Sykero’s Adventures Ch. 01


For my entire life, I’ve been perceived as a male. I mean, at least for as long as I can remember, anyways. I was raised with five brothers, and my chest never grew nor did my voice ever start to sound feminine. I cut all of my hair off when I was six, and with my mom and older brothers’ help (also with a nudge/dare from my brother with support from my mother), I attended school and daily life dressed as and acting like a boy. My name was first Jordan, but I go by Hayden.

I keep my hair short and cropped. I don’t tan, and I like my skin on the pale side. Walking down the street, many women glance at me or smile, and I know what they think about me.

I’m only nineteen, but after years of girls throwing themselves at me in high school, I’ve kind of adjusted to the attention. I try not to return their advances, mostly because I’m not interested in girls in that way, but I flirt back occasionally so my cover won’t be blown, or even because it keeps things flowing smoothly.

Tonight, I’m on my way to a party. It’s kind of a graduation party, but I know there’s going to be alcohol and no parental supervision. We’re all eighteen or older, though, and we know to be careful. I don’t plan on drinking because I never know what might slip out of my lips on a night like this.

My cellphone rings in my pocket as I pull my car up to the curb. It’s a text from my always-supportive brother, Matthew. I know I asked for his advice earlier, but he doesn’t have to keep hounding me with the same words over and over again. “You’re going to a party,” he says. “Everybody is going to be drinking and they’ll be expecting you to, too. If you’re not really going to drink, at least fake it. Act tipsy and –this is especially important– flirt with other girls!”

Knowing that I have to flirt with other girls makes my stomach begin to churn, but I knew this would happen if I agreed to come to this party. I wasn’t even going to come, but my mother insisted that I get out of the house for the night and so I had no choice. My brother helped me pick out a casual but messy suit attire, and by ‘messy’ I mean my button-up shirt untucked and a few of the top buttons askew. My neighbor, Lydia, swooned and blushed as I walked out of the house, so I knew I was right in trusting Matt.

But I didn’t know how far tonight would go.

I close and lock the door to my car, and I’m almost overwhelmed to see how many other cars are here. Then again, almost everyone from my senior year would be here, so I shouldn’t have been too surprised. I could hear the loud party music pumping through the house, and I was greeted at the door by Ms. Bimbo herself, who was throwing the party.

Her name was Theresa Holmes, and she was the stereotypical ‘cheerleader/prep’ of the school. Her hair was long, blonde and thick in waves that rolled down her back. She was always tanned, as though she lived on the beach at all times. Her bust was at least a 38D and her butt was nice and plump. She wore a white, sparkly dress that surprised me, because when she turned around, it only just barely covered her butt cheeks.

“Hayden!” she exclaimed, a bright smile showing on her face and in her baby blue eyes. “You came!”

I thought she would have fallen down the few steps in her sparkly heels, but her balance was on point as she pulled me into a tight hug.

“Of course. I couldn’t miss out on this opportunity for the world.”

“I’m glad to hear it!” she exclaimed, jumping up and down excitedly. I felt a little ashamed as I noticed her tits bouncing on every jump, and had to force myself to look away. “Go right in and get a drink! The party is just beginning!”

Yet, when I walked in, it definitely didn’t look that way. All over the dancefloor, girls were grinding against guys and almost everybody had a cup in their hand. Alcohol strongly reeked throughout the house, and I almost began to gag at the horrid stench. I sincerely was not a fan of liquor.

“Hey, Hayden!” several voices called to me from around the room. My presence hardly went unnoticed wherever I went.

“Wanna dance, cutie?” I heard from behind me. Turning around I found Selena Holmes; Theresa’s older sister. They could have been twins if Selena didn’t have honey-brown hair and green eyes. Her dress resembled Theresa’s, except hers was a bright green.

“Sure, Selena.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me on to the dancefloor. A fastbeat song was playing, and though the weather was extremely warm outside, their house was kept air-conditioned, so everyone could enjoy dancing without getting all sweaty. “Oh, where are my manners?” Selena gasped. “Would you like a drink?”

