The Best Party Ever


I’m not really one for parties. I think it’s the crowds of people I don’t know. Just not something I’m good at. Tonight, however, is shaping up to be rather interesting indeed. Thanks to you.

It started a few minutes ago. I noticed you off in a corner doing your thing. Casual conversation becomes flirting so easily for you, and there are two guys suddenly caught in your web, laughing, chatting. I finished telling a story that I find hilarious, but which nobody else wanted to laugh at tonight, and as I glanced over at you, I saw you resting your hand on one of the guys forearms, while giving the other one a flirty nod and wink. I recovered with a casual joke I heard from the radio the other day, which was much better received, and glanced back to you. Both guys had gotten closer to you, one on either side, and there you were chatting away. But something about it stuck in my mind. So as I drifted away from one conversation I made a point to drift to another, keeping on the fringe where I could have a nice spot to keep an eye on things.

A few minutes passed and my attention paid off. The guy standing behind grabbed your hips and pulled you back to him, and I watched you grind your hips into his as he leaned in. Did he kiss your neck? The other guy watched intently, and the three of you were laughing. And then the guy in front of you reached in for a kiss, quick and teasing, but then he went in for another, longer, your tongue flicking out to meet his as the guy behind you reached his arms around you, fondling your huge tits. I had to stop to look around the room: was anybody else seeing this? It didn’t look like it. Their loss.

You broke the kiss with the first guy, craning your neck back to kiss the second as the first took his turn getting the fill of your breasts. I thought I saw the guy standing behind you slide a hand into your jeans as you kissed him, but from my angle I couldn’t be sure. I tried not to stare, to draw attention to the show, but I couldn’t take my eyes away. I watched as you broke away from the two guys, glancing around the room as if to see if anybody was watching. I don’t think you Escort bayan saw me. Then you flashed the two of them your naughtiest smile and led them away, up the stairs.

Now, I’m not one to pry into business not my own. But how do you pass this up? So I made an excuse, “Umm, where’s the bathroom?” and made my way upstairs after you. And I was pleasantly surprised to find that in your hurry, the three of you had left the door open just enough…

One guy stood in front of you, kissing you, your tongues sliding over one another, his hands pulling your top up as the other guy stood behind you, sandwiching you between them, his hands roaming your big juicy ass, sliding up the exposed skin of your belly to cup your heavy breasts. Your shirt was discarded quickly, tossed to the side, as you broke your kiss with your first partner and craned back to kiss the second. Your hands roamed, one on the chest in front of you, the other on the thigh behind you, as the man you were kissing started unfastening your jeans. The first guy dropped his lips to your nipples as your bra went flying away, his hands and mouth working your breasts. You started moaning as your hand found the crotch of the guy behind you, his dick obviously hard under his jeans. You began rubbing it, letting your hand slide down the chest of the other guy to find his member which also attracted your attention. You kissed the guy in front of you again, your hands sliding away from your other partner to undo his pants, even while the second guy pulled your jeans down past your knees, crouching down to kiss your wonderful ass, your thighs. His hands wandered up between your legs and you shivered.

He rose as you dropped to your knees, pulling down the pants of the guy standing in front of you. His shorts hit the floor swiftly, and I watched as you took his cock in your mouth without hesitation. You stroked him with your hand as you sucked the tip of his shaft, your tongue sliding along the underside, flicking out. He was big. Big enough that I’d be self conscious if I wasn’t too far gone into lust filled voyeurism to care. Your tongue Bayan escort snaked around the head of his shaft as the other guy tossed his shirt away, undoing his own pants, whipping out another huge cock. Shorter than the first, but wider, you took it in hand and stroked it while you sucked the other. Then, switching partners, you slurped and slid over this new cock, your mouth barely able to contain it’s girth, while your hand stroked the massive length of the first. Both guys were rock hard, and the three of you were so intent on each other I felt comfortable pushing the door open just a bit further.

Suddenly the two guys were lifting you from the floor, pulling you out of your jeans finally. Pushing you back to the bed, you lay down eagerly, sliding your black panties off and playfully tossing them at the one of the guys. “You first.”

The smile you flashed them could level mountains, and they almost hesitated, but only almost. The first guy, the one with the longer dick, whom you had invited, moved between your legs. Finding your pussy wet, almost dripping, he slowly pushed himself inside you as the other watched. As he began to thrust into you, your huge tits bouncing as he drove himself the whole length into you, the second guy took up position by your head, and you turned to him, taking his huge cock into your mouth.

You worked his cock with your tongue as you got fucked. From where I stood, I could watch the massive rod plunging in and out of your wet pussy, it’s owner straining to make it last, the feel of you obviously driving him nearer and nearer climax with each powerful thrust. You toyed with the other cock, your tongue running over it’s length, coiling around the head before trying to fit it into your mouth, your throat. You took the whole of him, somehow, and the sight of it made the man between your legs pound you harder, harder, faster. Hands roamed your body, sometimes on your thighs, sometimes your tits. The guy you were sucking put a hand behind your head and started fucking your mouth. Your two lovers grunted with the exertion of fucking you, whispering to you how Escort good you felt on their cocks as your mouth and pussy pleasured them. You moaned around the huge dick in your mouth, your body quaking, and I wondered if you were ready to cum. You suddenly stopped sucking, breathless, your body buckling and writhing. Orgasm.

Watching you cum, I could feel my hard straining against my pants. I wanted so badly to reach down there and start stroking myself, but standing here in the hallway I was too exposed, and didn’t want to risk blowing my cover when the scene before me was so hot. So I just watched.

Fucking you was becoming too much for your first partner, he was ready to burst. He pulled out of you as the other guy backed away, watching as your mouth wrapped around the head of his cock. You worked slowly, letting him ease away from orgasm, intent on prolonging his pleasure. You rolled over, rising onto your hands and knees, waggling your ass at your second lover, intent on taking that thick dick deep into your quivering slit. You sucked the first’s cock, tasting yourself on him, as your newest partner slowly slid himself into you. He wasted no time, as soon as his shaft was slick with your juices, he drove into you fiercely, swiftly, pounding himself into you, letting your huge ass slap against his belly as he fucked you.

Your tits bounced as you got fucked, and the guy you sucked off started playing with them with one hand as he held your hair in the other, your mouth driving him back into shaking climax. He didn’t last long, his cock spasming, he grabbed your head with both hands and drove himself into you as far as you could take him. I watched him cum down your throat , saw your body shaking, knew you were cumming again. As you released a spent cock from your mouth, your knees buckled and you slid down onto your belly, your lover moving with you, his huge cock making you cum as you shook, crying out from the feeling. The vice of your pussy was enough to send him careening over the edge, pulling out of you, turning you over onto your back. He came all over your huge tits, white, hot streamers of his seed shooting over your nipples as you stroked his cock with your hand. And you smiled at them.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I turned and found the bathroom, a few doors away. I had to stroke myself, had to make myself cum. Watching you. So fucking hot.

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