“Touch it piggy,” my wife Julie said sternly when she saw the indecision on my face.

We had been swinging for more than a year but we were a soft swap couple. I had no desire to watch my sexy wife with another man and she did not want to watch me fuck another woman.

We started swinging because Julie was a bisexual exhibitionist and I was a voyeur who loved girl/girl situations. In addition to being swingers we also enjoyed the BDSM lifestyle at least recreationally.

We had been to several swingers parties and we had partied with a few other soft swap couples before Gary and Lisa contacted us through a swinger’s website. They emailed us a picture of them both in bathing suits and Julie was instantly smitten with Lisa. When it came to women, Julie definitely had a type and Lisa fit the bill in every way. She was 5’7″ tall and had a beautiful curvy body with nice full 36c tits, a small waist with a flat stomach and full hips. Her dark brown hair framed a gorgeous face with the sexiest dark eyes I had ever seen. Gary was a good looking guy with an athletic muscular swimmers body and a mischievous smile.

We both chatted with Gary and Lisa on line and the girls talked a few times on the phone. It was clear that the girls shared a strong mutual attraction and good chemistry.

Lisa and Gary were not a soft swap couple but that was trumped by the chemistry the girls shared and I figured that they would respect our boundaries. What I didn’t expect was what came next.

Julie and Lisa were on the phone when I got home from playing basketball. Julie’s face was flushed, her nipples were straining to tear through her shirt and the smell of her arousal hung heavy in the bedroom.

“That sounds so hot Lis,” Julie said into the phone. “Rick’s home, I gotta run baby. I’ll let you know what he says tomorrow hun. You too.” Julie hung up the phone and walked over to give me a deep kiss.

“Mmm, nice and sweaty,” she said playfully as she pulled my shirt over my head. Julie has always loved it when I am covered in sweat.

My sexy wife kissed her way down my body. She knelt before me and pulled my shorts and boxer briefs off allowing my hard 6 inch cock to spring free. Her lips parted and her mouth sank down on my hard cock. She used her expert mouth and hand to bring me to the brink of orgasm and then pushed me back on the bed. Julie reached into her night stand and pulled out a studded leather cock ring and fastened it tightly around the base of my cock ensuring that I would stay hard as long as she wanted.

Julie slipped seamlessly into her Domme persona and she straddled my face.

“Lick my cunt piggy,” she demanded as she lowered her succulent pussy onto my waiting mouth.

My tongue flicked out as she ground her delicious soaking wet pussy against my face. I sucked her thick meaty pussy lips into my mouth and swirled my tongue over them as Julie moaned loudly.

“Lick my clit piggy,” she ordered as her breathing became labored and her body began to quiver.

I flicked my tongue over her clit repeatedly as she squeezed her gorgeous natural 36dd tits and cried out in pleasure.

Julie came hard and her juices covered my face when she climbed off the bed.

“Roll over piggy,” she commanded as she walked over to her closet to get her toys. This was part of her usual routine. She always came first, and then she could concentrate on humiliating and dominating me.

Julie walked over to the bed as I laid face down waiting for her. I felt the sting of her riding crop as she smacked my ass five times in rapid succession.

“You like being whipped don’t you piggy?” Julie asked playfully.

“Yes mistress,” I answered as she tickled my asshole and balls with the business end of her riding crop.

Julie pressed a finger against my puckered asshole and I moaned as she penetrated my ass.

“You like this more though, don’t you piggy?” She asked sternly as she grabbed a handful of my hair with her free hand and pulled it hard.

“Yes mistress,” I panted. The psychological mind fuck of submission was what I craved and Julie never disappointed. She pulled her finger from my ass and pushed it into my mouth. “Suck my fingers piggy. Get them nice and wet.”

I moaned loudly as I sucked her finger and then two as she pumped them into my mouth like a miniature cock.