I really didn’t, but, honestly, gebze escort the point of the party was to drink, and we all knew it. But alcohol was the last thing I wanted, so I grabbed Selena’s hand and pulled her close to me.

“Nah, let’s just dance, hot stuff.”

Closer to her now, I could smell the alcohol on her breath, so I wasn’t surprised when her cheeks flushed bright pink. Her hand ruffled through my short, black strands of hair, and she pressed her body against mine to dance. At one point, she was basically grinding against my black slacks, but she had no embarrassment, even as she downed three beverages in one song.

It took a while but I managed to get away from her and I wandered into the kitchen. Like the rest of her giant house, every room was nicely decorated and the kitchen was the only room that smelled good. There was so many delicious-looking dishes in the kitchen, that I made it my hideout for a good portion of the night, until I became extremely thirsty. It was the last thing I wanted, but my throat was dry so I finally downed a glass of alcohol. I wasn’t very good with my liquor; I could hold a lot of it down, but I was quick to get tipsy. Not drunk, just tipsy.

I could keep my mind straight, until Selena and Theresa came to find me and led me into their basement.

Even that was nicely decorated, with silver streamers hanging everywhere and white couches sitting around a clear table. An empty bottle was sitting there, and it didn’t take a genius to tell we were going to play Truth or Dare.

“Okay, guys! so I think we have enough people now,” Selena said with a haughty smile. “We’re going to play Truth or Dare! I’ll start.” Her words were slurring together, but her balance was pretty good. There were five girls and five boys around the table, and I could see that all of them were wasted. She spun the bottle and we all watched it spin. It landed on a boy named Zachary Duvall, and boy did she squeal. “Zachie! Truth or dare?”

“Dare, babe.”

He was always a player, and all he ever wanted was to get laid. Guys like him disgusted me. But girls tended to drool over him, and he knew it.

“I dare you . . . to makeout with Theresa!”

Neither of them skipped a beat. They both stood up, approached each other and before their arms were even around each other’s bodies, their tongues were in each other’s mouths. I could feel my stomach dropping, and I could only imagine where this night would go.

For a solid minute, everybody was rooting them on, and surprisingly, that was the gyst of our Truth or Dare game.

The real fun started, though, when we played Two Hours in Heaven.

The guys all put their names in a top hat, and each girl got to draw one of our names. I knew that this was going to be the biggest mistake of my life.

And it was even worse when Selena pulled my name.

After our names were drawn, we were assigned a room number and we had to be in there by midnight and couldn’t leave until two. All of the doors would be locked once we were in. Two hours alone with her, I knew, would lead to her despearately wanting sex. So, I did the only thing I could think of. I gave her as much alcohol as I could before we even got up to what would be our room — her bedroom.

I looked at the watch on my wrist. It was almost exactly midnight when she closed her door, and her sister locked us in here.

There was a giant, plush bed in the middle of the room, which looked like one you would find in a luxury hotel suite. I stood by the door as Selena walked toward her bed, swaying her hips and bending over. Her movements were nearly jerky and unsteady, but her eyes were critically analyzing as she turned to look over her shoulder at me. I tried intensely to keep eye contact, but she wasn’t happy with that.

“What’s wrong, Hayden, baby? Does my body not entice you?”

I remembered what Matt told me, and I forced myself to look at her ass, which was now exposed by her bending over. She didn’t have any underwear on, and she looked like she could be a porn model.

She clapped her hands together twice, and the lights dimmed in her room. This would make things a lot easier.

“Come to momma, baby,” she mumbled steadily, running her own hand along her inner thigh. “Help me get my dress off . . . it’s so tight.”

‘Oh my god,’ I thought to myself. ‘How am I going to get out of this? . . . I can’t get out of it!’ And then, the alcohol started to finally kick in. ‘But . . . why would I want to?’

I watched enough porn in my days, so I had a rough idea of what to say to her. I walked up behind her and started to unzip her göztepe escort dress. She turned around as I started to pull it down, and I could feel my pulse in my chest. I was really nervous about this, but I was going to go through with it. I didn’t have a choice.

