The Beginning of the Domination of Randi, Ch 3

Big Dick

When Jill got home from her grandparents, she found me at the kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee. She put down her bag and got herself a cup of coffee, sitting down to chat with Randi.“Mom are you ok? You look like something bad has happened.”“No, sweetheart, I just have a lot on my mind. We need to have a serious talk and then I need to have the same talk with your dad when he gets home tomorrow.”“Okay, so, what do we need to talk about? I don’t think I have done anything wrong, but if I have, I want to know so I can correct it. Please, what is it?”“Oh no, Jill, you have done nothing wrong, I have just discovered something about myself and want to talk to you about it. I hope you can stay open-minded and listen to me explain this to you.”“Okay, I can do that, so what is this big discovery?”“Well, this all started yesterday while I was out working in the flowers. You know I have been on your dad to either fix our hose or get us a new one, right?”“Yes, I am aware of that.”“Well, when I started to water the flowers the hose started spraying water everywhere, but not out of the nozzle. Our neighbor across the street, Mr. Jackson, was out on his front porch, drinking coffee and reading his paper. He saw my issue and came over to offer his help. After looking at the hose, he decided it was trash and went and got his for me to use. He is going to the store later and will get us a new one that will do the job I need better.”“That was very nice of him, but what was this discovery you talked about?”“Well after we got done, he offered me a cup of coffee and I accepted. I went to his house and we started talking about you, your dad, my job, and several other things. I don’t know how but the subject got onto sex but I admitted to him I had a submissive side, which your father refused to allow me to explore. Your dad thinks I am stupid to want to be dominated by him and refuses to spank me when I do things wrong.”“I hope you don’t think I am sick but I just enjoy being controlled by a man and doing what he tells me to do. Mike, our neighbor, admitted to me he is a dominant male and his wife had submitted to him their entire şişli escort bayan marriage. Since her passing, he has missed that aspect of his life and has been looking for a submissive woman to fill that role. I told him I needed spanking because I had been flirting with him and should not have done that. He agreed, but would not do anything until we agreed and signed a contract.”“He sent me home to think about this and come up with suggestions for the contract. He took me out to dinner and then we returned to his home to hash out the details. I have never experienced a negotiation like this before. We did agree and he typed up the contract which we both signed and we each have a copy. He then spanked me, until my ass hurt and was red, then he ordered me to give him a blowjob, to claim my mouth as his now.”“Jill, is this too hard for you to hear, your mother submitting to someone other than your father, and having oral sex with him?”“A little, mom, but I do understand, as dad is never home, and when he is, he usually just sits in his recliner not offering you any help around here. I have seen how he treats you and I have heard the arguments when you get frustrated with him. So, yes, I can understand why you turned to someone else. My real concern though, will you guys get divorced now? And what does this do to me regarding college this Fall?”“Honey, no way are we getting a divorce as I do still love your father very much, I just need something else in my life to feel complete. And no this will not affect you going to college this Fall, so don’t worry about either of those, please.”“Thank you for understanding my situation. I tried very hard to put this out of my mind, but something today just triggered it again and I had to do something about it. There will be some changes here and you may see me just walking out at different times of day or night. The big change is that I will be wearing a collar and an ankle bracelet to show I am owned 24/7.”“I am sure this will not go over big with your Father, but we will work through it.”“I spent the night across the street and this morning he claimed my pussy as his şişli escort bayan as well. Yes, you can say I cheated on my husband, but he left me no choice. He has neglected my needs for so long and expects me to just bend over any time he wants, so he can get off, but to hell with me.”“I am going back later today and Sir, yes that is what I call him, will then claim my ass. Are you understanding all of this, or what questions do you have so far?”“I am shocked, but as I said before I do see your side to this. I do have some questions, if that is alright, as I do want to make sure you are safe.”“Okay, ask away and I will try to explain it better for you.”“So, how often will you get spanked and how hard will he spank you?””He will spank me any time I disappoint him, when I don’t do as he tells me to do, or when he just wants the pleasure of spanking me, for no reason at all. He will spank my ass, my legs, my tits, or my pussy. He will use his hand, a paddle, a riding crop, a belt, or a switch. He may hit me as hard as he wants and probably will cut me, or leave welts on me, from the spankings. Yes, at times there are spankings, so I know who is in charge now. He will never outwardly mark me that I will have to hide in public, but your father, if we undressed together, may see my welts, as will you too. I hope they won’t embarrass you too much or that you think less of your mother and I will always be there for you, no matter what happens outside of here. Does this explain that more for you?”“Yes, a little, and thank you for being honest with me. But why do you want to be spanked so badly? Also, when did this start for you?””Let me answer the second question first. It started when I was a little younger than you and my brother spanked me for the first time. I don’t remember why he did it, just that I was so turned on when he was done, that I went down on him. He continued this and started telling me what to wear to school, on dates, and just out, to please him. It quit when he went off to college and I never found anyone to take his place. Until now, and I have had two of the most amazing orgasms that I can mecidiyeköy escort ever remember. In answer to the first question, I like to be spanked because it excites me and gets my juices flowing. I do like some pain and expect some pain with it. What else concerns you?”“Nothing really, but I am shocked you did this with your brother. I just want to know more about that contract and what you agreed to.”“Okay, Sir, now owns my mouth, my pussy, and my ass. I will do what he wants when he wants, where he wants, and with whom he wants. He did add a caveat here, stating he does not like to share, so other men may not be included, only women. And yes, I can handle that. I had some experience with women in college, so look forward to being exposed to that again.”“Sir will tell me what to wear, and not wear. I will be subject to inspection at any time he wants. I will no longer wear a bra or panties, unless he tells me too, probably with jeans to protect from rubbing, and will only wear a blouse and skirt or a dress, with either thigh high stockings or a garter belt and stockings, and a minimum of three-inch heels. When we are at his house alone, I am nude except for the stockings and heels. He likes the way stockings and heels make a lady look.”“We do have a safe word, in case I can’t handle the pain or I don’t understand what he is telling me to do, so I don’t mess it up. When he calls and says for me to get over there, I must drop everything and go to him immediately. So, what do you think? Am I now your sick mother or can you see me doing this?”“I knew when I got home earlier something was up, as you glowed  Now knowing, what changes you are making, I can already see you are happier and are have started feeling more fulfilled. I am glad for you, but I do worry about how dad will take this news and whether he will stay or leave. Have you considered that side of this?””I hope I can convince your father to accept this change as it should make our marriage better. But if he can’t, I do have an escape clause in the contract to walk away from Sir and never look back. He does not want to destroy our marriage or our home. He just wants to assist me in this lifestyle, and yes, he will get benefits from it as well. He already has with what we did last night and this morning. Thank you, Jill, for supporting me and understanding I need more to make my life feel fulfilled.”

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