The Beach House Ch. 09


Chapter 9 (Decisions, Decisions)

I woke up, alone and in dark silence.

I could tell that we were no longer moving. I couldn’t feel the vibration of the engines, and the boat was almost motionless, gently rocking back and forth. We must have reached the cove while I slept.

But I couldn’t see or hear anything.

Trying to call out to someone, anyone, I found out that I couldn’t do that either, as a wide piece of tape seemed to cover my mouth. When I tried to get up from the bed, I found that my hands and feet had all been bound as well, my legs not even on top of the bed.

Whatever was going on, it appeared that I wasn’t going to have any control over it.

I wondered about this as time dragged on. What was going on? Who had made me so helpless? Where was everyone else?

After what seemed like a very long time, I sensed someone enter the room. A few seconds later, the bed that I was tied to (was it my own bed?) shook, and I felt a light touch on one of my ears. Something was pulled out, and I could hear again.

I sensed someone’s warm breath on my cheek. “Jack?” came a whisper. It was too low to determine whose, but I could tell that it was a woman. “Do you trust me?”

How do you answer a question like that, especially considering my current position? Do I trust who? About what? I wasn’t really in any condition to argue though, so I nodded my head.

“Good!” the voice said. “We can start.” The plug was returned to my ear, I could hear nothing once again.

More waiting in a dark silence, broken at last by movement next to me on the bed. After a bit of arranging, one of the plugs was removed again.

I could hear whispering, unable to make out the words. I could hear wet, not quite identifiable sounds, and the sound of skin gliding across skin. And I could hear a low humming sound. These sounds all seemed to be coming from the side of my body that still had a plugged ear, making them hard to pinpoint.

“Ohhhh, that feels so good. Stay right there for a little bit” came a faint whisper. A woman’s voice. I turned my head from side to side, trying to make sense of the sounds I was hearing.

“Do you like that?” A man.

“Oh, god yes.” came the woman’s reply.

“How about this?” A woman this time.

“Mmmm. It’s so nice. Can you put that in…? Yeah… right there. Definitely right there.”

More diffused sounds, sliding skin, moans, and whispers. Most of all, the whispers. I could feel the bed rocking, of something shifting back and forth in a regular rhythm.

I heard a sudden gasp, followed by, “Oh God!”, and was finally able to identify the voice this time. It was Marly.

“Shhhh…” A woman’s hushing sound. Could it be Freddie? Maybe Janet. “Stay still. Just let it happen to you.”

“Mmmm…” Marly said, clearly this time. “Oh, don’t stop. That feels so wonderful.”

“Shhhh…” came a man’s voice this time. The bed shook again.

The humming sound continued on in the background, sometimes closer, other times farther away. What was that sound?

“Oh. Yeah. Right. There.” Then, a giggle, and “You’re bad. You know that, don’t you?”

Then a second giggle, this time from the other woman’s voice. “Oh, we’re bad all right. Just you wait.”

For at least the next ten minutes, I could only hear these sounds, feel the motion of the bed as it rocked . I could hear a wet, rhythmic sound that kept time with the rocking. Unable to move, to see, to speak, I could only listen to what was going on beside me. Was it beside me? I couldn’t really tell.

My mind was drawing a scene in my head. It was a scene that I had been in more than once in the past few days, only I had been a much more active participant then. I could feel myself getting hard.

“Oh, look at Jack!” the second woman’s voice exclaimed. “I think he likes this.” A soft, warm hand surrounded my shaft, just holding onto it.

It finally ended though, with a long sigh of contentment coming from Marly.

Then my ear was plugged again. The hand holding my cock slowly and gently stroked up and down. Once, twice, and once again. Then it was gone.

More waiting. I felt something get placed across my chest, felt the movement of people on the bed as the scene was rearranged around me.

Then the lights came on.

Or more properly, my blindfold came off. The room was very dimly lit, mostly by a flashlight inside of a pillowcase. I could see a person whose face was directly across from mine.

It was Marly.

I looked at her, and she back at me. I saw her mouth moving, could see her lips forming the words “Hey Jack.” I couldn’t hear the words, my ears had been plugged again earlier.

