Stormy Night

Beautiful Blonde

A ring of the doorbell broke the silence for him. The weather was wet and cold. He opens the door and there she stands, shivering. He ushers her into his warm house and she sighs in relief.

“It is far too cold to be out, thank you.” she tells him, “My car is stuck up the road, about a mile.”

“Hi, my name is John.”

“Mine is Rebecca, I am so sorry to intrude.”

‘Intrude’, he thought to himself, ‘Anytime!’ She was a stunning beauty, the likes of which he hasn’t seen in a long time. He figured her to be about five-seven with an athletic build. She had eyes blue as the sky that were all that much brighter against her auburn hair.

He admired her long legs wrapped in the wet jeans she wore. He smiled slightly noticing that her large nipples were pushing out of her cotton shirt. He could not believe that her breasts could be so firm without the assistance of a bra.

She cleared her throat and asked to use the phone. He felt his face redden with embarrassment for being caught looking and pointed down the hall. She smiled at him and said. “It’s ok, I am flattered.” She glanced at him as she walked to the phone with that teasing schoolgirl look. He noticed now that he was breathing heavily.

She returned from the phone with a look of disappointment on her face.

“Is something wrong?”

“The towing company said they are so busy that they won’t get here for a few hours.”

“I am sorry!” he exclaimed

“Don’t be, I was just on my way to a date.”

“Can I give you a lift?”

“No, that’s ok. He probably left the bar, I’m sure he wasn’t worth it anyway.”

“Well, if you must wait here then at least let me get you dry and warm.” he offered.

“Why thank you! You’re a sweetheart.”

He left the room for a moment to get a towel and robe. While gone she glanced around the room noticing he was single. She quietly remarked to herself, “He looks 30ish, with no wife. He must be gay.” Glancing at more pictures she stated, “He is handsome though.”

“Thank You!”

She jumped and yelped with surprise at his entrance. “Oh my God, you scared the hell out of me!”

“Here, I’ll throw your clothes in the dryer and you can wear this robe.” Admiring her beautiful freckled face, he handed her the robe. “I am sorry it’s so short, you can change in the kitchen and then give me your clothes to dry.”

She walked to the kitchen and returned a few moments later. He was now entranced by the beauty of his house guest. She had wrapped the towel around her wet hair and the robe covered to her mid thigh. The blue of the robe almost matched the color of her eyes. He admired the tone of her legs, the muscles just barely bulging on her thighs taksim escort and her calves were sleek but strong.

She looked at him and asked, “Do you like what you see?”

“Your gorgeous, I have not seen a woman of your beauty for so long!”

She blushed, “Probably not since college, hmmm?”

“You’re in college?”

“Mmm Hmmm, I just started a few months ago.” She added, “You can thank my swim coach for the physique.”

“Please, remind me to later.”

“May I use your shower to warm up?”

“Go ahead, up the stairs and to the right.”

He watched her as she climbed the stairs. She swayed her hips so as to give him a look at her legs and round but firm ass. He could feel his shorts tighten as he became slightly erect.

A few minutes had passed and the dryer sounded the buzzer to let him know the clothes were dry. He figured on being nice, so he carried them upstairs. Nearing the bathroom door he noticed it was completely open and looked in. There she was standing behind the clear curtain, lathering her lean body. He now got to admire her body in its splendid entirety. She had the firmest breasts he had seen, he figured about a c-cup. Her belly was defined from hundreds of crunches and sit-ups. Her hips were as toned as the rest of her and he noticed that she was shaved smooth. He could feel the hard on now growing stronger in his pants.

He couldn’t believe what happened next. As she rinsed off the soap from her body, she began to caress her skin. A look of wanton desire on her face, she caressed her cheek and slowly sucked a finger into her mouth. She moaned softly as she moved her hands down to her breasts and caressed them. She ran her fingers around her nipples in slow circles. She moaned more passionately as she pinched her nipples.

While he was entranced by the show he hadn’t noticed that he was now rubbing his cock through his shorts. Wanting her to touch him and make him feel as he hadn’t in quite some time.

He looked back at her and watched as she leaned back against the wall and spread her legs apart slightly. Hunger made her left hand cup her left breast and play with its nipple. Her right hand slid slowly down her belly to her inner thigh and she began to caress her lips and her clit. She curled her lip inward and bit on it. Her moaning became louder with her stroking between the folds of her pussy.

He continued to stroke his cock through his shorts. He enjoyed the site of her pleasuring herself. He watched for what seemed like hours until she came and came hard. She shuddered in a powerful orgasm. He quickly left her clothes there on a chair outside the bathroom topkapı escort and went back downstairs. He poured a drink and sat on the couch. Confusion set in as he realized she was coming down the stairs and he still had his erection. Try as he might he had a hard time hiding it.

