Tales of Pleasure and Passion Ch. 01


Chapter 1 ~ In the Office

~ This is the original from one of my stories. An alternative version. Lord Augustus gives his maid a few pleasurable tips in his office. ~

[ Lord Augustus in his office looking at the designs for the new rooms and the new maid knocked on the door. ]

Lord A: Come in.

Maid: I’ve come to deliver your afternoon tea my lord.

Lord A: Ahh yes. Thank you. Just leave it there. I’ve not seen you around before.

Maid: I’ve only been here a few months and had been working in the West wing since.

Lord A: Oh. How do you like working here so far?

Maid: It has been nice my lord. I’ve even met someone special. I want to show him how much I like him, but I’m not sure if I could do it properly.

Lord A: What is it you worry about?

Maid: ~blushes ~ I’m a little embarrassed to say my lord.

Lord A: Well come on out and say it. If you don’t share then I couldn’t help you.

Maid: I’ve heard that you give tips to the staff sometimes.

Lord A: Yes, I do. Is there something you want to know about?

Maid: Well I… I would really like to show how special someone is to me in a more intimate way.

Lord A: Would you like a private lesson?

Maid: You offer private lessons my lord?

Lord A: Yes, I do. I also make sure my staff get their bonuses that’s bound to bring a smile to their faces.

Maid: I don’t know where to begin.

Lord A: Close the door and come close to me.

Maid: [ Closes door and stands next to Lord A. He unzips his pants and takes out his soft stallion. ]

Lord A: Don’t be shy. Go on. Pretend my partner is that special someone and you want to show the affection to.

Maid: [ Kneels down and starts kissing his soft stallion. ]

Lord A: Yes, that’s it. Put it all in while it’s soft. Pretend it’s a straw and you’re thirsty. Oooohh… Now lick the tip. Ahhhhh… Now slide it in and out. Ooohh… Yes, that’s it. Now move your tongue all around. Oooohh… Let me make it more tasty for you. silivri escort Would you prefer strawberry, banana, chocolate, French vanilla, peach or passion fruit?

Maid: I love peaches.

Lord A: [ Opens his desk drawer and looks for a peach flavored condom to put on. ]

Now you can indulge yourself a little more. Go ahead. Show me what you can do with those lush lips and tongue of yours. Don’t hold back. Make use of your private lesson.

Maid: [ She indulges on his thick stallion kissing, licking, sliding and showing how much she enjoys it with her moaning. ]

Lord A: Oooooh… Yes, that’s the spot. Ooooohh… Don’t stop. OOOOHH… Hold on to it.

[ Right before he relieves himself, he has both hands on her head to hold in place as he slides in and out at the half way length. He then releases and holds her head in place and tells her to lick the tip for 20 seconds before removing himself. ]

Maid: [ Still knelt down looking slightly happy and surprised as he tries to catch his breath. ]

How did I do my lord?

Lord A: You’ve done a good job. Someone will be happy with your lips. Stand up.

[ He lifts her skirt up, slides his hand up her leg and feels the wetness of her panties. ]

You’ve must have enjoyed that.

Maid: I… I want to relieve you some more my lord. Please may I kiss your thick manhood some more?

Lord A: You’ll get your chance to do that in a moment. Right now, I want you to remove your panties, turn around and bend over my desk. Let me rub those soft cheeks and smooth legs.

[ She does as he instructed and began to rub his hands on her cheeks, squeezing them and making her blush. He pulls something slender from his desk and inserts it in between her dripping spot. He slides it in and out making her more aroused and anxious to kiss his stallion some more. ]

Maid: My lord. Oooohh… Please. Ooooohh… Let me kiss your lovely stallion. I like how strong it can be. Please merter escort my lord. Oooooh…

Lord A: [ He sticks 6 inches in leaving 2 inches out and then changes a new condom. ]

I want you to kneel down with your legs apart holding onto that without it sliding out as you kiss my stallion.

Maid: Yes my lord. Anything to see your stallion in relief. It makes me happy to know I can relieve a lord of this palace.

Lord A: Ooooohh… Don’t hesitate to come for private lessons. I try to make time for my staff so that they’ll be happy working here. Ahhh… Ooooohh…

[ Reaches down to make sure only 2 inches was sticking out. Feels that it’s not and pushes back in place. ]

Hold on to that and keep it there.

Maid: Yes my lord. Why do I need to hold on to that?

Lord A: You need to practice holding in place. Build those muscles so that you can hold on tight to the stallions. They enjoy being in tight places. Oooooohh… Now get on my desk with your legs part.

[ He removes the soaking wet tool from her delicate flower and proceeds to thrust his hard stallion into her. ]

Maid: ~ Screaaams ~ My lord. ~ Moans ~

Lord A: Now you shall buck for my relief.

Maid: I don’t know how to do that my lord.

Lord A: You’ll learn how to. Bring those hips up. Yes. Now down. Up. Down. Up. Good. Keep doing that slow and steady. Yes. Oooohh…

Maid: ~Moans ~ I want to be relieved my lord.

Lord A: You’ll get your relief. But you’ll hold back until I allow you to be relieved. If you don’t, you’ll be punished for that.

Maid: [ She continues bucking and holding back her relief. She didn’t want to risk being punished. ]

Lord A: Yes. Ooooohh… Faster. Yes, that’s it. Oooooohh… I hope that special someone enjoys your moans and whimpering as much as I do. Ooooohh… Faster. Ooooohh…

[ He grabs onto her hips and pushes for his relief and then stays in her. They both breathe heavily. ]

Maid: mecidiyeköy escort Please my lord. I want relief.

Lord A: My relief is your relief. I want you to practice holding tightly to my stallion, let go and hold and let go until I tell you to stop. Yes, that’s it. Good.

[ He rubs his hands all over her body making her moan even more. He slides the slender tool in her back door. Lets it sit there for a moment and then proceeds to slide it in and out making her moan. Then he turns it on which gave her a surprise. As it vibrates, she moans and whimpers. ]

Maid: ~ Moans ~ Please stop. Stop please.

[ She couldn’t control herself. She started bucking for relief. But unable to as quickly as she wants since his stallion wasn’t fully hard yet. ]

Lord A: Your lips say stop, but it seems to me that you’re enjoying this very much.

[ He turns it off leaving the tool inside her. ]

I see that the vibration in your back door makes you more excited.

[ He slides in and out of her, but never pulling out completely. She moans with every push and pull. He grins with intrigue. ]

Maid: ~ Moans ~ Please my lord. Relief. Relief.

Lord A: Very well then. Buck for your relief.

[ She bucks wildly until she quivers and lets out a loud scream. He lifts her legs up more to open her wide making her sensation even more tense and full. He stays in letting her catch her breath before he pounded her until he was relieved. Then he pulled out. She quickly turned around, removed the condom and gave his stallion deep kisses until he couldn’t help himself and relieved in her mouth. ]

Maid: Thank you my lord. I’ve enjoyed the private lesson. I only wish you would fill my hot spot with a lot of cream.

Lord A: Maybe another time. I can’t at this time since I need to get back to my work. I’ll see to it that you get your fill of cream. You know how make a lot of cream on your own I see.

Maid: Let me clean up your desk my lord and I’ll be on my way. You leave me craving for more of your strong stallion my lord.

Lord A: Glad I can help you. You always want to leave the other one craving for more.

[ Walks away to clean himself up before enjoying his afternoon tea. ]

Maid: [ She leaves thinking of spending more time with her lordship, but also smiles knowing she can make someone special happy. ]

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