The look on her face was one of peace and satisfaction, I could see the smile in her eyes. Gazing deeply into those eyes, I watched for a hint of what might be coming next.

It didn’t take too long.

Her head dipped back, ever so slightly, and her mouth opened up in a small “O” as Escort bayan she drew in a deep breath. Glancing down, I watched as her breasts, those soft, lovely breasts, tipped with now hard nipples, rose with the intake of air.

I could only see that much, as a pillow had been placed across me to obstruct any view of what might be taking place further down.

Looking back at Marly’s face, her eyes had closed, her head was moving from side to side.

While I watched, emotions, feelings, experiences rolling across her face one by one, I began to feel touches on my body. I could feel a hip brushing against my own. Was it Marly’s? Probably.

Soft, warm hands began rubbing their way first up, then down the inside of my thighs. With each transit up, they came higher, occasionally reaching the base of my manhood. Whenever they did this, the hands moved back out, then up along my belly.

Watching Marly, I noticed movement as one of her hands came into view, caressing her breast. Her fingers moved to the hard nipple, pinching it lightly, then her hand moved back out of sight, returning to my view seconds later. A man’s hand reached up to the breast nearest to me, following the example made by Marly, massaging the mound. His other hand reached up alongside the first, locking his fingers with hers. Marly’s eyes were shut tight, her mouth just open in a tiny circle.

The hands that had been caressing my thighs, my belly touched the base of my hardened cock once again, this time moving up along it instead of bypassing it. One hand cupped my balls, the other slowly glided out to the tip of my cock, then back down again, holding its base steady. Something hot and wet traveled up its length then, circling the head when it reached the end. It felt like a tongue.

Marly’s eyes were open once again, looking into my own. Her hand was out of sight again, only the man’s hands remaining within my view, still caressing those soft breasts. I could see that Marly’s arms were moving though, in a very slow and steady rhythm. Her eyes shut tight, her face constricted, her lower teeth reaching up and biting her upper lip.

The tongue that had continued its wet path up and down my cock during this time was removed now. I could feel hot breath, followed by what could only have been lips surrounding me, gliding down. The tongue returned, this time inside of the warm, wet mouth that now surrounded the tip of my cock.

The hands resumed their travels along my inner thighs.

Her face still clenched tightly, Marly’s mouth opened up, and her head began to shudder. I watched as her mouth opened wide, just barely hearing the familiar loud cry she always seemed to emit when she came. I watched her breasts, my view once again not impeded by anyone’s hands, heaving upwards as breath rushed into her lungs. Her arm stopped its rhythmic movement, then began to move once again, holding something that she was bringing up into my view.

The lips moved from surrounding just the tip of my cock to traveling along its length, returning once again to their former location, then repeated their actions once again before leaving me completely.

As Marly’s hand rose into view, I could at last tell what she held. She moved the thick, flexible shaft under my nose, and I recognized her smell overpowering the underlying latex scent. After making sure that I’d had ample time to fully realize where the object had been, she moved it over to her mouth, slowly licking the juices off of its surface.

A movement from below drew my attention from her actions, and I watched as her knees slowly pushed upward, then pressed against the bottoms of her breasts, forcing their round curves upwards. Marly raised her head and looked down her body as this was happening, and a look of awe and wonder came over her face. This look was quickly replaced, as her both her eyes and mouth shot wide open in surprise.

It was then that my eyes were covered and my world turned dark again.

The bed began to rock after that, with a slow, regular, easily identifiable rhythm. Marly’s hips, flared out because of her raised legs, and in constant contact now, were sliding back and forth along my own, transferring each movement of her body to mine. Occasionally, they would lift up into the air, pushing into what I could only imagine to be Kyle.

For the next several minutes, my entire world consisted of the slow and steady rocking being generated by the two people beside me on the bed. This was changed when an unseen hand touched my cheek, gently removing the wide strip of tape that had covered my mouth. I could feel movement on the bed above and beside my head, then something that I did not expect was lowered over my mouth.

I smelled it at first, the unmistakable smell of wet pussy. Pushing my tongue out, I was greeted by the feel of two wet, swollen lips, extending from my nose to my chin. Something was already inserted between these lips, when I concentrated on it I could taste Bayan escort and smell latex.

