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Her name is JoJo, she is 35, 5 foot 7, slim but with a curvy, feminine figure, 32-24-34. Her long flowing blonde hair contrasts my porcelain fair skin and my pretty, delicate features. Her family made their fortune in the timber trade, her family is wealthy. She lives in a huge Tudor style mansion set in a sprawling garden with a swimming pool, in Austin Texas. JoJo is educated in the most exclusive boarding school and ivy league law school and she runs a successful political consulting firm in Austin. She is divorced with no children, she has had 2 previous relationships. We had met through a mutual friend at a political fund raising party, and two weeks later I called and we met for dinner. She is dressed simply, a gauzy thin, dark blue Gucci dress and matching heels. It starts innocently, with dinner and drinks. As the evening progressed and the drinks flowed, we became less inhibited and just a more intimate physically. Holding hands graduated to more daring touches of skin, she refused to go further. She had not been with a man since her last relationship. At the end of the evening, I was to drop her off at another friends gathering. JoJo is halfway out of the car when I lean over to kiss her goodnight. As soon as our lips met, she melted. My lips parted hers, and my tongue invaded the privacy of her mouth, all her friends, that gathering she was to attend, her past relationships, everything else, ceased to matter.

She is mine for the taking. I start fondling her body ruthlessly, oblivious to the fact that we are still on a public and very visible street. I reach behind and with a simple flick, unhooked her bra. JoJo gasps in horror at my audacity and skill, but she is incredibly turned on the way my fingers are ravishing her body. Her erect nipples protruding through the thin material of her expensive dress. When my other hand reaches up her dress in between her legs, she offers little resistance as I push aside her panties, relishing my caress on her very aroused and wet pussy. I slide my finger through her tightness, she gasps and squeals in pain. Her eyes are so glazed over by lust, she did not see the evil glint in my eyes, tight like ‘A virgin eh? What a surprise!’ The pain gradually turns to a numbing pleasure as I skillfully assault her g-spot. JoJo is soon thrusting her hips unconsciously, her pussy sucking at my finger. She is hungry. Maddened by lust and emboldened by alcohol, she reaches down to caress the bulge in my pants. Yes, I’m pleased to see her. At my encouragement, Sex hikayeleri she unzips me releasing my very hard cock that springs out through my briefs. Her 1.5 carat Tiffany solitaire ring glistens in the moonlight as she wraps her fingers around my thick shaft and starts stroking me. I tense up and my breathing became more rapid and shallow. I arch my back, hungrily asking for more. Oblivious to the lack of privacy, she leans over and eagerly takes me in her mouth. Tonight, she unleashed in her a unknown exhibitionist streak, she is eager to leave a good impression, she took me through her entire cock-sucking repertoire, licking my shaft, blowing feather kisses all over, taking me deep into her mouth till I reach the back of her throat. I writhed and moaned in appreciation, then I suddenly push her away, she realized that she had taken me to the very edge of a mind-blowing orgasm.

I now reach over and start pulling at her panties. It is then that JoJo realizes the extent of the trouble she is in. Here she is, a rich, cultured and very respected in the community, getting all hot and sweaty with a virtual stranger on a first date. She is, literally, going to be fucked. ” NO!” She hisses as she closes her legs, ” I’m not ready for this! This is wrong!” ” But you’re so wet…. you like it, don’t you?” is my reply as my lips descended upon hers, cutting off any further protests from her. I’m right…she is wet. JoJo tries to push me away, but as my lips ravaged hers, my hands fondled her aroused breasts, her body’s betrayal is evident. As I reach for her panties again, she can only lift her buttocks in silent cooperation. As I slide the expensive, very damp panties slowly down her thighs, all she can offer is futile resistance as to coyly press her thighs together. My sly charm against her fidelity…we both know who won.

I drove us a short distance to a motel. As we walked into the room, she feels her juices flow from her naked and very wet pussy down her inner thighs. Nobody has ever aroused her to this extent before. They say that forbidden fruit is sweetest. This is very sweet indeed. We reached the bed where I stopped. We kissed passionately again, I turned her around, and hiked up her dress, JoJo knew the inevitable is about to happen. ” Please don’t….it has been a while…and I’m so tight!” She pleads, but my hands reach in front of her dress to fondle her breasts and erect nipples, I whisper heavily behind her ear, ” But you want this, don’t you?” ” NO!” She Sikiş hikayeleri panted, but as my other hand reaches down in front between her legs to feel her pulsating wet cunt, I knew she was lying. ” Yes you do. I know you want it.” JoJo keeps silent, as my finger starts to rub her engorged clitoris, a moan escapes from her.

