Swapping Daughters


“Whoa, Tiffany, you want to swap dads?” Roy asked, coming to her.”What, Dad? It’s not like you wouldn’t love to have sex with Serena here, huh?” she pondered, pulling her to him. “What do you say, Serena? We’ll be BFFs and more by the time we’re done. Plus, my dad is gonna promote your dad already, but let’s go for tenure too. It’s not like your pussy isn’t used to big cocks, huh? He also has a tongue to die for, too, you saw him. You took the lead last time, so it’s my turn now,” she made clear, before kissing Serena. “Now give my dad a kiss,” she suggested, before going to me.She wasted no time grabbing my rod, but I had to peek at Roy. “Is this okay, dude?””Oh, I think so, Jack,” he moaned, bringing his hands to Serena’s butt. “A sexy eye for a sexy eye, what’s wrong with that?” he asked, before kissing her.Then Tiffany brought me around the desk and sat me on his rolling chair. She wasted no time getting on my lap and letting me feel her body. Needless to say, she almost instantly pasted her lips to mine and grabbed my palms.She placed them on her butt cheeks and effectively stole my attention. I knew that Serena and Roy were doing something at that very second, but I couldn’t wonder about it too much at that moment.After a grand minute of feeling Tiffany’s flesh, she parted her lips. “So, Jack, have you ever been with a black woman?””Just one, but she was nowhere near dashing as you.””Good answer,” she commended me, before kissing me and getting down on her knees.”Holy shit, your daughter is awesome, Jack,” Roy let out.I swallowed and reluctantly leaned up to see them.”Go ahead, man, enjoy my daughter too; you already got your promotion. So, get greedy like Gordon Gecko,” he moaned, feeling her head too as they both moved towards us. “Your daughter gives killer blow jobs, and so does mine.”I saw Serena giving him head just as she did for me so many times before. Tiffany saw the jealousy on my face and gave me the same oral pleasure too.”Oh, thank you for that, Tiffany,” I mumbled, before feeling her head too. “Your daughter isn’t half bad either, Roy. She knows her stuff.””Well, like your daughter, she had a good teacher teaching her right from wrong. Now watch my daughter, perv.”But Serena released his cock. “Hey, be nice, buster. My dad knows to pay attention, but these are fucked up circumstances, so shut the hell up and let whatever happens, happens, got it?””Yes, Serena, I’m sorry,” Roy apologized.Then we both got the thrills we craved once again and made some eye contact again. He stood just a couple of feet away, and we both witnessed our daughters blowing each other. Although, at that time, we both kept both hands on their heads.Even though we weren’t having sex with our daughters anymore, it was still different and warranted some more intimacy. We scrubbed their heads, shook, and sweated much more than we did before too.”You’re not my daughter, Tiffany, but you sure have some skills: holding the base perfectly and using just the right of pleasure too. So, yes, your dad has taught you well indeed. Keep going; I can give you all the seed you crave, too, not just your dad. You saw how well Serena taught me to hold my load, but she milked me. You know how to milk him, don’t you?”She nodded and kept going on me. Once again, she reminded me of Serena, but she wasn’t my daughter. Nevertheless, we both still enjoyed one another’s daughters. It was as taboo as can be, but yet, both Roy and I were enjoying it like nothing else.Both of those young beauties kept their lips moving ever so slowly on our cocks and maintained eye contact the best they could too. Needless to say, they were practically daring us to break eye contact and go apeshit too.I noticed that both of us pulled their hair too, but they didn’t mind. They seemed just more than delighted to make us feel good then. As we were both fucking our own daughters already, they were more than okay with doing it in front of each other.Even kocaeli escort though Tiffany wasn’t Serena, she still proved she was a force to be reckoned with indeed. With every passing thrust of her lips, she made me feel so good that it hurt a bit. Nevertheless, I wasn’t about to cut the thrills short for her, either.”Oh, do you like some white cock too, Tiffany?” I asked, rubbing her head.She nodded, but failed to release my pecker. She kept her lips moving too, but went even slower after my rhetorical question. I bit down on my bottom lip and shook like nonstop, but not enough to make her lose her grip.She kept those hands down at the base hard and delivered the most serene blow job I could imagine. So, she did get me to lean back and angle my head too. So, I closed my eyes and dealt with the pleasure the best I could, but of course, she was gonna win the battle.Still, it was a fun battle to fight, though. Regardless of how much practice Serena gave me at holding back, it’d never be enough. She was gonna get her white stuff come hell or high water. She strengthened her grip on the base and even widened her eyes too.”Oh, I love your daughter, Roy,” I moaned, leaning back wholly.I didn’t have any place to set my head, but I didn’t care. I just endured all the gratification I could and didn’t look back. I heard the slurping sounds and felt her practically trying to squeeze my