Steamy Rendezvous


Last night I saw him again.

He called me on his way back home from an out of town business trip to see if there was any chance we could meet again in a couple of hours. By chance I was also on the road on my way to a late afternoon meeting for work. Thankfully, I was out of the house and had a good excuse and was able to agree to meet him.

I’ve been married for 10 years and have had a handful of long-term affairs. I also have had flings. I enjoy cock and my husband’s sexual appetite is not compatible with mine. We have sex, and it is ok, but it’s not the kind of sex that just keeps going for hours and he doesn’t have that type of stamina to satisfy me.

My pussy starting tingling when my lover called. I fantasized the rest of my drive and during my meeting about how wonderful it would be to feel him inside of me again. He is well endowed and knows how to use it. Like me he is married and not satisfied at home and appreciates the mind blowing sex we share.

When we got to the room we embraced for a hug, which quickly led to a passionate kiss. He is about a foot taller than me so I have to stand on my tipsy toes. He pulled me so close and tight to him and his lips locked with mine in a deep erotic exchange.

I could feel the heat starting between us and I pressed myself closer to him. I am short, only 5’1″, blonde hair to my shoulders, blue eyes, and I have a thick sexy body with huge tits. Most consider me pretty and younger looking than my age of 34.

We lay down on the bed together, me sitting up and kissing him while he relaxed on his back. Mmmm his kisses are so good. I told him how excited I was that we are together again and that I was thinking about him during my meeting.

He asked me what I was thinking as I sat in my meeting. I told him the truth. I was thinking about how wonderful it would feel to have his cock deep inside my pussy again and that I was craving the opportunity to suck his cock with my mouth.

He broke out in his dazzling smile. He said the last part is also what he was thinking about. He said you have managed to turn me on already.

As he stood up and undressed I watched. I could see his hard cock bulging in his shorts. It was so excited to that he wanted me as much I wanted him. I took off my slacks and bra…I left my shirt and panties on.

We lay side by side kissing sweetly, passionately, deeply as I undid the first two buttons on my shirt. My 38D breast came tumbling out for him to fondle first, the erect nipples aching for his tongue that was grazing my mouth and sliding between my lips so sensually. He took my left breast into his mouth and sucked on my nipple and I heard myself let out a moan to go along with my heavy breathing. He is so good at making me moan.

He caressed my breast and I pressed my chest closer to him, causing him to squeeze a bit harder. This motion elicited another excited moan from me and he sensed my excitement over the way he touched me. “Oh yeah?” He said, as if to make sure I wanted him to squeeze and I breathed the words “Oh yes” as he used a tighter hold to massage my huge breast.

His hands explored me lower, moving across the top of my panty line, right below my belly button. Then he caressed one thigh, then the other, and traced a sensual path inside my thighs. He continued to touch me just around my panty line inside my leg. I was aching for him to rub me and feel how wet he makes me.

His hands continued their exploration of my body and soon I was on my back, my shirt unbuttoned and wide open. He positioned his sexy frame on top of me, kissing my breasts, licking my hard-as-rocks nipples and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I still had my panties on. He still had his shorts on. He ground himself against the fabric outside of my wet slit, his giant cock was hard as steel.

Oh I couldn’t wait till that huge dick was penetrating my tight little pussy and I said so out loud. He said “Let’s take these off” and silivri escort he helped me pull my panties off. He opened my legs wide and looked at my pussy…his fingers gently touched my lips as he looked up at me…I was laying on my back…playing with my huge tits and squeezing my nipples…I was so excited to be with him again and he was making me nuts by is rubbing my clit and spreading my lips open. He had me so wet already.

He lowered himself to my most private place and slowly began to tease me. First, by licking the sides of my inner legs, then just licking outside my labia, then grazing one lip with the tip of his tongue, then grazing the other…breathing just outside the entrance to my vagina…making me moan and urging him in my mind to please devour me. I told him he was teasing me and he agreed.

Finally his tongue danced across my clit and I was squirming under him to increase the sensation. I love his oral techniques. His tongue was so warm and he seems to touch every nerve. A little later as my hips were undulating with increased passion, he slipped a finger into my hot wet hole and I began to rock around and around as he licked my clit. I moaned “Oh yes baby it feels so good” and I continued to enjoy his masterful oral skills. I stopped squeezing my tits and moved my hands to my mound, pulling the folds of my pussy apart so he had maximum access to my clit.