Her tits bounced free from the glittery fabric and her soft hands grabbed mine. Her gray-painted nails led my hands to grab her big boobs, and as I started to knead them, she tilted her head back and let out a soft moan. My hands felt cold to me, but that was just because I was nervous. I was grabbing another girl’s boobs for the first time in my life, and this girl thought very thoroughly that I was a male. She was probably confident that she was going to get a rock-hard cock in her today . . . but she couldn’t from me.

I couldn’t help myself, as I looked down her body. Her boobs bouncing in my hands, and her dress around her ankles gave me a perfect view of her shaven crotch. I jumped, startled, when I felt her hand attempt to grab my ‘junk’, but I quickly grabbed her hand and forced out a chuckle.

“No, no, baby. Let me do all the work tonight.”

Before she could argue, I made her press her lips to mine. For a minute, I felt like I was in Heaven. Her lips were so soft against mine, and she gasped against my lips. My hands fell to her hips and I let my tongue roll across her bottom lip. She couldn’t react fast enough, it seemed, as her own tongue eagerly slipped out to meet with my own. We stayed like this, our bodies together for a good minute or two, our lips and tongues challenging each other. When we broke free, she panted and bit her lip, looking up into my eyes.

“I want you, Hayden . . . I’ve wanted you for so long!”

I felt a twinge of awkward pain in my chest, but I pushed it to the side, and without saying anything, I made her sit down on the edge of the bed. I knelt down in front of her and licked my finger. With only a brief idea of what I was doing, I let my fingers slide down her small stomach and onto her slit. She let herself fall back onto her bed and sighed, her legs opening widely for me. I slid my finger up and down along her wet slit, and every time she would give a soft moan, or squirm on the bed or giggle. I let my finger slide in and she gasped again. I started to finger her, and I was surprised at how quickly her juices covered my finger. I let another one slide in her, and she began to push her hips up and rock them gently to the rhythm of the music playing in the house.

I had to talk myself up to it, but eventually, I bit my lip and asked her an important question.

“Selena . . . may I lick you?”

She squealed, again, and nearly screamed, “Yes, Hayden!”

So I leaned in and allowed my tongue to slide over her slit. I couldn’t help it, and I closed my eyes and let my tongue sift between the smooth folds of her pussy. I began to eat her out, and her hand clamped down on the back of my head and she assisted in making me eat her out. I couldn’t even lie to myself . . . I was enjoying every second of it.

I pulled away and was about to stand up when my hand brushed against something under her bed. I was startled once again, but I pulled it out and was surprised once more. It was a realistic-looking and feeling strap on. Maybe tonight wouldn’t be so hard after all. I would just have to do something about the lights.

“Babe?” Selena asked softly.

“Hold on, darling.”

I unzipped my pants and heard watched her squirm on the bed. She wasn’t looking at me, but I realized she was fingering herself. Her big boobs bounced and moved every time her hand slid in and out. I pulled down my boxers and strapped on the strap on. I clapped my hands together twice, and the lights went out. With only a little light from the window, all we could really see were each other’s outlines. But we were okay with that.

I clambered onto her bed and she began to giggle as I pulled her hand away fromm her wet, tight pussy. By her breathing, I could tell she was excited. I pushed her legs apart and grabbed the end of the dildo, and I let the tip nudge against her pussy.

With no words from either of us, I jerked my hips forward and let the tip pop inside of her. I imitated a soft, faint moan and began to fuck her. She was quick to moan at every thrust I made inside of her, and I wondered how mad she would be if she knew I was really a girl. But she would never find that out.

I grabbed her by the back of her knees and pulled her down the bed closer to me. I leaned over her body and began to fuck her hrder, the wet sounds from her vagina making me only want to fuck her harder and halkalı escort harder. I kept making occasional sounds of pleasure, but what I wanted was to hear her.

“Ahhhh,” she would moan, and rest her hands on her boobs. “Faster, Hayden!”

