.

“Don’t pull out until you cum, I want you to shoot it inside me.” Janet ordered.

I shoved my hard cock back in her while slapped her soft ass and pounded her as hard as I could until finally I lost it. I pulled back on my knees on the floor. Janet turned and laid on the bed grinning. She put her fingers in her twat and pulled out some cum and licked it off her fingers. She inserted her fingers again pulling out more, this time she fed it to Dana. Dana dived between Janet’s legs to lick what ever cum was dripping from her pussy. Then we were done in more ways than I could count.

“That was an afternoon well spent, don’t you think Dana?”

“Oh, Fuck yeah,” Dana sighed happily “We should make it a night too?”

“I can’t,” Janet explained as she jumped up into her makeup chair while Dana and I sat at the head of her bed holding each other. “My daughters are both coming over tonight around 7:00.”

“Aww, couldn’t you cancel?” Dana pleaded.

“I wish,” she continued “truthfully, I haven’t seen them in a while and I’m looking forward to it.”

Dana and I looked at each other disappointed.

Janet spoke up again as she was applying makeup, “Why don’t you go back to Paul’s and spend the night? Just don’t forget to come over tomorrow and tell about it. I don’t want to miss a single detail.”

Dana jumped up and down, grabbed my cock and with a happy look she exclaimed, “Yeah, let’s do that. C’mon Paul!”

I laughed, “Okay, I don’t have a problem with that.”

“Yesss!!!” Dana shouted as she punched the air and grabbed my hand as she jumped up and down on the bed.

After a few more minutes of talking I got off the bed and hugged Janet from behind as she applied makeup. I grabbed both tits and gave them a squeeze. She turned to me and we kissed as I said, “Bye Janet, see you tomorrow then.”

Dana looked at us, “What was that?” then she laughingly mocked what I did to Janet. Dana ran over stood behind Janet, did the same thing, and kissed her. They both laughed.

“Would you guys get lost,” Janet pissing herself laughing “I can’t get dress with you guys grabbing my tits.”

Then we gave Janet on last goodbye kiss and went downstairs put our clothes on and went back to my place where Dana and I ate and spent the night laughing and playing.

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