The Blind Date


The flight had been short but filled with anxiety. Vishal wasn’t scared of heights nor the claustrophobia that accompanied the cramped spaces in the domestic flights. On the other hand his frequent travels due to work had made him a frequent flier on all the major airlines. He would spend three weeks in a month travelling because of work commitments and hence this trip announcement was no surprise for his wife Geeta. The reason for his anxiety was the motive behind taking this trip. He could not understand his own motivation in lying to his wife and embarking on this journey that could ruin his life. All that he had worked for, would be gone in a second if anyone found out about this trip. His wife and kids would leave him and the rest of the family would disown him. All these thoughts raced through his mind as the plane hit tarmac and made a typical bumpy landing.

He could avoid the trouble by simply catching another flight back home. But there was this rebel inside him that wanted to challenge the societal norms and break the shackles that the society had placed on him. He married early because of his parents insistence with a girl of their choice. He took up a job that was acceptable to the society and paid him reasonably well but was nonetheless not something he wanted to do in his life. He wanted to be a painter but that dream was quashed under the burden of family well-being and lifestyle up keep. Not that Geeta wasn’t understanding. She took care of him, his parents and their parents in every way possible. But even if are tried she could not help him live his dream which led him to believe she was an accomplice in holding him back and suffocating his wish to paint. He wasn’t able to pursue his passion even as a hobby because of the constant attention demanded by the kids, the household chores, the work pressure and the relentless taunts by his parents whenever he attempted.

This suffocation had started affecting his personal life. He wasn’t the father he wanted to be and landed up constantly yelling at his kids for the slightest mischief. Though Geeta had never complained but he realised the change in her poise lately and bickering between them on silly things was primarily because of him. And most importantly the sex had become clinical and infrequent because of lack of passion and connect between the two. It had not been the case earlier. According to him their sex-life was remarkable but with time they seemed to have drifted apart. Recently, her proximity in any form had failed to stir his loins which both of them had noticed. But they continued with their existence as if it was a mundane task.

He became more aware of his surroundings as he boarded his cab and moved towards his destination in south Goa. Goa in monsoon, especially during the fag end of the monsoon is a paradise. There aren’t nosy and noisy tourists around. It is always cloudy and there is dense greenery everywhere which makes you feel fresh. He loved visiting Goa during this time of the year but little was he aware that her choice of her destination and the preferred period for visiting was same as his. Hence he jumped with surprise when she recommended this.


Seema was the reason Vishal had embarked on this trip. They had met through the most unusual and suspicious manner. She had, apparently, mistakenly interchanged the last two digits of the number she was reaching out to and landed up sending him multiple texts. When he had politely informed her about the mistaken identity, she was embarrassed and profusely apologised. But what caught his attention was her display picture which showed her as a middle aged woman with looks that would mesmerise him. She had shoulder length hair and tanned skin tone. Her nose was long and hooked and wide succulent lips which made her smile beaming beacon of sunshine büyükçekmece escort in his otherwise dull life. But what made him skip his beat was the mischief in her kohl eyes. They seemed to call out to him like there was some connection between him and her.

For a long time there was no interaction between them, but once he broadcasted the new year message which she received on her messenger and was kind enough to reply. This was the tumbling of the small rock that would culminate in an avalanche that was this trip. They started exchanging wishes on festivals which lead to general pleasantries and within the span of a year, they were chatting almost daily. They would discuss about their respective spouses and the trials in their respective married life. Seema was an ambitious, expressive and enterprising individual, which was what Vishal found irresistible. Eventually, their stopped talking about their respective spouses and their conversations were more focused on how they complemented and understood each other. Vishal found himself being drawn into the whirlpool that was Seema. So when Seema suggested that they should meet in Goa. He jumped at the thought and planned this trip meticulously.

During the planning part, he often wondered about the ramifications of this trip. He could be conned or catfished. But the fact that she had invested an entire year in the conversation with him egged him on. And all her details at least check out on social media. So he proceeded with the plan.

