That Red Dress Started It…! Ch. 06



A series of stories with transgender themes which I hope will be of interest to those who like women, or would like to be a woman. Which includes me!


Part 6

Shit! I couldn’t speak, Neil was kissing me passionately again while he slid a thumb inside my panties – and started to pull them down.



“Bethany – wow!”

It was Helena. Probably my saviour, if she hadn’t leaned out of the door and seen us just round the corner at that moment I’m not sure what would have happened. But she did. Hurrah for Helena, again. But it was what she said which surprised me.

“Er – Bethany, oh hi Neil. I thought you might like to come in for the midnight hour, we’re nearly there.”

“Ooh yes, come on darling” I said grabbing the hand which had been about to invade my panties. “Let’s go in for the bells and so on”.

And in front of Helena, very proudly, I walked hand-in-hand with ‘my man’. I smiled at her really arrogantly as if to say ‘look what I’ve got, isn’t he gorgeous’.

“Oh Neil, your wife has just arrived.”

Wife? I looked at Helena, who had a look of combined pleasure, and pity, on her face. She was right. In my eagerness to show her I could be as good a woman as her – I had failed. Of course I couldn’t begin to match her, she was genuinely gorgeous and very experienced. Me? I was new to this and all my visible attractions were fake. And I had come very close indeed to being found out which could have ruined an awful lot of things. And even more, the guy I had chosen to try my feminine wiles on, the man who was supposed to be the ‘test tube’ I was going to experiment on, he was married.

I hardly looked at him. He rushed past me and tried to push in past Helena but she was in the way. He turned to me for ‘help’. Bastard! And I said as much.

“You bastard!”

He did manage to push into the kitchen and rushed into the main room.

“OK Bethany. One lesson learnt. Do your research first, be sure what you are getting yourself into. Anyway, come on in now, it’s cold out here. It’s Champagne time.”

I was getting a little too tipsy but I very quickly came to my senses. I’d had an ‘experience’ but it was over, now on with my life. I grinned at Helena and we walked in arm in arm. I was absolutely delighted when Kate from the shop I had visited came over to take my other arm.

“Ready, Bethany, it’s nearly time.”

Someone had a radio on, suddenly the talking stopped and we heard the crown shouting, the relay from Trafalgar Square.

‘TEN… NINE … “

Everyone joined in as we counted down.


Suddenly everyone huddled together, I found myself pulled and pushed and jostled. I was between two men! One I didn’t know, I found out later he was a very tall young man from the same store I’d visited in Edgbaston, apparently he’d seen me there just before Christmas.

“FIVE …. FOUR ….. THREE…..”

The closeness and huddling increased as a few stragglers pushed into the ring and joined hands. I realised the other guy was Kate’s boyfriend Lennie, and Kate was on the other side of him.


Everyone shouted as we all did the funny crossing-hands thing and sang ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and then cheered. I was ecstatic, a woman enjoying 1080 porno the party, enjoying herself. I felt Lennie let go as I was turned to face the young man. I didn’t have the chance to object, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to reach my hands round his neck and kiss him.

He was enjoying it too, I could tell. And he wasn’t that experienced at kissing girls or women, I could tell that too. So I made up for that, putting more into the embrace than perhaps I should have done. As we parted I felt myself being pulled from behind, by Lennie.

“Happy New Year Bethany” said Lennie, and he kissed me too!

But unlike the youngster I’d just been with Lennie knew what he was doing. I was maybe a bit too zealous myself, I knew that as I responded to Lennie’s advances and for the second time that night, in fact the second time within ten minutes, I felt a man’s hand slide up inside my skirt. But this time I was ready. I grabbed the hand and pulled out of the clinch, just as well really.

“Whoa Bethany, he’s mine” said Kate.

She grabbed Lennie by both hands and tugged him to her. I smiled at her.

“OK Kate, but thanks for the loan.”

