Sudha The Mom with Her Son


Sudha The Mom with Her Son I have completed my Engineering in a local college and now working as a Design Engineer Trainee in a nearby local company. I am 23 years now.I am fair and have an average body type. I am 6.2 feet in height and have 6.5-inch hard tool that makes all girls feel the real heaven of sex. Any virgin, non – virgin, married, divorced, widows, aunties, teens mail me for hot and secret sex. Mail ID, [email protected] family consists of my mom, Sudha and myself. My father divorced my mom and married another woman when I was 10 years old. We live in a 2 BHK house. My mom is practicing as a doctor in her own clinic which is attached to our house.My mom is 45 years old and she looks fair and beautiful. She is jovial. She takes care of me and she would sacrifice anything for me. As a doctor, she maintains her body shape and she is fit. She will be looking like a woman in her early 30s. She normally wears sarees both for the hospital and also in the house and sometimes nighty.I am interested in porn from my college and used to masturbate watching porn. One of my friends (also my roommate in my college hostel) introduced me to sex stories. I am interested in reading these stories and we used to read stories from google search and we found the Indian Sex Stories site.He was interested in reading i****t stories, he read brother sister and mom son i****t sex stories. His family consists of his mom, 2 elder sisters, and 1 younger sister along with him. He used to read i****t stories and masturbating seeing his mom and sisters photos. But I felt awkward and I stopped reading stories with him.Once he left for his house as there is a function in his house and came back after 3 days. I took his phone to make a call as my mobile has no network. I made a call and was just seeing his gallery for any hot pics, I found a picture. He was inserting his hand in a girl’s saree below the navel.He had more pictures of that girl, like bathing, nude and also both were nude on the bed. When he came back I asked about the girl. To my shock, he said it was his eldest sister and they had sex last night. I asked him, is it not a sin to have sex with your own sister.He bahis firmaları told me, I have the first rights to have them in my bed than anyone else. He said I am eagerly waiting to fuck my mom. He also said, sex with one’s own sister and mom is like heaven. I just thought I don’t have such a sister to feel the heaven in my mind.Soon, our first-semester exam arrived, we finished our exam and left for our houses. When I reached my house, my mom welcomed me. She was wearing a yellow saree. She was gorgeous. When I went to my room, I can hear my friend’s words in my mind and thought why shouldn’t I have sex with my mom, but soon I felt guilty and it is a sin.That night, when I tried to masturbate watching a porn, I am unable to focus as my mom’s image is running in my mind and finally masturbated thinking my mom and ejaculated more than usual. I felt guilty to face my mom and hides from her mom, but visiting friends and locking in my roomI searched in net for mom son i****t in net, read my stories, chatted with a few authors of sex stories and other chat sites. Many said, it is nothing wrong to have sex with own mom, if it consensual and also secret. One lady had written for a question about i****t, she had sex with her own son to save him from his gay partner.So I decided to fuck my own mom. But my holidays were over. I have to go back to the hostel the next day, mom prepared a special dinner for me, but I want to have my mom as dinner. We enjoyed our food, I hugged her and kissed her cheeks and she reciprocates then I went to bed. Next morning I went to the hostel.Then only I came to know my friend left the college as he is not interested in studies. But, I was not able to forget what he thought, during this period I read many i****t stories and i****t movies and prepared to fuck my mom. I did my semester exams in a good manner and left for home.My mind was filled with the thoughts to fuck my mom. I have masturbated many times thinking her during this semester. I reached my house and hugged her tight and kissed her cheeks and she reciprocates. I lightly planted a kiss on her lips and enquired about her.She didn’t mind the kiss as it was only kaçak iddaa 1 or 2 secs maybe she might not felt the kiss. That night I masturbated thinking her and slept. Next day, she prepared food for me and went to her clinic, I refreshed and had my breakfast and then I went to her clinic, as it is attached we can enter the clinic from the house itself.We chatted for a while and I told her I am going to a friend house and will be back only in the evening. I returned home at 08:00 PM, I some flowers for my mom. When I reached home she was in a green saree. I told my mom, I bought flowers for her. I placed it on her long black hair. We had our dinner, locked the doors and was chatting while chatting I asked herMe: Mom, I want to see my birthplace momMom: You were born in the nearby hospital Rahul. I will take you tomorrow.Me: Not that birthplace mom.Mom: Then which place?Me: I mean mom, birthplace means birth hole, from which you pushed me out.She was shocked and in anger and asked.Mom: Are you mad Rahul? I am your mom, how dare you ask me this?Me: Just one-time mom, I like to see it. I pleaded her.Mom: (in advising manner) I can understand Rahul this is your age problem, but you should overcome this, I am your mom and as a son, you should see me like that.Me: But I pleaded her just for 1 time.With some hesitation, so said ok and you should ask me again.Me: I also like to see how you urinate mom.So she took me to the bathroom, raised her saree along with her petticoat and started to urinate. It was a mesmerizing scene. She has milky white thighs and a hairy pussy. Few of her urine drops were stuck on her pubic hairs. She was closing her eyes in shy as her own son is watching her urinating.I went near her pussy and kissed and sucked it while she urinates. She was shocked and opened her eyes and pushed me and shouted at me. Still, her pussy is open, I went near her and pushed her on the wall kissed her lips and sucked it. She was struggling to escape but I didn’t give her a chance.Then I pulled her to the bed, removed her saree and pressed her boobs while kissing her lips. I unbuttoned her blouse and she was in violet bra, I raised it above her boobs and kaçak bahis sucked her nipple one by one. She was moaning and was losing her control, I then moved down.She hid her boobs with her both hands. I reached her naval kissed and played with it. I became nude and removed her petticoat along with her saree and she was completely nude in front of me. She hid with her left hand. Her pussy was still with her urine.I finger her pussy, inserted and added one finger for each stroke and inserted my full wrist in. I licked her all juices and then, touched her pussy with my dick. She shivered and I felt a shock wave in me, inserted in her pussy, like a virgin. I felt some pain and she too had pain as she too did not have sex for many years.I fucked her and ejaculated after 30 minutes in her pussy itself. I laid beside her and was breathing heavily. She too was breathing heavily. Then I slept, after some 1 hour, I saw my mom in petticoat and blouse and was wearing her saree. She then switched off the light and slept.When I woke up, she has already taken bath and was only in a towel. I went behind her, hugged and pressed her boobs and removed her towel. We both were nude. My dick was rubbing her ass. She pushed me and again wrapped the towel and asked me to get dressed. I didn’t listen to her.I lip-locked her and threw her towel and pushed her on the bed and started to finger her pussy. I didn’t listen to her and sucked her pussy. She pressed my head on her pussy. I licked her pussy and moved towards her face. I asked, “How do you feel mom?”“Feeling good Rahul and thank you for the sex which I lost many years before. You can have sex with me anytime you want. Complete it, Rahul, complete it now,” she said. I fucked her and laid beside her. We took bath together and she got ready in saree and went to the clinic.I fucked her many times from then and made her pregnant. As a doctor, she aborted the c***d and asked me not to use a condom as she likes to feel the sperm. Once after fucking, I was fingering her pussy, she kissed me raised her leg and placed above me.She said, “Rahul, you have fucked me more times than your father, I am happy my son is a grown-up man, and your wife is lucky. I said mom you are my wife.” I won’t leave you, we can marry and she said no but after a session of she said ok and we married on our bed itself. Now she is pregnant.Hope you enjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!

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