Stories for Mom Pt. 02


It wasn’t the next day, or even the following week, Lucy’s anticipation building as she wondered when they would finally be together. She continued to read the stories online, and the last one he had made for her, in each of them she substituted the names of the characters for her own and Nathans, becoming nervous the more time that went by. She thought about what she had decided to do, starting to doubt her resolve.

Was Nathan going to be disappointed? She was no longer young like his girlfriend; her body had changed as the years mounted. Would she see it in his face when he saw her naked, his desire diminishing when confronted with the fact that she was an older woman? Would he no longer desire her the same way as she knew she now desired him? She had always kept herself in for shape, but for the last week she had been working out harder than ever before, the punishing workouts helping her to relieve the anxiety building in her.

Nathan had said nothing, enjoying leaving her in suspense and anticipation. He knew his mother had a couple of days off, and having checked his timetable he knew he only had one class that morning and then nothing for the rest of the day or tomorrow. He knew his father was out of town for the next 3 days at a conference. Finished with school, he headed towards home, hoping to surprise her, if everything went according to plan, today would be the day.

It was going on eleven o’clock, Lucy was doing housework when she heard the front door open and close. Wiping her hands on a tea towel, she headed for the lounge, surprised to find her son waiting patiently for her.

“Hello! What are you doing home Nathan?” He said nothing, instead giving her a knowing smile.

The breath caught in her throat as she realised what he had planned for that afternoon. “Today?” She flushed and her body instantly responded, her face flushed, she felt heat radiating from inside her, her breath became a pant of despiration.

He nodded his head as he continued to smile, advancing on her before taking her in his arms, as their lips came together. Lucy surrendered herself to the embrace, her body quickly complying as her nervousness took a back seat. She fell into his arms, mouths hungrily seeking each other. Tongues clashing wildly, as his hands ran down her back, squeezing her butt cheeks, pulling her into him.

“That is, if you’re ready to, if you still want….,'” he awkwardly whispered when their mouths took a quick break. Trailing off as he feigned nervousness, his own eagerness almost giving away the excitement he felt.

Hesitantly, she nodded her head, her nerves resurfacing. Even as her body ached for his touch.

Taking her hand, he led her up the stairs, halting outside his bedroom, “Your bedroom or mine?” he asked.

“Mine,” Lucy replied, continuing to follow her son until, in her bedroom, he closed the door behind them.

This was the moment of truth she thought, a shiver running down her spine as he pulled her in close, his hands failing to stay still as he slid them up and down her thighs, cupping her buttocks, fondled her breasts moved between her thighs. When he created a space so that he could unbutton her shirt, Lucy allowed her hand to explore as she traced the length of his erection in his pants, and gasped as she realised how big and hard he felt under her touch.

When he pulled her shirt open to expose her bra and her milky white breasts, she felt a moment of panic but a glance at his face assured her, as she saw the desire and lust there. Pulling his t-shirt over his head, Lucy got her first view of his muscular chest, his nipples, like her own, hard, and aroused. The last time she had seen him naked, he had been a child. Now he was a man, undressing her, about to make her new found fantasies come true. She felt faint at the thought, she needed him, she hadn’t felt this excited in years.

Having disposed of her shirt, he reached behind her back and expertly unfastened her bra, leaving it in place for a moment before slowly sliding the straps down her arms and then withdrawing the cups and allowing her breasts to fall free. Lucy heard his sharp intake of breath before his hand came up and cupped her left tit, his fingers moving. Teasing her body with his fingers on the nipples she had fed him with as a baby.

“Oh mom, they are glorious.” His hand hefted the breast, testing its weight before gently squeezing it as he rolled the nipple between finger and thumb. The sensation driving her wild as she watched the amazement on his face at this moment.

She couldn’t stop the moan of pleasure that started in her throat and worked its way up to her lips as he caressed both of her tits, pressing them together as his thumbs rolled over her nipples. All nervousness was forgotten now as she began to unfasten his pants, Nathan continued to fondle her breasts, she kneeled down before him, sliding down his pants and boxers. He stood naked in front of her, his shaft jutting out proudly from below his stomach, Lucy’s bursa escort eyes were glued to it as she watched her hand and fingers encircle its girth before gripping him firmly, stroking slowly up and down his shaft, this time it was Nathan uttering a loud groan at her touch. She grasped his member and slowly stroked him as he pleasured her breasts, he pulled her to her feet again, eager to see all of her naked body.