“You porno izle give such good head piggy,” Julie chided. “It’s a shame to waste it on my fingers. Get on your side and suck on my strap on while I finger fuck your sissy asshole.”

I quickly rolled onto my side as she positioned my leg so she could slide two fingers up my ass. My eyes traveled over her gorgeous body from her magnificent tits down her flat stomach with a sun tattoo over her navel. Her narrow waist and full hips sported a black leather harness which held a realistic looking jellcock.

“Suck it now piggy,” Julie ordered as her free hand guided my mouth to her eight inch strap on. I parted my lips and accepted her jellcock into my mouth as she finger fucked my ass. It was not the first time I had sucked one of Julie’s dildos but it was the first time I sucked a realistic looking cock that jutted from her waist.

“You love having my girl cock in your mouth don’t you piggy,” Julie chided.

“Yes mistress I love sucking your cock,” I panted as I licked her long jellcock while she fingered my asshole.

“You know piggy, Lisa and I were talking and it turns out Gary is bi. We both think it would be hot to watch you boys together. I see how much you enjoy sucking my girl cock. I bet you would like sucking a real cock too. Lisa said Gary has a nice big cock and he likes to break in straight guys. You want to suck a real cock don’t you piggy?” she asked as she eased a third finger up my ass.

“Mmm, yes mistress,” I answered softly. It was honestly something I had never even considered. I know it sounds odd, but while I had sucked on dildos and let (or even begged for) my wife fuck my ass with a dildo, those acts were with a woman and the excitement I derived from them was from submission and humiliation. At that moment, however, sucking a man’s cock sounded extremely hot.

“I bet my piggy would like to swallow cum too wouldn’t you?” she queried.

“Oh yes mistress,” I moaned as the thought of a man cumming in my mouth invaded my psyche. My dick was throbbing as Julie massaged my prostate with her fingers. The mental image Julie had so skillfully put in my mind coupled with her fingers pushed me over the edge.

“I’m cumming mistress;” I cried out as my cock spasmed and cum drooled from my restrained cock.

“You’re a bad piggy. You know better than to cum before Mistress Julie gives you permission,” Julie said sternly. “The idea of sucking a cock put you over the top didn’t it piggy.”

“Yes mistress,” I confessed. “I have never thought about anything like that. Maybe it is the fact that it is taboo but it made me very hot mistress.”

“Good answer piggy,” she said as she smiled. She unfastened the cock ring and milked my semi-erect cock.

Julie scooped up some of my cum from my dick. “Clean your mess piggy.” She brought her cum covered fingers to my mouth and watched as I obediently licked and sucked them clean.

Three days later I was waiting nervously for Gary and Lisa to arrive as my beautiful wife prepared dinner. Julie was on pins and needles all day. She was not only excited to be with Lisa but also to watch the show, as she had taken to calling it. The show involved Gary and me doing what ever she and Lisa commanded. I was both excited and terrified.

After dinner we moved to the bedroom. The girls took charge and ordered us to strip. I slowly peeled my clothes off as Gary did the same while the girls sat together on a loveseats and looked on enthusiastically.

Gary’s picture did not do justice to how nice his body was. I had never been attracted to a man before but at that moment I wanted him. Despite my attraction I was scared.

“Why don’t you boys get closer and get acquainted,” Lisa said playfully.

I moved next to Gary who stood beside the bed. I was only a foot away from him and I could feel the heat from his body. I knew what was expected and while a part of me wanted to sink to my knees and grab his cock I was conflicted. The reality of the situation weighed heavily on me and I wished I had more to drink.

Gary sensed that I was nervous and he was willing to let me take some time to get comfortable with the situation.

Julie saw my indecision and as always she slipped seamlessly into her Domme role.

“Touch it piggy,” she said sternly.

I slowly reached porno out with my right hand and wrapped my fingers around his long semi-erect cock. It felt similar to mine but oddly different like an out of body experience. His cock was warm and smooth and I felt a tremendous thrill as I grew stiff in my hand.

