Tammy Gets Beat And Loves It


Tammy Gets Beat And Loves ItTammy jones is asked to work at the first football game of the year. Her daughter Shelly is a cheerleader and son on the team so of course she says yes to Marlene Thorn even thought she hates the woman. At 6pm Tammy gets there in a T-shirt top and shorts seeing as it’s still warm out. She is 42yrs but keep good care of herself so looks about 32 and her 34Ctits and onion ass keep the guys looking at her. Tammy works for a good friend of the family and has it made there. Her life in general is great son Steve already wanted at Texas and her daughter has one year left but already has schools watching her. Chuck her hubby a big shot for the city. So entry in the make shift stand she finds Marlene in her normal bitchy mood and has the other two women fed up as soon as they get started. Tammy takes charge and soon things are running smooth the women all happy and laughing Marlene sees people watching Tammy’s every move as her body twist and turn and bending over the counter her breast sticking out even Frank Marlene’s hubby is caught up in watching Tammy. After the game Steve ask Tammy if he can go with his friends and Sammy her daughter has a date Marlene tells the others to go that Tammy and her can handle the clean up. Not a word is spoken as the two women clean up The front door is shut and then Marlene catches Tammy between her and the wall YOUR A SLUT! türbanlı bursa escort she says to Tammy who’s head spins wandering where that came from. Staring in her eyes Marlene goes on WEARING THOSE CLOTHES AND WAVING YOUR ASS FOR ALL TO SEE WHAT A WHORE! Now this is enough and Tammy pushes her out of her way and starts to leave but Marlene grab a hand full of hair and yanks leaving Tammy on the floor. Trying to get up Marlene sets on Tammy and holds her down soon in the fighting Tammy’s top is uncovered and her great tits out Marlene twist her nipples hard and slaps her tits and face. The pain is much but the pleasure is greater and Tammy moans as her body reacts to the treatment it is given. This is a big surprise to her never has she been treated this way nor has she every been so turned on Marlene never gave up either and soon Tammy was about to come. Marlene then stopped and the effect was worst then Tammy could stand begging for more she promised whatever Marlene wanted, and was treated to more slapping twisting but then Marlene too got naked grinding her cunt in Tammy’s face making her lick her hairy smelly cunt till she orgasm. After two hours Tammy left there her clothes ripped and nipples red and bruised her face had hand marks and was red and puffy but, her panties soaked and cunt tingled. Going in the house she keep türbanlı bursa escort bayan away from hubby and went to bed in the dark room the events of the night flew there her head as her fingers dug in her twat finger fucking herself to sleep she awoke in the morning her fingers still deep in her cunt. Saturday and Sunday were normal ones waking Monday she showered and went to work at about 10am her phone rang it was Marlene who told her I’ll be at 12 for lunch. Tammy had no time to answer so she prepared herself for Marlene. Walking in to door at noon Marlene inter Tammy’s office Tammy stood saying let me get my coat but Marlene shut the door and locked it saying WE’LL STAY HERE FOR LUNCH Tammy started to speak up when Marlene’s hand slapped her face then pushed her to her knees Marlene lifted her skirt to her hairy pussy Tammy’s face shoved in as Marlene bent and cracked her hand on Tammy’s ass. As her staff came back from lunch Marlene left her office leaving tammy with tears coming down her face make-up running face smelly and red but, nipples hard panties soaking wet and panting hard. Tammy sat at her desk trying to come to grips with her new found sexual pleasure.Three weeks later Tammy again in the food stand at the game under Marlene’s watch full eyes. Two girls from the other team come over and one hits her daughter türbanlı escort bursa Tammy runs to help when the girl hits her too Tammy stops looks that the girl then drops to her knees and in front of everyone leans in pulls down the girls pants and begs to please her Tammy’s daughter and son by then watch there mom plegging to sexual please this teen girl. As a crowd gathers Tammy is pulled to her feet and walked to her car. She goes home and hubby is waiting for her yelling at her he wants to know what came over her and she said nothing. Getting madder by the moment hubby slaps her and her eyes beam bright she begs for more and straps naked. Hubby is mad but takes what’s giving to him shoving his cock in her mouth getting a blow job he hadn’t got in years fucking his wife mouth puss and even ass. Tammy had never allowed him to do these things to her in the pass but now he didn’t care what she though he was getting what he wanted.Things went like this four the next six months. Tammy was being the sexual punching bag for both hubby and Marlene and loving it all the worst they treated her the better she liked it. Sitting in the kitchen one day Sammy came in wanting to go with her friends for the weekend but Tammy says NO Sammy walks away then comes back yells MOM Tammy turns to her daughter who levels her with a slap to the face I’M GOING WITH MY FRIENDS THIS WEEKEND and looks down at her mom. Tammy’s face red and burning looks into Sammy’s eyes and in a moaning tone says OK HONEY YOU CAN GO BUT PLEASE LET ME TAKE CARE OF YOU FRIST lifting Sammy’s skirt and lowered her panties to a clean shaved twat Tammy buried her tongue deep Sammy ground her cunt in her mothers face while she dialed her friends on the phone………..

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