Since Marly and Kyle still seemed quite active on the bed beside me, I decided that this must be the third, mystery person’s pussy covering my face. I also chose to believe that the same softly vibrating object that had just spent several minutes inside of Marly was now firmly embedded inside of the wet box being presented to my tongue. The woman began rocking herself across my mouth, and I began working on what I could reach with my lips, tongue, and teeth. Finding and sucking her clit between my teeth, I concentrated my attentions on it while occasionally allowing my tongue to probe the rest of her slit, exploring the wetness surrounding the vibrating latex tube.

The movement of the hips that pressed against mine began to increase, each new motion transfering more force across the thin gap between our bodies. Although the bed absorbed much of the motion, I could still tell what was happening right beside me.

Marly was being fucked. Hard.

I tried to put the vision out of my mind, of Kyle, his long, hard meat withdrawing from within Marly, being driven back into her, continuing instead my exploration of the wet pussy positioned just above my mouth.

The dildo was filling her completely, her tunnel walls squeezing so tightly against its surface that my tongue would not fit between the two. I worked up and down, top and bottom, searching for a gap big enough to fit my tongue, but in the end none could be found, and I returned my attentions to her clit.

It seemed to last forever, as I strained my neck, my tongue, eager to please the woman above my face, as the motions of the couple next to me continued. Once again the rythym changed, Marly’s hips no longer sliding along my own. Now the motions were that of short, violent, shocks. Of rocking side to side, of arms reaching up to hold, to steady her strong young lover.

My attempts seemed to be getting a good reception from the woman above me. The pillow that had covered my chest was thrown off, and she lay herself down upon my prone body, her firm breasts now pressed into the soft skin just below my ribs. She continued to rock herself against my face as my tongue continued pressing its attack on her clit. I was not so busy paying attention to this unseen pussy that I didn’t notice the motions finally stop beside me, didn’t notice the shaking of her body against my own as Marly came.

It was only when I felt the dildo brushing against my forehead on its way out of the dripping box above that I realized Kyle had moved again. My blindfold was removed, and I watched as his huge shaft slowly buried itself into the wet, waiting tunnel inches from my face. As had happened earlier with Marly, Kyle began with a slow and steady motion into her depths, his meat easily sliding in and out due to her extreme wetness. I lay on my back, watching in fascination while the two people were joined, too far above for me to participate.

My first leg was completely untied before I even realized that it was happening, the second followed quickly after. I saw a naked Marly walking around the bedside, then reach over Kyle’s legs. Two quick turns of a key, and my hands were free as well. After that, events began to speed up. Marly lay back down on the bed, where by all indications she had previously welcomed Kyle’s big cock inside of her, now inviting me instead. I slid my body down off of the bed, having to pass underneath the mystery woman’s hanging, swaying tits in the process, reaching up for a short examination with my hands along the way.

As our faces passed each other, I had to stop moving for a few seconds, just to find out. Looking up, I saw Freddie’s face above me, expressions of pure lust moving across her features as Kyle repeatedly drove his huge cock into her. Just before I moved on, Freddie’s eyes opened up and she saw me beneath her, a smile crossing her lips before they closed once again.

I continued my path out, broken free from my bonds, finally rising to my feet. Marly was there then, lying on her back, her arms in the air, expecting me, her legs spread open and inviting as well. With all of this activity and no release, my cock was hard as stone, standing straight up and ready for action. I rewarded it for its patience by plunging into Marly’s already sodden open hole.

I’ve always believed myself to be a considerate lover, always trying to give more than I receive.

Not this time.

I had spent the past hour in frustration, unable to control what I was doing, and who I was doing it with, and that frustration all came out of me now. I’d watched, and felt, my new girl friend receiving the attention of another, unable to do anything about it.

I pounded myself into Marly, not worried about what she wanted, or needed, concentrating on only my needs for a change. Again and again I drove myself into her cunt, lifting her legs high and straight into the air and spreading Escort them wide apart. Over and over my hard cock invaded her, my length slamming into her as hard and deep as it would go, pushing another man’s cum out from around where mine filled her each time I plunged inward.