” You like this don’t you, divorced slut?” I tease as I slowly bend her body forward. JoJo feels my massive cock between her bare buttocks. ” Please…” She starts before I cut her off, ” Please what? You want me to fuck you don’t you, divorced slut? Say it!” My cock is sliding across her very wet and aroused crotch, teasing her mercilessly. She moans uncontrollably, her feet unconsciously inched apart, allowing me better access. Her orgasm is building, and I know it. ” You want this don’t you?” I persisted. ” Y-Yes,” She whimpers, finally relenting. ” Yes what?” I show no mercy as I slam my raging cock into the depths of her pussy, ” you want this don’t you? You like me fucking you, don’t you? SAY IT!” ” ARGGGHHH!!” She screams as her tight pussy is ripped to shreds by the forced entry of my massive cock. ” NO NO NO!!” She pants, but each ” no ” became less convincing as the inevitable happened and the pain gave way to an indescribable pleasure. ” You’re enjoying this aren’t you? Say it, you divorced slut!” I taunted as her moans became more audible.

” Yes-I-like-this-I-like-you-fucking-me!” She gasps jerking in time with the thrusting of my pelvis, my massive cock filling her up and ripping her apart with a ferocity she has never experienced. Her orgasm became uncontrollable, and finally exploded in a shuddering torrent of spasm as she came….Her mind went blank for what seems like forever, and when she regained some semblance of control, bliss sets in. She smiles in ecstasy. She didn’t know if it is the feeling of a raw cock for the first time in a long time, or the shock and shame of my forced entry, but this is the best orgasm she ever had! Here she is, a well-educated high-society girl, in a cheap motel, bent forward at the hips, tip-toeing in her Ferrangamo heels, designer dress bunched up at the waist, her long legs, bare ass and breasts exposed, being raped and fucked doggy style like a cheap whore, and inexplicably, loving every minute of it!

As we change position, she has a glimpse of my hard cock, raw and glistening with a mixture of her cunt juice and her blood. ” This man has ripped her open!” She thought to herself. The thought Erotik hikaye is, strangely, a massive turn-on. JoJo turns around hugging me, at the same time hopping up and wrapping her legs around my waist. She lowers her buttocks and there I am, hot and hard like a molten rod of tempered steel as I slide into her. She grips me with her pelvic muscles gyrating her hips wantonly, her body moving and responding in ways she never realized possible.
My thrusts became deeper and more fervent as I edged closer to my climax. JoJo tries to jump off my body but that proved impossible, I had impaled her with my member. As I slam her back onto a stone wall, I give one final thrust toward an explosive, mind blowing orgasm, filling her with my seed. ” NOOOOO!” She gasps as she realized she is unprotected, but it is too late. As she slides off my withering cock, her knees are so weak she can barely stand upright. She has been raped and fucked by this irresistible billionaire…it feels so wrong, and yet so right.

As we walk back to the car, she feels a gooey mess oozing down her thighs, a slimy mixture of my semen, her blood and vaginal secretions. I had unleashed the slut in her, yet the pleasure is mixed with a feeling of indescribable shame. Never again, she vowed to herself. Over the next few weeks, she realizes how wrong and premature that statement was. I and JoJo had sex in every possible scenario, occasion and position imaginable. I used her like a whore, not treating her with the slightest modicum of respect, calling her only when I was in Austin and I wanted sex. After every fuck session she would fill up with shame and would vow to herself that that was to be the last time, but every time I called, she would hear my voice and go weak in the knees, her pussy tingling in anticipation. She could have had other lovers, more caring, nicer men, but she refused to move on, choosing to remain my secret fuck-toy in Austin, ready at my beck and call.

At my request, she would wear the sexiest dresses, the skimpiest slips and chemises, the briefest lingerie, or nothing underneath at all. Once, in what must have been a moment of insanity, I offered to stop to buy condoms, but she stopped me, wanting to feel me in her pussy, fucking her in all my naked glory. JoJo remains, the shining and respectable pillar of upper-crust society in Austin, divorced, rich, beautiful, successful, available yet unattainable. The reality is, unknown to everyone, that she is attainable, but only by me. JoJo can have any man she wants, but she only lusts over me. I didn’t care for her and used her only for one reason, sex. Yet, for that one reason, she is willing to be used and abused, again and again, by me.

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