I rocked my pussy back and forth and around in circles on his finger. The vaginal gspot stimulation of his finger, coupled with his tongue tickling my clit, made me want to explode. I moved faster, fucking his finger with my wet pussy. I could imagine what he was feeling, I know from fingering myself how tight my pussy gets right before I cum and during my orgasm. I wanted him to feel it too. I used the palms of my hands to apply pressure to my pubic area and soon I could feel the climax building. I told him I am about to cum.

I love how wonderful it feels when my orgasm is building but I slowed down and held back, knowing if I built up it would be even stronger. I went back to the fast hip rocking and I pulled his head tighter toward my pussy. Again I told him I was going to cum and he moved his finger a little faster and a little deeper inside.

My climax built to the point that I could not hold back anymore. I came with great intensity, my pussy squirting a hot stream of liquid out for my lover to drink. I squirt with my orgasms and this was the first time I came with him eating me. I rode out the orgasm as my pussy clenched his finger like a vise. I lost myself as my mouth spewed a stream of explicatives like “fuck yes” and “holy shit” as the sensations from the orgasm quaked through my body from head to toe. It was like a volcanic eruption, complete with a jet of hot lava squirting out from inside of me.

My lover kissed my lips and I can tell he was dying to slide inside of me. I still needed some time to recover; my heart was pounding so hard I could hardly breath. I asked him to lie on his back. I kissed his mouth and I told him I could taste my pussy on his lips and I licked my juice off his chin. Then I moved down his body and I proceeded to worship his wonderful massive cock with my mouth.

I guess he is about 8 inches with huge balls. I licked him from top to bottom, side to side, planting kisses up and down along the way. I love his cock, the way it curves to my right when I am going down, the way it feels as it grows harder and harder as my tongue licks it. I love the smell of his cock, the sight of his huge dick growing harder as I suck it into my mouth. I love to give head, especially to a man who appreciates an awesome cocksucker.

I took him in my mouth and twirled my tongue around his knob, from front to back, then I slid his cock back my throat. I can’t deep throat but I have great suction. I kept sucking and using my right hand to stroke as I sucked, merter escort the entire time my tongue never stopping. My tongue moved all around twirling and twisting around and against every inch of his hard cock.

He placed his hand on the back of my head and pushed a little when I took his cock deep into my mouth, the head of his cock touching the back of my mouth…I think he wanted to slam my face down onto his prick, but he is too much of a gentleman to do that to me…but it turned me on to sense how excited he is. That he wanted to fuck my mouth as bad as I want him to do use my mouth for his pleasure.

The first time we were together I sucked him to completion and swallowed his cum into my belly. I can tell he appreciated it because he told me most of the women he had been with didn’t like to suck cock. I could suck cock all day long. It makes me hot to get a guy off with just my lips, tongue and one hand.

But instead of finishing, I climbed on top of him and slowly guided his wonderful rod into my wet pussy. Mmmm the feeling of the initial penetration makes me high. It’s like euphoria for me. And he is so sensual. We moved slowly together and looked into each other’s eyes as our bodies become one. It made me melt to see the utter bliss in his eyes knowing the look in my eye was a reflection of his. This is a man who appreciates the “feel” of an eager wet pussy, a man who savors the feeling of entering into a woman and who savors the feeling of joining together in such an intimate manner with me.

Inch by inch I took him and he slid into me. I moved slowly, feeling every inch of his hard strong cock spreading me open. We both moaned allot and the feeling of that big hard cock filling me up drove me to rock my hips and grind my pussy. I can’t help it…I was born to fuck like this…I love to feel cock up inside of me and his magical wand was pushing up deeper and deeper, urging me to take him all the way.

I sat up straight and he thrust into me causing me to catch my breath as the tiptop of his cock hit my cervix. I love riding him, squeezing him tight, rolling my hips, grinding around and around, and I love that he told me how good it feels and how much he loves it. It made me want to fuck him as hard as I could, and I did just that. Every once in a while I would slow down and feel myself throbbing against his throbbing cock.

I also stopped twice during my ride to suck my own juices off his cock. I love the taste of pussy too. I told him I tasted good and he agreed. I licked my own cream off his cock and then climbed back on top and continued the erotic ride.

