T-Girlfriend Pt. 02-05


And now, the long awaited sequel to the original T Girlfriend story. I had originally planned to release the rest of the story in parts but I ended up losing the files had for the other chapters. And so I’m releasing the rest of the story in one go for everyone to enjoy.



After our little romp, Kalie explained to me her situation. She had been raised in a rather loose household; her parents had no qualms when she wanted to start taking estrogen. Everything on her was natural, from her hips to her bust. She mentioned something about hormones and blockages as to the reason why her cock was so large, but it mostly went over my head.

We talked for a few hours in the room before deciding to leave the party. Of course as we tried Vanessa, with James attached, gave us an incredibly suggestive wink. I called a cab and Kalie and I rode back to the dorm.

The next few weeks were far less awkward than I thought they would be. Kalie still came over to my dorm room almost every day to ask for help with her papers, and even other homework from time to time. More than once she showed up with a somewhat obvious bulge in her pants and I, being a gentleman, orally assisted her. There was something about having her massive cock in my mouth that turned me on more than anything else. But it wasn’t just her cock it was the knowledge of who it was attached to, a smaller girl with a massive pole between her legs.

Though each time I did end up blowing her she always insisted that I should let her do the same, and each time I insisted harder that she shouldn’t. I never explained why to her though. Maybe because it was too embarrassing or because I think it’s a stupid reason. But the fact remains that I hate the idea of her giving me a blowjob. The thought popped into my head once when I was taking care of my own cock. I immediately went soft and couldn’t get off for hours.

As for right now, I am laying on my bed rubbing one out. I haven’t blown a load in a few days so my balls are starting to get real sensitive. My cock isn’t nearly as large as Kalie’s is, but then again I doubt many people are. My own rod is about seven inches when at full mast and about four and a half around. Tonight I was going all out so I grabbed a bottle of lube and one of my favorite dildos. It was shaped like a horse cock and had a large knot at the base of it.

As I lay stroking my cock I used my other hand to start rubbing lube over my asshole. To ease myself into it I started by sticking a finger in my ass and wiggling it around. It doesn’t take long before I get a second and then a third finger in. Being that this was a rather common occurrence for me my ass was used to getting penetrated. Feeling that I’m ready I grab my dildo and lube it up. With both hands I start to shove my silicone lover inside of me. There is a little resistance at first until it makes it through my sphincter.

And now it’s smooth sailing. I start to push the dildo in and pull it out in slow long strokes stopping just before the knotted base. I must look like a complete pervert. Not that I care, no one is around and I would consider myself to be a pervert anyway. I keep my hands off my cock as I pump the kinky toy in and out of my ass. Precum starts to leak from my rod as it remains rock hard from the stimulation to my prostate. Normally I am extremely quiet when I masturbate, but not with this. I can’t hold back my soft moans of pleasure.

In one powerful stroke I shove the entire toy inside me, knot and all. I gasp as the knot presses hard on my prostate, a burst of cum flying from my cock. Damn, and I haven’t even reached orgasm yet. I pull the knot out, leaving a slightly empty feeling in my ass as I start to pump the toy in and out again. Every few thrusts I shove the knot back inside of me, and each time a jet of cum flies from my cock. Holly hell I love this! I feel the all too familiar pressure of orgasm in my cock, balls, and ass. Fuck, I’m going to cum soon.

The door to my room flies open just as I slam the knot into myself one last time. My cock goes wild, spraying cum in massive arcs, some going a good few feet in the air before landing on me. In the throes of orgasm I look over to see who had barged in on me. Kalie stood there, with an expression that mixed horror with delight as she watched me blow my load. A few more spurts came from my cock before my orgasm subsided.

Pleasure is replaced by panic as I look over to Kalie, my face equal parts embarrassed and horrified. She quickly closes the door to my room and stays there, facing away from me. Crap crap crap. I knew that she had seen my dildos before, but those were the ones I made no effort to hide, this one was one my favorites and well hidden. What would she think if she found me using such a perverted toy on myself?

Before I can start to formulate a plan, Kalie turns back towards me and walks over. She leans down over me and places her hand over my own on the base of my dildo. Her eyes lock with mine and her intentions çapa escort become clear. In one quick move she pulls the dildo out from me. I gasp and my cock lets out a few more small bursts of cum, though one does hit my face. My cheeks go bright red.

