Summer Vacation 2001


After the last two years of summer vacations (Summer Vacation 1999 and Summer Vacation 2000) my wife, Dot, was looking forward to see here college student lovers for a third year. I was looking forward to the opportunity of watching and videoing her in action with them since we enjoyed watching the previous years tape all year round.

When we arrived and unpacked at the house at the cape I told Dot to check and see if her lovers were there this year. She returned in less then two minutes and I knew before she told me that they must not be there this summer. She informed me that the house had been sold over the winter and that there were no renters this year, only the older couple that had purchased the house. With that we were both disappointed, since her convenient gangbang would not be accessible.

That evening we talked about the previous year and we fucked with power and excitement like we hadn’t done in a long time. I suggested that she walk down the beach tomorrow and see if she could find her lovers. She has always enjoyed walking down the beach and seeing how must attention she can attract, and this year with her new French high thigh cut white nylon suit she knew she would turn heads even at her age, 39. The suit just covered her dark nipples, which were clearly sticking out against the thin material. For nipple loves this suit is the ultimate treat.

The next day we went to the beach and the boys separated from us, at 16 and 18 they didn’t want to be seen with us. I sat under the shade of an umbrella as Dot started on her search for her lost sex partners. When she didn’t return in two hours I figured that she had found her friends and was enjoying their company once again; I was disappointed that I was not part of it, but I knew there would be more opportunities over the next two weeks. After three hours she called me on cell phone and gave me directions to pick her up about three miles always, she also asked me bring and towel for her to wrap around her cum stained swimsuit.

When I picked her up I immediately examined her crotch by pulling her suit to the side. The view was just as I had expected, her cunt lips were swollen and the semen pooled inside her vagina was leaking out. When we got home she quickly got in the tub to clean up and related the events of the day to me as I sat there and watched her. As she had been walking down the beach the only black student from last year spotted her and ran up to greet her. He told her he didn’t know where his buddies from last year were since he had switched to an all black school and was here with his black buddies this year. Dot, asked him if his friends would like to meet her and he responded that he knew they would, since he had shared his experiences from the previous year with them and they were hot for me. With that he called to his black friends and the group of us walked back to their house.

There were only three of them, but the said that if we came back at another time they would have more friends. As soon as we got inside their house the three of them started striping my suit off me as they led me to the bedroom. By the time we were in the room we were all naked and I was looking bursa eskort at the largest cock I have ever seen, it was about 12 inches long and as thick as your wriest. The other two were also well above average size. I couldn’t wait to feel them dump their sperm inside me. They gently laid me down on the bed and one of them started licking my vagina and nibbling on my labia, the other two started suck my breasts and massaging my abdomen. When the time came for my first entry one of the smaller black cocked youth was lined up at the entrance to my cunt. He started rubbing his cock head lightly up and down my vaginal opening, only letting the very tip enter between my labia. I kept pressing my hips up to force him to enter me completely but he kept backing off to tease me. It was only after I begged him that he thrust his cock into my vagina and through my cervix in one motion. The deep penetration and the feeling of his balls slapping against my ass was all I needed to reach my first climax. I kept bucking up to meet his thrusts as the pleasure deep within me increased. His friends kept suck my tits as my abdomen continued to contract in orgasm after orgasm. Then I felt his cock stiffen even more and I knew I was about to receive his load of hot semen. With one last pump, he held his cock deep within me and emptied his cum directly into my womb, as I locked my legs around him to keep him deep inside me.

When he pulled out, with a popping sound, my cunt felt empty, but only for a short moment. He friend with the extremely large cock was lined up at my vaginal opening and ready to feed me the largest cock I have ever seen. I stopped him and asked that I get on top of him to get the maximum penetration possible. With that he buddies helped me up and I straddled he gigantic cock. I reached behind me and held his cock in my hand as I lowered myself down impaling my body slowly with his erection. I didn’t think that I would be able to force his cock in, but the cum already inside my cunt ran out and lubricated his cock. As I slowly worked my way down his shaft, all I could do was imagine this huge black cock moving up inside my vagina, I was driven to get him completely inside me so I could feel his complete presents. Then I felt my crotch meet his and I knew that I had done it, I had his entire cock contained within my vagina up through my cervix and into my womb.

I leaned back and looked down at my cleanly shave white labia pressed against his dark black skin and I knew this was going to be the best fuck I have every had. My black lover started to hump his cock into deeper as I rod on top. I was moving from one climax to the next as if they were one long orgasm. When I thought I couldn’t handle any more he rolled me over and continued his penetrating attack from on top. I lock on with my heals pressed into his butt and enjoyed his huge cock pressing into he back of my womb. He was ready to climax and I wanted his sperm and cock to stay in me forever. As he pumped to his climax, I had the strongest orgasm I have every experienced. I could feel his cock swelling and his balls tighten as he dumped five or six strokes of cum against the back wall bursa merkez escort of my womb. I held on not wanted to have his cock leave me. After several minutes he pulled his semi-hard cock out of me letting his cum flow from my vagina like a small waterfall. I wanted him again.