“Get on your knees piggy,” Julie commanded.

I slowly dropped to my knees at Gary’s feet. His dick was fully erect and it was just inches from my face. I looked at it up close as I slowly stroked the hard shaft. I felt my passion rise and my fear melted away as I stroked his hard 7″ rod.

“Suck it now slave,” Julie said softly. Her voice was thick with lust.

I tore my gaze away from Gary’s hard cock and glanced over at my beautiful wife and her new friend. They were both looking intently at Gary and me as they idly caressed each others bodies. I could see Julie’s fingers stroking Lisa’s pussy before I turned my attention back to Gary’s stiff rod.

I parted my lips and took his dick into my mouth. I could taste the briny flavor of his precum as I slurped on the spongy bulbous head of his stiff cock.

I began slowly, stroking his hard shaft as I sucked and slurped on the head but the more I sucked the more enthused I became. I opened my mouth wide and tried to take his whole cock down my throat just as I had done a few days earlier with Julie’s strap on.

Gary moaned as his cock slid down my throat. His reaction spurred me on and soon my head was bobbing quickly over his warm throbbing cock. My nose pressed against his shaved pelvis and his smooth balls rubbed against my chin with each stroke.

I could hear squishy sounds as the girls rubbed each others pussies while they watched me suck Gary’s cock. I sucked hard on the head as my right hand stroked the shaft and my left hand roamed over his tight rippled abs.

His breathing became erratic and I knew he was going to cum soon. I stroked his cock faster into my mouth until he grunted and groaned as his dick started to spit. His thick cream filled my mouth and it was surprisingly not unpleasant. I swallowed the salty goo and then sucked tenderly on his cock as if went flaccid in my mouth.

“Your turn Gary,” Lisa said playfully.

Gary pushed me back on the bed and climbed between my legs. His mouth was warm and wet and very talented. He easily took my 6″ cock down his throat while his fingers lightly massaged my balls. His head bobbed over my stiff dick until I grunted and came in his mouth.

Gary swallowed my load and then sat up and looked at the girls. They were making out like teenagers as they pulled their clothes off to reveal their curvy bodies.

Julie slid to her knees and buried her face in Lisa’s neatly trimmed pussy. Gary and I watched as my normally dominant wife buried her pretty face in Lisa’s well groomed furry pussy. Julie submissively licked and sucked Gary’s gorgeous wife to a thunderous climax. She slithered up Lisa’s delicious body and kissed her deeply.

“Your turn baby,” Lisa said breathlessly as she pushed Julie back on the love seat and settled between her splayed thighs. The tall sexy brunette licked my wife’s smooth shaved pussy until she cried out with a powerful climax.

“Piggy, you know what I want to see,” Julie asked.

“No mistress Julie, but I will do whatever you ask. You are my goddess and I am your obedient slave.”

“I want you to give Gary a full body massage.”

“Yes mistress,” I said obediently.

Oil glistened from his tan shaved muscular pecs as he laid naked face up on the bed. I was also naked as I knelt straddling his waist.

His dick was hard and it rested in the valley between my ass cheeks as I poured more oil onto his chest. My hands ran slowly over his firm muscular pecs. I massaged his tight shoulders as our pretty wives watched.

“You like touching his body don’t you piggy,” Julie queried as I rubbed oil over his tight rippled abs.

“Yes mistress,” I said softly. There was no way I could deny my enjoyment because my cock was back at full mast. In reality, I wanted to do much more than rub oil onto his incredible body.

I poured more oil on my hands and massaged his arms before reluctantly climbing off his waist. His hard cock had felt both enticing and comforting against my ass but my pleasure was not important. My order had rokettube been to massage Gary’s entire body while Julie and Lisa watched. It was there fantasy and we were there obedient slaves.

