Taking Tina for a Circle Ride

“There’s a package for you on the dining table,” shouted Tina. I was upstairs checking my emails on the computer. I finished what I needed to do and rushed down to get the package. Tina was in the lounge watching TV as usual. She seemed to spend a lot of time watching TV these days. I picked up the package. “What’s on?” I asked. “X-Factor,” she replied without looking up at me. “We’re going out,” I said, firmly. “Really,” she replied, again without looking up at me. I walked to the TV and switched it off. There was a barrage of abuse but I stood my ground. I grabbed her hand and yanked her up from the sofa. “Come upstairs with me, we’re getting you ready to go out,” I told her. She reluctantly followed me upstairs. I opened her wardrobe and looked inside. “Right,” I said as I looked at the contents. “What do we have that’s suitable.” Tina was a very slim and attractive woman. Her breasts were nicely shaped and ample for her size. She had a lovely slim figure with long, dark black hair and brown eyes. Anything she wore looked nice on her; but I always liked her in yellow. Tina had a wonderful figure-hugging dress that was coloured yellow; low cut at the back with a tie wrap around the waist. It looked amazing when she wore it with black stockings. I looked at the yellow dress hanging in the wardrobe but decided not to choose that one. Next, I grabbed her black slinky top which she always wore with black leggings. No, I thought, no leggings tonight. I looked at Tina, “strip off,” I said, “we need to find something that we can wear.” “We,“ she retorted. I smiled at her and started to contemplate her attire as she started to strip. I roughly knew what I wanted her to wear underneath, but I was struggling over the topping. I finally pulled out a nice black suspender belt with some stockings. “Here, put these on for starters,” I told her. Tina looked at me. She was naked. Actually, istanbul travesti she was fucking gorgeous and naked. The only adornment was an abstract ornament on a silver necklace that hung around her neck. It nestled nicely between her breasts. Tina slipped the suspender belt around her waist and clipped it together. She rolled the stockings over her legs and pulled them up as far as they would go. Next she clipped them into the suspenders. I reached inside the wardrobe and pulled out some black high heeled shoes. Nothing too high as I knew she would be doing some walking at least. As Tina donned the shoes I could sense a change in her, she was becoming more self-aware; more sexually charged. Her attire so far was highly erotic. She stood there semi-naked. “What knickers shall I wear?” she asked. I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye and then returned my gaze to the shelves and wardrobe. “Hang on!” I said. I rushed downstairs and grabbed her thigh-length black woollen coat from the cloak cupboard. I rushed back upstairs. “I like these knickers,” she said as I entered the room. I took the knickers and threw them back in the wardrobe. I put the coat on the bed and reached for my package. “You’re wearing these,” I told her. I unwrapped a small package and removed the box, inside were two butterfly shaped rings, both in silver. I handed them to Tina. She looked at them dumbfounded. “What are they?” she asked. “They’re called nipple huggers,” I replied. I took one of Tina’s nipples in my hand and flicked at it; it became hard in no time at all. I then took the ring and then closed it around her nipple; squeezing it tightly onto her nipple. The butterfly adornment hung nicely over her breasts. I repeated the action with the other nipple hugger. “Doesn’t it look nice?” I asked. Tina took a long breath inwards, and then nodded. “Yes,” she said, “they look lovely.” istanbul travestileri I could see she was now becoming excited. “What’s next?” she asked. I looked at her. “The coat, then that’s it.” Tina looked at me, put the coat on and did the front buttons up. You wouldn’t have known she was naked underneath. “Come on, lets go,” I told her. “Where?” she asked. “London,” I replied, “we have a tube or two to catch.” “You’re joking,” she replied, “you’re not expecting me to walk out of the door and travel to London looking like this are you!” I looked at her and smiled. “You are,” I said, “and you’re going to do whatever I say. You know how much you’ve been wanting to do something naughty; something wild and erotic. Well, the time is now!” I exclaimed. She looked at me. She didn’t know what to say. She followed me out of the house as I left. We walked to the station and caught the train into London. We got off the train at Blackfriars and I headed for the nearest bar. “After you,” I said as I motioned Tina into the bar with my hand. We stood at the bar and sipped a drink. “You must be hot in that coat,” I said, “why don’t you take it off.” The words were loud enough for the chap next to me to turn around and look; firstly at me and then at Tina. She looked at me and smiled. She then looked at the guy next to her and explained that she couldn’t take it off as she was naked underneath. He looked hard at her, and tried to look down the front of the coat to see if she was telling the truth. The coat hugged her too close for him to get a good view and so he turned back to his mates and presumably told them the story. When a seat became free at the corner of the room I rushed into it letting Tina follow me. She eventually caught up and sat down next to me. “My nipples are on fire,” she finally told me. “How’s that?” I asked. “The clamps, they’re making them stick travesti istanbul out and the constant rubbing on this woollen coat is making me so fucking excited.” “Anything else making you excited?” I asked. “No fucking knickers, and no clothes,” she replied. I nodded. I smiled at her while watching her look at the people in the room. I wanted to be inside her mind; what was she thinking right now? I placed my hand on her coat near her upper thigh. I leant into her to whisper something but slid my hand between the two buttons. My finger caught her hairless pussy and I slipped it between her lips a few times. I never said a word as I watched the look on her face. Tina clenched her muscles in her groin. I could feel her respond to my fingering. She bit her lower lip. She eventually held my hand and removed it from the coat. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Nothing,” she replied, “that bloke is watching us. He has been since we sat here.” I could see he was opposite where we were sitting. “Open your legs,” I told Tina. She looked at me as if I had said something stupid. “Open them…now!” I insisted. She looked at me again and then Tina slowly opened her thighs. She looked directly towards the guy at the bar and smiled at him. We both could see he was straining to look up her coat; from that distance though he would have been lucky to see anything. I left Tina for a while and went to the loo. When I got back Tina was chatting to the guy from her seated position. I made polite conversation with him until Tina and I eventually decided to leave. “Where are we going?” she asked. “Catching the tube to Victoria station,” I told her. It was late at night. Sometimes the tube is full and sometimes it’s empty. It’s pure luck which way it swings. We arrived at the underground and caught the circle line tube to Victoria. I deliberately rushed Tina onto the platform and the train. The train was partially full. We went past Mansion House, Canon Street, then Monument; people left and got on the train at each stop. “We’re going the wrong way,” said Tina. It had taken her a few stops to realise we had got on the eastbound rather than the westbound tube for Victoria.

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