Stacked Shelley’s Subway Ride Ch. 5


Note: Best to read chapters 1-4 first.

She was playing with the strap-on cock, holding it in her hand, rubbing it against my tits and tickling my belly with it. Her own body looked delicious. Breasts very high with erect nipples. Beautifully curved hips and slim waist. Firm round ass. Elegant, arched feet and manicured nails. Cruel red lips that were wet with desire. She kept talking to the cop in a sexy, smoky voice: “Maybe you’d like to see some more. Maybe you’d like to see me bend her over and fuck her for you. Would that turn you on, Officer?”

“Sure”, he said. What else could he say? What would you say? But I’ve got a say too!

I took the strap-on from her, and brought it to my lips like I was going to suck it. I whispered into DiNardo’s ear, “Hold her still for me.” He didn’t say anything, but winked at me so I knew he heard.

I stood up straight, my breasts heaving and standing out proud. They both stared up at me, blown away by that perspective. Before she really realized what I was intending to do, I’d begun strapping that big fake cock into position. She started to protest, but the cop grabbed her and held her easily.

“What the fuck! Let go of me, goddammit!” she yelled.

“You want a show?” I said. “You want to put on a show? You’re gonna put on a show, bitch, and it better be damn good. Spread those fine legs for me sweetmeat, and get ready to take all I’ve got!”

I grabbed her by the ankles and spread her legs as wide as they’d go. The fake cock bounced and dangled obscenely between my legs—big, thick, and always hard. My big breasts jiggled and shook as I mounted her. DiNardo was kissing her neck and shoulders as he held her. She thrashed and fought him, but knew it was pointless. I slid the tip of it up and down her slit and let it get good and wet with pussy juice. I tapped it against the bud of her clit and teased it back and forth, Side Escort making her gasp and whimper. I parted her pussy lips with my hand and let the warm night air play over her wet cunt. I pushed the head of it in and she cried out. “Please Shelley don’t do it. Please don’t fuck me like that, I don’t like it.”

I pushed in a little more, and she bit her lip. “No, please Shelley don’t. It’s too big I’m not used to being fucked like that…Noooo! Ayyyy! Oooooh!” I pushed it in deeper, forcing it into her. I held it still and let her cunt adjust to it. It was a big cock—thick and curved like a plantain banana. She probably hadn’t had a man in a long time. I sure as hell ain’t no man—but I’ve got a good idea how they fuck, and I decided to give her the full treatment.

I pulled out and left only the tip of the head inside her pussy lips. Her strong legs attempted to wrap around me and pull me back in, but I held her back by her ankles. DiNardo whipped out his handcuffs and locked her to the bench, arms back over her head—but loose so I could move her around. He scooted over and just stared—jacking his big shaft hard again with his hand.

I gave her tiny little moves, taunting her hungry cunt. She gasped and moaned deeply. Her pussy was dripping wet and she began thrusting with her hips and cunt—bucking forward, trying to get more cock inside. I wouldn’t give it to her. I pulled it out all the way and let it slide around her lips and clit again. I leaned over and let DiNardo suck my big titties again, just to make her wait.

I brought it back—my little hand barely fit around the fat shaft—and teased her again with two inches inside her.

Her beautiful features contorted with lust. “Aiiihhhhh! FUCK! You fucking cunt. You big-titted tease! Don’t tease me like that, please. You’re driving me insane. Please…I want it. Give it to me. Don’t make me wait like Side Escort bayan this.”

“You gonna put on a show, slut?” I taunted her, kissing the inside of her spread legs and tickling the backs of her knees.

“Yes Godammnit! Please fuck me Shelley! I’m begging you. Fill me up with that big cock. I’ll be a good little bitch now, I promise. Please…Ahhhhhhhhhiiiiiieee!”

I plowed into her with everything I had, driving that big fake cock to the hilt in her wet, volcanic pussy. My heavy, hanging tits slapped forcefully into her face. Wham! Bam! I thought about the way Earl fucked me. The way DiNardo had just fucked me. I turned her this way and that, and hammered away into her.

She was going insane. Crying and babbling like an idiot. She kept trying to kiss and bite my nipples as they struck her face, but she couldn’t. Her head was tossing from side to side, and strange warbling cries came from her throat. “aaaAGGAGAAAAHhhhhh! uuuuuweeeeeiOOOO!”

Officer DiNardo looked a little startled. (What kind of a crazy bitch was this, anyway?) but his dick was rock-hard in his fists as he watched us.

I grabbed her and made her turn over onto her knees. Her wrists were still locked to the bench, and the chain had crossed over—pinning her more tightly to it. I slapped her firm ass, hard, and she spread her legs wide and tilted her butt up for me.

DiNardo grabbed her by the back of the neck and forced his big rod between her dark red lips. She made a strangled sound of protest, but sucked it down anyway.

“That’s it, bitch!” I told her. “Now you’re putting on the show. How do you like being the piece of ass that gets taken by two cocks at once? You must like it, you’re as wet as a bartender’s towel.”

She couldn’t answer, of course. Her throat was full of cock, and she was groaning as I long-dicked her from behind. I’d never fucked Escort Side a woman like this before and I was starting to get into it. I can definitely see why you guys love it so much. I gripped her hips and slammed her back into me. I slapped that hot firm ass so hard that the loud smack of it startled DiNardo’s horse.

She was deep-throating him like a pro, humming all over his big prick. He began groaning again as he reached another orgasm. I reached around to work her clit while I fucked her, my big tits pressing against her sweaty back. My fingers put her over the edge. Her cries increased, even muffled by the cock in her mouth. Her hips began bucking wildly, flinging in all directions like a rodeo horse. I held on strong and hard, pummeling her pussy with all my might. Suddenly, DiNardo grunted again and again, like a hog rooting for food, and I could see her throat contracting and struggling to swallow all his come. She choked a bit and the milky man-juice spilled out on her soft red lips and dripped back down on his wet tool.

She didn’t even notice. Shrieking like a banshee, the blonde lesbian began shaking all over as the orgasm hit her. “FuuuuuuuckkK! OOOOOOOOhhhhheiiiiiIEIOooohh! YESSSSS! Yess! Fuckkk yessss! Fuckkkk mmeeee!” she screamed.

When she finally subsided, minutes later, I could hear the noises of the city again. I kissed DiNardo on the lips and licked every bit of come off his cock. The blonde woman kissed me, tonguing my breasts and fondling them one last time. DiNardo got his uniform all back together and put on his policeman’s hat. I put my tight dress back on and petted the big horse. It’s neck was warm and sweet-smelling. DiNardo escorted us back to the street and the Blonde kissed me again and pressed her phone number into my hand before and jumping into a cab.

The cars streamed by and the taxis weaved back and forth, honking, swerving, speeding. People fast-walking by on their cell-phones. Another NewYork night. People passing Central Park, pushing strollers. They’d never believe what we’d just done. My hips shaking, my breasts jiggling, reeking of sex and sweat, I headed down to the subway to ride home.

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