We kissed each other on the cheek, then joined in the general New Year Greetings round as people moved round chatting and mainly giving quick pecks on the cheek, in some cases to total strangers. But then, that’s what parties are all about isn’t it? I ended up near Helena, we wished each other ‘Happy New Year’, I noticed she had her camera and was snapping nearly everyone in sight. Charlie moved up to her side.

I looked back at Helena, she had a strange expression on her face. Then I realised just what she was hoping I would do. Despite doing so very briefly earlier that evening I hadn’t kissed Charlie. And I realised from her expression she wanted me to, and wondered if she was giving me a bit of a licence to do so. I hesitated. Helena moved towards me.

“Come on Bethany” she whispered. “Charlie is desperate — for a snog and a grope. Make the most of this!”

I moved up to him — to Helena’s husband – and reached up to his lapels.

Charlie then realised who was facing him and what that meant. In fact he was the only man in the room who did realise he was being approached by a man, and therefore the only one with that particular problem. He just had to do it, he had to kiss me, to be seen doing so, in public, with a transvestite. He was suddenly nervous but I wasn’t. Helena wanted this to happen so I had to make it work. I moved my face up very chose to Charlie, he knew I was ‘winding him up’.

“Happy New Year, Charlie my darling” I whispered sexily.

And laid my lips on his. Gently, tenderly, and as passionately as I could. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. It was a long moment, lasting maybe fifteen seconds in all. For the first ten Charlie was reluctant but after that I think he actually enjoyed it, certainly the hand resting on my bum began to slide down onto the tops of my stockings. And I felt — against my thigh — something hard!

Charlie was smiling as we broke away.

“Thanks for that Bethany” said Helena as again she took my arm and pulled me away from the throng. “Charlie had been going on about how gorgeous you look all evening, I thought he deserved that.”

I turned back to the throng, worried. I’d 2 k porno not just pleased Charlie. I’d not just excited him. I’d aroused him! And even more than that. I enjoyed it. And, in some way I wasn’t totally sure about at the time, I wanted more!

Suddenly I found I was next to the very tall young man again, he introduced himself as ‘Darren’ rather hesitatingly. He was smiling very nervously at me. For a few seconds I wasn’t too sure what he was there for, what he was after, but then I recognised in him something from my own past.

He was interested in me. Interested, that is, in the nicely dressed ‘older woman’ who had kissed him just after the stroke of midnight. I was hesitant too, after my experience with Neil I wasn’t sure what I might be getting myself into but he did seem so sweet.

“Er- Bethany – can I get you another drink?” he asked me.

I decided to go along with him and we both headed back to the kitchen. He didn’t put too much tonic in my G-and-T, which was maybe a good thing at that time and we were both soon chatting like old friends, mainly about the shop and what it was like to work there. OK, not the most enthralling topic of conversation but a lot better than much of the rubbish discussed at parties.

He seemed very interested in my dress, just for a moment I wondered if he – no – that topic had been too much on my mind. As others came into the kitchen we moved away and towards the conservatory. THAT conservatory again. He let slip that he wasn’t really very experienced with girls, but he did rather like one of the girls at the shop, Annabel was her name. Then he told me she was there at the party.

“Well Darren why are you chatting to me? Go on, find her, make your move”

“Oh no, Bethany, I couldn’t. She’s come with another girl.”

“And do you know why, Darren? Because she probably hasn’t got a boyfriend herself right now. So, there’s a vacancy. Go for it.”

“But – heck, I wouldn’t know what to do. I’m nervous about women.”

Suddenly, quite where the thought came from I don’t know. I had no idea. But I knew had a ‘mission’. Something I felt I ought to do. I moved up close to Darren, looking round to be sure I wasn’t being too closely observed.

“Darren, I think you need to lose your nerves. You say you like this dress but I’m not too sure. I think it maybe doesn’t show enough of my cleavage. What do you think?”

