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I laid in my hospital bed and bemoaned how sad my life was. I had been in here for nearly a month now and it was in the month of January, I had missed Christmas and New Years and it basically sucked. Worse still my mum and sister had already visited me that afternoon so I had no visitors to look forward to that night, just another evening watching those loathsome soaps on the TV in my private cubicle. No fun for a 25 year old young man like myself attempting to come to terms with chemotherapy and all the trappings that brings. I was over the worst of it, the doctors had caught it at an early stage and I had really high chances of it not returning. Still it was hard not to lie there and feel sorry for myself that night, it had been a bad end to last year and there weren’t any signs this one would be much better.

Then with just the opening of the room door the night suddenly got a whole lot better. I looked up expecting it to be one of the nurses or doctors, with another course of pills or chats about my health (physical and mental) but was more than pleasantly surprised to see that my old workmate Julie was looking around the door and smiling infectiously at me.

Ah Julie Duncan. A babe amongst babes. An angel amongst angels and a female who I had carried a torch and a crush for since the moment I had first met her. Maybe it was just her looks, after all she was stunning. She had shoulder length light brown hair in a kind of Jennifer Aniston style (only she made it look even better than the Friends star), alluring, cloudy, hazel coloured eyes than twinkled with mischief and amusement in equal measures. And that figure! Five foot six, just the shapeliest of asses and a really nice chest with curves in all the right places. The fact she wore the tightest, lowest cut tops and skirts at work just made her all the more desirable. But better than all the natural gifts she had she was just the most pleasant, sweet, kind, thoughtful girl you were ever likely to meet.

When I started in the office we worked in she took me under her wing (despite being two years my junior) and nursed me through the first few, difficult month as and we immediately struck a strong bond. But I never made a play for her during the five years we worked together, never even thought about it. Firstly, she had a couple of boyfriends during that time, the break between one and the next wasn’t too long and I just knew she wasn’t the type to contemplate cheating on anyone. Secondly, I grew to love our friendship and with my track record with girls I just knew I would ruin things within weeks and we would end beşiktaş escort up not even friends. So we became and stayed close friends, yes that could happen between a man and a woman!

But last Summer when I was diagnosed with my cancer I decided to quit my job and devote all my time to getting better. What use was a job if you didn’t have life? Also I was lucky enough to have had a rich father pass away a couple of years earlier and I could comfortably survive off his inheritance and the health insurance I had taken out for myself when I started working. I hadn’t really kept up with my ex-workmates except Julie but even her I hadn’t seen much in the last month as I had undergone the intense treatment at that most busy time of year.

“Hi David! Surprise! How’re you doing?”

Goodness, just hearing her soft voice and seeing her white teeth in a wide smile was an instant fillip for me.

We chatted and caught up on her antics over Christmas before I rather stuck my foot in my mouth.

“And how’s Alan (her boyfriend of the last two years)?”

Immediately she dropped her eyes to the floor and her voice held an obvious hurt and sorrow that was not there until the mention of his name. I though for a moment she was going to tell me had died.

“I caught him cheating on me with Sally (a close friend of both Julie and Alan). On Christmas Eve it was, caught them in our bed (she shared a flat with Alan).”

At that it all came out and for the next ten minutes, in between sobs she told me the whole horrible story. I felt so sorry for her and wished I could do more than listen and offer my sympathy but it also made me forget my own woes for a while which I was finding a real weight off my mind. Finally, dabbing at her eyes she got herself together and gave a brave smile and made out that here she was crying about her problems when look at me.

“No problem Jules, here have on of my tissues.”

I made to twist my torso around to take out a tissue from the box positioned on the other side from Julie, on my left.

“No, no, you stay there, I’ll get it!”

At the same moment I twisted to grab the tissue she leaned over me to get it as well. Now I had been feeling it unbearably warm in my hospital stay and had taken to sitting atop the hospital bed in my pyjamas. As her arm reached over me and I rolled my hips to turn around they combined to jog my thighs and the pyjama bottoms wrapped around them so that as Julie stood back away from and over me my loose cock had suddenly come into view. As always in her presence it beşyol escort was semi-aroused. For a moment she looked right at my penis and I looked at it as well, embarrassed beyond belief. Then just as I looked up and at her she did likewise and our eyes met. She held my gaze and her mouth curved into a naughty smile.

