Take Me, Stud! Pt. 02


Note: sorry for my long absence! Thinking about starting a few stories so if anyone had any ideas please comment below. Also, feel free to drop a comment about what you think of this story. Thanks 🙂

All characters are 18 years old.


Jake looked down at Andrew curled up asleep in the spare bedroom. As he watched his peaceful, vulnerable face he couldn’t help but think back to what they had done yesterday. It had been one of the most exhilarating experiences of his life for sure. It wasn’t often that he got to let his kinky side out. Most girls didn’t like that kind of thing. He felt kind of guilty about poor Andrew; he must have been in a lot of pain yesterday, but he still took that cock like nothing Jake had ever seen before. Who would have thought that this nerdy little guy was such a sex maniac! And now it was time for round 2.

Jake stepped out of his boxers and his semi-erect cock sprung up to greet him. He stroked his thick member for a minute before he started lightly slapping Andrew in the face with it. Andrew woke with a start and his eyes went wide when he saw what was looming in front of his face.

“Remember what I told you last night?”

“Wh-what?” Andrew stuttered. Poor thing, Jake thought. He probably thought he was still dreaming!

“I promised you that I would teach you how to deepthroat. Remember? Now get to it”.

Andrew was wide awake now, thoughts racing through his mind. Yesterday hadn’t been some dream. Here he was in Jake’s house, wearing Jake’s clothes and Jake himself was standing right here in front of him waiting for a blowjob! He couldn’t believe it. He must have done a good job yesterday for Jake to be coming back to him now. Thank God he wasn’t disgusted or ashamed after the excitement of last night had worn off. Andrew moved forward to service him now, not wanting to disappoint.

Jake watched Andrew stretch his mouth wide open to accommodate his thick cock. Andrew sucked at licked at his cock head, coating him with saliva. He stroked the shaft with one hand as he began to move his mouth up and down on Jake’s cock. Andrew was certainly less nervous than he was yesterday, and just as ready to please. He ran his hands through Andrew’s hair and encouraged him to take more cock into his mouth. When Andrew started to gag Jake pulled out. He rolled Andrew over onto his back so that his head was dangling off the edge of the bed.

“Okay. This position should be easier for you for deepthroat. All you have to do is just lie there and keep your mouth open as wide as you can. I’ll take charge from now. Okay?” Andrew swallowed and nodded quickly, and obediently opened his mouth.

Jake crouched in front of Andrew and lined his cock up before he started to feed it slowly into Andrew’s hungry mouth. He was about half way in when Andrew started to gag.

“Just take a deep breath and concentrate on keeping your throat muscles relaxed”.

Andrew nodded and took a deep breath. Jake pushed in again and this time he entered Andrew’s throat. He could see Andrew struggling but he managed not to gag. “You’re doing great Andrew. Keep it up”.

Andrew smiled, as much as you can smile with a cock buried in your mouth. Jake pushed all the way in until his entire cock was down Andrew’s throat and his balls were resting against his face. He groaned in pleasure and began to slide in and out of his throat, picking up speed all the time until he was thrusting madly into Andrew’s skull. He gripped the sides of his head to keep him steady. Jake kept pumping until he was almost done. He pulled most of the way out so that just his cock head was still in Andrew’s mouth when he began to release his torrents of cum into him. Andrew swallowed greedily.

Jake groaned and flopped down onto the bed next to Andrew, who was panting heavily and trying to regain his breath. Andrew sat up excitedly to look at him. His face was flushed and he was grinning from ear to ear. “I didn’t spill any of your cum this time! I was good wasn’t I? I took your whole cock!”.

“You were great Andrew”, Jake replied. Andrew beamed. They made eye contact for a second and Andrew leaned down, intending to kiss him, before stopping himself. Jake surprised them both by pulling Andrew down on top of him and crushing their lips together. Andrew gasped. Jake could taste himself off Andrew’s mouth. It was intoxicating and Jake moved his tongue in to explore. This was nothing like a chaste kiss they had shared the day before, which Jake had only done to tease him. This was passionate and fierce and everything Andrew had dreamed about. Jake’s mouth moved down Andrew’s throat, sucking and nipping. He continued to move his mouth down his chest and stomach. Andrew was gasping now as Jake reached the top of his boxers… and stopped. He pulled back and frowned. “Come on”, he said. “I’ll get you some breakfast”.

