The Best Prom Ever


My hand was shaking uncontrollably as I reached for the doorbell. Here I was, standing on the front steps of Mandi Thompson, the hottest girl in school, about to take her to the senior prom. I still couldn’t believe that she had said yes when I asked, but I was sure glad she did.

It had started out as a joke amongst my friends. I had been bragging about how Mandi and I were locker neighbors and one thing led to another and before I knew it a hundred bucks was on the table for me to ask her to the prom. I quickly agreed, thinking at least I could get some casino money, as I hadn’t planned on going to prom anyways.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go, but I was horrible at talking to girls and didn’t think any of them would have agreed to go with me. I’m not bad looking by any means, I’m just average, 5’10, brown, shaggy hair, and a slight build. I only hang out with a small group of close friends, and no one else really knows who I am. Even though senior year was almost over, classmates whom I’d been going to school with since grade school would ask me if I was new.

The rest of the days classes went by as normal, tons of math homework and a geography quiz, but as the end of the day grew nearer, I was getting increasingly nervous. Could I actually go through with it? I asked myself. What if she burst out laughing? What if she straight up yelled at me in front of everyone for my audacity to ask HER?

There seemed to be more negative outcomes than positive, but the thought of a hundred bucks in my pocket and a night of blackjack and stale cigarette smoke seemed too good to pass up.

The last bell of the day rang and I slowly shuffled my way to my locker. Half of me wished that she was already gone, but the other half really wanted that money. As our lockers came into view, I saw the most perfect ass sticking out behind her locker door. Her tight, black yoga pants did nothing to hide her curvaceous behind.

My jeans seemed to shrink a few sizes as my crotch was becoming uncomfortably tight. Thank god I had a baggy sweatshirt on to cover up my budding erection. I took a few deep breaths and closed the distance.

I started to work the combination into my lock when she stood and looked at me. Time seemed to stand still as her big, green eyes stared straight into mine, framed by shoulder length blonde hair that was always styled straight down the sides of her face. A single bang slightly covered her left eye while the other was tucked neatly behind her right ear. I had to fight to stop myself from reaching out to brush away the strand from her eye.

“Hey Jesse!” she said, with a smile that nearly made my heart melt. “Got any fun plans this weekend?”

“Uh… uh… yeah, you?” I managed to squeak out. I gave her a nervous smile before returning my attention to my lock combo. I was awestruck that I had even managed that.

“Yeah! I think some friends and I were gonna go clubbing for my birthday. I turned eighteen yesterday you know,” she said with a giggle that did not help with my bursting erection.

“Tha… that sounds fun. Happy belated birthday,” I said, fumbling with my books. I wasn’t sure if I needed them this weekend but I couldn’t focus at all. Her locker slammed shut and I knew the time had come, it was now or never.

“Say, Mandi,” I took a deep breath before continuing. “I know this is last minute, but ah… if you didn’t have a date for prom yet-“

“Yes! Yes!” she screamed, causing the people around us to stare. She threw her arms around me and pulled me in tight for a hug.

I thought I was gonna pass out. Her large, soft breasts pushed hard against my chest and I felt my dick get harder than ever. I prayed she didn’t notice.

“I never thought you’d ask!”

“A… Are you serious? Really?” I managed to say, the beginnings of a huge smile on my face.

She leaned back and looked at me with those gorgeous eyes, “Yes, silly. I didn’t want to go with just anyone. All the other kids act so fake all the time and you don’t. I really like that about you. ”

I fought hard to keep my jaw from dropping and my tongue from rolling onto the floor.

Suddenly I felt a hand in my pocket, and noticed it was hers. She grabbed my phone and began to punch in some numbers, grinning playfully at me the whole time.

“Here is my number, text me tonight and we can coordinate colors.” She handed me my phone back, and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. “Talk to you later, date,” she said with a wink before closing her locker and walking away.

I could only stare at her sexy ass swaying back and forth in her skin tight jeans as she left. Before rounding the corner, she turned and blew me a kiss and I nearly passed out again. I would have too had it not been for two of my friends grabbing me from behind.

“You have got to be kidding my, you lucky bastard!” one said, ruffling my hair.

“You mother fucker,” said another as he slid the money into my hands, but I hardly even noticed. I just stared at the corner where I had last seen my date.