His train of thoughts was again interrupted as the cab screeched to a halt in front of the villa that he had booked for the weekend. He had zero inkling on where Seema was staying because she wanted to keep it a surprise which he thought was suspicious but he somehow allayed his suspicions and proceeded to check in. He took the keys and told the caretaker that he wanted to hire a jeep for the weekend, which the caretaker arranged for. Meanwhile, Vishal kept checking his phone to see if Seema had shared the details about their meeting. Around noon, he got a message informing him to meet her at club in North Goa around 9 which the maps showed was decent drive of 90 minutes. He could feel his pulse quickening as the wait began.

Vishal left for the club precisely at 07:30 pm, underestimating the unpredictable rains, the traffic and the difficulty of finding a parking spot for jeep on the narrow streets of north goa. By the time he reached the entrance of the club it was 09:45pm. The club was partially open air, noisy as hell and unusually packed with tourists. He gulped down nervously, wondering how would he find her in this hustle and bustle. After paying the stag charges, he walked in, looking around nervously searching for her sight.

After a few minutes he noticed her dusky beauty near the bar. She was in a satiny black dress with noodle straps over shoulders, which dazzled in the club lights. There was slit all the way upto her upper thigh. She had let her hair loose which were falling on her shoulders. Her curves were perfectly accentuated by her dress. He gulped at looking at her. He traced her beauty top to toe, relishing her beauty from afar. Basically she was dressed to kill. She seemed to be waiting for him for a while. He gathered his senses and started walking towards her.

When he was nearby, she noticed him and he waved at her. She responded with a smile. But their exchange was brief because at that instant a young stud came in between and started having a conversation with her. He immediately ordered drinks for both of them and started flirting with Seema, while Vishal stood waiting for her to turn him down.

After about a few minutes, Vishal realised he was looking like a sore thumb and immediately rushed to the fatih escort bar next to them and ordered himself a stiff drink. He was trying to eavesdrop on their conversation but the loud music made it impossible. He even tried to catch a glimpse of her but the big built of the dude make it difficult. But Vishal was not going to give up so easily.

Suddenly, the guy and Seema moved towards the dance floor. They started moving to the groovy music in the psychedelic lights and Vishal stared at them sipping his drink. The stud had his hands on her hips while she had hers on his shoulders.

Eventually, Seema turned around with her back to the stud and facing Vishal. His hands were on her waist and she was grinding her hips on his groin. The stud clearly seemed to be enjoying her moves. Vishal could make this out by the sly smile on the stud’s face. The stud seemed to be sporting a hard-on which Seema was pressing against. She rolled her eyes and gasped with her mouth agape as she felt his erection on her butt cheeks. Vishal noticed this with a pang of jealousy. He had not come so far to be teased like this. The fragile male ego had cracked.

Seema was having a good time dancing with the tall hunk. They often whispered in each others ears and laughed. Seema was now covered in a thin film of sweat which dazzled in the multi-coloured psychedelic lights of the club. The way she swayed and grooved graciously even with those pencil heels was remarkable and a sight to behold.

He had to come up with a plan to whisk her away.

Soon she excused herself to visit the washroom. Vishal sensed an opportunity and followed her. He waited outside for her. As soon as she stepped out, he held her wrist and pulled her closer. They smiled at each other. Both smelling alcohol on their breaths.

Seema; Hey Tiger! You have to win me over.

Vishal: I don’t think so…

Seema: What do you mean? I am not an easy catch… you need to hustle.

Vishal: i have been hustling for a while now…

Seema: Really?!? Seems someone else will reap the benefits tonight…

Vishal: What if I don’t let him?

Seema: How will you do that?

Vishal: By whisking you away for the night?

Seema: What makes you think I will come with you…

Vishal: Because even if he has warmed you up… you need a player that lasts the night…

Seema: And you think you are that player…

Vishal pulled her closer ans looked deep in her eyes.

Vishal: I know I am… I am stepping out now for a smoke. I will see you outside in 10 mins.

Seema: What if I don’t want to come with you…

Vishal: Ohhh but you want to…

After saying that he walked out of the club and lit a smoke. While he puffed away cloud of smoke, he nervously thought if she would show up. He had played the “Intrigue” card but did not know if it would actually work. With each passing minute his confidence and fate dipped a bit more. After 10 minutes, as he was about to leave, Seema showed up.

