I have to thank my friend Michael who encouraged me to write this… This one is for you.


I woke in the morning to a warm bed, me being tightly wrapped in the covers. To be truthful, the warmth I was feeling wasn’t mainly from the think cotton comforter I was in; it came from the body of the man that lay beside me. As I stretched my body out working out the kinks, I felt him stir and his arm came over me, slid under the comforter and two fingers slide up and tweaked my nipple which immediately got hard under his touch. He pulled the sheet down and rolled me, exposing his two nipples to the air as they were his, no longer mine, as his hand began their game again.

His mouth descended and he began to flick the tip of his tongue over the right nipple as his other arm came around and he began to palm the left breast and roll the nipple with his fingers.

In my impatience, I pulled him over, completely on top of me and shifted my behind down trying to get what I know was there for me; his dick. He squeezed my breast tightly and nipped my nipple and switched breasts. The cool air of the morning made my nipples stand even more to attention. His hand left my breast and slid their way down my body, to my pussy and he rubbed his fingers over and around my clit, gathering my wet slick cream to make his job easier.

Switching breast again he continued to suck, flicking his tongue around and around and then using his lips and teeth to nip and tug on my nipples as his fingers continues to circle and flick on my clit, he shifted suddenly and slid down my body; took his hands and lifted my legs up and back to present my pussy to the open air and to his face.

Bracing my legs with one arm, he uses his other to take his fingers to spread my pussy open as his tongue descended and he started to have his morning breakfast. His tongue bypassed my clit and focused on the entrance, rimming his tongue around and around. Teasing me, testing my impatience as the room began to warm, he took one of his fingers and slowly begun to sink it inside of me and curled his finger upward and began to flicker his finger up and down quickly, finding that spot and taking advantage of it. His tongue then descended on my clit and started to lick and flick up and down and left and right. Around and around while his finger kept that motion.

My pussy started to gush as I felt that pull…that rise…that tightening of my muscles that told me I was going to come, he slid out that finger and kept his tongue in place.

Shifting me at the same time as my body began to sag from the pleasure, he slid two fingers in this time and I felt the tightening get stronger and the muscle inside my leg starting to tense. My own hands came up and started to squeezed and pinch my nipples, feeling their neglect.

He started that quick jerking beylikdüzü escort motion and began to see-sawing his fingers in my cunt, never stopping his tongue from being on and around my clit.

The pressure inside start to break over me, he removed his tongue and extracted his fingers and let me body drop to the bed, looked down at me, the sun now peeking through the curtains and said

“That’s for moving. You know I like to control this…”

My mouth was open and my eyes were clenched shut but at the suddenness of his movements when my body hit the bed I opened them, I looked at him and the words from last night slipped from my lips


“Fuck me pleaseeeeee…”

“Don’t tease me like this…”

“You know I don’t like teasing”

Apparently like he was listening to my demands, or he wanted me to beg for him, he took his body and leaned over me and held his dick in his hand, looked down and began to rub the thick tip all over and around my clit … gathering all the wet and all the liquid that was trickling from me on his cock and I can hear the wet slapping sucking sounds of his dick rubbing my wet.

With his dick in hand, he began to press his head in; not entering me but pressing on me to feel the pressure and the heat and then he started rubbing again, around and around my clit, tapping the thick head on my clit and then rubbing again and then pressing in ; letting an inch sink into me.

I felt my cunt stretch and as wet as I was, I burned.

He then took it out and began to rub again. I wiggled trying to entice him to stop playing and he looked up at me, seeing my hands still on my breast pulling and twisting my nipples a little more violently than before, he smirked; knowing a tip of pain was just what I wanted.

He took his dick and sank all his inches in, right until he hit the bottom of me, the choked scream cut off as my hand flied off my breast to his legs, trying to ease him up a bit. He looks at me and says

“No… Take it all…”

and processed to grind his dick in circles, feeling him rub all inside and slowly lifts up and slides it out; just leaving the tip inside me and does it again…again.

I rise up feeling him hit my cervix, the pleasure pain radiating was intense. he slides out quickly and repositioned me, seeing that this position wasn’t giving him the true angle he wanted.

He sat up on his knees and pushed my legs over and told me to hold them. He grabs a pillow and positions it under my ass, kneels to the edge of the pillow and slides in all in one push.

I release my legs, stretching it out, trying to relieve some of the pressure of him all inside. He looks beyoğlu escort at me, pauses and says

“Baby… hold them…”

I stretch my arms up and around my legs and spread them, feeling my pussy tighten up all around his dick. I feel the pressure in me rise and I knew I wasn’t going to last long like this. He leaned over and I felt him slide a little bit further in and touch that spot that made my eyes roll.

