The Baker Place


Southeastern Ohio is as different from the rest of the state as night is from day. State and national forests widely cover the hilly, almost mountainous, terrain. It is Appalachia; part West Virginia and part Kentucky. The people are self-sufficient and wary of strangers. You’re either from there or you aren’t and it’s more than obvious when you aren’t. If your actions don’t tip it off, your accent will.

Athens, the largest city in the area, is an anomaly among the smaller villages sprinkled throughout every county. It is a college town. Not just any college. It is home to Ohio University, often cited as the ‘Best Party School in the US.’

Athens being in southeastern Ohio is like Las Vegas sprouting up in the middle of the Nevada desert.

Kristin knew about Athens very well. The twenty year old resident of Columbus made the pilgrimage down Route 33 more than once to party with friends. This trip, however, would be special. She was cycling the hundred miles with her fiancé Nate.

They had reservations at the Adams House, a bed and breakfast just outside Athens. The pictures on the internet looked appealing. Thick woods surrounded the inn and it appeared to be the only structure as far as the eye could see.

Kristin was excited as she put on her cycling shorts and jersey the morning that she and Nate were to depart Columbus. Nate was used to seeing her in the body hugging lycra outfit. But today she looked especially fine.

She was a stunning blonde with a body befitting the role of personal trainer she hoped to take on upon graduation from college. Well proportioned breasts were the highlight of an hourglass figure that oozed sensuality. Kristin was smart, fearless and inquisitive.

Nate was a little more shy. Maybe cautious was a better word. And people regularly commented on how beautiful their children would be, coming from such a gorgeous set of genes. Although not prepared to start a family yet, both were anxious to ‘practice’ for a few days in rural southeastern Ohio.

The first fifty miles of their long trek was in the relative flatness south and east of Columbus itself. But the second half of the ride was one challenging hill after another until finally reaching a bike path that led into Athens. GPS then led them to the narrow road on which the Adams House was located. As they crested one last hill, the three story mansion loomed on their left.

It had obviously been updated on the outside, although the basic frame was probably the original. The siding, roof, and chimney were all new and the wrap-around porch in the front had been added on. But Kristin loved it and embraced Nate before they entered to check in. Small bags on their bikes held what little clothing they would need and they were easily removed and transported up the solid wood steps to the couple’s second floor room.

They were accompanied by the owner, Jenny, a woman in her mid to late thirties who was attractive enough to catch the eye of twenty one year old Nate. Jenny had brown hair that was professionally styled and brown eyes that needed no other treatment. She was tall and lean and moved like an angel.

“My name’s Virginia,” she was saying, “but I go by Jenny. Can’t stand Virginia. Makes me sound old.”

Kristin and Nate recognized her Kentucky accent, although Nate the skeptic wondered how much of it was put on for ‘show.’ He paid little attention, however, as he was last in line up the stairs and had views of two magnificent asses the entire way. Then Jenny was showing them their room.

“This is one of my favorite rooms,” she said. “Very large, as you can see. The poster bed dates back to the early 1900’s and the dressers are antiques.”

“It’s perfect,” Kristin assured her. “I love the colors of the comforter and the curtains.”

Jenny made her way over to the window. “Me, too.”

She looked out and said, “Oh. One thing about this room.”

She made sure she had Kristin and Nate’s attention. “If you have the window open at night, don’t be shocked if you hear noises.”

After a pause, Nate asked, “What kind of noises?”

The look in Jenny’s eyes made it clear she was anxious to tell her story. “Well, they will sound like cries. Coming from the woods. But it’s really from the Baker place. Can you see it there between the trees on the right?”

Kristin and Nate crowded around the window and peered out. Kristin pointed and nodded. “Yeah. I see it.”

Jenny said, “It’s been almost fifty years ago now, but Esther Baker disappeared in that house one night and nobody ever saw her again. Ever since, every now and then you can hear her crying. But don’t be scared. Nobody’s ever seen her. But that place is haunted as sure as I’m standing here.”

“Who lives there now?” Nate asked.

“Nobody. Who in their right mind would buy it?” Jenny said in total seriousness.

Kristin was looking in the direction of the house in the woods with wide eyes. “I love stuff like that,” she said. “I sure hope we hear it.”

