The Bartender


Your late and I am waiting for you in the hotel lounge. The place is empty, except for the blond bartender, and I am watching something on the TV and don’t notice you have arrived. You walk up behind me and nuzzle my ear while you cup my breast, pleased that the only thing that separates your hand from my hardening nipple is the thin silky material of my tank dress.

My lips part eagerly for your searching fingers as you deepen our kiss. It doesn’t take long for your fingers to work their magic. I am close to climaxing when your whiskered chin bares my breast to your seeking mouth. Tonguing my peak with the same circular motion that your thumb has opted to please my clit. You slide your fingers inside of me hard and fast until your mouth pulls away from my throbbing nipple to capture my cries of release.

I hide my bared breast to your chest and my face in the crook of your neck as you answer the bartenders “ahem”. He goes and locks the doors before bringing us the scotch you’ve ordered. Instead of reaching for your wallet you simply bare my other breast and thumb the peak as you offer it to him. Smiling he accepts and eagerly devours my taut nipple. I can’t hide my concern Escort bayan as I look into your eyes. You just smile as you kiss me and tell me to be a good girl and open my legs for him. Grabbing his hand, you pull it to between my legs. He needs no other urging to slide two fingers deep into me.

Taking your drink and dousing your fingers in it, you begin to suckle my other breast. Your fingers start to tease my anal opening. The juices you created earlier along with the scotch grant you easy entry into my tight little hole. I am grasping both your heads to my breasts as you both work toward my climax. Each penetrating me at a different pace.

My climax is barely over before you tell the bartender to slide his pants down. You place me straddling him, facing you. Gliding my dress over my head, you lower me onto his hard staff. Refilling your drink, your eyes never leave my bouncing breasts. You hold the bottle of scotch to my lips and love the way the amber liquid burns tears to my eyes.

I unzip your fly, releasing your swollen shaft and balls. Grabbing the back of my head you fuck my mouth, knowing you are too big. You pull from me as you hear Bayan escort the bartender cum and send glasses to the floor as you fling me to my tummy on the table. Hard and fast you enter me. Spanking my ass cheeks, you cum quickly. Pulling out you let your juice squirt onto and into my ass.

With no urging at all the bartender has spread my legs wider and is not plying his tongue to cleaning up every drop off my body, his, mine and yours. Pouring a dose of scotch into my anal canal, the bartender eagerly starts to tongue fuck me there, while you smack my mouth with your hard again cock. You go too fast, I can’t capture your head to suck on it. That makes you laugh.

You’ve pulled one of the barstools closer to us and instruct the bartender to have a seat and me to climb on top of him, facing him. Watching him nip at each breast, you walk up behind me and slowly rock into me. You’ve never taken me there before and I cry out at the pain. You grab my hair and pull it back so that my ear is to your lips. Explaining to me that this is my punishment for enjoying the bartender as you set the pace for all of us to ride. The mirror behind the bar shows you the Escort torment and ecstasy that crosses my face. Knowing that the pain has subsided as my body adjusts to accept your presence, riding me harder and deeper you feel yourself about to explode and realize that I am cumming with you.

Helping me to stand, you like watching juices ooze down my bare legs and you have the bartender wipe me clean with the table cloth. Seeing the bartender harden while at this chore you decide I need more. Taking the cloth from the bartender you start to clean your cock and he takes over that task for you too. It hardens you. Bringing me to my knees you have us kiss at the head of your cock, slowly sliding your entire shaft through our lips and letting our tongues leave fiery wet trails all the way to the base. My mouth goes under you to pleasure you soft balls and his mouth goes to the tip of you, slowly taking as much of you into his mouth as he can. It’s much more than I can take into mine. Pushing me out of the way, you grab his head much as you did mine and fuck his mouth more brutally.

You can’t believe you’ve done that, you’ve never allowed another man to touch your penis, but it was so good. Not as good as cumming in my darling pet, but it gives me a reason to punish my pet. Smiling to yourself you fling my dress over your arm and wrap me in another clean table cloth and usher me to the elevator as you hand the bartender a hundred.

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