He shifted slightly and touched that spot again and again and again until I tightened up around him and let go.

The slight scream left my mouth and I felt him swell inside me and he continued to touch that spot again and again and then he withdrew and thrust in, fucking me through my first orgasm. He shifted and started thrusting harder, each hit harder and longer than the last…

His hand came and surrounded my throat and slightly squeezed as he kept thrusting in and out deeper and deeper, his tip kissing my cervix on each thrust. Pain and intense pleasure blurring and blurring until I didn’t know which was which… the sounds of my wet sloppy pussy was in the air as trickles of sweat started to run down his chest and mine…

Huffs of air and small gargles where all the sounds coming from my throat as he continued to rip this pussy apart. As he withdrew, I tightened my walls around him and felt his dick increase his throbbing, he felt hotter and thicker and longer and harder, as he stayed in on a thrust and started to swirl and grind his dick inside.

He touched that spot and that was the end of me again. I came long around his dick in a stream of wet. All of the wet I can see in the early morning light, all above his dick, all on his dick… his dick glistening as he slightly withdrew and dug in again.

He swirled and swirled and swirled his dick in my soaking wet pussy and slightly thrust, since I was clamped down tight on him.

He pulls out and I feel my wet running down my ass and he raises his hand an smacks my bottom.


As I unclasp my hands around my rubbery legs to straighten them to move, they began violently trembling and he sees this and smiles at me the sunlight breaking through the curtain has him looking like the devil himself. I look at him and said how and he turned and said on your knees and my eyes opened; knowing that this position is murder for me, but I do as he asked.

I got on my knees in the bed, breasts flat on the mattress, ass high in the air. Back arched, legs spread and waited for him.

He gets of the bed and stands at the end behind me and did that annoying thing again, rubbing his dick all on my clit but he shifted and started to slide in and my back started to come up of the bed. His hand reached out and pushed me down as bizimkent escort he pushed in more and more…

My arm reached out trying to hold on to him but it was fruitless.

I came, just as he bottomed out in me but with some of him still left outside. He moved his hands from off my back and spread my legs some more and my back sank down a little further and my ass cocked up to take more of him fully inside.

With my ass in the air, spread out and struggling to take is dick, he nudged me; his indication he wants me to move. I braced my elbows on the bed and rocked back. Feeling for him and pushed my ass back trying to take more of him, I used my shoulders to brace myself and began fuckin him from where I was kneeled; pushing back and easing forward.

Back and forward, back and forward, moving slowly, Fighting all the time to take him, he pushed forward when I rocked back and sent bit more of him in. I gasped and reached backwards to hold him, to ease him up as this was too much of him, he took my hands in his hands and lifted my chest up; locked my arms together with one of his and began to fuck me like there was no tomorrow.

Slamming himself home, he stroked deep and fast and I came around him yet again and yet he didn’t stop. He kept up that same punishing rhythm, in out…in out… deep, hard, fast… making me feel every single inch he had to give.

His other hand, he reached around and pulled at my nipple just a tweak and slide his hand up and circled my throat, knowing that this will push me over the edge again and it did.

Orgasm number 2 or is it 3? I lost count by now because my body was in the free fall zone.

I feel his strokes getting a bit rougher and stronger yet still harder and longer at the same time and he leans coming in closer to me and dropped two kisses on my neck and said I’m going to come. He releases my throat and I say come.

He lets my arms go and I drop back down to my knees, hands braced on the bed. he pushes me over further and grabs my hips and starts to hit me hard. His stokes, I’m feeling them all and then he nudges that spot and I itched forward a bit.

Being in cue with me, he adjusts his position slightly and hits that little spot again and again and again and again and I feel the burn coming of a big one.

He rubs into that crease and then did a little grind and starts stoking me again, deep and hard and then I feel it, him starting to come and the wet intensely full feeling I get, as he settled deep.

Jerking his dick inside and that last flex that scarped that place, sent me into another orgasm, my toes bend, the scream ripped from my throat, my arms collapsing, my body trying to shield me from the intensity of it…

He began to slide his dick out and it set me off again; not as strong but hard enough.

He pulled out completely and I lay in the same position trying to gather myself. He stood and walked to the bureau in the room and looked at something on it. My mind was nowhere close to understanding what was going on. He looked back over to me and said

“Babe… it’s 630. Want to shower with me?”

And smiled wickedly, his dick starting to rise again…

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