The 12 Naughty Days of Christmas…


It’s almost Christmas and I’m wondering what I can get you for a present this year. I’ve got the usual things, but I want something different, something original. I come up with the perfect idea, certain you will never have been given before. So I head into town and get a few things to do with your special gift.

Christmas morning comes around and you come by to exchange presents. First you give me one of mine, a small gold box with a red ribbon around it. I look at you, smiling as I slow unravel the ribbon and remove the lid. Inside is a beautiful necklace.

I lean forward, wrapping my arms around your neck I kiss you, telling you “I love it”.

We keep exchanging a few more gifts until it seems that we’re done, but you turn and say to me, “Actually, there is one more thing…” I look at you suspiciously, “I’ve got one last thing for you too, but you first”.

You hand me a bag and I take it, eyeing you suspiciously as I open it. Peering inside a big grin creeps across my face. I jump to my feet, leaning down I grab the bag, quickly kiss you and run out of the room.

Popping my head back around the door I smile at you and say “Wait right there!”

A few minutes later I come back into the room, you’re sitting on the sofa waiting for me but I don’t think you heard me come back in. Slowly I walk up behind you, drop a box on the sofa beside you. Draping my arms down your chest I start kissing your neck and ask how long you can stay for. I don’t get a reply, you just grab my arm and pull me around the sofa so I’m in front of you.

“I’ve got a whi…” You stop mid sentence and just look at me dressed in your gift — a short green elf costume, tight fitting in all the right places, a pair of stockings and a killer pair of heels. Stepping forward and straddling across your lap I ask

“As good as you expected?” you mumble a reply into my lips as press them against yours, kissing you, my hands on your chest.

Our kisses start to get harder, more passionate and I pull away from you. You reach your arms around my back and try to pull me back in but I stop you, pointing to the gift beside you.

You try and pull me towards you anyway, but I stop you saying, “No, first things first, open your present.” I stay straddled across your lap as you pick up the box beside you.

You look at me, “What’s up? You look nervous!”

“Nothing,” I reply, “I just hope that you like it.”

You start opening the box, looking up at me you see me slightly biting my lip watching you. Leaning forward you kiss me softly.

“Don’t worry baby, I’m sure I’ll love it.”

You lift three things out of the box, first, a photo album, you look inside but it’s empty. Secondly, a pack of Polaroid film, and finally a Polaroid camera.

“Err, thanks, I love it.” you say as you start putting them back in the box. My hand reaches inside the box and starts taking them out again.

“Well, actually, if you’ve got some time, I had a little idea. The album is empty you see, and I thought that we could fill it with photos, something for you to remind you of me while I’m away at Uni in term time.”

“Ahh, I see, that’s a very cute idea, come sit, turn around and I’ll take a photo of us.”

“Err, well, actually, I had a something a bit more specific in mind, like çekmeköy escort a theme almost”

“You did? What theme?”

“Well, I thought we could do different photos, each one representing one of the twelve days of Christmas” You chuckle, and lean in kissing me, “That’s a very cute idea, I like it”

“Hmm, no, I’m not a cute elf, I’m a very, very naughty elf, so I think this should be a very naughty Christmas album” I say grinning at you

“So, what did you have in mind for the first day of Christmas?” a grin sweeping across your face too. Picking up the camera, I put the film inside, leaning close to you I let my lips slowly brush against yours, getting firmer. My tongue working its way towards yours, pressing against each other, getting more and more passionate. *FLASH*

Pulling away from you I say, “That’s the first one… a fun, sexy kiss for me”

Pulling the picture out you toss it on the coffee table beside the sofa and ask, “So, what’s next naughty elf? On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me…?”

I run to my bedroom and come back with some gold tassels in my hand, “Two tasselled nipples!” I exclaim, making you chuckle. I sit beside you on the sofa, pulling off the elf top, reaching behind my back I release the hook on my bra and toss it to the floor. Handing you the tassels, I straddle back across you. You can’t resist licking and nibbling on my nipples as you attach the tassels, making me moan, as they get erect. Finally you cease the teasing and attach the tassels. Climbing off your lap, I stand in front of you, posing for the picture. *FLASH*

As I take off the tassels, you chime in saying “How about 3 AA batteries for the next one?” as you disappear to my room and come back holding a vibrator. I just grin at you as you walk towards me. Pulling my up to my feet you start kissing me again while slowly pushing my skirt down to the floor, revealing that I’m not wearing any underwear. Pushing me backwards so I fall back on to the sofa you start trailing the vibrator, which you’ve now turned on, down my body, kissing as you go. Down my neck, between my breasts, quickly over each nipple, kissing gently over my stomach until you reach the top of my legs. One quick stroke with your fingers reveals that you don’t need to get me lubricated, and in one movement you slide the vibrator into my pussy making me gasp at the force of it. Slowly you start to slide it in and out, twisting it as you do. You reach out and take my hand, bringing it towards the vibrator deep inside me. Letting me take over, you step back and just watch. My breathing is getting faster, my moans louder, you know all too well that I’m getting close… *FLASH* Startled I stop and open my eyes, almost like I’d forgotten what we were doing.

I go to continue, but you stop me. “Plenty time for that later, let’s not get distracted! What’s next then?”

Slightly sulking I stand up and take you by the hand, leading you to the bedroom. I leave you standing by the door as I walk over to my bedside table, open a drawer and take something out. Turning around to face you I say, “Four long red ribbons” I don’t need to explain to you what these are for as I climb on to the red and lay on my back. You quickly take cevizli escort off your trousers and t-shirt, feeling overdressed for the occasion all of a sudden. You walk to the bottom of the bed and climb on, working your way up until you’re kneeling, straddled over my stomach. You take one of the ribbons from my hand and take the other hand, bringing it up to the iron bedpost. You wrap the ribbon around the bedpost, and then around my wrist, pulling it gently. You look at my face, checking that it’s ok, that it’s not hurting me. Seeing a smile on my face you know it’s ok to continue, tying it slightly tighter before doing the same with the other hand.

