The B-Girl Bandits


My grandmother, Barbara Benson was born in the late 1890s. By the time the depression came along, she had been married and divorces twice. She had two kids, a boy and a girl, but neither plays a part in my story. They were already out on their own. Betty Carson and Beatrice Swanson, on the other hand play a major role as they made up the “gang” that followed Barbara’s every whim.

Betty, Bea, and Babs made up the B-girl Bandits. Betty was the driver, Bea as the muscle, the mean one of the bunch, and Babs was the brains. The only picture I have of them is from 1933 and shows them standing alongside a late twenties black Ford parked on the side of a dirt road.

What is so interesting about the photo is not the pump shotgun my grandmother has resting on top of her shoulder or the .45 caliber Thomason machinegun Bea was holding, but the fact that all three are nude. All three had on hats, thigh high stockings, high heel shoes, with a cigarette dangling from their lips and nothing more. Talk about scandalous.

The black and white picture shows my grandmother’s short blonde hair on both ends but her eyebrows were jet black. Her breasts were the largest by far but full and round, high on her chest. I remember her as thin but the photo shows a more rounded, meat and potatoes figure.

Bea had dark hair on her head and dark hair on her sex. Her breasts were small but full with large dark circles under small hard nipples. She was slender with curves but had a hard no nonsense face. Her stockings on the other hand were the most feminine of the group.

Betty was the shortest of the three, with dark hair on her head and no hair on her sex. Her breasts were small like Bea’s were but they appeared more pear shaped. Her shoes also had less heel and were more suited to driving. She was also the only one who wore a watch.

Overall, they were a sexy and dangerous looking group.


“Bea, give the nice man back his watch. He’s not charging us for the pictures,” Betty said softly.

“Only because we’ve got the guns,” Bea replied as she cradled the Thompson across her body under her breasts.

Babs chuckled and looked at Bea. “Give the old man his watch back. We don’t need it. We don’t need the pictures either but they were fun to take.”

Bea frowned even deeper than normal but she reached into the front seat of the car and retrieved the old pocket watch from the seat. The old man had finished putting his equipment away in his car. As he turned around, Bea tossed him the watch saying, “Make sure those pictures get to the Post Office Box Babs gave you or I’ll come back and take a whole bunch more than that watch.”

“Be nice,” Babs said to Bea before she turned to the old man. “Thank you. We enjoyed having our pictures taken and I hope you enjoyed it also.”

The old man grinned. “Three lovely naked ladies. What’s not to like? It beats the hell out of taking baby pictures.”

“Making baby pictures would be even more fun,” Betty said with a giggle.

“Down girl,” Bea said, “You’d kill the old fart.”

“But what a way to go,” the old man said with a wink at Betty. Then he opened the door to his car and got in. “You ladies have a nice day.”

As he drove away, Betty glanced at her watch. “We’d better get a move on if we want to make that general store before they close up.”

Bea looked at Babs. “Why the general store and not the bank?”

“The bank is broke and the general store is taking land from the local farmers to cover their over priced credit debts. That doesn’t sit well with me.” Babs replied as she opened the back door of the car. “Mount up ladies, we have people to do and places to be.”

All three took a moment to put on long black dusters before they got into the car. None buttoned them up. That is what had started the picture taking session. The old man had been taking pictures of a herd of cows when the three stopped to watch. They very seldom button the dusters up unless they were in a big city.

It had started out as a joke but had not worked out that way. No one had ever given an accurate description of any of them after a robbery. The men were too busy looking at flashing body parts and the women were too embarrassed to look. It also kept a bunch of their exploits out of the papers. No one wanted to write about naked bandits. If they did, they didn’t publish it.


Dixon was a typical small town along the railroad line that ran through the area. A small local bank, the general store, a rooming house with a restaurant, a dress store, a feed store, and a blacksmith shop made up the town. Less than a hundred people lived there but it serviced three times that many farmers. The nearest sheriff’s office was fifty miles away.

Betty drove into town slowly and pulled up in front of the general store. Babs and Bea got out on the sidewalk side of the car. The dusters hid their guns as they crossed the sidewalk. Babs opened the door and Bea entered drawing the Thompson out into the open as she did atakent escort so. Babs entered, flipped the closed sign around to show closed, and moved the shotgun to the top of her shoulder as she crossed to the counter.