They both smiled at each other.

Seema: I hope I don’t regret this…

Vishal: Trust me you won’t…

They walked a little while in silence away from the music that had been ringing in their ears for so long.

Vishal: Your place or mine…

Seema: Mine! It’s relatively closer…

Vishal unsuspectingly agreed and they both got in the jeep and started driving. She put her address on the GPS and they proceeded. They drove in the eerie silence of the night with trees on both sides engulfing them in darkness. The cold wind blew in her hair which complemented the binge drinking of the night and she felt a bit more tipsy. Without a warning she sat in his lap facing him. He could smell the scent of her cleavage. He had to strain his neck to esenyurt escort see the road.

But she has was feeling adventurous. She grabbed his face and placed her luscious lips on his and smooched him. He responded with equal fervour sucking her lower lip. Thankfully the road was relatively straight else that could have been their last kiss.

Shortly, they reached the villa she was staying in. As soon as they for down, it started pouring heavily. They ran towards the house but by the time they reached the door, both of them were drenched to the bones.

They stepped inside the house only to realise that there was no electricity. The only light inside the room was because of the street light outside cast fluidic shadows because of the rain water flowing over the windows. And in this dimly lit room, Seema looked drop dead gorgeous. She had rain drops splashed all over her face which trickled down on her neck and then vanished in her heaving cleavage.

Vishal was lost at this sight. He came closer to her and leaned in. Seema closed her eyes and leaned forward to place her lips on his. Though this was their second kiss of the night, it was more electrifying. Both of them felt butterflies in their stomach. What started as a slow and gentle kiss graduated in a passionate and fervent one. Inadvertently, Vishal’s hand moved to the small of her back and pulled her in and then eventually moved his hands an her butt and squeezed them.

In the meanwhile, Seema started to get rid of Vishal’s Shirt and started pushing him towards the bedroom. He was well built. The weather, the drinks and most importantly the attention showered by the stud in the club had made her horny. They entered the bedroom, smooching and fondling each other. She pushed him on the bed and put her hands inside her dress and pulled down her thong. At the same time, Vishal got rid of his jeans and boxers and laid down with his tool pointing at the ceiling.

Seema lifted her dress and got in a position to ride him. He held his dick while she positioned herself to enter him. Inch by inch he entered her moist pussy and she kept giving out guttural moans. Then she started building up the cadence and Vishal tried to resonate that. She had her hands on his chest while she sat upright moving her hips up and down on his dick. Vishal had his hands on her hips helping her with the movements. Occasionally they would wander and squeeze her tits and the perky nipples over her dress.

Because of the motion the straps of her dress had fallen from her shoulders and the occasional fondling had caused the dress to be bunched near her torso exposing her bra. Seema quickly got rid of it and bent down to smooch Vishal again. Vishal grabbed her ass pulled her up and lifted his hips and started ramming her pussy hard – hitting all the right spots. This made her cum and she let out a moan arching her beautiful back and thrusting her tits in his face. Vishal sucked those taut nipples while her orgasm subsided.

Vishal turned her over, pulled her legs over his shoulders and started pounding her in a missionary position. They looked in each others eyes while their bodies moved in sync. Her tits moved in rhythm and occasionally a gasp escaped her mouth. They continued fucking like this for a while both covered in a film of sweat. The noises in the room was that of splattering of rain on the window, the creaking of the bed and the grunts from Vishal.

After a while, Vishal came with a huge moan and collapsed on her panting depositing his seed in her. The feeling of him shooting his cum inside her made her cum again and she bit his shoulder in pleasure and scratched his back.

Seema pushed him away and both lay there wasted, panting and staring at the ceiling. Once the had caught their breaths Vishal said, “Thanks for doing this Geeta!”

She smilingly said, “You mean Seema!”

Vishal turned towards her and said, “No, I mean you – Geeta! Thanks for entertaining and indulging in this fantasy! It was awesome! Hope you enjoyed too.”

Geeta (coyly): well…

Vishal(looking puzzled): What?

Geeta (blushingly): Now that I have indulged in your fantasy.. can we explore mine?

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