The Boss: Pt 2


The Boss: Pt 2Corrine had greeted Anna with a kiss when she emerged from the shower, and while Anna showered she prepared breakfast, she even laid out new underwear knowing Anna hadn’t had a chance to bring a change. They taxied together and walked arm in arm into the office, but there Corrine changed: as Anna sat at her desk Corrine entered her own office without a word or even a backward glance. Anna brushed it aside, but as the silence stretched from minutes to hours she started to worry.Anna tried to convince herself that she was being paranoid, that Corrine was just busy, that she wasn’t ignoring her, that she hadn’t been disappointed with Anna’s feeble attempts at lovemaking, that Anna was just not good enough for her.Then by two o’clock when Anna returned from a solitary lunch, and there was still no message, no sound, or even a sign of life, she almost believed it was just a game: that Corrine was even now on the phone to her rich and beautiful friends, boasting how she had seduced the girl from the typing pool and laughing while deciding who might try her next?She shook her head and squeezed her eyes shut; she refused to cry, refused to be hurt. But then the intercom buzzed. Anna just stared at it, she knew it would be a summons, “I’m sorry Anna, but it just isn’t working out, please pack up your things and leave immediately, I’ll send you an invoice for the clothes that you bought,” Corrine would say, and she would smile as she watched the dumb redhead stumble from the office.The intercom buzzed again “y, yes ma’am,” Anna just about managed before her voice broke.”Find the quote for Leonard Rand, send it with a covering message, and also forward it to Sheila.””No please, thank you or how are you Anna… No! I’m just the stupid little slut that jumped into your bed last night. But you don’t care; it’s just a fucking game to you after all isn’t it?” Anna spat at the disconnected intercom, and with a huff and a puff she jabbed her fingers at the computer keyboard looking for the Leonard Rand file.At three o’clock Sheila poked her head around the door and mimicked drinking a cup of coffee. Anna had worked herself into a tizzy, she didn’t trust herself not to cry and she shook her head no and tried to concentrate on her work.”What’s wrong? Is it Corrine again?” Sheila asked quietly.”It’s okay. I’ll tell you later, I promise…really, everything’s alright,” Sheila waited for a few seconds before nodding her head.”Okay, remember: I’m here?” she smiled and Anna grinned back.Anna sank into her chair and sighed, how could she begin to explain. Sheila would never understand, one of her closest friends, who had made it a mission to find Anna a man. How could she tell her that she had spent the night in bed with her boss, a woman? That she didn’t think that she wanted to have a boyfriend ever again, that she had torn herself apart because the woman she loved was ignoring her?She sat and stared into space, was that it? Was she in love? She had never been in love before so she didn’t know how it felt. But also she had never felt this way about anyone. If love was feeling sick and elated, worried and excited, terrified of losing but all consumed by having: if that was love then Anna was in love. But the uncertainty was driving her insane; she had to know what Corrine intended. She scolded herself “Grow a pair Anna. Don’t be such a fucking wuss,” she declared aloud. And with a confidence she didn’t really feel she marched through Corrine’s door.”Yes?”Anna wanted to scream. How could she sit there so cool, like nothing had happened, what the fuck was wrong with the woman? “Em, I’m sorry ma’am…It’s…It’s just…””Just what?” Corrine asked calmly.Anna drew a deep breath “was I such a disappointment? …last night I mean, did I disappoint you?” she asked, her lip trembled and she was unable to say more.Corrine waited a lifetime before replying, making Anna fear the worst, then “come here,” she said,Anna hesitantly walked forward, and as she neared, Corrine spun on her chair to face her. When Anna was no more than a couple of feet away Corrine placed her hands on the back of her assistants knees and smoothly moved up, under the skirt to hold Anna’s thighs. Drawing her near she looked up at the woman towering above her, wanting to ease the anguish showing on her pretty face.”I don’t think you’ll ever disappoint me, you’re absolutely perfect,” she said. And pulling Anna to her she rested her head on her tummy.”We don’t have a normal relationship Anna, we never will. I’m not the one for that. I won’t explain but you’ll understand if you stay…Will you stay?”Anna’s hand hovered above Corrine’s head; she wanted to touch her but didn’t dare, fearing it would break the moment. With just a few words all of her doubts had vanished, her vulnerability gone. Her heart felt fit to burst knowing Corrine wanted her as much as she needed Corrine.”Yes,” she replied, feeling tears of happiness in her eyes………………….Anna stayed over with Corrine again that night, not by invitation; Corrine merely declared it as a fact and Anna didn’t argue.Few words were exchanged on the journey home, just snippets of polite conversation. Both