Her skirt and panties found their way to the floor in quick succession, her son easing her backwards towards her bed. As her buttocks hit the mattress, he opened her legs, kneeling on the floor as she watched his head disappear between her thighs and felt his warm breath on her folds. Laying back on the bed, she felt him pull her lips apart, his breath hotter on the moist sensitive flesh, and then his tongue made contact, Lucy’s hips bucked uncontrollably until his strong hands took hold of her thighs and held her firmly to his face.

Nathan licked every inch of her intimate flesh, poking his tongue into her passage as she lay back and groaned, her upper torso twisting, and her hands playing with her own tits and nipples, fondling herself as the sensations in her body escalated, higher and higher as he pleasured her.

This was nothing like the sex she had become accustomed to, despite his tender years, her son seemed to know exactly where to touch her to elicit the greatest amount of pleasure. His lips found the tiny bud, sucking gently at it and then flicking it with his tongue as she pleaded with him to continue.

“Oh Nathan, that feels so good, please don’t stop, it’s so wonderful.” She had lost all sense, her body responding to his every touch. This was what sex should be like she thought for a second, and then cried out as his tongue pierced her once more, her juices and his saliva mixing and covering Nathans face.

He had quickly brought her to the edge, the anticipation of waiting for him driving her faster into orgasm then ever before. Lucy teetering there and waiting for that final rush when Nathan moved his head from her, lying beside her as one hand and arm supported her neck and head, at first she moaned in desperation thinking he was stopping. His other hand went between her thighs, and she felt his fingers slide into her pussy. He started slowly, teasing at first until his hand and fingers got slowly faster, and faster, finally pounding her cunt mercilessly. His lips wrapped firmly around her left breast, sucking hard on the sensitive aroused nipple.

Lucy had stopped breathing, her face, neck, and upper torso going red as she strained, her body taut as she realised, she was seconds away. And then her eyes rolled back into her head as she climaxed, her orgasm exploding inside her and sending waves of pleasure surging through her body, one crashing over the other until her brain demanded that she take a breath. Her body began jerking and wouldn’t stop, juices flowing from her cunt as the sound of wet flesh slapping together echoed around the room. She saw stars in front of her eyes, her son’s fingers still encouraging her climax to continue until Lucy surrendered to the blackness that beckoned. Waves of pleasure crashing over her again and again, until everything went blank.

He was watching her with a concerned look on his face when she eventually opened her eyes, taking a moment to orientate herself. She could never remember having cum like that, and he hadn’t even made love to her yet. Her orgasm had been cataclysmic, her body still trying to recover from it as her heart pounded.

“Are you alright? she heard him ask. Lucy dragged his face to her as she kissed this young man who had taken her to places long forgotten. “I’m better than I’ve ever been my love.”

Before she had come around completely, he was kneeling between her thighs, and she groaned again as she felt the tip of his shaft press against her lips. She just had time to take a breath, and then his cock was sliding inside her, her passage expanding to accommodate his throbbing length of meat. When their groins finally touched, she relaxed, this was the moment she had been waiting for, her son’s cock now buried deep inside her cunt. It was heaven, the sensations driving her wild with pleasure.

“Oh God Mom, you feel amazing. It’s better than I ever imagined!” He moaned as he bottomed out in her.

Nathan slowly and teasingly began to press in and out of her, deep thrusts with a pause before withdrawing fully, and rubbing his tip over her clit. Lucy raised her hips, a moan of concern rising from her, desperate to have his shaft back inside her pussy and then wrapping her legs around his buttocks when he penetrated her quim once more. He lowered himself, raining kisses over her breasts, his tongue circling her nipples as she thrust them at his face.

He rapidly increased his pace, Lucy’s arousal escalating as she began to reach the point of no return again. She pulled him deeper with each thrust, urging him onwards as he pounded her bursa escort bayan cunt, her tits wobbling each time his groin slammed into hers.

