The Bakery


Since our expansion, business has been very good.  The lady that takes care of the cards has even said her sales have increased.  She said as soon as she sits down to figure out her new profits, she will increase our compensation.  Claudia and I looked at each other and smiled.  Claudia told Helen that her compensation was just fine as it was.  She was very grateful.Dave our delivery man came for his usual twenty-minute coffee break.  It was a time we enjoyed.  He asked if we could take our deliveries on a Thursday.  Not a problem for us.  Things were going well.It was on a Friday, Paul and I had just finished lunch, and my dad walked through the door.  He had his briefcase, not a casual visitor.  The briefcase meant business, or he left mom for good. “Hey Dad,” Paul said smiling.  “How are you feeling? You look great.”“Well Paul, when you are finished with what is your greatest aggravation, you look and feel better.  Unlike you, you married my baby girl, and you look better.  But I’m sure you guessed, I am here with a proposition.  We can talk here, or you can invite me over for one of Claudia’s outstanding lasagna dinners.”“Dad, you can come over anytime, but if it’s lasagna, you bring chianti.  I know you will bring the best one for the meal.  You always have.  Even Paul will share some wine with us.  He’s learning, Dad.”Paul spoke up, “Can you give us an idea of your proposition?”“Yes, I can, Paul.  It will take more work for you two, but you Sex hikayeleri will not have any monetary outlay.”Claudia and Paul looked at her dad, “What?”“Mr. Garrison is an investor.  He has looked over your Dunn and Bradstreet and is impressed.  He wants to open a flower shop in the city, downtown, and he wants you to manage it.  You will get ten percent of the gross for managing the store.  If the store has a loss, you get nothing.  You have made an impression on some influential people, and Garrison is one of them.  His wife was at Mrs. Stuff-Shirt’s garden party.  She was very impressed with your arrangements.”Claudia and Paul were looking at each other trying to ponder how much extra effort another shop would be.  They have very little time off together as it is.  And with Paul’s freelancing, there were times when they had no time together.  And who would they be able to trust the first shop with? Paul spoke first, “Baby, my freelancing covers our bills at home.  I can’t remember the last time we had to use some for the shop.  We have that in our back pocket.  We will have to hire someone.  If it’s for here, it comes out of our profit.  If it comes from the other shop, will Garrison cover the new salary?  We have a ton of shit to consider.”Claudia’s voice was shaking a bit, “I know.  I don’t want to over-extend us, financially.  I sure don’t want to overextend us.  And I’m not sure whom we could trust to run the second Sikiş hikayeleri shop.  My brain is on overload already.”“Kids, there is one very positive aspect to this I want to point out.  I know both of you will support the other no matter what.  The second thing I can tell you is Garrison is a reasonable man.  He is a shrewd businessman in the corporate world, but in a situation like this, he loves seeing entrepreneurs succeed.  If they work hard, he will do everything he can to help them win.  And admittedly, it helps his profits.”    After they closed the shop, they headed for home.  They stopped at the deli, and Paul ran in for some sandwiches.  Claudia sat in the car running things through her head.  She had wondered if Helen would be able to or even want to open up a card section in the new shop. Her head was spinning.When they got home, they ate and relaxed for a while.  Claudia showered first.  When Paul finished his shower, he found Claudia fast asleep.  He knew she was mentally exhausted.  Paul was not far behind her.The next morning it was typical.  Paul made the coffee and lunch for them, while Claudia got ready.  With the coffee and a couple of microwave breakfasts, they were out the door.  They opened the shop and started their morning chores.  It was a normal day.They sat down in the new warehouse section and continued the conversation about the offer.  Their biggest problem was whom they could get to Erotik hikaye work in one of the shops.  And if Garrison would fork out the salary for another employee.   So much, just so much to consider.  Paul went over to Claudia and knelt next to her.“Honey, one thing is for sure, there is ONE benefit a new employee will not be receiving.”She looked down at Paul with a puzzled expression.  When she caught on to what he was implying, she started to smile, then broke into a hearty laugh.  The laugh is what they both needed.  Some tension had finally been released.The day was coming to a close.  For Wednesday it was a profitable day and both were happy about the good revenue.  Claudia was closing the front of the store, and Paul was checking the cooler temperature and water levels for the flowers in the new section.“Paul, when you finish over there, there is something that you need to look at over here.”Paul came around the corner, and Claudia was lying on the table naked.  He walked up to her with a wide smile on his face.“Are you trying to seduce me?” Paul asked.“No, Baby, I am seducing you,” Claudia responded sensually.Paul undressed and got on the table next to Claudia.  He wrapped his arms around her and was kissing, but Claudia was already fondling his cock.  Her soft hand had a firm grip on him, and she was stroking him up and down.  Paul was getting harder.  He was sucking her breast and fondling her butt.  Both of them were working into a sexual frenzy.Paul rolled Claudia on her back and got between her legs.  The tip of his cock was just at her sweet vaginal lips.  Claudia looked at him and closed her eyes.  Paul was kissing her as his cock entered her waiting pussy.  Claudia moaned with pleasure.

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