Still In A Fog Over Last Night


I was still in a fog over what I witnessed last night. The image of my wife totally and completely taken in lust will forever be playing in my mind. The image of Kris pounding her fingers in and out of my wife and her reaching, pulling, trying to get into Kris’s shorts will keep me hard for a very long time. In fact, I was hard as I stood at the sink cleaning up a few dishes left over from last night’s dinner.

I was zoning out, replaying the images in my head when a pair of hands wrapping under my arms and around my stomach in a warm, good morning embrace suddenly snapped me back into reality. I glanced over my shoulder and stared into the glowing eyes of my beautiful wife. She really was quite beautiful and this morning she looked even more radiant. She kissed me softly and was about to say something, thought better of it, just smiled and kissed me again.

With her arms still wrapped around me, she sat her chin on my right shoulder while I continued to clean up. I could feel her nipples and breasts as they pushed gently into me. She must have felt my heart racing because of my arousal and lifted her head again to look questioningly at me. She returned her chin to the spot on my shoulder, nuzzling and kissing my neck, and I could feel her warm gentle breath against my skin. After a few seconds, she began to move her hands around my stomach in a soft, almost playful manner. She let them roam upward to my chest and occasionally lower to the waistband of my shorts. I had on an old t-shirt and a pair of loose fitting gym shorts, very similar to the pair my wife wore when she went to talk to Kris last night, a similarity that I did not miss when I grabbed them up this morning. Her left hand rested on my chest as her right moved lower across the front of my shorts. I had softened a bit, but there was still no way to miss what I was feeling. I felt and heard a quiet hum against the skin of my neck and could feel the smile spread across her face. She grasped my chest a little tighter now and pulled herself closer into me. Her breasts flattened against my back and I could now feel the warmth of her as well as her heartbeat. She dipped her hand lower and lightly grasped my erection. Then, moving her hand up, she wriggled her fingers inside the waistband of my shorts. I had to close my eyes and groan softly at the first contact of her delicate fingers on my now very hard penis. With her left hand, she pulled the waistband of my shorts down and away from me, freeing me from them. She rubbed my length with her palm and then used only her fingertips to stroke the top. She stroked along the slit with one finger and massaged the growing moisture around the opening. She was toying with me and she knew it.

So with my left hand, I reached back and around my wife’s arm to her leg, stroking it just below her shorts. A small moan formed in her throat and did the best she could to stifle it in my shoulder. The softness of her skin contrasted to the satiny feel of her shorts, the same shorts she had on last night. A few gentle strokes later and my fingers had wormed their way up the opening into the space between her thighs. Warmth enveloped them and I so desperately wanted to drop to my knees and bury my face in between her spread legs. She accommodated my touch by angling herself Escort bayan towards my arm and parting her legs slightly, allowing me to slide my index and middle finger through her lips easily, which were becoming wetter as they opened themselves to me.

My heart was pounding now, my legs were weak, and then there was the creak in the floor behind us. Instantly, my wife rotated her hips, pulling away from my hands, while whipping her hand out of my shorts and back to my stomach. My shorts snapped back onto my penis though not completely covering it, leaving it in an awkward and uncomfortable position. She pushed me closer to the counter to hide my erection from Kris who was now behind us as she stepped into the room. I do not know how long she had been there and it was quite unrealistic to pretend that nothing going on, but my wife instinctively did the best she could.

My wife had tensed up like in a deer in headlights. Her arms gripped my stomach firmly and she remained perfectly still. Her heart was pounding. Soon there was the extra pressure I felt pushing against my back, again pushing me forward into the sink. I had to move my hands to the counter in front of me to brace myself from pushing my still hard penis into it. My hands remained on the counter as I glanced over my shoulder and caught sight of my wife crushed up to me by Kris, who had her sandwiched between us. Kris is about the same height as my wife, their eye and hair color is similar though Kris’s has more highlights. I did not risk turning completely around. Even in my limited view I could see very clearly the look on both their faces. A look of questioning filled my wife’s face and small but distinct smile crept across Kris’s face. I did not know what to think, but oh, I was curious and wanted to see how this played out. Kris locked eyes with me as she leaned in and kissed my wife’s neck as gently as my wife had mine only moments before.

My wife’s grip on my stomach relaxed a bit and she pulled her right arm away. Her hand brushed the side of my leg near the bottom of my shorts. It was electric and I jumped slightly from the contact. Slowly, it began to move upward, her fingertips catching and holding onto the fabric as they continued to climb. They pulled aside the opening and, to my surprise, moved into it. My eyes closed; I did not want this feeling to end. This was not how my wife acts. This was something different, special. However, even in my lust I could tell her touch was heavier than normal, jerky. She was trembling, but it was more than that. As she grazed my testicles, it became clear as to why when I felt more fingers than I should have. I glanced down and noticed that Kris’s hand was on my wife’s, guiding it. My heart and my penis jumped. Kris was using her hand to guide the two pairs of fingers around me, wrapping together, and stroking slowly up and down as one. My wife had her left arm still gripped tightly to my chest so I was a little shocked to feel a finger along the back of my leg at the bottom of my shorts. Another, then another, and finally a fourth followed it as they cupped under my butt and moved aside the fabric to cup my bare butt. It was amazing to have so many hands, hands I knew and hands I didn’t on me. I felt my wife shift to Bayan escort the right just a bit, all the while keeping her pounding heart against my back and her quickened breath on my neck. I could not believe my wife would allow this woman to touch me like this, much less encourage it. The strange fingers collected and slid underneath into the space just below my penis. They pushed against it, and I felt my penis grow even bigger in their hands. I was not sure how much more I could take as the fingers slid forward to cup my testicles, then back toward my butt. A single finger pressed inward against it, softly at first, then harder. As the fingers suddenly moved away and out of my shorts, I could not help but whimper my disapproval.