“I’m warning you. It’s weird. Really creepy,” Jenny said, shaking her head. “But close Escort bayan the window and you should be OK. This room is wonderful. And the bath is right there.”

She pointed to a door next to the dresser. Kristin only noticed Nate continuing to stare at their hostess with a lustful gaze she knew all too well.

Once Jenny left them alone and the bedroom door was closed, Kristin was quick to rebuke her fiancé. “She’s fifteen years older than you…at least. Keep your hands off.”

“Ghost stories do that to me,” he said innocently.

“You’ll be the next one missing if you keep looking at her that way.”

Nate swiftly lunged at Kristin, took her in one of his muscular arms, and tossed her onto the large bed beside himself. “What will you do? Tie me up to the posts of this bed?”

“Ooooh. Can I?” she asked in her sexiest voice.

He leaned over and covered her mouth with his lips. Their tongues met and a passionate kiss ensued. Nate’s hands wasted little time in finding the tits protected by her jersey. He found the zipper and attempted to pull it down. Kristin held the jersey in place and the zipper was finally lowered to her stomach. Still kissing, Nate slid a hand inside and began to massage Kristin’s left tit.

He flung one leg over hers and Kristin instantly felt the hardness of his erection on her hip. Nate’s hand was squeezing her tit and rolling the nipple between his fingers, causing her to moan loudly. Then he slid down her body and used both hands to separate her jersey enough to give him access to her breast. He sucked on it frantically while rolling his body on top of hers.

Kristin did not resist when he began to pull her jersey over her head. Nate tossed it aside and resumed his attack on her tits. She whimpered with pleasure the more he bit and sucked, knowing both of them would soon need the ultimate release he was building up to.

They got along so well partly because they each appreciated fast, urgent sex AND unhurried, sensual lovemaking. Right now they both wanted sex.

Nothing inspired Kristin more than the type of attention Nate was giving her tits. Her nipples were ultrasensitive and he knew it. There was no doubt in his mind that she was already soaking wet between her legs. It was time to find out.

He yanked down on her shorts and pulled them off. His own shorts he only lowered far enough to expose his rock hard cock. Kristin reached for it and he let her hold it.

“Fuck me, Nate,” she urged him. “I need you so much.”

His cock was in place at the entrance to her pussy within seconds. He pushed it forward until he started to penetrate her. Then he descended into her arms and completely entered her while they embraced.

“Ohhhh God, that’s so good.”

Nate was limited in his movements because of his shorts, but Kristin was able to wrap her legs around his waist and they stayed in that position throughout the session. Two or three minutes of thrusting and gentle rolling culminated in Kristin’s muffled cries during a prolonged orgasm. Around the start of her second one, Nate also issued a series of grunts that signaled his climax.

Afterward, they lay together on the luxurious bed, kissing and recovering in the silence of their bedroom.


“Nate, did you believe Jenny and her story about that woman?”

It was eleven thirty at night and Kristin and Nate were naked under the down comforter. Her head was on his shoulder.

“There’s an entire forest of trees out there,” Nate said. “Any wind is going to make sounds we’re not used to. There could be a loose roof shingle or a piece of siding that causes it.”

He knew Kristin wanted to believe Jenny. It just wasn’t in his nature to flat out say ‘Sure. I believe her.’ Her finger traced the area around his nipple. He could feel his body respond to her every touch.

“I’m convinced things like that happen,” Kristin confessed. “Wonder what happened to her.”

The last statement was nearly whispered. Nate was about to roll onto her when Kristin said, “Go open the window. OK?”

Nate frowned and threw aside the comforter to get up. Kristin quickly yanked it back over her and watched his naked body, including the semi-erect cock swaying in front, move to the window and complete the task. Her eyes were locked on his cock the entire trip back. When Nate attempted to pull the comforter back, she clung to it tightly and giggled at his struggles.

Nate leaped on top of her and they wrestled until his strength won the battle. He was ready to join her, his cock growing ever harder, until Kristin leaned her head up and said, “Wait! Did you hear that?”

Silence followed. Nate gave it a few seconds before he started to speak. Then they both heard it. A distant cry. Clearly it was a female. No words were audible, just sounds. A woman’s voice. Crying out in neither pain nor distress.

“You heard it, right?”

Nate nodded.

The sound returned. Louder. More urgent. Still sounding miles away but undoubtedly a human’s voice.