women preoccupied with their own thoughts and emotions. But as soon as they passed through the door to Corrine’s apartment it changed.Anna was ushered inside and gasped in surprise when Corrine spun her around and pushed her against the wall. She wasn’t rough but she was firm, and letting her built up passion escape she attacked the younger women with lips and hands, and the pressure of her body.”Take your clothes off,” Corrine breathed excitedly into Anna’s ear.Anna didn’t need to be told twice, but it was difficult because she had no room, Corrine refused to move away. But Anna tore at the buttons of her shirt and struggled out of that and her jacket together. Corrine didn’t help her; instead she latched on to each part of Anna’s body as it was exposed: kissing, biting, sucking and caressing. Somehow Anna managed to reach behind to release her bra and slipped it free of her arms. Corrine immediately grasped one breast in each hand and pushing the soft flesh up she sucked one nipple then the other gently. Then as Anna’s skirt slid down her legs Corrine suddenly stopped and held her pressed against the wall.”That’s enough,” she said, breathlessly, her face just an inch from Anna’s.Anna placed her palms flat to the wall by her side. she was left with just black lace panties, grey thigh high stockings and her four inch heels, while Corrine was still fully clothed, something that Anna found extremely erotic “this is how I want you dressed whenever you come here, nothing more, nothing less,” Corrine breathed and punctuated every couple of words with a kiss.It wasn’t a question, more a demand, maybe even a command, and Anna answered accordingly “yes ma’am.”Corrine pulled away and led the half naked girl by the hand through to the lounge. She poured two glasses of wine while Anna sat on the sofa, her arms self consciously covering her breasts.Corrine placed the drinks on a low table and sitting down next to Anna she gently eased her hands away “these belong to me now,” she said as she ran her fingers lightly over the soft breasts and stiffening nipples “you belong to me. Don’t ever hide yourself from me.”She lifted a glass and held it to Anna’s mouth who sipped the blood red liquid, never once taking her eyes from Corrine’s face. As the glass tilted wine spilled over the rim, running down Anna’s chin to drip onto her breasts. Corrine placed the glass back on the table and eased Anna back into a reclining position. She leaned forward and pressed her mouth to her lover’s navel, lapping the wine from her skin, and then she drew her tongue up across Anna’s ribs and over her breasts to her throat. She licked the wetness from Anna’s chin before reaching her open mouth, where she kissed deeply with Anna responding in kind.”You are so fucking gorgeous, and you taste divine, but I think we need to shower,” Corrine said giving Anna one last kiss.So they showered together. And Corrine spent a long time washing Anna, insisting that she hold onto the top of the shower cubicle while she used her hands and her own body to caress and massage. Similarly she dried and dressed her, again in just panties, shoes and stockings. Anna complained that her feet hurt after wearing the heels all day, a stern look from Corrine quietened her, but then she relented and knelt to remove Anna’s shoes, holding onto her small feet and kissing each delicate toe in turn.Corrine cooked, they ate and they snuggled together watching TV. Anna almost forgot that she was barely clothed, only the occasional feel of Corrine’s questing hands reminding her. Later they made love, again Corrine used her mouth and hands to bring Anna to fulfilment, it was just as wonderful as before and again Corrine finished without reaching her own personal high. The difference this time was that she didn’t even allow Anna to try. She was content, even eager to be kissed, and she purred in delight when Anna spent time worshipping her breasts, but every time she tried to move her hands or lips toward that sacred place Corrine diverted her. “Soon,” she would say whenever Anna asked the question.It puzzled Anna why Corrine denied herself, She wondered if there was something wrong with her lover, but she had seen her naked and she was beautiful and amazingly sexy, so she discarded that thought immediately. They had been intimate just twice, and Anna had never experienced anything like it. With more courage she would shout it from the rooftops and let the whole world know what it was missing. And she wanted Corrine to feel it too, and so, despite having never touched another woman’s virgina, after just two days she was becoming obsessed with getting her hands and her lips upon Corrine’s.Anna discovered the next morning that she would have to wait a little longer.”Good morning sleeping beauty,” Corrine awoke Anna with a kiss and a tray.Anna yawned and stretched, she looked at the salmon and French toast, the mixed fresh fruit, the fruit juice and one glass of champagne and the pot of tea. Her normal slice of toast and marmalade just didn’t compare. She smiled her thanks at Corrine and noticed for the first time that she was dressed and ready to leave.”Where are we going? I