All üvey kız kardeş porno of that flashed through my mind as I pushed her doorbell. A loud bong echoed throughout the house, causing me to jump. At that point even a fly on my hand would have gotten that reaction from me.

As the door began to open, I felt my stomach flip multiple times, but finally settled when her mom appeared in the doorway.

“You must be Jesse,” she said with a smile. I was awestruck at her beauty too. Her daughter shared many of the same features and I couldn’t believe my luck.

“Yes, hi, Miss Thompson,” I said, handing her a small bouquet of lilies that my mom had picked from our garden. “These are for you.”

“Oh my you shouldn’t have! These are beautiful!” she cried, taking a big whiff. “Do come in, sweetie, and please call me Trisha.”

She held open the door for me and I took a step inside. The first thing I noticed was how wonderful the house smelled. Lavender and vanilla wafted into my nostrils, a perfect combination.

“You can wait in the living room, Mandi will be down shortly. I’m going to go put these in some water.”

As she disappeared down the hallway, I made my way into the large room on the left. Again I was left dumbfounded as I entered the living room. There was a large, 60 inch flatscreen hanging above an authentic looking fireplace. The mantel was lined with copies of my favorite DVDs. Ace Ventura, Bad Boys II, Clerks II, etc. This girl was amazing!

A large cabinet hung slightly open and I couldn’t help taking a peek inside. My jaw dropped as an XBOX 360 game into view, as well as plenty of games. This girl was perfect!

“I take it you play too,” a voice from behind said, causing me to jump a little.

I turned around laid my eyes on the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. My heart stopped for what seemed like minutes, as I took her in with my eyes. Her dress was a light blue, accentuating her eyes perfectly, and was form fitted to her hourglass figure.

I tried to say something, but my mouth just hung there, wide open.

“That was the reaction I was looking for,” she said with a huge smile as she walked over to me.

I still couldn’t think of a single thing to say, but didn’t have to. She pushed my jaw back up and leaned in for a kiss. I was in heaven. Her soft lips pressed ever so lightly against mine. Her tongue darted into my mouth and it took everything I had to break out of my funk and return the kiss. We stood there for what several moments before the sound of a voice clearing interrupted us.

“If I can break you two up for a couple moments I would like to take some pictures,” her mom said with a grin.

The next couple hours flew by, a couple photos with her mom, then off to the arboretum to meet up with my friends and parents for another photo session. Mandi got herself acquainted with the other girls while my friends continued to congratulate me and state their disbelief that I was taking Mandi Thompson to the prom.

After the photo shoot, we hopped back into my car, a 1967 Mustang convertible that my uncle had let me borrow for the special occasion, and began the twenty minute drive to a fancy hotel where the banquet and dance would be held.

As we pulled onto the highway, I felt a hand rest on my thigh. I looked over to Mandi to see her smiling back at me, and I couldn’t help but return it with a huge smile of my own.

With all the courage I could muster, I said, “Damn you’re beautiful.”

Her smile got impossibly bigger and she leaned over to give me another kiss. Had I not just stopped at a red light I surely would have gotten into an accident, and surprisingly I didn’t care, I could’ve died like that and been just fine.

Our lips broke and we stared into each others eyes until a loud honk sounded from behind.

“Get a move on it lovebirds!”

A glance in the rearview mirror revealed the voice to be that of my friend Michael. I grinned and gave him the finger before accelerating through the green light.

Mandi rested her head on my shoulder and yet another grin crossed my face. I could really get used to this. I entwined my right hand with hers and pulled it to my lips, kissing it lightly before returning it to my lap.

Much too my disappointment, we arrived at our destination and we were forced to separate. We were ushered into a large ballroom draped in lights and decorated with several different floral arrangements. It looked almost like a wedding, I thought to myself.

Dozens of round tables littered the vast room, decorated with a white table cloth, several floating candles, and a floral bouquet, individual to each table. We found our name cards at a table with my friends and took our seats.

As we waited for the meal to be served, filet mignon with roasted red potatoes and seasoned asparagus, my friends and I chatted about sports while the girls discussed the latest episode of The Bachelor. I had just finished making a point about Dwight xnxx porno Howard’s recent stats when I suddenly felt a hand on my crotch. I turned to Mandi, who was conversing with Jessica, my friend Dan’s date. As she continued to talk as though she were entirely focused on their conversation, she began to rub my crotch, evoking a raging hard-on.