“Kalie… I… I…” My train of thought completely derails as I attempt to form words. Kalie reaches a finger down to my face and wipes off some of the cum there. She lifts it to her mouth and sucks her finger clean. A wide smile comes across her face.

“Salty. I like it,” She says with more than a hint of satisfaction in her voice. Then she leans down and starts to lick the cum from my face before moving lower towards my cock. Her tongue licks away my semen from my neck, and chest, and abdomen (holy crap I came a lot!) before she reaches the area around my cock. Unlike her I don’t shave down there. I never expected anyone to go down there so I don’t do much with it besides wash and condition it.

Undeterred by the forest around my cock her lips move to my rod itself and clean it of all left over jizz. Below that she makes sure that my balls get clean along with everything else. I can’t believe the sight before my eyes. Though the feeling of her tongue on my cock and balls felt good the sight of it killed me. Almost instantly my cock went fully flaccid. Kalie came up with a large grin on her face like she had just won a gold medal.

“Uh… Kalie?” I say staring at her. She snaps out of her euphoric state and immediately her face goes red. She looks away, as she does when she’s embarrassed.

“I… I’m sorry. I just… the sight of you cumming like that was just so, mesmerizing. I couldn’t stop watching. And your cum was so salty, I had to have more of it and…” Kalie said frantically quick before slowing down and stopping.

“Okay…” I say before a realization hits me. My dildo is still between my legs. Fuck! I need to hide it quick before she sees it. I lean up but it is too late. Kalie lifts my dildo in her hands and stares at the perverse thing. I can’t read the look on her face as her eyes scan every inch of the silicon pleasure device. Now it’s my turn to look away. My head hangs in shame as my soul goes to the gallows. The one girl I kind of might have feeling for is looking at my most… well second most perverse toy.

“Wow. This thing is…” Kalie says her face turning to a smile, “really fucking hot. I might have to borrow this to give it a try.” What? She wants to use my dildo on herself? Damn that’s kinky, I like it. “Or maybe you could use it on me?” Kalie asked turning her gaze towards me.

“Well… you would probably want me to clean it first seeing as I just used it,” I say reaching a hand out for the toy.

“No!” Kalie protests pulling the dildo away from me, “I want you to use it on me now, while it’s still warm from you.” I do not think words can explain what I feel right now. I am equal parts impressed, surprised, and turned on. Oh this girl is about to have the ride of her life.

“Well, you’re going to have to get ready first,” I say motioning to my bathroom. If I’ve seen it once I’ve seen it a thousand times. In plenty of erotic stories, porn movies, or whatever, they go straight for anal. That’s just not how you do it. There are plenty of real stories online about what happens when you decide to do anal without proper preparation. Let’s just say that it gets messy.

“Don’t worry,” Kalie says already dropping her pants, “I made sure I already took care of that. To be honest I came here hoping you would fuck me, but I guess you’ll just be doing it with something other than your cock.” My eyes go wide at her admission. She came here to ask to fuck me? If I hadn’t just blown my load I absolutely would have, but I am currently in no shape to fuck anything, not with my own cock at least. Well if she wants me to use the toy on her then I am going to make sure she never forgets this.

Kalie steps out of her pants as they hit the floor. She moves to drop her pink panties, but I stop her. I don’t have to say anything and she moves on to removing her shirt, as she does I bury my face in the large bulge of her cock. The heat and smell are amazing, she must have to jerk off quite a bit. Her cock reeks of her cum and I love it.

Her shirt drops to the floor and I lean back to watch her remove her bra. I haven’t seen her breasts before so I am a little excited. As she drops her blue bra to the floor I am left staring at her perky C cup breasts. Her pink nipples are rock hard and much larger than I expected. They get larger as they are no longer contained by her bra. When they finally stop both her nipples must be at least three inches long.

“Damn. How the hell are those things so big?” I ask in disbelief.

“I… I don’t know. It’s kind of embarrassing. They just kept growing with my breasts,” Kalie says wrapping her arms around her chest. From the tip of each nipple a clear fluid beings to leak. Strange, but I’ll investigate that later. For now this dickgirl istanbul escort bayan needs a knotted horse dildo in her ass.