“God damn,” Nate whispered.

“It’s Bayan escort her. It’s Esther Baker.”

They waited several more minutes without hearing it again. Kristin sat up and said excitedly, “C’mon, Nate. We have to go over there.”

“Now?” he asked with obvious dejection.

“Yes, now. Get dressed.”

They each threw on shorts and a t-shirt with nothing underneath, headed down the steps, and out into the cool night air. Nate was more glad than ever that they had their short encounter earlier or he might have taken her right there in the woods, watching the effect of Kristin’s breasts swaying unhindered under her loose top.

It was a five minute walk to the Baker property. Even in the darkness of night, or maybe because of it, the eeriness of the old house was striking. Nate thought he had walked onto a movie set of a horror flick.

Ivy and other uncontrollable weeds climbed up the front of the massive house. Stone columns on either side of the front porch were, by far, the sturdiest looking features. The shutters, hanging at assorted angles beside each window, appeared ready to fall off. The deck of the porch had giant gaps. Looking upward, Kristin and Nate saw nothing but nooks and crannies in the once-ornate architecture of the three story home. At one corner was a cylindrical sector with a distinctly pointed top.

“Are we at Disney World?” Kristin said in a hushed tone.

“More like the Bates Motel than the Baker place,” Nate replied.

Kristin was the first to venture up the rickety steps to the front porch. She practically tip toed her way to the front door without incident. Without looking back, she turned the large metal doorknob.

It was loose, but operational. The door opened amid ominous creaks and the couple leaned forward to look into the total darkness. Kristin led the way, looking down at the hardwood floor with each step until their eyes began to adjust.

The room they entered was void of furniture except for one ancient high back seat pushed into a corner. A stone fireplace and mantel dominated the opposite wall. Paintings, most nature scenes, hung on the walls at roughly the same angles as the shutters outside.

“It’s actually not as filthy as I would expect after fifty years,” Kristin said in a whisper.

“Esther must clean it.”

Kristin scowled at Nate but didn’t comment further. She was walking towards the fireplace. Nate headed for the hallway and Kristin watched warily as he disappeared around the corner. The only sound was her feet on the squeaky wood floor when she passed in front of the fireplace and stood at one end, admiring an iron sculpture that looked amazingly clean. The artwork was of a lion’s head.

She touched it and the head tilted backward. Just when Kristin thought she had knocked it over, the wall in front of her began to open like a door, stopping when there was barely room for a person to slide through. She let go of the sculpture, which popped back into place.

Kristin looked inside the newly disclosed passageway. It was no less dark than the room she was in. Kristin took a hesitant step forward and stuck her head in, pressing one hand against the wall in case it began to move again.

She leaned halfway around the corner and saw a narrow entry that led farther into the house. A moment later, she was in the hallway.

Suddenly, the wall swung closed and Kristin screamed in fear. Before she could make another sound or move in any direction, a hand was covering her mouth and somebody was behind her.

“Don’t make another sound,” a voice close to her ear said.

The hand loosened its grip and Kristin said, “God, Nate. Don’t ever do that again.”

Kristin felt her mouth being pressed shut again and the voice said, “It’s not Nate. Now shut up.”

Kristin gasped and she thought her already pounding heart would burst from her chest. The man seemed strong and quite capable of keeping her quiet with force if he wanted to. She tried to calm down.

He said, “I’m going to let go of your mouth. If you scream it will be your last.”

She was just happy to be able to breathe normally again, but she was also aware of the man’s body pressing her harder against the wall. Particularly, she felt the bulge in his pants. Then one of his hands was sliding inside her shirt and moving up the side of her ribcage. Soon, his other hand joined the first under her shirt.

Kristin knew where the hands were headed. Yet, she still took in a deep breath when his fingers first made contact with the bottom of her breasts. He traced along the undersides before engulfing them in his large palms. She could hear his breathing in the dark, cramped space.

He kneaded the tits without hurting her in any way. This was an appreciation of her body, not an assault on it. Apparently he liked what he felt because his cock grew larger against her ass.

“Turn around,” he ordered.

Kristin was stunned to see a close-fitting hood over his face with tiny slits for his eyes and mouth. It wasn’t a Klan hood like she remembered seeing in Escort TV documentaries, but similarly plain and effective.