It was several minutes before I realized that all of this was happening with no sound, that the plugs were still in my ears. Looking down at the woman beneath me as I filled her tunnel, I saw her as a person once again, as someone who I wanted, and cared about, and yes, even loved. Her hands holding tightly onto the top of the bed to keep me from driving her right up into the headboard, her soft breasts bouncing up and down with every one of my powerful thrusts, her head held back, her mouth open in soundless screams of passion.

Except that they weren’t soundless. When I reached up with one hand, pulling first one, then the other plug out of my ears, I could finally hear her tired, ragged cries. But they weren’t cries for me to stop, Marly was urging me on, enjoying the pounding that she was receiving, I was hearing cries of “Fuck me harder! Harder! Give it to me, give it to me, give it to me! Oh God, don’t stop!”

So, I didn’t.

Looking down beside the two of us, I could see Freddie’s shining, naked body now lying beside Marly’s. As I continued driving myself into Marly and listened to her calling out for “More! More!” I was also watching Kyle’s huge meat doing the same to Freddie, forcing himself deep inside of my dear friend.

Her fantastic breasts were also rocking across her chest, bouncing far up with each hard push that he made. From her lips issued similar words to those that I was hearing from Marly, “More! Fuck me harder!”

As unlikely as it may seem, Kyle and I seemed to finish at the same time, with one last shove from each of us into the sweaty, glistening, beautiful bodies of our willing partners. I had lost count of the number of times either woman had cum while we had serviced them, but both appeared limp and exhausted as we made our last push, each of us groaning as our seed was sprayed within their limp bodies.

The bed was a wreck, but the night was warm. Both Kyle and I picked up our partners, each of us still buried deep inside of them, their legs and arms wrapped around our bodies for support. Still coupled together, we climbed farther up onto the bed, and all four of us fell almost instantly asleep.

Morning came, and I awoke, curled up against Marly’s warm, soft, body. I could smell breakfast in the air, someone had apparently woken up hungry.

In no particular hurry to get up, I slowly rubbed my hands along Marly’s side, from her arm down to her soft ass, reaching down between her cheeks and caressing the crease between her legs. My fingers lingered there, playing with her lips, rubbing their length until moisture flowed. I kept working my fingers down along them, moving back up to her clit just enough to earn occasional soft moans.

Sliding my hand back up across her rounded ass, I rubbed the length of her leg, slowly sliding my hand down as far as it would go, back up to her hip, then beyond, up along the side of her body. I let my hand wander all over her body, slowly touching every place that I could reach, rubbing under and around her breasts, up to her slim neck, back down to her wetness below.

Pulling her into me, I shifted myself so that my hard cock pushed between her legs from behind, resting itself up against, then soon between her wet lips. She reached her hand down to touch the tip, then used her fingers on her self, rubbing, pinching, arching her back and rocking herself so that my shaft rode inside of her wetness, but not quite inside of her, sliding along a silky path.

It was only when I lifted my hand to her face, pulling it sideways for a kiss, that I realized it wasn’t Marly who I held so tightly in my arms, whose wet, willing pussy my cock was pushed up against.

It was Freddie.

I turned my head to see where Marly was, but she was not in bed. Lifting my head up to look on the other side, Kyle was absent as well.

“Don’t stop now, boss.” Freddie whispered hoarsely. “Not when it’s just getting interesting.”

“Um.” was my pithy reply to her comment

Without another word, Freddie reached down between her legs, grabbing hold of my hard shaft, moving it ever so slightly, then she moved her body down, pushing herself around me. As her warm, wet, walls slowly surrounded my cock, I wondered to myself if this was the right thing to do. Even as I considered that, Freddie began rocking her hips, sliding her wetness up and down the length of my cock.

So many times I had wished to be right where I was, and just as many times I had decided that it would not be right to force my wishes on Freddie. Feeling her hot, wet, slick channel as she gently rode me, I realized now that I had missed so many opportunities for no reason.

Pulling herself from around my cock, Freddie pushed upright, forcing me to roll onto my back. Raising up, she positioned herself, poised to drop down around my member.

Marly’s voice called down. “Are you guys ever going to get out of bed? Breakfast is up here waiting for you!”

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