“Get on the bed and lemme see that ass,” I say moving out of the way for Kalie. She does as I ask and gets on the bed. She drops to her hands and knees and points her butt at me. Slowly I reach over and start to peal down her panties. I relish the smell of her cock and taint as I move her panties down to her knees. Leaving them there I grab the bottle of lube and dildo. I waste not time putting some lube on Kalie’s asshole. When I go to stick my finger in her it slips in without any trouble.

“I… may have, um, stretched myself out a little before I came over,” Kalie admits, “Just stick that toy in me please.” Doing as the lady asks I grab the dildo and give it a fresh coat of lube. I put a little more lube on her ass and start to push the flat head of the toy into her. A cute little moan leaves her mouth as it passes her sphincter. Having heard my cue I push the dildo down to just above the knot and start to slowly fuck Kalie’s ass with it. Slow long thrusts deep inside of her. The thing is only about six inches long, but this toy is more about the width than length.

“Oh! Fuck! Please fuck me harder with that perverted toy!” Kalie requests moaning out loudly, her cock starting to get hard below her. In appreciation I give it a few loving stokes before focusing again on her ass. I start to pick up the pace fucking her ass faster with every thrust. After reaching a good speed I start to wiggle the dildo around, stretching her ass more.

“Okay now breath deep and get ready for something you’ve never felt before,” I say before slowly pushing the knot into her. Kalie takes it like a champ, though she does give out a moan that would put most porn stars to shame. Her cock leaks some cum as the knot presses against her prostate. I pull and the knot pops out of her ass with a satisfying sound. Once again I push it in earning another drip of cum from her cock.

“Faster! Please I need it!” Kalie begs of me. Not entirely sure she can take it I increase my speed, but not too much. Her cock now shoots her small jets of cum whenever the knot goes inside of her. Damn she can take it.

“Faster, faster!” Kalie moans out. Well then okay. I increase my speed until I am at the same pace that I used to fuck myself. Her cock sprays large jets of cum each time the knot goes into her. Feeling a bit sadistic I increase speed even more. Again Kalie takes it in stride. Her moans are even louder now and if I didn’t know better I would say that she were in the throws of orgasm, based on how much cum she is shooting.

“I’m CUMMING!” Kalie moans out and I lodge the knot in her ass, holding it there. Her ass twitches violently around the dildo, trying to push it out. Her cock blows a load bigger than I’ve ever seen her cum before. Shot after shot of her thick girlcock milk shoots from her cock to join the growing puddle beneath her. After what seems like three whole minutes she finally stops cumming. The pool of cum is at least a foot wide. Holy fuck, I didn’t know one person could cum so much. Kalie falls down into her own pool of cum, her legs shaking a little.

I lay down net to her, not caring that her cum is not only soaking me now, but probably going to ruing the towel on the bed along with my sheets and maybe even the mattress. The look on Kalie’s face is obvious. She is both exhausted and completely satisfied.

“Wow. I didn’t think you could take it like that,” I say wrapping my arms around the cum fountain before me, “It took me forever to get up to that kind of level, and you did it first go.”

“To be honest. It wasn’t my first time,” Kalie says in between long breaths.

“What?” My eyes go wide in disbelief. She had taken a knot before. How could such a quiet and timid little girl be so perverted?

“Yeah. It’s a long story,” Kalie says.

“That’s fine. But want to hear it at some point,” I say planting a kiss on her forehead, “Can you walk? I think you need a shower.”

I end up helping Kalie to the shower where she sits on the floor to get clean due to how weak her legs are. I go back to the bed to see what can be salvaged. Strangely there are three puddles on my bed. The first from her cock, but the second two look like they are under where her breasts were. Did she lactate when she came? That’s kinda hot. I go over and wipe up some of the liquid. Sure enough it is, what I can only guess based on taste and feel, is breast milk.

After everything that was on the bed into a trash bag and then Putting another towel on the mattress to hopefully soak up the cum that leaked onto it, Kalie wobbles out of the bathroom; her legs are still shaking from the fucking. She makes it over to me pretty well though, considering what she just went through. Her hand goes behind her and she lets out a small moan as I hear a little pop. Her cock leaks a little cum onto the floor. How the hell was there any left güngören escort after all that?

“You forgot this,” Kalie says holding out the dildo. I take it from her and help her to my desk chair. I quickly go and clean up the toy and put it away. When I come back Kalie is still sitting in the chair, looking exhausted.