Gary rolled onto his stomach and I sat straddling his muscular thighs as I poured oil onto his back. My stiff cock rested in the valley between his ass cheeks as I leaned forward and massaged his hairless body. The massage oil made his tan toned body even more enticing. I fought my urge to rub my body against his slick body as Julie and Lisa watched.

“Piggy, it’s time you learned to be a top. Lisa and I want to watch you fuck Gary’s ass.”

Her words were completely unexpected but their desires coincided with mine. I poured copious amounts of oil over Gary’s ass and still more on my stiff rod. I was as hard as I could ever recall. I eased two fingers inside him and he moaned softly.

“You like his fingers don’t you baby,” Lisa asked softly.

“Oh yes,” Gary hissed.

“Do you want more baby?”

“Yes, I want him to fuck me,” Gary panted as I rubbed the head of my cock over his puckered asshole.

“Do it piggy,” Julie said breathlessly.

I lay on top of Gary’s slick oily body and sank my cock inside him as he groaned loudly.

“That’s so fucking hot,” Julie muttered as I buried my cock deep inside his ass.

I pulled back and Gary moaned softly. I thrust into him and he moaned loudly. His muscular ass pushed back to meet each thrust as I pumped my throbbing meat into his ass at a furious pace.

Sweat poured from my body as I fucked Gary’s tight ass hard and fast. The girls continued to watch as we thrust together until my cock exploded in a powerful climax that left me exhausted and spent. I rolled off Gary’s back and lay on the bed with my chest heaving.

Gary knelt over my chest as I lay on the bed. His smooth balls hung low, begging to be sucked as his cock jutted out enticingly from his taught muscular physique.

I reached up and wrapped my hands around his dick as I licked and sucked his smooth heavy balls. My hands pumped his thick rod as I slobbered over his balls.

“I want to watch Gary fuck my piggy husband,” Julie said playfully. “He got to play top, now he is gonna get fucked.”

Gary climbed off me and positioned me on the floor bent over the bed. He stood behind me and emptied the bottle of massage oil over his cock and my asshole.

Julie was no longer content to just watch so she and Lisa joined my torso on the bed. My beautiful wife lay on her back with her splayed legs on either side of my head.

“It’s time you licked my pussy piggy,” she teased as Lisa straddled her pretty face.

Gary pushed his big cock into my ass as I lowered my mouth to my wife’s soaking wet pussy. I moaned loudly into her grotto as seven inches of hard throbbing man meat filled my virgin asshole.

Gary started slowly to allow my ass to get used to his big dick. He increased his tempo as I licked and sucked Julie’s thick meaty pussy lips.

Gary’s cock stroked my prostate causing my body to respond to his talented ministrations. He fucked me with strong powerful strokes as I licked and sucked Julie’s delicious pussy.

Lisa ground her pussy against Julie’s pretty face as she fast approached a powerful climax.

Julie came first leaving my face glazed like a donut and then concentrated on making her new lover climax.

Lisa cried out as her body shook from wave after wave of pleasure. She collapsed on the bed beside my wife and kissed her tenderly.

“That was fantastic baby,” Lisa said softly as the two girls basked in the afterglow of hot sex.

Gary continued to pound his big hard cock into my ass until we were both soaked in sweat. He turned me over onto my back with my legs on his shoulders and eased his cock back inside me. He looked hot as hell with beads of sweat rolling down his muscular chest as he fucked me hard.

“Fuck me,” I panted like a bitch in heat. “Fuck me hard!”

“I’m gonna cum,” he said breathlessly. “Where do you want it?”

“Cum in my face,” I begged.

Gary pulled his big beautiful cock from my ass and stroked it furiously as I positioned my face in front of him. He cried out as he came hard all over my face. I scooped his cum into my mouth and swallowed his seed like a wanton slut.

“Amazing,” Julie said as we all cuddled together on our king sized bed. “Next time I want your cock inside me when he fucks your ass.”

“Next time?” I asked.

“Yeah next time. Tomorrow morning,” she said as we all drifted off to sleep.

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