Tailgate Party

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The music cuts off and the engine stalls silent. You look at me with a look of inquiry.

“Come on.”

I grin at your puzzled look as my seatbelt whirs away and I open the truck door. You scowl slightly at my lack of explanation but open your own door too. I walk to the back of the truck and drop the tailgate. Your brow knits together with growing puzzlement as I unlatch the tunau cover and flip it back.

“What are you doing?” You finally ask as I pull out two ratchet straps and hook them to the front of the box running the long ends back to the tailgate. I turn and kiss your pouty lips through a Cheshire grin, “Come here, you.” I say with a playful nip of your lower lip. I pull you against me, kissing you deep while my hands roam along your back. My lips are hungry against yours. My tongue, searching. My hands press you firmly against me, traveling down your back to cup your ass, grinding you against me. Those hands pull you to the tailgate, its edge pressed against your thighs, my body behind you, trapping you as I run my hands through your hair, kissing the back of your neck.

“Bend over.” With growing excitement you do as I say. I tie each wrist with one end of the ratchet strap, then crank them both tight, splaying you over the bed of the truck. Your face lies against erotik film izle the cool bed liner. The straps bite into your wrists. Goose bumps of anticipation tingle along your skin as I take my place behind you.

I flip your miniskirt up onto your back and hungrily grip your curves. Gravel sprays as I drop to my knees and run my lips along your cheeks. My stubble scratches, my lips sooth, my hands grasp tight with the lust I can scarcely contain. I travel butterfly kisses along the curves of your bottom, slowly drawing closer and closer to your centre. Your breath catches as my tongue flicks your most private little ring. My tongue traces your tight little bud in circles, sending thrills up your spine making you arch and clench your fists. With growing impatience the tip of my tongue pushes inside your ass, teasing it and wetting it drawing small moans from you. My calloused hands alternate between stroking and massaging your cheeks and gripping your hips while pulling you into me. Slowly my licker sinks deeper and deeper inside your tight ring of muscle.

You whimper your disappointment as my tongue leaves you. The gravel crunches beneath my boots and you hear the tell tale sound of my buckle being released and my zipper dropping. The swollen head of my cock burns against your film izle teased sensitive little star. You breath deep in a failed attempt to calm your trembling body and sizzling nerves. A sharp gasp of surprise tears from you as my girth forces deep inside your tight ass. Forcing that tight ring of muscles to stretch around my swollen head, to accommodate every inch of my throbbing shaft. You pull tight on the straps, then let out a low deep moan and all the tension leaves you as you lower your forehead to the truck bed.

My chuckle behind you sends small thrills through you. My hands grip your hips and you whimper slightly as I pull myself nearly free, then moan low and sultry again as I push forward, nestling deep inside your naughty place. Your knees weaken and you sag against the tailgate as I begin to thrust faster, thrust deeper. My hands roam up your back to grasp your shoulders, pulling you back into each savage thrust.

Your gasps and moans fill the air as my throbbing member fills your ass. Over and over, harder and faster driving into you with reckless abandon. The assault on your ass, the pressure of the tailgate, the friction of the bed liner and the biting of the straps blurring the lines of pain and pleasure. You pull at your restraints, push back on my shaft, arch your seks filmi izle back and groan.

“Cum! Cum baby! Cum for me!” You gasp between wild thrusts. I reach between your legs and rub fast and frantic circles on your clit. “Oh fuck!” you cry, grinding desperately against my fingers, rolling my cock deep in your ass. “Oh fuck!” You cry again. I slip two fingers inside you, teasing your g-spot as my palm continues to crush your clit and my angry girth throbs in your ass, pistoning in and out. Your knees drop you, my fingers torment you as I thrust with growing urgency, pounding you into the truck, rocking it beneath us.

You pant franticly against the truck bed as your body is overwhelmed. Your eyes squeeze shut, your hands clench, your shoulders and arms tighten, your back curls, your legs shake, your toes curl and your thighs clamp as your pussy grips my fingers and your tight little asshole clamps around my enormous girth. With blinding light and a crashing wave you let out a groan of surrender as you’re swept away. I growl behind you and drive myself deep inside you one last time. You’re dimly aware of a warmth spreading inside you as you slowly come back down.

As the waves wash away I gently thrust a few more times before, growling with regret, I slowly pull myself from your tired ass, and flip your skirt back down. I release both of the ratchet straps and come around to the tailgate of the truck, lying out on the bed and pulling you up onto my chest.

“Some party.” You mumble and we both laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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