Part 3:

Shortly after our romp with the dildo Kalie and I officially started dating. I was planning on properly asking her out, but surprisingly she beat me to the punch. I was caught off guard when she asked me out, not only publicly, but in front of half the damned campus. Of course most people didn’t know her secret so to them it was just a girl asking a guy out. It wasn’t until we started dating that I realized how many guys were trying to get with her. I had to smile at the thought of their faces if they saw her not so little secret.

The semester was coming to a close and classes were out for the last two weeks of December and the first two of the New Year. I was a little surprised at how long the break was, but I didn’t complain. Kalie had plans to fly home, while I… well I didn’t have anywhere to go so I planned to stay on campus for the break. I didn’t have the money to fly home, and even if I did my family was spending the holidays in Sweden with some relatives.

I lay on my bed, staring up at the celling. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for the next four weeks, though I imagine without Kalie here I will be spending a lot of time with my cock in my hand and a dildo up my ass. Strange, Kalie and I haven’t quite had sex yet. I’ve used some of my toys on her, and she’s used them on me, but we haven’t actually had sex yet. Maybe our time apart will get us both ready to go when she gets back. Klaie’s flight left yesterday. I accompanied her to the airport up until security, and waited until she took off. It has only been a day and I already miss her.

I lay down on my bed, naked, like I have the last few days. I’m getting a little worked up; just playing with myself hasn’t seemed to satisfy me. It’s odd; this isn’t my first Christmas away from home, but I would much rather be there right now than here. I slowly stroke my cock, looking on my phone at some of the nude pictures of Klaie she had sent me. She wanted me to use them to jerk off to while she was gone, and it definitely helped. The fact that the pictures were great quality and her poses were amazing was surprising but helpful in my efforts.

A knock comes at the door and I stop stroking. James isn’t here so who the hell could it be? I get off my bed and throw on a pair of jeans. The knocking comes again as I leave my room and go for the door to the dorm room itself. The RA doesn’t usually check up on me off all people, and there is only one other guy in the dorm at the moment anyway. Considering that I barely know him I doubt he’s knocking on my door.

I open the door to find one of the last people I would have expected. A tall blonde, about my height with hair that runs down to her ass stands at the door. She has a pair of huge E cup tits that look like they’re trying to escape out of her low cut shirt. Her hips are incredibly wide and her ass is huge. And her face is nice, the perfect example of conventional attractiveness. I’m pretty sure that if she wanted to be a model she would have little trouble with it.

“Dixy?” I ask raising an eyebrow, “What are you doing here?” Dixy here is Kalie’s roommate. I’ve met her a few times, and before Kalie and I were dating she tried to make more than a few moves on me.

“Hey, Ryan,” Dixy said, looking me over with hunger in her eyes, “Ooh la la. Someone’s hunky.” She stepped forward into the doorway and pressed her huge tits against my chest.

“Can I help you?” I ask looking her right in the eyes.

“Well… I figured that with Kalie gone, you might need a little help taking care of your…” She placed a hand on my crotch, “needs.”

“Just because she’s not here doesn’t mean I’m going to cheat on her,” I say holding back a small grunt as her hand starts to rub up and down on my cock, “Wait… I get it. Kalie must have asked you to try to seduce me as a test.”

“Nope, no tests,” Dixy said wrapping one of her legs around one of mine, “I just want to go for a ride on this cock of yours. I’m sure Kalie won’t mind, we share just about everything, so I figured we could share the same cock too.”

“You need to stop,” I say as I raise my hands and put them on Dixy’s shoulders. I go to push her back, but stop as her hand reaches into my jeans and grabs my balls. A wide grin settles on her face as she gives my balls a squeeze, just enough to hurt just a little.

“Now I’ve got your balls,” Dixy says pushing me back into the dorm room, “You’re going to do what I say or you’re not going to be able to make any cum for Kalie. I scowl at her as she leads me to my bedroom and pushes me onto the bed. If she didn’t have a grip on my balls I could fight back, but this was something they didn’t train us to get out of.

On the bed she drops my pants down and smiles at my cock. She pulls a pair of pink fuzzy handcuffs from her purse and cuffs my hands together at the head of the bed. With that done she takes her hands off my balls and looks over me with a devilish grin.

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