The Baptist Ch. 01


The Temple Street Baptist Church was a small Church in Mastersonville. Josh Henderson had been attending the Church for several years and knew almost everyone there. He had recently suffered a very difficult divorce after his wife left him for someone she met in the Internet. Now he was alone and while he gave a good appearance he was rather resentful toward the world and had become a cynic.

“Hi, Sally,” Josh said as he walked into the Church.

“Hi, Josh,” Sally responded. Sally had been going to Temple Street Baptist just about all of her 38 years of life. Sally, her husband, Jack and Josh and his wife had been good friends. They were all shocked at what she had done.

“What’s going on?” Josh quizzed.

“Not much, I am looking for someone to go to a meeting with me. It is related to the board we are on and I hope you can go,” Sally explained.

“When is it?”

“It is two weeks from Monday and last two days. I know it is short noticed but can you go?” Sally almost begged.

“Why can’t Jack go?”

“Oh he is got to work,” she explained.

“I think I would be able to take off those days,” Josh said.

“I sure would appreciate it,” Sally said.

Josh picked Sally up at 6:00 am so they could make the 3 hour trip to Convention and attend the conference. Sally was prompt and they left on time.

During the drive Sally and Josh talked about a lot of things. They were enjoying each others company and having a good time. The conversation eventually moved to Josh’s past marital problems with his ex-wife Jan.

“You Jan had some really strange ideas but we did have a lot of fun,” Josh said.

“I always liked Jan. I could not believe all the stuff that happened.”

“Yeah, I should have known something would happen. I shouldn’t tell you but she had a few quirks but I have to admit some of them were really fun,” Josh explained.

“What do you mean?” Sally was now curious.

“Well, I don’t know exactly how to say this. She had a few different kinds of ideas about what was fun in the, you know, bedroom should I say,” Josh said.

“Oh, I see,” Sally said feeling embarrassed over the direction that the conversation had gone. However, she was still curious.

“I don’t want offend you,” Josh said noticing Sally was uncomfortable.

“Oh you’re not offending me. If you need to talk about it I understand,” Sally said trying not to sound uncomfortable.

“Well I missed a lot of things about Jan but I have to admit I miss the fun we had in the bedroom. She was quite a character and enjoyed, let’s just say she enjoyed a little spanking every now and then,” Josh said wondering what kind of reaction Sally would have. Josh had noticed that while Sally was little overweight she was pretty. She also had a nice ass and Josh had always been an ass man.

“Oh wow, she enjoyed that,” Sally said almost without thinking.

“Yeah, it really turned her on. I never really hurt her but I would spank her pretty good sometimes. It seemed she could not get enough of that sort of thing.”

“Really,” Sally could not believe this conversation. She also could not believe the faint stirring this conversation was causing deep within her. Josh was an attractive man and Sally could not help but wonder how a spanking from him might feel.

“I know I shouldn’t tell you this, but I loved it. The feel of power it gave me was a real turn on for me.” Josh could believe he was having this conversation with Sally, a good conservative Baptist who was not his wife.

“Jack and I have never done anything like that. Our bedroom life is pretty tame compared to what you are saying. Lately, Jack has not been very interested in sex. His business is rather stressful and I guess that takes it out of him.”

“Yeah, I bet there is a lot of stress in his work. Jan and I always had a pretty good sex life but I guess there was something major missing or else she would still be here. I do miss those spanking though.” Josh could not help but noticed the blush in Sally’s cheeks. He did not know if she was embarrassed or maybe a little turned on. He hoped it the later.

“I have felt a little ignored lately but I know the way Jack is,” Sally said.

“Well if you need a good spanking let me know,” Josh laughed but he was also a bit serious.

Sally blushed,” Oh I will.” She laughed a nervous laugh.

“I hope I am not upsetting you. I don’t want to offend you or anything,” Josh avcılar escort quickly added.

“Oh no you are not offending me. I just can’t believe the conversation we are having. All about spanking and bedroom and stuff.

“Yeah you can really off to weird conversations. I hope you don’t think I’m a pervert or anything. It’s just that I like experimenting around a little, just having a bit of fun,” Josh explained.

“Oh, I think I understand. I would like to experiment a little but Jack is so straight he thinks there is only one way to do,” Sally sighed.

“Jan and I found lots of ways to do it and lots of different places to do it.

“Oh really, I wish Jack was like that. If he even knew you and I were having such a conversation he would be very upset.”

“Well don’t worry I would never tell him that I had asked his wife if she needed a spanking,” Josh said and laughed. It seemed Sally was not taking any offense to this kind of talk. Josh was pleased.

“I could imagine how he would react to such a thing. Imagine, you giving me a spanking on the butt,” Sally replied and had a deep blush in her cheeks as she said it.

“Don’t worry what you and I talk about is between us. It will go no further. If you need a spanking that is between us, just call me the spanker.”

Sally laughed at this but they were now arriving at their motel.