seed out by then.”And your daughter is one in a million, Jack,” Roy let out, holding tight. “I can take her, though. Is my daughter getting the better of you now?””Oh, shut the fuck up,” I attacked him, rising. “I can help your daughter too. She might be a superb cocksucker, but I can see I take her with a grain of salt. Don’t you think, Tiffany?” I asked, peeking at her.She nodded yet again and released my cock. “So, do you treat Serena like a queen, Jack?” she wondered, stroking it.”Yes.””Do you do all the lovey-dovey stuff you did with your wife? Hold her, and not just after sex? Text her that you’re thinking of her, not in sexual ways. And, of course, kiss her always without having sexual intentions?””Most of it, yes.””That’s a sweet and horny man of you,” she praised me, pushing me on the desk again. “Am I better dicksucker than Serena?””Hell no.””Good answer,” she told me, before taking it back into her mouth again.That seemed too much, so I covered my face, but Tiffany knew the sign and rereleased my pecker. “Give these black jugs that white seed, Jack,” she beseeched me, stroking it like mad.I wasn’t even paying attention to Roy or Serena; I just gave in to Tiffany’s demand and watched that happen. She didn’t bother watching it happen, though. I noticed her eyeballing me, but after the first shot, I forced myself to look at her.Needless to say, I couldn’t lock my eyes on hers, but I did my best. She was more than happy with an effort; it appeared and shot me one lusty look as I kept the cum shooting for twenty seconds or so.I couldn’t say a word, but we both said plenty about our actions. Once she was done, she calmly rose to me and kissed me. Then she placed her palms on my neck as well, and I knew I was hooked when I just brought my palms to her hooters.”Oh,” she muttered, parting her lips. “You must like me if you don’t mind feeling your cum.””Just a little bit.””Just because my dad can hold his load longer than you doesn’t make you less of a man, and I know how to prove it.””How?”Then she sat down in the chair and kept her eyes spread. I knew what that meant and was about to look back at Roy. Whether he was turned on or not, I knew it’d be a buzzkill right after I came so much.I just went to my knees and set my palms on each side of her pussy. I failed to delay and went to town on that glorious woman’s snatch. I had practiced on Serena several times, but it being a spur-of-the-moment thing, it was nerve-racking, and that practice didn’t help.Although, I still got Tiffany to set her hands on my head. darıca escort “Oh, yes, Jack, you just got ten times hotter.””He’s not a better pussy-licker than me, is he?” I heard Roy ask.”No, Daddy, don’t get jealous.””Fine, then I’m gonna make intimate love to Serena,” he added, having her lie down on the desk.I saw him get on it too, but then I just phased him out, though. That seemed to work somewhat, but I still very much had them on my mind as I ate out Tiffany. She rubbed my head ever so slowly and moved a bit back and forth even though I couldn’t look at her.I just fucked her as if she was Serena and reaped the reward. I got all my juice from her and drank all I could. Nevertheless, she had a lot of it drizzling off my cheeks, though. I felt her vibrate, too, as I didn’t let my tongue off her twat for a second.I heard her breathing heavily, so I had more than encouragement to keep going on her. I still had no idea how much she could take, but I rested, assured she could still take a hell of a lot more. Even with my knees getting sore, I wanted to give her all I could and more.I moved my tongue slowly, but still did it hardly, ensuring that she got the pleasure she craved from a different DILF. I kept my eyes closed and focused myself on fucking the shit out of her the best I could.Regardless of the circumstances, I wanted to make her remember me all too well. I had never eaten out with a black woman before, but I was still up for a challenge. I didn’t think she’d like to have an alien pussy or anything like that, but I knew it’d be different.I knew every woman had different likabilities and tastes, but I still saw that as a good thing. I still just did what I’d do on Serena, but it was still different. As I still got all the signs of the good stuff and kept it going.I indeed wanted to go even faster, but I walked a fine line to ensure I could keep going uninterrupted. As I heard her moaning and felt the scrubbing she gave me, too, it was all out of this world indeed.I felt the same emotions again, but from Tiffany. Even though she wasn’t my daughter, I got those grand feelings and enjoyed them all I could too. Oddly enough, I still had to force myself to peek at Roy and Serena.’Yes, horndog, make sweet love to my daughter if you crave it. Just make her feel good, that’s all.'”Oh, you’ve taught him extra well, Serena. He’s a fucking pussy-munching machine,” Tiffany moaned, pushing my head on her snatch. “Get that tongue so far in there that my dad gets jealous, dude. Do it for your boss’s daughter, and don’t look back either.”I nodded and did my best. I surely knew there was no way I’d make Roy jealous, but I went for it anyway. I sucked her lips into my mouth and sucked on them for her a bit. Needless to say, I had her leaning back and pulling my hair, but I loved that.As I