My third partner entered without any hesitation and began to pump hurriedly into my stretched and sloppy cunt. I could barely feel him in me since I was still stretched out from the previous cock, but my orgasms continued with his stimulation. I knew he came when he pulled out after he slammed into as hard as he could. After he climaxed I reached down and caught a hand full of sperm, running out of my cunt, bringing it to my stomach and rubbing around. It was like old time, and I knew I would be back for more. When I regained my composure I called you and my black lovers helped me on with my suit. As I moved the cum from my three lovers continued to flow from the inner reaches of my womb collecting on my suit crotch.

I meeting them again two days at their house, they want you to come with me. Two days later we sent the kids out for the day on their own and drove to the black college students house. I was looking forward to seeing this huge cock inside my wife and wanted to see the cum it could deposit. When we arrived they had contacted some of their school buddies to come over to the house and help. In all there were nine black cocks eager to climax deep within my wife’s awaiting cunt. They had set-up a pad on the dining room table for Dot to lie on as they fucked her, because they wanted to see each of the black cocks as it worked her vagina over. This was going to be the show of shows, blacks cocks in my white wife’s white cunt. As Dot started removing her cloth the gang of guys was getting ready by drawing numbers from a cup to see the fucking order for the day. My only request was that I get in the rotation after the first round.

When Dot was ready two of the young guys helped her onto the table and held her legs out in a “V” to provide maximum access for the luck first person. The gangbang started with the first black cock entering her slowly to get her lubrications flowing. He quickly increased his tempo and in a short time fired his load of hot seed deep within my wife. She was in her glory, reaching multiple orgasms and knowing that there would be many more to come. One by one each of the students deposited their sperm in Dot’s eager cunt, until it was finally my turn. I quickly moved up between her legs and rammed my cock into the previous nine cocks loads of cum. It had been a long time since I had felt her cunt this full of cum and the excitement was driving me to pump her with all of my energy.

As I fucked her I watched the mixture of everyone’s semen running out beside my cock, dripping onto the floor and pooling there. When I couldn’t hold back any longer I shot my load into her already full vagina. When I stepped back and looked at her cunt as she smiled at me thanking me for the opportunity she was having again. Quickly I stepped off to the side and made way for the gangbang rotation to start a second roll. bursa ucuz escort Each of the guys moved up in turn and deposited their second load of cum into her open vagina. The mess of cum on the edge of the table and the floor was spreading and I was amazed at the amount of cum that she was receiving. Her stretched out cunt was dripping with foaming white semen and Dot was flushed from the climaxes that she was having. After the second roll she suggested that we go home so could enjoy her cum soaked crotch and she could clean herself up.

With that her lovers wiped her crotch with a towel and helped her get dressed. Two of her black lovers helped her walk to the car and we made arrangements to meet them again later in the week. I talked to them and suggested a different type of event, for our next meeting and asked them to bring more of their friends to help. The next day I went to their house alone and told them that when we met the next day I wanted to see all of the cum, from all of the guy’s, covering her in her white swim suit. I wanted her to be able to smear the semen around as it coated her entire body. I wanted pictures of her covered in milky white seed from all his black friends, as it soaked into her suit.

The next day I told my wife, Dot, to wear her new swimsuit when we left to meeting at her black lovers’ house. She questioned why and I told her it was part of the new experience awaiting her; with that she was anxious to change and get going. When we arrived, eighteen young black college students were waiting for her and ready to coat her with their sperm. She looked at me and I told her that today was going to be different no one was going to fuck her but everyone was going to cum on her. Next time they will all fuck you if you want, but this time it’s going to be a bukkake bath. She looked disappointed, but excited to try the new experience.

The guys helped her lay down on the plastic-covered floor as they removed the cloth and started jerking off. This was an amazing sight, eighteen young black men jerking off as they surrounded my wife. She smiled up at the group as she took in the site of all the erect cocks waiting to squirt their hot loads on her waiting body. I started taking pictures for both of us to have. After several minutes the first of the guys were ready to cum and moved up close to Dot depositing the semen on her swimsuit covered tits and stomach. As the amount of cum increased in thickness on her body she started smearing it around making her suit become transparent.

This was the sight I was looking for, a sticky mess of human seed building up on her. Dot was having an orgasm without anyone in her. She smiled up at me moaning in deep passion as she moved her hands through the every thickening deposit on her. I put the camera down and pulled my hard cock from my pants. I had to add my cum to the ever increasing pile. After each of the guys’ jerked off as many times as they could the group surrounding her thinned out. I took several more pictures of Dot as continued to rub the cum around her body as though it was soap. When I was satisfied, I had her wrap a towel around herself and we left for home.

She told me on the way home that she had never been so humiliated in her life, and she asked me why I made her do that. I replied that I needed the photos for the guys at work, so they would know what type of whore you really are. That was the last I saw of Dot, she walked back to her black loves house and the kids came to live with me.

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