They arranged to have room fairly close together. Sally parked the car and Josh opened the trunk. As Sally bent over the get her suitcase Josh could not help but take a good look at her ass. It seems she took a little longer than usual to get the suitcase as she bent over almost into the trunk. Her ass was displayed for Josh to see. Josh also noticed Sally was again blushing some as she rose back up.

“You’d better watch it. I might decide to give you a little spanking,” Josh said as he grabbed his suitcase. Sally knew he knew her little display was for him.

Josh helped Sally get her suitcase in her room then went to his room. After freshing up a bit and relaxing they were to go to their first meeting. Josh was in for a long day and figured much of the afternoon would be rather boring lectures. However, he wondered if maybe that evening might present some interesting activities.

As the day progressed Jack and Sally attended their meetings and some were better than others. They did not have much time to talk but sat together at the evening meal. It had been a long day and they were both ready to return to the motel to relax.

“Well, those lectures were okay I guess. I would think some of those organizing principals could help in making a better Church outreach program,” Josh said as they driving back to the motel.

“Yes, I think they could be help and Dr. Lenore was a good speaker,” Sally replied.

“Yes, he was excellent. What did you think about his remark relating to the discipline of children and whether or not spanking was a good thing to do,” Josh said using Dr. Lenore’s remark to get them back to the subject of spanking.

“Oh, I don’t know if I agree with his ideas. I think spanking is something that can be helpful at times,” Sally replied knowing Josh had specifically brought up this subject again. “Sometimes I think about the time my father spanked me and I think it did me some good.”

“Oh I bet you were a naughty little girl at times,” Josh said.

“Yes, I often got into trouble doing naughty things. I can be a naughty little girl.”

“Are you being a naughty little girl right now Sally?” Josh asked.

“What do you mean?” Sally almost whispered.

“If you are being really naughty then you might need a spanking and I am just the guy who can do it,” Josh said hoping he was not going to far.

“Oh my, I don’t know.” Sally could not believe the things she was feeling. This conversation was getting to her. She could feel her nipples pushing against her bra. She was alarmed that she could also feel wetness between her legs. Sally had not felt this way in years. It had been a long time since she had been able to totally let go but she was afraid of what might happen.

“Ok, again I don’t mean to upset you Sally. I hope you did get angry at me.”

“No, I am not angry. It is just so naughty the things that we are talking about. I have not thought about such things in a long time. It seems wrong to think about these things,” Sally ataköy escort said expressing her mixed emotions about what was happening between her and Josh.

“That is what I mean Sally. You are talking about nasty things and that is naughty. You would have to agree with me on that,” Josh said now really getting into his mind game.

“Yes, I am talking about nasty kinds of things. I would never talk to Jack about such things.”

“Why you are being a dirty little girl Sally,” Josh knew he was pushing some right buttons.

“Oh, I guess I am a dirty little girl. I feel kind of slutty talking to you about this.”

“Yes and I think when we get back to the motel you need a bit of punishment and I think a good spanking on your butt will be just the right thing,” Josh pushed his agenda forward.

“Oh, I don’t know that would really be nasty but maybe I think I need a good spanking to get me back on track.”

“Ok, it is settled. When we get to your room we will take care of it and take care of it good,” Josh said as they pulled into the parking lot of the motel.

“Ok,” Sally replied in a small voice.

“Get out of the car and come with me,” Josh said as he got out of the car.

They walked up the stairs to Sally’s room.

“Open the door you nasty little girl,” Josh said. Sally opened the door.

“I have to use the bathroom first,” Sally said.

“Okay, don’t put back on your pants. You won’t need them,” Josh commanded.

Sally shuttered a bit and went into the bathroom. When she came out she had taken off her pants and walked toward Josh in her blouse that hung down. Josh could see some of her pink panties.

“Come over to the bed and lay down on your stomach.” Josh was getting into this.

Sally slowly lay on the bed so that her butt was exposed to Josh.

Josh walked over to the bed. “Now it is time for your punishment. Tell me what you did to deserve this.”

“I talked about some nasty things with you.”


“I liked talking about those things. It made me feel good.”

“How did it make you feel?” Josh asked.

“It made my body feel tingly and turned on,” Sally said in almost a whimper.

“How did you know you were turned on? How did your body respond?”

“My breasts began to feel good.”

“How did your titties feel?” Josh said changing Sally’s words to fit what he wanted her to say.

“My titties got warm and my nipples got hard,” Sally said following Josh’s lead.

Josh reached up and whap. He slapped her on her butt cheek.

“Ahhhhhh!” Sally squealed not ready for his smack.

“What else did your body feel?” Josh continued.

“My vagina began to moisten.”

“Tell me about your pussy,” Josh said changing the words again.

“My pussy got hot and wet.”

“Is it wet now?”

“Yes, it is very wet.”

Whap! Whap! Josh gave her two good blows that were enough to begin to bring out a rose color in her butt cheeks.

“Ahhhhh,” Sally responded.

“Are you a little slut girl Sally?” Josh asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Yes, what,” Josh corrected.

“I am a dirty, nasty slut girl and I need spanking,” Sally said. Sally had never really felt this way. She was beginning to simply loose control of herself. The passion in her pussy was beyond any bounds that she had ever known. She had never in her life been this turned on. She did not care what happened as long as she could feel the way she was feeling.