Without saying a word she lowered her face towards my crotch, used her delicate hands to fully pull my cock from it’s loose surroundings and was considering it from an awfully close distance.

I had to be dreaming, hallucinating. It was the drugs, I must be! Because as a I watched on the most beautiful, sweet and sexy girl that I had ever known and loved (happily unreturned) in my life used her tongue to wet her lips then parted those self same pink lips and wrapped them around the end of my foreskin. The touch of lips (and tongue!) on my cock was enough evidence to convince me that it was no dream. I gave a small gasp of extreme pleasure as she worked her magic upon me and relished the sight as Julie looked up the length of my chest at me, her innocent eyes wide and inviting and the tip of my pink cock in her mouth. We both glanced at the big door, aware that anyone could come in at any moment, but that just made it more exciting for me and from the way it seemed to spur Julie’s mouth into further action it had the same effect on her.

Her mouth was so wet and willing. Moist and inviting. I was just lying there as she bobbed her head and traced her tongue down the length of my now fully erect cock and she had the skin fully rolled back so her tongue could curl around the width of the tip.

Aaaahh! I was in heaven and it only got better when Julie cupped her right hand and took my balls in it and gave the gentlest of squeezes as she eased my cock further into her mouth. She had quite the technique, I could already feel the sperm boiling in my balls and knew that it would take all my concentration not to have this fantasy scenario end far too early for my liking. Julie seemed to sense this too, perhaps working out, correctly, that I hadn’t had too many opportunities to relieve my frustrations in hospital (nor really had the energy for it). My cock came out of her mouth with an almost comical ‘pop’ noise but Julie just smiled at me and began to lick again at my cock, I think she was tracing the veins on my cock with her tongue. Whatever it was, it felt amazing!

I think our recent experiences, mine with my mortality, Julie with fidelity had been a load on us and this brief escape from those thoughts was what drove beykent escort her on and made this coupling such an enjoyable occurrence The thing was, neither of us had spoken a word since she had accidentally exposed my member but it just felt so right. There was no need for words. It was an organic, beautiful synergy and even then there was a sadness hidden in the back of my mind that I was unlikely to ever again experience something this good.

Julie again lowered her open mouth atop my proud cock and took it’s whole length and again began to suck, lick and worship my dick with her lips. I leaned back again, still enjoying rapture and it was then that I noticed the slight movement of white and blue to my right and over Julie’s right shoulder. There, leaning against the hospital room door (damn, I should have known to watch it, it swung open too easily and quietly) was one of the duty nurses, Lynette. She was a slight, slim blonde with piercing blue eyes and as she caught sight of the surprised look on my face she conspiratorially help her finger up to her lips telling my silently to not let on she was there. I must have looked even more shocked but she just met that with a wicked wink!

I wasn’t in much of a position to do much else but look down at the top of Julie’s eagerly bobbing head and enjoy her efforts. As she continued to give me heavenly oral ministrations I couldn’t resist glancing at Lynette and seeing her with her hand under that short nurse’s uniform only turned me on further. Jeez, the sexy blonde nurse was getting off on this!

That proved too much for me, knowing that she was watching and getting off on it. I felt the cum churn in my balls and knew I was coming. My cock began to spasm and twitch. Did Julie spit or swallow? Would she take my load in her mouth? These questions burned in my mind (and I later found out in Lynette’s). I had my answer soon enough as Julie’s gasping lips tightened around my cock, they weren’t going anywhere and as I felt the warm load racing up the length of my cock and firing forward it was onto the back of her throat and onto her soft waiting mouth.

Julie held my cock in her mouth and gently licked and sucked at it, she suddenly seemed reluctant to look at me.

I reached down to lift her chin so she had to look at me and spoke with utmost sincerity and thanks.

“Thanks, thank you Julie, I love you, you are the best.”

To that she licked her lips, stood up and blew me a kiss, suddenly needing to be elsewhere, I knew why, I knew she was embarrassed by what she had done but she would soon realise it was no problem. Of course, I don’t know what she thought when she saw a sexy nurse flattening her uniform when she turned to the door but I saw Lynette flash her a knowing smile and step aside to allow Julie a dignified enough exit.

Lynette flashed me a smile and spoke with her laughing Irish lilt.

“So you’ll be feeling better then will you? Time for a bed bath I think.”

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