knew I could still woo the shit out of another young woman, I knew I could do no wrong and ran with that. Yet, I still didn’t get cocky. I didn’t open my eyes to watch her, but still, I gave her the thrills she wanted, and that was that.A big sign of it being too much came out when she yanked my face to hers. “Give me a kiss, Jack,” she moaned, before pasting her lips to mine.She kept her palms on my face and made the make-out session count. She helped her to push her tits on my chest again and even let my cock come towards her snatch. She left plenty of room for Jake and Serena on the desk, but they looked closely at her butt.After a moment, she gently pushed my lips off hers. “Go ahead, stick that white dick into my black pussy, stud,” she invited me, setting her palms on my butt. “And feel free to cum inside me if need be, but I’d still love it on me, suave man,” she added, pulling me a bit.She practically guided my johnson into her slit, and then she suddenly needed to use me for leverage when she moved her palms to my shoulders. “No, you’re not bigger than my dad, but you’re giving gölcük escort him some stiff competition, though. Now thrust that dick and stretch out my lips as much as you can, but don’t even think about looking away from me this time. You have to bone me and give me intimacy too. I’m still the boss’s daughter and can make your life hell.””I’m forewarned,” I moaned, letting my johnson in and out ever so slowly as I held her arms.I did my best not to go apeshit, but it was no easy task. I knew her tits were shaking somewhat, but I made sure to eyeball her. So, I found myself juggling her and the responsibility of making it count.”Oh, your dad has a big one too, Tiffany; your cunt should be as big as a football field if you were fucking your dad regularly.””Yes, maybe, but shit, watch my dad as he makes sweet love to you, and you better accept his cum too, got it? We have to take care of our dads.””Yes, smart-ass, I know. I’ve learned how to take care of my dad truly.”They looked at each other for a few seconds but didn’t speak. Then we both eyeballed one another’s daughters again and began stretching out their pussies ever so slowly. Sure enough, they both had plenty of experience, but it was out of this world to fuck each other’s daughters.I held her thighs tight and tried to thrust a little faster, but I resisted and just relished the slow sex at that moment. It was intimate and loving, just as I did it with Serena so many times before, but then it was exceptional circumstances.So, my cock was definitely on fire, and it made it harder to keep my load intact. Nevertheless, she was more than out to get it for herself. I doused Serena so many times before, I could only imagine how sexier it’d be giving it to her.”You may look at my boobs, Jack; I’m not gonna slap you for that. I won’t even slap you if you shoot your seed all over them. Wouldn’t you like to see your white stuff all over my black jugs?””Oh, yes, I would,” I answered, getting closer to her. “I’d love to cover your body, in fact,” I mumbled, before wrapping my arms around her. “Oh, your dad has been sticking it to you a lot lately, huh?””Yes, smart-ass,” she branded me, before kissing me. “Do you like the feel of my melons?””Yes.””What was it like the first time you felt Serena’s?””Like dying and going to heaven.””Yeah, that’s not cheesy,” she giggled, before leaning back a tad. “Now hold me tight and fuck me as hard as you can. Do it right next to your hot daughter as my dad sticks it to her.””Yes, bossy,” I moaned, increasing my grip on her.I felt a little depleted, especially after I had sex with Serena not too long ago, but nothing and no one was about to stop me from plowing Tiffany at that moment. I felt the veins in my cock going haywire, which only meant she was making me go nuts.I relished the pain with the pleasure because it made it all that much better. Whether I looked at her face or melons, I indeed enjoyed her all I could and milked her somewhat too. I wanted to tattoo everything into my head and make it all as hot as possible.So, I helped myself to that, even more, when I moved my hands to her tits. I held them tight, but not too tight. I did it enough to get a good feel, but not enough for me to hurt those delicate pieces of flesh.She approved because she grabbed my arms and held them tight as I kept my schlong moving. I surely felt the toll, still trying to get the better of me, but I still fed off the passion and lust of the situation.As I knew my hard dick was going in and out of her snatch, I couldn’t help to let the pleasure go on and on until I couldn’t take it anymore. It never stopped being somewhat awkward, but I even felt closer to Tiffany emotionally, too; all signs pointed to me getting that promotion.Needless to say, I’d also have some great memories to go along with it. With every passing thrust and I got in bed with them a little more. Tiffany eyeballed me like she’d die if she didn’t and continued to massage my arms and shoulders, too, as I had her.I wanted to maintain some distance to keep thrusting my cock well, but she stayed close to me and kept it intimate. Needless to say, I also got to feel her tits no matter what, but every time my cock went back in there…

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