I found it extremely difficult to continue adding to the conversation I was having, as all my attention was concentrating on not creaming my pants.

Just as I was seconds away from jizzing my pants, the waiters began to deliver salads to our table. As much as I didn’t want her to quit jacking me off under the table, I was secretly relieved that I wouldn’t have to come up with an excuse for the oyster that I would have left in my pants.

Everything about the meal was delicious, even the asparagus, which I had never liked before. The desert was a chocolate mudslide cake slathered in chocolate syrup. I had barely finished before Mandi was dragging me onto the dance floor.

I had never been one for dancing, but this girl brought out the best in me. We would grind during the fast songs, my hands roaming up her body, careful to avoid her breasts in case it put her off, but halfway through the night she was forcing my hands to mash her tits together, causing an insta-rection. There was no way of hiding it, but as soon as she noticed, she gave me an evil little grin and a quick peck.

The first slow song was another story all together. She pulled me close enough to her so she could rest her head on my chest while my hands entertwined at the small of her back. Not thirty seconds into the song, she wiggled her ass until my hands fell down to her cheeks.

She leaned back and looked into my eyes, grinning, “Now that’s better.”

Taking full advantage of the situation, I gave each of her cheeks a quick squeeze and heard her stifle a squeal. She made eye contact again and I couldn’t help but get lost in those gorgeous, green eyes. Her lips smashed against mine and began a violent assault on my mouth.

I forced my tongue to fight for position against hers, but all to no avail. Her tongue was so deep in my mouth I feared I would swallow it.

I lost track of time as we continued to make-out. My friend, Dan, slapped me hard on the shoulder, breaking me from my heavenly trance. I fought hard not to punch him in the face, but he just grinned at me and continued to grind with Jessica.

As my focus returned to the present time, I realized we were halfway through another fast song, Kid Cudi and David Guetta’s “Memories.”

I blushed momentarily, until Mandi turned around ground her ass hard into my crotch. Again, my erection sold me out, but it didn’t faze her in the least. She used her perfect ass to massage the sides of my restrained-cock until the point of near explosion. Thankfully, the song ended and I used the opportunity to get us some punch.

Dan was waiting for me at the table with nothing less than sheer disbelief on his face. “I can’t believe you got Mandi to come with you.”

“Fuck you, dude,” I said, grinning.

“C’mon, seriously, I would give me left nut to take Mandi to McDonald’s.”

“Tell me about it,” I said, pouring two glasses of punch. “Dude, I still can’t believe she said yes.”

“You aren’t the only one,” Dan said, nodding at Nick Mathers, the quarterback of the football team and pitcher for the baseball team. Rumor had it that Nick had unsuccessfully tried to bed Mandi on several occasions.

Nick’s stone cold glare from across the room was enough to make my knees tremble in fear.

“Don’t worry, man. He won’t do anything here. Besides, Mary would drop his ass quicker than Rosie O’Donnell could finish a donut.”

“Seriously?” I said, quizzically, “That’s the best you got?”

“Sorry, man, no prep time.”

“Obviously,” I said, grabbing the two drinks and turning my back to Dan and Nick Mather’s icy glare.

I found Mandi giggling with Jessica, both of who stopped laughing as soon as I came into view.

“What’re you two up to?” I asked, nervously.

“Oh, nothing,” Jessica said. She grabbed my arm and pulled me away from Mandi. She leaned her head in close to my ear before continuing, “Tonight could be your night.”

I didn’t say anything, but stood, dumbfounded. Could I really lose my v-card, to Mandi Thompson of all people? What was going on? Why was I suddenly the luckiest guy in the world? Did I win some kind of lottery that I didn’t remember entering?

The rest of the night went basically the same, hardcore grinding to the fast songs and close, passionate dancing to the slow songs. Unfortunately, the dance came to an end much sooner than I had hoped, at 1:00 A.M. I didn’t even know what time it was until the DJ called out for the last song.

Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” couldn’t have been a better song to end an already incredible night. My hands were already comfortable on her round, pert ass while her hands were wrapped around my zenci porno shoulders, holding me close. Each time the chorus came around, our lips would lock in an embrace I never wanted to end. It seemed as though her kiss was powered with electricity, recharging me with energy and power at the same time.