“Oh yes Nathan, please give it to me, more I need more. “

“Oh mom, your pussy feels so amazing wrapped around me!” He shouted as he continued to thrust wildly into her.

It became too much for her, so long since someone had made love to her like this, and his exclamation had proven too much for her. Without control her climax engulfed her senses, thrashing wildly beneath her son as another orgasm had her soaring once more, cumming wildly on her son’s cock pounding away at her. She felt his cock shudder, a deep moan escaped his lips as he pushed deep into her, the spurts of cum shooting from his cock head hitting the back of her cunt, the warmth speading inside her as she shook at each tremble of his dick inside her. He slowly slid out of her, and she moaned in protest as she felt him leave her.

Nathan laid next to her, his arms wrapped around her torso and his hand gently caressing her breast. She felt worn out but fully sated, how long had it been since sex was that good, had it ever been? Why she had denied him for so long, she couldn’t even understand. What had she been thinking denying herself this?

Lucy turned on her side to face him as he gave her a satisfied smile. “Do you know that you are fantastic,” Nathan said making her laugh.

“Why? You did all the work.”

“Your turn next then,” he smirked, his fingers already teasing her nipples as he gazed lovingly at her tits.

“Oh, by the way, did I tell you I’ve also got tomorrow off as well,” he grinned as Lucy pushed him onto his back and rolled on top of her son.

She marveled at his body beneath her, he was amazingly sexy, but more than that the love she felt, tears nearly filled her eyes at the thought. It was quickly replaced by the feeling of lust as she gazed at his glistening half hard cock. She needed to taste him, to please him as he had her.

She brought her head down to his chest, licking circles around his nipples, dragging her tongue down his toned chest. Moving down, her hair dragged over his cock, as she gazed at his dick covered in their juices. She moved her lips to his tip. Licking and sucking on it, teasing and tasting their combined fluids. It had been a while since she had tasted a cock, but she remembered how. She took him into her mouth and he groaned at the sensation, the warmth and wetness of her mouth.

“Oh yes mom, suck me just like that. Your mouth feels so good. “

She moistened at his words, taking his shaft in and out slowly, feeling him start to harden back to life in her mouth. It was inedible she thought to herself, she had her son’s cock in her mouth, a cock that had just filled her and given her the best orgasm she had ever known. She quickened her pace, trying to take him deeper until she gagged, she was long out of practice with this, and her son was much longer than his father.

Her hands moved to his balls, caressing them gently as she kept sucking his shaft in and out of her mouth. She felt him squirm when she moved to the tip again, running her tongue around it and over the hole. He really moaned at that, so she focused on sucking his tip into and out of her mouth with an audible pop each time. His hands moved to her head as he forced her to rapidly massage his tip with her lips. She increased the suction and moved her hand to his ass, while he continued to use her to milk his cock. She slipped a finger against his asshole, pressing firmly as she sucked even harder on his cock.

With a groan he increased the pace on her head, she was sucking hard and pressing her tongue against his shaft, she wanted nothing more than to please him like he had done for her. “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum mom, I’m gonna cum, please don’t stop, please don’t stop!” His cock pulsed in her mouth and she choked slightly as cum flew into her throat, she swallowed as mush as she could some escaping and dripping from her lips. She kept sucking him as he continued to fill her mouth with his hot, salty sweet spunk.

She continued to fellate him, lowering the suction to keep him from being uncomfortable. She was amazed that he didn’t go soft, he was still ready for her, the miracles of youth. She raised up and slowly brought her sex down on her son’s. He slid into her dripping wet pussy, she moaned as she felt him fill her again. “Oh Nathan, you feel so good inside me.”

She started to grind back and forth on his dick inside her, she felt so full like no one else had ever made her feel. It was as if he was made just for her, the feeling of perfect fullness. She brought his hands to her breasts, and he massaged them somewhat rougher than before, as she continued to rock back and forth. She moaned as the feelings drove her higher and higher. She looked into his eyes as she rode him, the lust and passion there telling her that he would always love her, always need her.

“Yes, fuck me mom, ride escort bursa my cock. You feel so good, so warm and wet. You look amazing on top of me.”