Andrew watched Jake walk out of the room and sighed. He needed a minute to compose himself. He almost thought for a second that Jake was going to blow Side Escort him, but he told himself not to be ridiculous; there was no way that Jake could possibly be attracted to him. Jake just needed to fuck a lot and right now Andrew was the closest thing. Andrew got out of bed and looked for some clothes before remembering that his were downstairs. He was about to walk downstairs when he passed by an open door. He looked inside; it was Jake’s room. Andrew knew he shouldn’t but curiosity got the better of him. It was such a boy’s room. Posters of half naked women on the walls, clothes thrown around the place, a bunch of football trophies on the desk. Andrew noticed that there were straps on the bedposts and a box of 48 condoms on the bedside locker. He blushed, and couldn’t help but wonder what Jake’s parents must think of this. He quickly grabbed a plain white t-shirt off the chair and headed downstairs. He didn’t want to be caught snooping.

When he got downstairs Jake was in the kitchen frying up some bacon, sausages and other stuff for breakfast. He was still completely in the nude, much to Andrew’s amusement. He couldn’t help but stare at him. God, he had such an amazing body. Andrew’s eyes ran over his thick legs, his perfect ass, his ripped back and his broad shoulders. It took a lot of self control to stay sitting and not to go over and touch him.

Jake heard Andrew take a seat behind him as he fried up their food. His mind was stuck on that kiss upstairs. Earlier it had just been sex. It could just as easily been any girl blowing and fucking him; it didn’t really make a difference that it was Andrew. Sex was sex, that’s what he told himself. He was just flattered to have someone who obviously had such a huge crush on him, and someone who was so enthusiastic. In school on Monday things would go back to normal. He wouldn’t even notice a nerd like Andrew. That’s what he told himself. But he couldn’t deny that the last couple of days had been incredible. And that kiss… He had almost wanted to take things further. Jake pushed these thoughts to the side of his mind; the food was ready.

They ate in silence; not awkward but not comfortable either. There was tension in the air. Jake finished first. “When you’re done I’m going to fuck you in the ass.”

Andrew paused, mouth open in surprise. He didn’t know if he’d ever get over Jake’s bluntness. “No”, Andrew replied after a minute.

Jake literally froze in surprise. “What the fuck did you just say to me?”

Andrew took a deep breath. “I said no. You’re not going to ‘fuck me in the ass’. If you want to we can have sex but it’s not going to be like yesterday.” Jake was starting him straight in the eye. He hadn’t moved a muscle. Andrew took another breath and continued. “Yesterday was… well it was pretty awesome and I had an amazing time, but you really hurt me. You probably don’t realize, or maybe you do, but it was really painful. And you never even asked how I was after. So if you want to do it again you’re going to have to be nicer to me, and more gentle.”

Andrew watched Jake closely. His face was emotionless and he still hadn’t moved. Andrew started to panic. Why had he said that? He should have just let Jake have his way with him. Now Jake was going to laugh at him or throw him out of the house or hit him or – “I’m sorry”, Jake apologized.

Andrew gaped at him. He hadn’t been expecting that. “I’m sorry I hurt you. I lost control of myself a bit”, he smiled sheepishly. “I want to do you again. I’ll be gentle; it’ll be the fuck of your life. I swear.” Oh, of that Andrew had no doubt. He looked closer at Jake. Was he blushing? Andrew smiled back at him and nodded his consent.

Jake laughed and went upstairs to get a condom and the lube. Andrew’s heart swelled. He removed his borrowed t shirt and bent over the counter top, the marble cold against his chest, ready for when Jake returned. When Jake returned and saw Andrew like that he set the condom and lube down. “No”, he said. “You don’t have to bend over like some slut like that. Remember, this is for your enjoyment too.”

Jake turned Andrew around to face him. It occurred to him how fragile Andrew looked like that; pale and skinny, his shoulders hunched forward, arms crossed over his chest as if he was trying to cover up as much of his body as he could. Jake wondered if Andrew was bullied in school. He knew he certainly hadn’t done anything to him, but he was just the kind of guy that jocks would have a field day on in the changing rooms. Jake felt a surge of anger go through him, and another feeling he didn’t recognize. Andrew was staring up at him through his lashes, eyes too wide for his face. Jake put a hand on his cheek and watched as Andrew’s mouth parted in expectation. Jake had to lower his head considerably to brush his lips over Andrew’s. There was a good six or seven inches difference in height between them. In the end Jake just picked him up and sat him on the edge of the counter top.