The man behind the counter had a shocked expression on his face but it was not at the appearance of the guns but at the way, Babs’s coat was pulled open exposing her naked body. “We’re here for the cash and for the deeds in your safe,” she said to him.

He glanced at her face and then his eyes went back to her breasts. “I, uh, don’t have any cash or deeds in the safe that I know of,” he said off handedly as his eyes dropped to her sex.

“Are you sure?” Bea asked as she leveled the machinegun in his direction.

His eyes moved to her for a second and then returned to Babs exposed body as he nodded his head. “I’m quite sure.”

“Why don’t you and I go in the back and check on that safe,” Babs said as she walked to the end of the counter.

The guy took a deep breath now that Babs’s charms were out of his sight as she walked away from him. When she rounded the end of the counter the duster was even more open than before. He groaned softly as his eyes ran up and down her lush body. “I can’t do that. My wife would kill me.”

“I can save her the trouble,” Bea said with a nasty smile.

“But I don’t own the store, my wife does. It was her fathers and I worked for him,” the man protested. “I’ve never had the combination to the safe.”

“Where is she?” Bea asked quickly.

“Uh, she has a wedding dress fitting at the dress shop next door. She owns that also,” the man blurted out quickly.

Babs paused and looked at Bea. “Looks like I need to go visiting on my own while you keep this one occupied.”

Bea nodded. “I don’t like us splitting up but….”

Babs grinned as she headed back around the counter. “Why don’t you take our friend here in the back room and tie him to a chair. You can take off your duster and let him have a good look at your charms while I go get the wife.”

Bea smiled shyly and then grinned. “You know I don’t like showing off as much as you and Betty but…. It might get to be even more fun when the wife shows up and I’m prancing around in front of hubby all nude and everything.”

As Babs went past Bea on the way to the door, she whispered, “I’d tell you to rub some on him but we better wait until we see what the wife is like.”

“A total bitch,” the man said. “Just don’t tell her I ever said that. I like my balls where they are, thank you.”

“I didn’t know you had any,” Bea said with a wink at Babs.

Babs paused at the door to tuck the shotgun under her coat before she opened it. Outside, she paused by the car to fill Betty in and then headed next door.

When she opened the dress shop door and stepped inside, she saw four women. A young one in a white wedding gown was on a raised platform. Another young one stood close by and was probably a sister. An older woman stood in front of the bride and looked enough like her to be the mother. The fourth woman was bent at the waist working on the back of the dress.

Not looking up or around the bride, the woman working on the dress said, “Have a seat, I’ll be with you in a moment.”

Babs had been holding the duster closed but as she started across the room, she left go of the opening and raised the shotgun to rest it on top of her shoulder. The duster opened up and the three women facing her had shocked looks on their faces. Babs grinned. It was an expression she was very used too.

As she reached the platform and stepped up onto it, Babs said, “I’m afraid I need all of you next door and I don’t have a lot of time.”

“What?” the woman bent over said as she straightened. Seeing Babs right in front of her, she looked confused for a second and then asked, “Who are you?”

Babs lowered the shotgun and then tapped the woman on the forehead lightly with it. “No questions–” she started to say but she had to quickly reach out and grab the woman by the front of the blouse before she fell backwards off the platform. Several button popped on the front of the blouse as she pulled the woman back upright.

“Help!” the woman yelled and Babs tapped her again. The woman did not move back this time as Babs still had a hold on her blouse but another button came undone.

The woman had a dazed look in her eyes as Babs said, “What part of shut up didn’t you understand.”

The woman’s eyes focused and then got big. “You’re… you’re that flossy….”

Babs shook her head as she tapped the woman a third time. The woman sagged and ended up on one knee. “Some people are just downright stupid,” she whispered as she let go of the woman.

The bride had moved over by her sister and the mother was behind them both. “I have no real business with you three ladies but I can’t have you running all over town so…. If you would be so kind as to escort….” Babs looked around akbatı escort at the shop owner. “What’s your name?”

The woman gave her a groggy look and said, “Doris.”

Looking back at the three women, Babs said, “If you would escort Doris here, next door, then I probably won’t have to thump her on the head again.”