And faster I went. Maybe it was the alcohol talking, but I, myself, was wet. My pussy wanted the same arousal I was giving her. I wanted her to eat me out, and to fuck me, but that would be impossible. Or would it?

I leaned my body over hers and pushed my lips to hers. I wanted to feel her kisses, and I wanted her moans against me. The wet, sloshy sounds of her cunt turned me on more and more, and soon I was moaning just by her noises. Her giant tits, I soon took into my mouth. I sucked on her nipple and let my tongue flick over it. I was becoming obsessed with the way her breasts moved. I think I was becoming obsessed . . . with her.

I never heard the door unlock. Nor did I hear it lock again. I had no clue somebody was approaching behind me, armed with a similar strap-on that I wore right now. I had no clue, until I felt something big and hard push against my wet cunt. I froze, my body unable to move, until I heard Theresa’s little giggle.

“Don’t worry, Hayden, baby,” she whispered to me. “Everybody else still thinks and believes you’re a boy. But we know the truth.”

“How-” I started to ask. I was afraid that this night would now end horribly. If they told on me . . .

“We used to be your childhood best friends, remember, Jordan? We always knew you were a girl . . . and we’ve always been obsessed with you.”

Did that mean . . .?

“We’re lesbians, Hayden. And as long as you give us this night . . . nobody will find out you’re not a real boy.”

I had no chance to respond before Theresa’s own strap on pushed deeply inside of my wet pussy. Maybe it was the alcohol talking, but I was really okay with this. I accepted it immediately and began to fuck Selena again. I had no shame right now, and it showed as I continued to suck on Selena’s boobs.

I did become embarassed when I realized my pussy was making the same wet sounds as Selena’s, but it turned all of us on even more.

We were wet, horny, and ready to fuck this night away. All of us were nineteen and officially out of high school. As I dawned on this, I wondered if I would ever be able to see these girls again after this night, or if we could ever do something like this again. I had no guarantee, so I decided to do as much as I possibly could tonight.

A little bit later, they flipped us so I was on my back and Selana was riding me. Theresa got down on her knees and clapped twice, and twice again. The lights were now back to being dimmed, and I could see Theresa was entirely naked, too. She moved her blonde curls over her shoulder as she leaned down, and started to lick around Selena’s slit. I reached toward her and ran my fingers through her hair, bringing her attention to me. She smiled and crawled over me on the bed, pushing her lips enticingly to mine. We didn’t kiss subtly for long, before we were in a hard makeout session, swapping our saliva and getting it all over each other’s mouths. Selena lifted herself off of the strap on she was riding, and made me lift up my hips so she could take it off of me.

She put it on herself, and made me spread my legs wide open, like she had done earlier for me. I moaned against Theresa’s lips as I I felt the huge dildo push inside of me. It hit hard against my soft spot, and both of the girls got excited at my louder-than-normal moan. Selena made sure to hit that spot more and more, and my breaths began to come heavily. I pulled Theresa over my body, and helped her to sit on my face. My hands clasped her hips, and I let my tongue dive inside of her wet, warm, and inviting cunt. Eventually, I let my figners accompany, and when I was sure I found her her g-spot, I moved her so she was sitting on my chest, and my fingers were going fast inside of her. She, like I, could not stop moaning and panting, and Selena was, too. It took me a moment to realize that Theresa was leaning back and fingering her sister, too. My body was so hot, and I was too horny to ignore what came next.

“I’m going to cum,” Theresa whispered, and Selena chimed out a, “Me, too!”

“Let’s go,” was all I could say before the hard penetration of her dildo brought trembles along my body, and ecstacy through my veins. We three came, long and hard, screaming at the same time. Theresa came all over my suit shirt, and I didn’t care at all. They unbuttoned my shirt at the end, and helped it off of me. I was embarrassed only a little, to realize how much I really did look like a guy. Abs, no signs of breasts at all . . . we laid down, exhausted, with me in the middle and my arms around the other two girls. They threw the sex toys on the ground, and pulled the blanket up to cover only our lower halves. Both girls laying against me, we spent the rest of the night kissing each other before finally falling asleep.

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