Jake deepened the kiss Manavgat Escort and Andrew responded, ravenously opening his mouth to taste more of him, always wanting more. Their tongues mingled and explored. Andrew ran his fingers through Jake’s curly hair, marveling at the texture. Andrew sucked on Jake’s lower lip as he moved his hands down his body, removing the final piece of clothing between them. Jake broke off the kiss and stepped back. Andrew stared down at the monster that had grown in between Jake’s legs. He watched Jake rip the wrapper off the condom and roll it on to his thick cock. Of course it was size extra large. Andrew felt a twinge of jealousy as he watched; how was it fair that somebody like Jake could get the perfect face, perfect body, perfect cock and all the friend and self confidence in the world, and what did Andrew get? Andrew shook those thoughts away; he was about to get something pretty amazing in just a minute.

“Don’t bother with the condom”, Andrew demanded. “I want to feel your cum inside of me”. Jake grinned and opened the bottle of lube to spread some over his cock. He lightly pushed Andrew back onto his elbows on the counter and spread his dangling legs apart. With one lubed up finger he entered Andrew’s hole. He was still loose after the pounding he got yesterday and his finger slipped in without friction. Andrew sighed as Jake spread the lube around his opening. Jake pulled him forward by the hips and lined his dick up with his glistening hole. Jake looked him in the eye. “Are you ready?” Andrew was biting his lower lip but he nodded his head fervently. Jake grabbed onto Andrew’s hips and pushed forward with his own, the head of his cock entering him. Andrew let out a gasp and he grimaced. Jake froze. “I’m sorry. Is it hurting too much?”

“No. Keep going”, Andrew encouraged. Jake leaned forward and kissed him to distract from him pushing the next six inches into Andrew’s ass. Andrew groaned but kissed Jake back passionately. “Just give me a minute to get used to it”.

They rested their foreheads against each other for a minute until Andrew gave the all clear. Jake pulled him forward again by the hips and began to withdraw from his ass until just his bulging cock head was still in him, before pushing right back in again. When he was balls deep again Jake rolled and grated his hips up against Andrew’s. He pulled most of the way out again and pushed back in again slowly, taking all the time in the world. He never broke eye contact.

Andrew gazed up at Jake, admiring the view. He loved watching his abs flex every time he rolled his hips. Jake was being very gentle with him this time. It was still slightly uncomfortable at the start, but nothing like the pain of yesterday. This was sensual and erotic. Jake was staring at him in the eye, but it wasn’t creepy. It was the sexiest experience of his life.

Jake continued with the slow thrusting in and out. Each time he grazed that sensitive spot, sending shivers through Andrew’s body. It was amazing but he wanted more. He needed more. He stared up at Jake and said one word. “Harder”.

Jake grinned devilishly. He grabbed Andrew’s legs and rested his feet against his shoulders, giving him more access. He paused for just a second to re-adjust himself before what could only be described as pounding in and out of Andrew’s tight little hole. He leaned forward slightly to deepen the angle of penetration and it was all Andrew could do from screaming out. Every thrust rocked his body. Jake’s stamina was incredible as he kept fucking his ass at full speed, not showing any sign of slowing down.

Andrew looked down, wanting to see the Jake’s thickness pumping into him. The sight of it with amazing sensations coursing through him was enough to tip him over the edge; “I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum”, he groaned. Jake took his cock into his hand as an earth shattering orgasm rocked through him. His head rolled back as waves of euphoria surged through his body. He was dimly aware of himself screaming Jake’s name as he spewed his load out onto his stomach.

Jake gave him a minute to recover. Andrew was flopped down under him in exhaustion, his eyes narrowed in pleasure. Jake felt a surge of happiness go through him. When Andrew’s panting had slowed down a bit, Jake picked him straight up, cock still in his ass. Andrew groaned. “What are you doing?”

“I’m not finished with you yet”, Jake smirked. He walked them over to the couch and lay Andrew down on his back. Jake climbed on top, his weight resting on his elbows on either side of Andrew’s head. He started to fuck into Andrew’s ass again, no longer worrying about being gentle; this was all for Jake’s enjoyment now. He kept pumping as fast as he could. Andrew was gazing up at him with such anticipation in his face that Jake nearly came right then. Instead, he picked a spot on Andrew’s throat and bit down, sucking hard on the flesh, claiming him. Andrew moaned and his hands roamed over Jake’s back and shoulders.