We stopped to kiss and I moved up and down so he could feel his cock entering me deep then exiting almost all the way only to have me slam myself back down onto him again. After about 15 minutes of this sexual play and teasing of fast then slow I stayed slow. I know he likes it slow. I use the same slow motions as when I was riding him fast but I do it as slow and sensual as I can. Deliberate. Squeezing hard. Moving in circles so the nerves in his cock head are sensitized by the feeling of my g-spot pulsating and the feeling of hitting my cervix.

Soon he started to cum, and I could feel his cock spraying inside of me with a coating of his sperm. I contracted my vagina walls as hard as possible to pull him into me and take his cum as deep inside of my womb as I can. It is so exciting to me to feel him spewing his seed into me. I could feel each contraction and I could feel him flood me. He is such a heavy cummer. He kept shooting load after load into me. I felt so sexy and so turned on by this. He was extremely satisfied as his orgasm washed over him.

This is the type of mind blowing sex two strangers who met on an adult website have fortunately been able to have. It’s not every day you find someone who it feels so good with. We both know how lucky we are and we both appreciate mecidiyeköy escort our good fortune.

Later, after cuddling and resting, my lover mounted me from on top, and the sheer feeling of his body on top of me turned me on. I love feeling submissive and when he slid inside of me I was open and ready. He said “Oh it’s soooo hot” as he entered into my burning furnace. I love the way he slides in so deep and pulls almost all the way out before going deep inside again. He shifted himself so that his pelvic bone was rubbing against my clit when he penetrated me, and the sensations were driving me nuts. I love how he always tries to please me.

I wrapped my legs around him as he began to thrust faster in earnest. This is something I crave, the fast deep thrusting of two strong hips. I pulled my legs up higher and spread my legs wide open…I love being wide open and pulverized. He squatted on his knees and I started rubbing my clit and moving my hips in circles…pulling his cock inside of my pussy and grinding it around and around…his magnificent shaft hit every part of me…I can usually cum from jacking myself against him this way…last time I came like this twice…but last night I wanted to change positions…

Our first time we were together I could barely take him doggy style because he is so big. So I told him to do me doggy again last night. My pussy was so open and so hungry to be pounded. I stuck my ass up in the air as he got behind me and slid his hard cock into my hot tight pussy. He didn’t hesitate. He ground himself into me deep. He moved with fast strokes and pushed himself all the way to the top. This brings out the animal in me.

I arched my ass up toward him more, wanting him to take me deep and hard and fast. I pushed my face into the pillow as I felt him giving me just what I wanted…the feeling of him banging his cock against my womb made me scream in part passion, part pain, but the type of pain that hurts soo damn good. He alternated between short fast strokes to long deep strokes. Those long deep strokes made me catch my breath…all the while I was rubbing my clit and loving the feeling of his hands grabbing my lucious full ass and pulling me back onto him.

I told him to fuck me hard please and I told him how much I loved it. I told him this is what my pussy needs, a big hard cock to fuck it so good and hard. I asked him if he liked having my tight pussy wrapped around his hard dick and if he liked pounding my pussy so hard and I asked how it feels and he told me it feels so good, almost too good. I asked him what he meant and he said he could come.

I begged him to please cum for me. I told him I wanted to feel him flood my pussy with this hot load. Animal instinct took over and he was pulverizing me with his meat. Slam after slam I took all 8 inches of this monster cock into my tight little pussy, which was throbbing, and near orgasm from the pleasure of being taken so lustfully with my ass up in the air and my head down in the pillow by such a sexy man.

He sunk he cock into me deep as he shot his load and I squeezed my ass and pussy tight, milking all the cum out of his balls. He came so hard, perhaps harder than the first time, and he came for a long time. He put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me back onto his cock as deep as he could as he sprayed me full of his hot sticky semen. I felt it jetting out as he pulsated and pumped me, emptying himself into me.

I smiled and knew I would pay for this the next day, feeling for sure I suffered some type of internal bruising. But I knew he gave me exactly what I was craving and I felt satisfied. We relaxed on the bed and got our bearings back and kissed some more, mesmerized by the chemistry that we share.

As we showered and cleaned up and said our goodbyes we were both floating and weak in the knees. I am writing this story the day after and I feel a pinching in my uterus. I am sore and tender inside, as a result of the hard pounding I begged for last night. I couldn’t have sex again today even if I wanted to; I am too sore and bruised inside.

But I would do it again in a heartbeat. I hope my lover and I can schedule another steamy rendezvous together soon!

This is my first submission to this site. I have lots more to write! All true stories 🙂

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