All day at work I’m thinking about your cock. Wondering if you would fuck me later, how you would fuck me. If I would be lucky enough to get your cock shoved into my mouth, ramming into my throat and fucking my face as if it were my cunt, just another hole to be used for your pleasure.

Sometime in the early afternoon you text me to tell me that tonight you want me to put a butt plug in my ass, nipple clamps on my nipples, and a vibrator in my cunt and drive to the store to look for something for our upcoming camping trip. This makes me dripping wet thinking about my holes being filled and I can’t wait for the day to be over.

When I finally get home I wait a little bit, wanting traffic to clear up a bit before I go out. I resist going upstairs and making myself come, you didn’t tell me to do that. You said I can come after I leave the store.

Finally, I decide, it’s time. I go upstairs and pull out the toybox. Lubing up the butt plug and my ass, I lay down and slide it into my ass. It goes in rather quickly because I’m already so turned on. I then take a photo on my phone and send it to you. I flip over and spread my legs, my clit and pussy are dying to be touched but there’s still work to be done.

You text me back, “good slut.” I pull out the nipple clamps and pinch them onto my nipples, the initial shock is painful but then it starts to feel good. I tighten them so that if pulled on they won’t come off and take another picture to send you.

“Very nice. How tight are they?” You ask. I tell you they are tight enough that if pulled on they will give my nipples and big tits some good tugs without coming off. “Wish someone would do it for me in my absence!” you text back, and so I take a video and send it to you if me tugging on the chain myself, my heavy tits being pulled up my the nipples. It feels delicious and I hope that when you get home later you will give my tits some good abuse.

“And what will you fill your cunt with?” Is your next text. I tell you Maltepe Türbanlı Escort that I’m not sure, the vibrators, as you requested that I use one, stick out too far for this purpose. I tell you that I was thinking the realistic like fleshy colored dildo I have or a vibrating egg stuck against my clit. “Ok, you pick.” You text right at the same time as I text you the message, “or both, if it will please you.”

Your immediate reply is, “Both!” So I slide the dildo into my dripping wet pussy and the fake balls shove up against my pussy lips and it feels good to have my ass filled with the plug and the dildo filling up my cunt. I then push the vibrating piece up against my clit and turn on the vibe, but have to turn it off for a bit or I’ll come right there. I take a photo, and you can see the three toys lined up along my holes. The red egglike vibrator laying against my clit, the balls of the fleshy colored dildo, and the bugg plugs end.

“Beautiful. Just how a slut should look.” You say, and I thank you. “Maybe next time I will make you wear the penis gag while you are driving. LOL!” You text, and this thought makes my cunt even wetter. I love having all three of my holes filled at once. I prefer one of them to be with your cock, but since your not here toys are good. I text you back and tell you the truth, that it’s a scary idea and a turn on at the same time. I’m afraid to tell you that, because you’ll want me to do it. And I am scared to do it. Your reply is, “You want to do that today?”

I think about it. I want to say yes, and I decide to bargain with you. “If I do will you promise to come on me later when you get home and then fuck my face after you shower?” I ask, since I asked you earlier this afternoon if you would please use me as a cumrag the minute you got home and cum all over my face and you said maybe if you felt like it, I figure this is a good way to get what I want.

“Yes,” you say, “but you must understand that I want to Maltepe Otele Gelen Escort hear or be sent an email or text telling me all about your experience.” I promise I will tell you everything and pull out the penis gag. “Ok.” You say.

“Ok, I’m ready to go!” I text you. “Good girl.” You text back. I leave the house, the toys still inside of me, my panties keeping the dildo in my cunt and the vibrator against my clit. It’s not easy to walk, I have to go slow. I hop into my car and it feels even better. The seat pushes against all the toys, shoving them into me and I move around a little so they feel good as I move. I pull out of our subdivision and then when I’m a little ways away I put the penis gag on. I really want you to cum on me, I’d do anything for that right now. My cunt is soaking sloppy wet and I snap a photo of me wearing the penis gag and send it to you.

“Good slut.” You say back. I find myself wishing we used the penis gag more often, that is of course, when I don’t get the real thing in my mouth. Maybe when you fuck me in the ass the next time you could use it on me. Or someday if you want to tease me when we’re hanging out around the house you could make me put it on, maybe with the nipple clamps.

“What a dirty fuckslut!” your text interrupts my thoughts, “People are all going to know what a dirty cock whore that you are!”

“Yeah that’s embarrassing,” is what I text you. But I love that you called me a dirty fuckslut and a dirty cock whore.

“What is, cumrag?” You ask.

“That they know that,” I say, and I have to hold myself back from coming right then because you’ve called me a cumrag and that’s what I really want to be for you tonight.

“But you like it, it makes you drip.” You say.

“Yeah I do”

A little ways before I get to Target I pull off the penis gag and when I get there and pull into a parking spot, I breathe a few big breaths to calm myself and then exit the car. With the plug in my Maltepe Ucuz Escort ass and the dildo in my cunt I have to walk slowly. They push at each other as I go and it feels so good.

Inside I look around nervously. I wonder if anybody else has noticed my funny walking, if they might guess as to the reason for it. What if somebody was near my car on the way there and they saw the gag in my mouth? Do they know I’m a filthy cockcraving cum loving whore? I grab a basket and walk slowly towards the back of the store. In the pharmacy section I grab a can of shaving gel so I can shave my cunt for you when I get home. I walk around and back to the camping section. My nipple clamps pull on my nipples and I wonder if anybody would notice the slight protrusion or if they just look like hard nipples?

I get to the camping section and I browse. I don’t know what I’m looking for, and I can’t find anything we need except a lantern and I don’t want to spend that much money on it. I think about your cock slapping me in the face later, your cum dripping down my face onto my tits. Or maybe you’ll make me lay on the floor while you stand over me and cum. I love that.

“Can I help you find anything?” A woman asks and I turn and say, “No thanks.” And turn away again. Do I look suspicious? Does she see I’m walking funny as the dildo and the butt plug move around my holes. I want to walk away, but I don’t want to act suspicious. So I stand there awhile longer while she’s doing something on the shelf then slowly I move down the aisle. She move to do something closer to me and I wonder if shes close enough to see the funny looking nipple area. I move away again, “Your not in the way don’t worry.” She says, and I smile a little and leave that aisle.

I start my way towards the front of the store. My pussy is so dripping wet as I stand in line nervously wondering if anybody knows what a cockslut I am. After I pay and walk back out to my car I get in and turn the vibrator up to high and it’s only a short matter of moments before I come.

“I came in my car like you told me to.” I text you. You ask me if I had to touch myself at all, “No!” I say.

“Great,” you say, “Sounds like you had lots of fun… being a dirty cock craving whore!”

“Yeah!” I say, and I’m smiling as I head home.

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