You start to slowly kiss your way down my entire body, teasing me. Kissing over my thigh, my knee, down my calf until you reach my ankle. Tying a ribbon around the bedpost, and then my ankle you make sure I’m secure before moving to the other moving to the other ankle and doing the same. I’m lying on the bed, completely naked, tied to the bedposts, completely at your mercy. Stepping away from the bed you pick up the camera… *FLASH*

You stand looking at me, taking in the sight before you, debating whether you’re going to untie me or not.

As if reading you mind I say, “Well, I’ve got the perfect idea for the fifth day, but you’ll have to untie first!” I can see in you’re eyes there’s still a moment of doubt, but you give in and untie me.

I lay you back on the bed and kneel between you legs, starting to rub through your boxers, feeling how hard you are. Quickly I pull of your boxers, leaving you as naked as I am and drop my head into your lap, taking your cock into my mouth, all of it. I hear your moans, and know you’re enjoying it so hate to pull away, but I do. I replace my lips with my hand, slowly stroking your shaft… *FLASH*

You lift your head, looking at me, “Fives finger fondle” I say smiling.

Pulling myself up your body, I turn around and straddle across your face. It doesn’t take long before you get what I’m doing and lift your head up to meet me. Your tongue sliding between my pussy lips, tasting how wet I am, as I lean forward and take your cock into my mouth, deep, to the back of my throat. *FLASH*

“Six..ty nine together” I wink, rolling onto my back on the bed.

You sit up, rolling over on to your knees between my legs, leaning down kissing me.

“How about seven inches of heaven??” you ask cheekily as you start to slide the tip of your cock between my pussy lips, teasing me. My moan gives you all the answer you need and you slide your hardness deep inside my cunt, slowly, getting faster, and faster. My moans getting louder and louder. *FLASH* Reluctantly you slow down and pull out of my pussy.

“Why did you stop?” I ask, confused.

“Well we’ve still got a few more shots to do, I want to save that for now”

Lying over me you start kissing my lips, my neck. I gasp loudly as I feel your hand slap against my pussy, again, and again. Your lips meet mine again as your hand slaps against my pussy, and again. I bite down gently on your lip as again you slap against my pussy, and again harder this time, and again, even harder. Kneeling up, you grab the camera. *FLASH*

“What was that?” I ask.

“Well, erenköy escort eight pussy slaps of course, and that’s one very pink, juicy pussy” you chuckle, winking at me.

You move done my body until you again find yourself kneeling between my legs. Grabbing my legs you pull me closer towards you. With your thumb you start to rub against my clit, pressing hard down against it. Curling three fingers together you slowly slide them inside me until they can go no further, making me gasp in surprise.

“One” you count aloud. Slowly sliding them out, and back in, “Two”. And again, a little faster, “Three.” Faster still, “Four.” Picking up the pace you really push them back in, “Five.” My moans are getting louder, “Six.” Your fingers moving faster, “Seven.” My breath getting shorter, “Eight.” *FLASH* “Nine.” That’s it, it’s enough to push me over the edge.

“Ohh, fuck, baby, I’m going to cum, ahhh…” Moaning loudly, almost screaming as a mind blowing orgasm ripples through my entire body, every inch of me is on fire. *FLASH* Slowly, I come back down to earth and catch my breath.

“You took two photos then, why?”

“Well, the second one was definitely ten toes a-curling!” you grin at me.

Moving further down the bed you place your head between my legs, your tongue seeking out my clit, sucking on it. Flicking the tip of your tongue over my clit is almost more than I can take after my recent orgasm.

“Ohh, it’s too much, it’s too sensitive” but you carry on anyway, counting.

“Two… three… four.” I can tell that I’m not going to win, so I just lay back and enjoy the attention you’re giving me. “Nine… Ten… Eleven…” *FLASH* “I make that, eleven luscious licks!” You exclaim, seemingly pleased with your own creativity.

Moving up my body you reach in and kiss me. I can taste myself on your lips, and on your tongue delving deeper into my mouth. Breaking the kiss I say, “Well, you know, I think there’s only one way that we can end this”

“Oh, I think you’re right” you say as you reach down and take hold of my legs, bringing them up against your chest. I take a hold of your cock and begin to stroke you, guiding you towards where I want you most. Where I can’t wait to have you. No teasing, no waiting, I want you inside me. I guide your cock to the entrance of my pussy and push myself down on to you in one big thrust, so you’re buried almost completely inside me. There’s no build up now, we’ve had enough waiting. Holding my legs against your chest you start to thrust deeper and harder inside me. Leaning in towards me, my legs between our chests, so you can kiss me, the position meaning you’re getting even deeper, hitting that spot. I can tell from your breathing that you’re getting close, so am I.

“Baby, cum for me, cum inside me. I want to feel you filling my cunt, cum for me, now! NOW!” My moaning turns in to almost screaming as I start to cum. That’s the entire signal you need and unload yourself inside my cunt. I can feel your cum filling me, my orgasm clenching my pussy around you, milking your cock of every last drop. *FLASH* You slowly thrust in and out a little more before sliding out of me.

Exhausted we both lie back on the bed, panting, trying to catch our breath. Rolling on to my side, I lean in towards your body. My leg becoming intertwined with yours, my hand stroking across your stomach.

“Well, there you have it, twelve screams of joy making our very own twelve days of Christmas” I say.

“And that was definitely the best twelve days of Christmas I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to see how you top that next year!” You say grinning, leaning in to kiss me.

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