“Now let’s have a closer look,” he said.

The man lifted Kristin’s shirt and exposed both breasts. Once again, his hands explored every perfect inch.

“Hold the shirt up for me.”

Kristin reluctantly took hold of it and held it in place at the top of her chest. After a few seconds of playing with her nipples, the man raised the hood covering his face just enough to allow his mouth to suck on the nipples. At the same time, one of his hands slid along the beltline of her shorts and, finally, inside of them. He never took his mouth off her tit while easily finding her pussy with his hand.

Kristin gasped when two fingers began rubbing her clit. She knew he could feel the moisture building at the base of his pussy the more he explored the area. Then a finger was being inserted and Kristin rose to her tip toes to avoid it.

Just then, a piercing wail filled the air. It sounded to Kristin like the same female voice they had heard before. They heard it again and Kristin believe it came from below them.

“Ahhh,” the man said. “Esther is calling you.”

His hand was more frantically rubbing her clit and Kristin squirmed to escape him.

“She would like you. Do you want to meet her?”

Kristin’s breathing was erratic and getting more so as the man sucked on her tits and stroked her clit. She didn’t answer immediately, but the man seemed intent on using her own body against her until she did.

“Well? Do you?”

“Yes,” Kristin managed to say.

He was using one hand to open her shorts. Kristin felt them fall to the floor. Two fingers were forced inside her pussy and Kristin moaned loudly.

“Oh, yes. I KNOW she’d like you.”

Kristin struggled harder to escape but he pressed his body against her, removing his hand from her pussy and letting his cock threaten to replace it. He humped her through his pants until she was ready to scream.

“Come back tomorrow night,” he told her. “This same time. Come in the same way you did. Walk all the way down this hall and go through the door. Understand?”

She was within seconds of cumming.


He backed away. “Get dressed.”

It only took seconds for Kristin to pull her shorts up. The man pushed a button near the ceiling and the wall that gave way before opened to let Kristin back into the main room. She eagerly went through and the wall closed again.

“Nate! Nate!”

Several agonizing moments passed before Kristin’s fiancé rounded the corner.

“Where have you been?” he asked with agitation.

“In there.” Kristin pointed to the wall.


“The wall opens. We have to come back tomorrow night,” she said.


Kristin looked frightened. “We just have to.”

Nate shrugged, more than a little confused by the change in Kristin. “OK. If you insist, but I didn’t see a thing. You heard the voice, I take it.”

“Yeah. It was her. We need to come back tomorrow night,” Kristin said.

“Alright. Alright.”

The walk back was completed mostly in silence. Nate gave a few details of the second story of the Baker place, but Kristin was conspicuously quiet. She heard very little of what he said. Her mind was back in the sinister hallway.

The following day was filled with a short bike ride, some time in downtown Athens, and unwinding around the bed and breakfast. Kristin thought the evening would never arrive and then she was counting down the minutes until it was late enough to head back into the woods.

She wore a similar outfit, but with the addition of a small pair of panties. There was little doubt in her mind that at some point in the next couple hours her attire would be irrelevant.

The couple took the same path as the night before and entered the house in the same manner. Kristin led the way to the side of the fireplace and somewhat timidly pushed on the lion’s head. Nate’s eyes widened when the wall swung open with a grating sound. Kristin looked at him briefly, and then stepped into the hallway. Nate was close behind.

Kristin took in a lengthy breath and walked at a snail’s pace down the hall.

“Where the hell are we going?” Nate said in a low voice.

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

“Shhh. There’s the door,” she said.

Just ahead they could make out very faint light outlining three edges of a closed door. Kristin thought she heard a voice, but didn’t rule out her mind playing tricks on her either. She turned the knob and the door pushed open.

Kristin and Nate looked down a long, steep set of steps that ended at another door.

“C’mon,” Kristin whispered.

Multiple voices were now clearly perceptible. They were men’s voices. At the bottom of the steps, Kristin and Nate waited and listened. A female voice joined the others. The woman sounded distressed, but it was not a painful sound.

Kristin opened the door.

Nothing could have surprised Kristin and Nate more than what they saw. The huge basement was well lit, but retained its ancient atmosphere with stone walls and floor. Perhaps a dozen men stood or sat among various pieces of strange equipment. At first impression, they appeared to be about the same age as Kristin and Nate.

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