The two young sisters giggled and the older woman asked, “And why should we help you?”

“Because I asked nicely and I have a shotgun,” Babs replied with a smile.

The two girls giggled again and the older woman sighed. “Yes, there is that.”

A moment later, the two young women helped Doris to her feet and they headed for the door with Babs bringing up the rear.


They entered the general store and Babs paused long enough to lock the front door. “Everyone in the back room,” she said a moment later.

Looking out the window in the front door, she got Betty’s attention. She motioned for Betty to move the car to the rear of the building. The car was moving as Babs turned back to the women going behind the counter. Doris paused near the cash register and hastily looked on the shelf under it. When she straightened up, she had a sour look on her face.

“I take it, Bea found your gun and moved it,” Babs said with a smile.

Doris just glared at her and went into the back room. A moment later, Babs heard her yell, “What the hell is going on here?”

When Bea said, “I didn’t believe he had a set of balls but I had to check for myself,” Babs actually laughed.

When she entered the back room, the man was tied to a chair with his pants and underwear down around his ankles. From the lipstick on his hard dick, it was obvious that Bea had been doing more that looking at his balls.

“You three, over against the wall,” Babs said as she grinned at Bea and shook her head.

The two young women never took their eyes off the hard dick in the man’s lap as they moved. As they reached the wall and bumped into it, the youngest one asked, “Is that lipstick on his–“

“Hush!” her mother said quickly but the older sister nodded and grinned.

“Its Angels Blush,” Bea said with a grin in the young woman’s direction.

The youngest one blushed and whispered, “That’s… that’s the color of my lipstick.”

Looking Doris in the eyes, Bea asked the young woman. “Want to add some more to it? He won’t mind in the least.” The young woman blushed even deeper than before.

Doris said, “Horace isn’t the type of man to enjoy things like that.”

Bea Looked at Doris even harder. “How would you know? You’ve never put any lipstick on him there, now have you?”

“I, uh, well….” Doris stammered and then looked away.

Bea laughed and looked at Babs. Babs took off her duster and laid it on the desk beside Bea’s duster. “You should have heard him moaning and groaning. He’d never had anything like it before. It was so obvious.”

Babs grinned and stepped over in front of Doris. “The combination to the safe is….” she said.

Doris frowned at her and said in a haughty voice, “I don’t think so.”

The barrel of the shotgun landed solidly on Doris’s forehead. Doris sagged and then went to her knees. Then she sat back hard on her heels, her eyes glazed. “That wasn’t a request,” Babs said as she took a step closer to the woman.

Doris shook her head to try to clear it as she opened her eyes. She found herself staring directly at Babs’s sex. Her eyes grew wide and she shook her head again. Then she moaned loudly and licked her lips.

Bea laughed. “I think we have a lady lover amongst us.”

Babs looked around at Bea. Bea nodded. She would be the one to know since she loved ladies when she was in a certain mood. Looking back at Doris, she asked, “Do you love ladies?” She expected absolute denial but what happen next took her by surprise.

Doris came up off her heels and knee walked forward until she could jam her face into Babs’s sex with a loud moaning groan. Babs groaned herself as a hot wet tongue attacked her slit and clit. Babs dropped her free hand and cupped the back of Doris’s head.

Bea chuckled. “I think we have a winner and it ain’t her first time either.”

Babs groaned softly and took a half step to the side. Now Doris’s tongue was working up and down her slit, from her opening to her clit. Babs pushed her hips forward and groaned even louder as the woman’s tongue zeroed in on her clit.

The woman by the wall said, “You’ve obviously brain damaged her with all those blows to the head.”

The daughter in the wedding gown laughed. “Mother, she’s fondled most of the girls in this town at one time or another. She’s always rubbing us here or caressing us there. She helps us undress and tries to get us nude. She even offered to trim up Mary Thomas’s bush for her wedding night.”

“But… but… but,” her mother stammered.

“Yes, mother, she had her hand on my naked butt several times earlier with you standing aksaray escort there right in front of me,” the daughter said with another laugh.

“I’ll… I’ll… I’ll,” the mother stammered with fire in her eyes.