Josh knew he was now in total control, at least for this evening but he guess he might be getting even more control in the future.

Josh now went to work on her butt. He did not want to bruise her but wanted to give her enough pain to take control. After 5 minutes or so of steady slaps Sally buttocks were now ripe for the picking. They both had a very deep rosy glow to them. Sally made a little squeal each time she hit her ass.

“Okay Sally now stand up for me, you little slut,” Josh ordered.

Sally slow stood up and her hands automatically moved to rub her buttocks.

“Don’t touch your ass,” Josh commanded.

Sally now stood in front of Josh with her eyes looking down at the floor.

“Take off your blouse.”

The only man that had seen Sally in her bra and panties for many years was her husband Jack. Now she was submitting to Josh and doing so in a totally humiliating manner. Sally could bahçelievler escort not believe what she was doing but could believe the sensations that this behavior was producing deep within her.

Sally removed her blouse and stood before Josh in her bra and panties.

“You could loose a little weight Sally,” Josh chuckled. “But not bad, not bad at all.”

“Take off your bra.”

Sally could not believe her actions as she reached behind her and undid the clasps allowing her bra to fall to the floor. She now stood before Josh with her breasts for all to see.

“Tell me you want me to see your titties.”

“Please look at my titties,” Sally pleaded. In some respects she was now so full of a forbidden passion she was not fully in her right mind.

“Do you like me seeing your titties?”

“Oh yes I love you seeing my titties. I’m just a filthy whore who wants to do whatever you say.” Sally could not believe these words were flowing like wine from her lips.

“My yes, you are a filthy whore but I like you anyway. Now take off those panties and let me see that pussy and tell me how much you like me seeing you.”

Sally removed her panties and said, “Oh Josh I love you seeing my naked wet pussy. It is so hot inside. I love the way it feels to stand here and let you look at my pussy and titties.”

“You know your pussy has too much hair around it. You need to shave it,” Josh said.

“I’m sorry Josh,” she answered.

Josh reached over and grabbed a couple of Sally public hairs and gave a yank.

“Ahhhhhh my God, that hurt,” Sally screamed but did not move.

“See what happens when you have all that hair on your dirty little pussy,” Josh explained in a calm tone. “Turn around.”

As Sally turned around Josh could see her still rosy cheeks. He also noticed some hair in her ass crack just below her butt hole. He reached in and again yanked the hair out.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” Sally screamed having been caught off guard.

“Too bad more hair,” Josh said. “Bend over.”

Sally bent over given Josh an unobstructed view of her pussy and her asshole. Josh began to press against the bud of Sally’s asshole.

“What are you doing?” Sally whimpered.

“You do not speak unless I tell you to,” Josh quickly countered. With that he slipped his finger down in to her cunt lips.

“Damn you are wet girl. You are leaking cum juice.” With his finger moist from Sally’s lubrication he quickly punched his finger up into Sally’s asshole.

“Ohhh my God,” Sally moaned as she felt her most private orifices penetrated by Josh’s finger. Sally had never had anyone do this to her but she could not help it. She did not only like it. She loved it.

Josh could not believe this situation. Here he was with Sally naked before him bent over so her ass was in the air and he, standing there with his finger in her asshole. Sally, the good deacon’s wife, the president of her Sunday school class was a slutty whore.

“You like my finger up your ass, Sally?”

“Oh it feels so good, I can’t help it,” Sally said almost in tears.

Josh removed his finger and began rubbing Sally’s pussy. It was obvious she liked the sensation.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm,” Sally moaned.

Whack! Josh slapped her pussy lips.

“Owwwwwwh,” Sally whimpered.

Whack! Josh began to pat her pussy lips and her clit with short small slaps.

“Owwwh, Mmmmmm, Ohhhhhh,” Sally did not seem to know what to feel when suddenly she began. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Godddddddddddddddddddd, it feels so good.” With that Sally collapsed falling across the bed. She seems to be only partial conscious. Her orgasm had almost been too much for her.

Sally was now lying with half of her on the bed and half over the side of the bed. This position left her ass and pussy as very available for anything. Josh decided now was a good time. Josh pulled out his dick and began to rub it all over Sally’s wet pussy. He pushed it in and began to fuck her pussy.

“Mmmmm, Your pussy feel excellent but I want something a little tighter,” Josh said.

Josh pulled his dick out of her pussy. It was now wet with her cunt juices but it still took some effort to force it into Sally asshole. She was tight and he began to fuck her. It did not take long before Josh emptied his full load deep into Sally bowels.

“Wow, that was some ass fuck Sally,” Josh said as he put his dick back in his pants.

Sally did not answer. This night had been too much for her. She was in a deep sleep.

Josh pulled her up in bed and put a blanket over her.

“I wonder how you will feel and react to me in the morning. Well, I guess we will see since we do have an early day,” Josh said to an unconscious Sally as he left to return to his room. Josh would have an excellent night’s sleep.

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