I struggled to contain a groan when the song ended. I could have easily experienced my last moment on Earth here and been thoroughly happy with the way my life had gone. This girl was the most amazing person I had ever imagined, and I never wanted to let her go.

Suddenly, the lights flashed on, signaling for everyone to head out.

We walked hand in hand as I led her to the passenger side of my uncle’s car. I was about to open the door for her when she pulled me in close and smashed her lips into mine. Our tongues fought for control of the other as if we were in the middle of a turf war. We remained like that until a chaperone yelled at us to move along.

Laughing, we quickly climbed into my car before he could get any closer and I squealed out of the parking lot. We drove home in silence, content just to hold hands and before I knew it we were pulling up to her house.

Mandi leaned in close and I was expecting another kiss, but instead she slipped past my lips and went to my ear.

She gave it a quick nibble before saying, “My mom is in bed already, do you want to come in for a little bit?”

My stomach dropped and I managed to squeeze out a yes. She grinned at my playfully and dragged me into her house. As soon as the door was locked shut, she jumped up and wrapped her arms around my shoulders and her legs around my abdomen and again we began another tongue war. Being the only comfortable surface that I knew of in her house, I carried her into the living room and dropped her on the couch.

We made out passionately for several minutes before she pulled me under her and took control. She un-tucked my shirt from my pants and ran her hands up my body to my chest. I didn’t consider myself a jock, but I did exercise. I did push-ups and sit-ups religiously every night before I went to bed and was rewarded with a faint, but visible six-pack.

My hands began to do some exploring of themselves, and I was soon grabbing her ass. I gave each cheek a gentle squeeze and heard a soft moan escape her lips. She started to unbutton my shirt when I started to think about waking her mom up. That thought was quickly pushed from my mind when I felt a hand shoot down to my crotch and began massaging my already raging erection through my dress pants. It was my turn to let out a soft moan.

I began to nibble on the ear that was in front of my face and was rewarded with the sound of my belt unbuckling, however I couldn’t continue to ignore the potential interruption that lay hopefully sleeping right above our heads.

What about your mom?” I said in between ear nibbles.

“Don’t worry,” she said, pulling my belt through the loops with ease, “she sleeps like a rock. I’ve spent countless hours playing video games with the volume full boar and she doesn’t move an inch.”

“You are perfect you know that?” I said, grabbing a handful of her ass again.

“Shut up,” she said with a giggle and I knew I had scored some major brownie points.

She quickly tugged my pants down and began to rub my burgeoning, seven inch erection through my boxer briefs.

Trying to get clever, I said, “Well this is unfair. Here I am half-naked and you still have your dress on.”

She leaned back and grinned at me playfully. “Well then why don’t you take it off?”

I didn’t need any more of a push than that and I quickly reached for the zipper in between her shoulder blades. She softly kissed my neck and pulled off the jacket of my tux and shirt while I slid the zipper down her back.

Once my shirt was off, she slid her arms through the straps in her dress and let it fall to her waist. I couldn’t help but stare at the gorgeous mounds on her chest, completely uninhibited by a bra. For not having a bra they were unbelievably perky and were pretty big too. Despite my complete lack of knowledge at judging cup sizes, I would have to venture a guess at a C cup.

“You like?” she asked with a grin, before lowering her breasts to my face.

I eagerly began licking at the first nipple to reach me, and was soon lost in the wonders that were her tits. I flicked the nipple with my tongue before latching on like a feeding baby, and then gave her a playfully soft bite with my teeth. She moaned with pleasure every time.

I switched to the other breast and repeated the same routine with the same rewarding result. As I continued my assault on her nipples, her tongue began to lick the outside of my ear lobes, causing me to shiver with pleasure. I had never known that my ears had been so sensitive.

I was in the middle of giving her another soft nipple bite when she suddenly pulled away. She gave me several soft kisses on my neck, a quick French on the mouth, then moved further down my body, kissing my nipples and abs on the way.

She slipped her fingers under the top of my underwear and slowly pulled them down until my cock sprang free. My heart skipped a beat when I felt her tongue begin to lick the head. I thought I was gonna come right then and there, but somehow I didn’t.

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