However, the fingers then rotated, turning from me into my wife. They moved aside the fabric of her shorts and between her legs, and I felt her knees buckle slightly from the touch. They were gentle at first, eliciting soft whimpers from her, then more urgent as the back of the hand rocked back and forth against me, obviously pushing fingers in and out of my wife’s lips just as they had done the night before. Kris whispered to my wife, “don’t move, I’ll be right back” and with that the fingers that had been guiding these events were gone.

My wife, remaining tightly gripped to my throbbing erection, softened slightly as I turned into her a little. I wanted to see the lust in her eyes and I was not at all disappointed. We spoke not a word. I leaned into her and kissed her as passionately as I could from the position I was in. She never released her grip on me and I didn’t want her to, so I made sure not to move too much. Her left hand moved from my chest down to my testicles and squeezed. “You like that,” she whispered. She forcibly turned me back forward again, “How about this?” she whispered, or kind of purred really, and rubbed her hand along my shorts around to my butt and pushed the material into the crease. She moved her hand underneath so that her fingers pushed into the space just in front of my anus, and her thumb pushed into the hole itself. My eyes closed, a grunt was all I could muster.

The pressure on my back returned and I knew Kris was back. A gasp escaped from my wife and she released her grip on me. Both of her hands moved behind me up to my shoulders. Every few moments I could feel her reach down, grab a handful of her breast, and squeeze. Her forehead dropped onto my back as she pushed her hips backward. I wanted to turn to see, to watch what was enfolding right behind me, but I did not dare do anything that might disturb the moment. As I looked down between my legs, the shorts my wife had been wearing slid down her legs to the floor. She quickly kicked them to the side. Her forehead still on my back, her hands still on my shoulders, she let out a guttural moan unlike anything I had ever heard from her. I was so hard it hurt.

Careful to keep her hands in touch with my shoulders, I turned into her. She used the opportunity to slide her hips back even further. Kris was behind her, her left hand on my wife’s backside, which was open, and on display to her. Her right hand was lower, moving back and forth in quick little motions. I leaned forward as much as I could and saw in her escort hand the end of what looked like a very large dildo. The sound of it sliding in and out of my wife’s very wet lips filled my ears as I looked into Kris’s eyes. She pulled it out of my wife with a slurp as it exited and my wife groaned her obvious displeasure. Massive was the only way to describe it. It was pink, very long, and very, very thick with veins running along its length. My wife and I had played with toys before, but nothing even remotely like this thing. It had a knob at the end in her hand, so I guess it vibrated as well, though it was not humming yet. I am not sure where it came from or why she had it with her, but right now I couldn’t have cared less. She rubbed it between my wife’s cheeks, causing her to twitch. She plopped it on her butt and slowly ran it back underneath of her, and the grip of my wife’s hands on my shoulders told me when it slid back in, opening and filling her. In slow long deliberate strokes, Kris pushed it in and pulled it out of my wife. She moved the thumb of her left hand to my wife’s vagina as this thing drove in and out of her, swirled it around in the fluid that was seeping from her, and moved it up into her spread backside. I watched as she rubbed into her tight little hole and as her thumb slowly, painfully slowly pushed its way inside her. This was too much for my wife and she cried out a cry of pure lust. She raised her head and looked me in the eyes then down to my rock-hard penis still contained in my shorts.

Dropping her left hand from my shoulder to the waistband of my shorts, she curled her fingers inside, and pulled on them, trying to free me. I had to help her push them down far enough that they could slide the rest of the way themselves. I was going to come and I was going to come hard. Sensing it, she took hold of me and shoved it in her mouth, taking all that she could. Watching my wife suck on me as that massive thing was now being pounded in and out of her brought a moan from Kris this time. Reaching over, I used my finger to collect more of the fluid gushing from my wife, moved Kris’s thumb out of her, and pushed into her up to my first knuckle then even further past the second. She was filled. A gurgle escaped my wife’s throat from around my penis. Using her newly freed-up hand, Kris never lost rhythm as she grasped the dial and turned it on. Not a little bit but all the way on. It roared to life. What began as a yelp from my wife quickly turned into an extended series of loud moans and a few screams. Her body convulsed uncontrollably as she came with such force that she had to release me from her mouth, and just hold on with all she had to keep from collapsing to the floor.

Expecting these events to have concluded with my wife’s orgasm and that I would need to finish this myself, I was surprised by Kris pushing her aside, taking hold of my erection, and pushing it between her lips into her mouth. She sucked down hard and that was all it took. I groaned loudly and came as I never had before. That says a lot considering I said the very same thing after last night’s events. I continued to groan as Kris continued to suck on me, and my wife, having begun to recover herself, reached out with her right hand and grasped my testicles as if to make sure they were empty, which I can assure you were.

The three of us slumped to the floor and sat very quietly, except for the humming of the vibrator that was still on and now sitting in Kris’s lap. Kris smiled, I sighed, and my wife got a devilish grin on her face.

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