His words again triggered her into rising ecstasy, she started to bounce up and down on his dick. Feeling it plunge deep into her each time, her breasts bounced wildly in his face as she bent forward, using his shoulders to really pound into him. She felt the pressure mounting inside her again as she kept slapping up and down on him. “Oh, Nathan! Your cock feels so good inside me, I’ve never felt this good before!” She cried as she felt her body start to tremble and shake, with a scream she came on top of him.

“I’m cumming again, you’re just so good inside me” She shouted as her body spasmed wildly, her legs went numb. He grabbed her hips and started to buck beneath her, pounding wildly until he let out a cry of his own. “Oh God I’m gonna cum again mom, I’m so close.” She was lost in passion and lust, her mind shut off, her body cumming over and over. “Cum for mommy!” She cried without thinking. She felt him explode into her, cum filling her and overflowing around their combined forms, staining the already soaked sheets.

It was just before three o’clock before they stopped ravaging each other, and only because Katie would be home from college shortly. Lucy could have slept for hours, her body felt weak and her legs like jelly. Nathan just sat up in the bed watching as she dressed, eliciting excitement once more as he gazed at her naked body.

“Come on, get dressed and help me make the bed, your sister will be home any minute” She chided him playfully.

He paraded naked in front of her, even in its flaccid state his cock looked large, and Lucy could not stop looking at him.

“We could always go to my room and lock the door, Katie would never know” Nathan said as he slipped in behind her, his hands coming up as he cupped and fondled her breasts, his cock rising and pressing into her butt.

“Behave. We will have all of tomorrow, but maybe after she goes to bed?” she whispered, turning and kissing her son, no not just her son she thought, her lover. She kissed him deeply, content in the knowledge that he would soon be inside her again.

As the week came to an end, Lucy was convinced that she would never be able to walk properly again, her body completely done in. She had spent the last two days doing nothing but having sex with her son and had never felt so happy in her life. It was as though she had come alive again, her mind full of nothing but ideas of how they could get time alone, and make love.

She knew it wasn’t going to be easy as she had imagined, but having now committed herself to an incestuous relationship with Nathan, she was going to enjoy it for as long as it lasted.

Over the following weeks, new stories appeared on her computer, Lucy reading them avidly and taking inspiration from the sex scenes and locations, eager to try new things if Nathan was up for it. Now free of feelings that had held her back, she teased him incessantly, some evenings going without her bra or panties as he sat opposite her in the lounge, and she allowed her legs to slide open and give him a perfect view of her naked pussy.

He appeared to be insatiable, always eager to touch and fondle her. When she was cleaning up after their evening meal, she suddenly acquired a helper, in the kitchen while the rest of her family watched television, Nathans hands would be inside her shirt, or up her skirt, he had even managed to make her cum by fingering her as she stood at the kitchen sink “cleaning dishes”. It was heavenly and so erotic having a secret lover.

When she went shopping, Lucy began to look at clothes that she thought would excite him, new lingerie, slightly shorter skirts and tighter tops, items that emphasised her curves and oozed seduction.

At her son’s suggestion, she had even bought herself a new dress, it was low cut and slinky and hugged her figure closely.

“Is there any reason, why we can’t have evenings out with each other?” he had asked, “Summer is coming and the evenings will be getting warmer.”

It was obvious what he was proposing, a way that they could carry on having sex on a more regular basis rather than the haphazard opportunities they had to snatch, generally brief and rushed, but still amazingly pleasurable, currently. Hiding thier tryst from her husband and during her occasional visits daughter.

Her husband never seemed to notice the change in her, he was always off somewhere anyway. She was even more convinced that he was having an affair, but Lucy couldn’t care less now, the more he got elsewhere, the less he would make demands on her. She was thrilled that she was having her own affair, right under his nose, Max would never suspect that his own son had taken over his duties in the bedroom. That Nathan was pleasing her more than Max ever had.

They dined out together as often as they could over the next month or two. Their evenings were amazing and nearly electrically charged with sexual expectations. Lucy was still concerned though about her son, she knew he would always be her son, not just her lover, and she worried about him. On one such evening she asked him about his girlfriend.

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