didn’t realize that we were working today,” she said.”No, no work. I have to go meet someone. I’m sorry but it’s important and I can’t call it off. I’ll be back before Monday,” Corrine said. She could see the disappointment on Anna’s face “stay here. It’ll be okay. Please just treat it like home.””I don’t want you to go, it’s not fair,” Anna complained and pushed away the gourmet breakfast.”It’s just two days. You’ll be fine. Invite a friend over if you want,””I don’t want a friend; I want you…I only just found you and now you…””Listen! Please believe me, I want nothing more than to stay with you, but there are things that I have to do, people I’ve got to see…be good Anna, I promise to make it up to you.”Anna sulked, she pouted, but she let Corrine go and vowed not to cry…………………..Anna decided not to stay at Corrine’s; there were too many things to remind her of what she was missing. But even in her own small apartment she could think of nothing else. She phoned some friends and arranged to meet the next day. But that still left her thirty hours of being alone, something she would take in her stride a few days ago, now it felt like a life sentence. She switched on the TV but couldn’t find anything interesting to watch. She opened a book but couldn’t concentrate. She walked around her apartment aimlessly until she caught her reflection in a mirror. She had her hair in a ponytail and she wore jeans with a baggy sweater, not quite what Corrine would like to see, and smiling she knew where to start.She soaked for almost an hour in a deep luxurious bath, then sitting naked at her dressing table she applied make up to her face, and then she wiped it clean and reapplied, over and over until at last she was satisfied. Then brushing her hair she worked on it until it looked almost as good as the day she walked from Daniel’s salon.The rest was easy, but even so she chose carefully which panties and stockings to wear before slipping her feet into her highest heels. Staring at her reflection she looked almost perfect, just one small addition: opening her jewel box she found the short necklace with sparkling emeralds that she loved so much, and fastening It around her throat she admired herself, fingertips lightly touching each stone.On a whim she massaged body lotion into her arms and shoulders and feeling very decadent watched in the mirror as her hands stroked the oily liquid into her breasts and belly. Her skin shone and glistened, and with the necklace looking much like a golden collar she was reminded of some ancient half naked slave girl waiting to serve her mistress. And for reasons she was yet to understand the thought made her very aroused.Anna experimented: trying different poses, different expressions and different positions, snapping off photo after photo until she found the perfect combination. She then spent thirty minutes flipping through the album on her phone, deciding just which one to use and with the image ready to send she paused just a few seconds before pressing the button……………..Corrine was enjoying a special meal in a select restaurant in London’s west end. She forked a piece of the delicious sea bass into her mouth and savoured the flavour. She had switched her phone to silent, but even so she heard it vibrate announcing that a message had been received. But not wishing to insult the company she was with she ignored it and carried on with their conversation.”I’m so glad you managed to get away Corrine, now that I’ve found you I don’t want to let you go again,” the blonde woman sitting opposite her said.Corrine put down her knife and fork and reached across the table to hold the other woman’s hands in her own, with a small tear in her eye she smiled warmly “I’m not going anywhere, I’ll be right here anytime you want me.””What about…what was her name? Ah yes, Anna?””Don’t worry about Anna, she won’t come between us. And I won’t tell her about you,” Corrine promised.After their meal, they walked arm in arm through St James Park and spent time window shopping. Then onto a theatre and finally a bar where they sat close, sharing secrets and getting to know one another. Corrine wore a stupid smile as they returned to the hotel, holding hands as though they were afraid to let go. They stopped before bahis firmaları the door to Corrine’s room.”Would you like to come in? Have a drink?” Corrine said.”No, I’d better not. It’s late and I feel like I’ve been awake forever.””Okay,” Corrine said sadly “I’m probably being greedy, I just wanted to spend more time with you.””We have all day tomorrow, together, we can have some fun,” she leaned into Corrine and they held each other tight for a minute “good night Corrine, I’ll see you early in the morning,” the blonde said before kissing Corrine’s cheek tenderly.”Good night Madeleine,” Corrine said holding on to the other women for an extra few seconds. Then she twisted the key to unlock her door, but she didn’t enter until Madeleine had disappeared from view around a bend in the corridor.So it was more than five hours after Anna had texted her that Corrine thought to look at her phone…………….Anna lay on her side staring at the wall, her mind was blank: bored of