Around the corner she came, still in the robe. He was surprised to see that she had not dressed. She looked him right in the eyes and asked, “Did you enjoy the show?” He could not speak, the lump in his throat choked off any comment. She let her eyes wander to his crotch and she chuckled “I guess you did!”

She strolled across the room towards him and unwrapped herself from the robe. It floated to the floor and was forgotten in the moment. As she approached him, he swallowed hard. His hard-on was still throbbing in his pants, trying to break free of its confines. She huskily said, “Mmmm I must help release that.” He simply smiled at her.

Leaning forward to kiss him she ran her hand up his inner thigh. Her pulse quickened as she stroked his cock through his shorts. He moaned at her touch. Their mouths met and passion filled their kisses. Tongues swirled, dancing about like two fish in the sea. She kissed and nibbled her way down his chest. She slipped the tee he was wearing over his head and she licked her way to his nipples. His only response to this pleasure was a gasp. She licked his nipples for a short time until they were as hard as his cock was. She then bit his nipples gently. His mind clouded by the sheer pleasure of her torture of his nipples, he responded with a low moan.

She kissed and licked her way down to his shorts and removed them with eager hands. His shorts and briefs gone now, she had access to what she had wanted since watching him spying on her upstairs.

“You have such a nice cock!” She caressed the length of his shaft with her fingers and then wrapped her long fingers around the base. In small circles, at first, she licked around the head of his cock. She flicked her tongue around the end of his cock and he moaned. Very slowly, inch by inch, she slid his length into her mouth until all 6 inches was inside. She was amazed at how fat his cock was, almost as round as it was long, it seemed. She slowly moved her head up and down the length of his cock, stroking him with her hand as well. He moaned louder and gasped from time to time from the exquisite feeling she was giving him. She stroked his cock as she stopped sucking him off so she could lick and suck on his balls. She took his manhood into her mouth again and stroked and sucked faster this time.

He squirmed on the couch with the intense pleasure tüyap escort this was giving him. “I’m going to come!” he moaned. It seemed as if this made her do it faster. “Give it to me, I want it all!” He shuddered as stream after stream of his load filled her mouth. She swallowed it as if it were a dessert.

He took her hand and guided her to the couch next to where he was and laid her on the pillows at the end. Without a word he began to nibble his way up the inside of her leg. Up past the knee and she moaned. Up the inside of her thigh and she gasped. He was mere inches from her shaven peach when he began to flick his tongue on the inside of her thigh and she moaned a “yes” in a near whisper. He moved inward, but he felt the need to tease her. He licked, kissed and nibbled to within an inch of her swollen lips but he refused to touch them. She had grabbed his head and had two handfuls of his hair and was begging him to stop the torture.

He moved slightly to the left and brushed her pink lips with the end of his tongue. Softly up one side of her pussy and then down the other and she moaned. She gasped loudly as he plunged his tongue into her as deep as it would go. “Oh yeah, that’s what I need.” His tongue swam in her juices for a while and then he stopped for a moment. She shuddered when he blew cold air across her engorged clit. He worked his tongue and his lips on her clit for what seemed like forever to her. Her moans grew closer together as did her ripples of pleasure. She grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his head against her clit and he sucked on it hard. She cried out “Fuck, yes” as she came hard on his face.

“I have to have your cock. Fuck me, Fuck me now!” she demanded.

He moved her to the edge of the couch and moved in between her open legs. On his knees he was at just the right height. He grabbed his cock in his hand and moved toward her. He looked at her and saw the beckoning want in her eyes. “Put that fat cock in me now.” She rubbed her swollen mound vigorously as he leaned in to her. He teased the end of his cock against her lips making her grit her teeth and groan loudly. He smirked as he slipped his cock into her drenched sheath inch by agonizing inch. He thrusted slowly at first but then gained vigor and speed as she dug her fingernails into his buttocks. She pulled him into her as hard as she could take it. His cock stretched her with its girth. She rubbed her clit hard as he now pounded his cock in her deeply.

“Oh Rebecca, I am going to cum!” he bellowed. She rubbed her clit faster until she felt that familiar squeeze. She came hard and screamed out “Oh fuck yes, fill me John, fill me.” Her pussy squeezed tight around his cock and he grunted as his cock jerked with a strong orgasm. Spent, they slumped to the floor and lay in each others arms.

A while later he awoke, on the floor still, confused from the hangover of wild passion. He searched the house and she was nowhere to be found. All he did find was a note saying, “Thanks for everything,” signed Becca.

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