Jake felt the Alanya Escort tightness in his balls; he was ready. He pressed down all his weight onto Andrew as he came in his ass. Spasms rocking his whole body as he squirted jets of cum into Andrew’s bare ass. Andrew loved the feeling of being filled up. Jake collapsed down beside him on the couch, cock still inside him. Jake’s ripped body was glistening in a fine sheen of sweat. Andrew rested his head against his chest and they cuddled for a minute, Andrew listening to Jake’s heart racing and his deep breaths. Eventually Jake’s cock had softened and slipped out of Andrew’s hole, along with a good deal of his seed.

Jake sat up and admired the hickey that had bloomed across Andrew’s throat. He smiled and leaned down to kiss it. Andrew sat up as well and looked Jake in the eye. “Jake… I never knew you were gay. I mean, are you? Because if you’re just experimenting or…”

“I never knew either, before I met you”, Jake answered simply. Some rare vulnerability showed on his face, and Andrew’s heart ached.

Andrew began to ask something, reluctant and nervous. “Jake? Could you… I mean, would you mind, like, but only if you want to… Would you..?”

“What Andrew? Just say it”.

“No. Never mind. Forget I said anything”. Jake looked at him. He was blushing furiously and he wouldn’t make eye contact. “You want me to blow you. Isn’t that it?”

Andrew blushed even more, if that was possible, and nodded meekly. “But just forget about it, you don’t have to”.

“No”, Jake said. “I want to. Stand up.” Andrew’s eyes went wide but he jumped up straight away. Jake looked him in the eye and dropped to his knees in front of him, and Andrew beamed like a kid at Christmas. Jake took Andrew’s cock in his hand, and hesitated. Never in a million years had he imagined himself in this situation before, but here he was on his knees… and he found that he wanted it. He wanted to suck Andrew’s dick.

Jake stroked him for a minute until he was completely hard. “Wait. Turn around and bend over.” Andrew looked confused for a minute but he complied. Jake took a deep breath before moving in on Andrew’s cum filled hole with his mouth. He spread his checks with his hands and his tongue probed into his ass, sucking out all the cum that he had deposited there just a few minutes ago. Andrew moaned as Jake’s tongue flicked around down there. Jake now had a mouth full of cum and he swallowed, enjoying the taste of it. He licked up all the cum that had dribbled down Andrew’s legs before turning him around.

Jake took him into his hand again and moved his lips over Andrew’s cock head. Andrew gasped and instinctively tried to push his hips forward, but Jake wouldn’t let him. Jake sucked on his head and flicked his tongue around in his mouth. Andrew was gasping. He knew that he wouldn’t last long, but he didn’t want to embarrass himself by coming too soon. He couldn’t watch what Jake was doing or he knew he would explode. He picked a spot on the wall and concentrated on it.

Jake moved his hand from the shaft to the balls and moved his mouth down to fill the space. Andrew’s cock was a lot smaller than his and he could fit most of it in his mouth without a problem. He bobbed his head all up and down his shaft as he played with his balls in his hand. Andrew couldn’t help himself; he ran his fingers through Jake’s hair and looked down. He still couldn’t believe this was happening; gorgeous, popular Jake was on his knees in front of him and his entire cock in his mouth. “Oh god I’m gonna cum again”. When he orgasmed in Jake’s mouth his knees shook so hard he would have fallen if Jake hadn’t caught him. Jake sat him back down on the couch and looked him in the eye as he swallowed a mouth full of his cum. Andrew shivered, rushed forward and threw his arms around Jake’s shoulders.

“Oh god. I love you so much Jake. I love you. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me”, Andrew was trying to hold back tears. Then he got mad at himself for being such a little sissy. “We can start dating and we can do stuff together. Maybe we could go to homecoming in a few weeks. That’d be awesome”

Jake had frozen under him. He pulled back from the embrace and looked Andrew in the eye. “Look, Andrew, this was great and all, but… it’s just a fling. It was just a weekend thing okay? I don’t need everyone knowing that I’m… you know… The guys in school, could you imagine how they’d react to that kind of thing?”

Tears were freely flowly down Andrew’s face know and was just holding back sobs. “No no. You love me too Jake. I know you do. We -“

Jake cut him off. “No Andrew. There is no ‘we’. Pack your stuff up. I’ll give you a ride home. Your parents are probably worried sick about you.”

The car journey home was silent, apart from the sound of Andrew’s ragged breathing. They were approaching his house when Jake started to wonder if he’d made a mistake. He was confused… It was an incredible experience, but is that what he really wanted? He looked over at Andrew, who was staring forward and refusing to look back at him. “Andrew…” he began, but Andrew cut him off. They were at his house now. Just before he got out of the car, Jake leaned across and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Goodbye Andrew”.

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