Which was totally stupid thing to say really, I could hardly show more. I knew the slight impression of my ‘nipples’ could be seen just below the top of my dress. Darren just had to look, I’d just told him to. He stuttered, he was totally embarrassed.

“Er well, Bethany, I mean, it looks fine to me”.

“You mean they look fine” I joked, smiling provocatively. “Darren, have you ever touched a woman’s boobs?”

“Shit Bethany, sorry, I didn’t mean to swear. No I haven’t, sorry…”

“Darren. Stop apologising. Listen, nobody’s watching us, now’s your chance. Go on, move your hand up and lift them, I want to see how they would look in a tighter bra.”

Darren looked at me very hesitantly, then looked down at my boobs, then looked me in the eyes. His right hand moved slowly up and began to cup my right breast.

“Wow, Darren that feels good. OK now, slide it down between my boobs, just to see what they feel like. Go on, I’m waiting, 3 k porno it’s now or never.”

Again very warily Darren moved his hand, this time he did slide it down between my bulging breasts. I sighed, not so much an erotic sigh because of course I couldn’t really feel his fingers on my falsies. But just to encourage him. I shifted my weight slightly onto my right foot and then began to slide my left thigh up his leg. I knew he was totally embarrassed but I also knew he was enjoying himself. And I also knew I had to stop soon, this wasn’t fair!

“Ooh Darren, that does feel so good. Now, just one more thing. Kiss me.”

“Christ Bethany, I couldn’t”

“Oh yes you could. You did a short while ago, just after twelve. So do it again!”

I was getting just a little dominant, I wasn’t asking Darren, I was telling him. He had no choice. We kissed.

It wasn’t long and lingering, it wasn’t passionate and lust-filled but it was very nice indeed. As my rich red lips slowly worked on his I slid a hand up his thigh and slowly began to massage his swelling cock through his trousers. But then common sense came to me, this was too easy. Darren was young and inexperienced, easy prey for a so-called ‘mature woman’ who was dressed for the kill. I pulled away from him and was delighted to realise he was rather disappointed.

I whispered in his ear.

“OK Darren, now go find Annabel. Go for it!”

He looked bemused. Then he turned and headed back towards the main party room. I saw him walk without hesitation up to a young girl, presumably Annabel, who was being chatted up by another guy. He interrupted them. I turned away, smiling to myself.

By then some people were beginning to get their coats, wanting to move on, to go home to greet other family members or to head on to another party. I joined in with the leave-taking by doing my assistant-hostess act, helping Helena with coats and goodbyes and so on. By twenty-five past there were only about ten of us left, two or three older couples whose offspring were no longer at home and two of the young shop assistants who were making out in a corner of the hall. I realised one was in fact Darren, and the other was – of course it was.

‘Good on you, Darren!’ I thought to myself.

Then Helena found me again.

“OK Bethany? Having fun? You certainly seem to have been, I’ve seen you getting rather friendly with at least four men tonight including my husband! Look, I’m sorry about Neil, I should have warned you about him.”

“That’s OK Helena. My fault, I should have realised myself.”

Then I had to grin.

“But he is rather nice. Isn’t he?”

“Some of the time Bethany. But I did know Miriam was coming later after she’d been to visit her mother. Pity, it must have been getting interesting for you. I was just a little worried you might have lost control in some way. Look, there he is. Wait, though, let’s have another go.”

‘Another go?’ I thought.

I was puzzled, I didn’t know what she was on about. But when I followed her gaze, I saw Neil and Miriam coming down the hall towards us. Miriam was looking somewhat distraught, then I realised why. She had obviously spilt some wine or something on her dress and was holding it away from her body.

“Oh Miriam, dear, please let me help you, come this way, I’ve got just the stuff to deal with that in the upstairs bathroom.”

She began to lead Miriam away, then turned back to me and looked towards Neil who was standing beside me. Then she whispered to me.

“You’ve got ten minutes, honey.”

Ten minutes? For what? Hell!!!

End of Part 6

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