Babs groaned softly. Her hips were moving with a mind of they’re own. That and the flicking tongue against her clit. She heard the conversation between mother and daughter and caught the anger in the mother’s at the end. Turning her head toward Bea, she said, “Tie the mother to another chair.”

Bea grinned as she sat another chair out beside Horace. Horace had his eyes wide as he watched his wife licking another woman’s pussy. “Now you know why you never had a blowjob before,” she whispered in his ear.

He looked around at Bea and shook his head. “And not much of anything else for that matter,” he said and then looked back at his wife.

“I think I have some rope in just your size,” Bea said to the woman by the wall. When the woman shook her head, Bea grinned a wicked grin and said, “You won’t like it if I have to come get you. Babs is the gentle one.”

The woman groaned as she thought about being hit in the head with the shotgun and what could be worse. With a second groan, she walked over and sat down in the chair. “Good choice,” Bea said as she pulled the woman’s hands around to the back of the chair, tied them together, and then ran a loop around the cross brace at the bottom.

Babs was watching Bea tie her hands and then she said between clenched teeth. “Take her bloomers off and tie an ankle to each chair leg.”

Bea looked at Babs funny and then a light dawned and she grinned. “You got it boss.”

It was a bit of a wrestling match getting the bloomers off but a slap across the face took the fight out of the woman. Her dress ended up bunched up in her lap by the time Bea got her ankles tied. That was about the time Babs came up on her toes, jammed her pussy against Doris’s face, and came long and hard.

“Get you some,” Bea said with a laugh as she watched her best friend coming. She had offered to do that same thing to Babs several times but she had never taken her up on the offers. Maybe it would be different in the future.


Several minutes later, Babs came down off her toes and took a step back. “Damn, it has been a while since I’ve came that long or that hard.”

“I’ve told you more than once, a tongue is far better than fingers,” Bea said with a grin.

“Now I believe you,” Babs said with a shivering shake.

There was a double knock at the back door. “That’ll be Betty wanting to know what’s taking so long,” Babs said as she headed that way. Doris whimpered softly but only followed her with her eyes.

As she let Betty in, Babs noticed that it was getting dark. Looking at Bea she said, “Go turn out the lights up front and shut the door when you come back.”

Looking at Betty she said, “We’ve run into a snag but we’re working on it or rather her. You might as well join the party. Put your duster over on the desk with ours.”

Betty looked around at the people in the room. She had seen the man through the front windows earlier and the others as Babs had brought them in. The woman on her knees with the wet looking face held her attention the most. As she removed her duster and put it with the others, it dawned on her why the woman’s face was wet. “Has Bea been at it again?”

Babs laughed and shook her head. “Actually, it was me.”

“I didn’t know–“

Babs cut her off. “Neither did I.

“Things do change fast in our little group,” Betty muttered to herself. It had only been the week before that she had let Bea have her way. It had been interesting to say the least but she still preferred men.

Bea returned and Babs walked over to Doris and bumped her sex against the kneeling woman’s face. “I want that combination.”

“I can’t do that. It would ruin me.”

“Do you see that woman sitting in that chair over there?” Babs asked.

Doris looked that way and nodded.

“How long do you think it would take for her to spread the word to everyone in town that you like women?”

Doris groaned and shook her head. “I’d have to leave town.”

“Give me the combination and I’ll fix it so she never says a word,” Babs whispered as she bumped her sex against the woman’s nose again.

With an even louder groan, Doris whispered, “3, 36, 22, 14.”

“Got it,” Betty said as she turned toward the big safe in the corner.

“Now, to fix your problem,” Babs said and she put her hand on Doris’s head and rubbed her sex against her face. When Doris moaned loudly, Babs smiled and whispered, “Follow me.”

Doris was on her hands and knees as she followed Babs over in front of the mother. Bea pulled the mothers skirt up over her head, revealing a very hairy bush. Babs looked at the two young women against the wall. “Come give me a hand getting Doris undressed.”

With Doris on her feet, it only took them a few minutes to get her undressed. Now she was as naked as the three bandits were. Horace moaned several times as all of his wife came into view. “She is gorgeous,” Bea whispered to him. He nodded in reply.

“Which one do you want?” Babs asked Bea.

Bea looked at the young woman in the wedding dress and licked her lips. Babs laughed and shook her head. “I meant between the mother and Doris.”

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