waiting and tired of hoping. Her phone was on the table before her but she paid it no more thought and with a sigh she lethargically sat upright. She was still dressed only in panties, stockings and shoes, she had become accustomed to bring undressed so she no longer thought about it.Like a schoolgirl preparing for a first date she had been so excited. Making herself attractive for Corrine, knowing just how she liked to see her. And then feeling so decadent, taking all the pictures and sending one to her lover. She imagined Corrine alone in her hotel room, lying on the bed tenderly stroking her naked body while she studied the photo, even preparing to return the favour.Anna had become quite aroused and subconsciously she let her hand drift between her thighs, surprised at how wet she was. A dark patch was clearly visible on the crotch of her satin panties and she thought about changing them, but decided to leave them as a reminder of just what a naughty slut she was. And as if to prove it she squeezed her breast with one hand and sensually licked her secretions from the fingers of the other. She refused to go further though, the denial was exciting, and she wanted to wait until Corrine called.But as the hands moved around the clock it became clear that Corrine wasn’t going to reply. She had said that she had an important meeting, but was she so busy that she couldn’t even send a brief text? Or could it be that she just didn’t care? Anna refused to believe it; surely the past couple of days meant something? Maybe they did but just not as much to Corrine as they did to her?Anna looked down at herself and suddenly felt ridiculous, what the hell had she been thinking? Corrine was miles away, with God knows who. And she had behaved like a love sick teenager, and an extremely desperate one at that “way to go Anna, you certainly know how to piss people off and drive them away,” she said aloud to herself, then with a sigh she stood and made her way to the bathroom: it was time for bed, to put some sensible pyjamas on and start acting her age…………………”Just to remind you of what you are missing,” Corrine read the short message and clicked on the picture. She smiled and tapped the screen, enlarging the photo. Anna smiled back at her, she was standing against the wall with her hands held almost submissively above her head, she was dressed as she was the previous night, but with one knee raised as though coyly attempting to hide or protect herself, though her expression told a different story: staring straight at the camera she invited the viewer to come to her, to take her and use her.Corrine checked herself in the mirror, touched up her make-up and took a selection of photos. She closed her phone and grabbing her bag she made her way down to reception. The young concierge listened to her instructions, this was the first request of this nature he had ever had but he took it in his stride and promised to have everything ready before madam checked out in the morning……………….Anna was almost at the door when her phone rang, she stopped with her hand on the handle. She thought it was probably Sheila or Janice calling to say they couldn’t make tomorrow or some bloody cold caller trying, even at this late hour, to sell God knows what. Whatever, it was no doubt something she didn’t want to hear. She ignored the jaunty jingle and continued on her way, but maybe, she thought, just maybe it was Corrine?………………”I thought you were never going to answer.””I almost didn’t, I thought it was probably just another crank caller,” Anna said “I’d just about given up hoping that you’d call. I’m missing you.””I’m missing you to, thank you for the photo,” Corrine said.”Oh it was nothing,” Anna giggled “okay yes it was, I wanted you to think of me. I hope I didn’t embarrass you.””No, it didn’t embarrass me, I wish I could say the same for some of the others though, It’s not the sort of thing that’s usually passed around high powered business meetings,” Corrine said.”Oh God no, please tell me you didn’t show everyone, Oh Corrine please…” she was interrupted by laughter from the phone “oh you cow, I really thought…” Anna gasped. Corrine couldn’t reply because she was laughing so much and Anna joined in as she flopped down onto the sofa.”I mean it though, I really do like the picture,” Corrine said, finally stopping the giggling “So tell me, what are you wearing now?” she asked quietly.Anna lay back into the sofa, suddenly things were getting serious, and exactly the way she had been waiting for all evening.”Only what you see in the picture” she said. And for some reason she felt breathless and flushed.There was a long pause before Corrine spoke again “have you behaved? I hope you haven’t been touching yourself?”Anna swallowed, it would be easy to lie, it had only been the once and it would save all the embarrassment “I, I did, just a little, I couldn’t help myself,” she said, so quietly that she wasn’t sure Corrine heard.”I told you that your body belongs to me, I may have to punish you when I get back.””Mmm, promise?””Count on it, but you don’t sound very contrite,” Corrine said.”I’m sorry ma’am, will you forgive me?” Anna’s voice was getting huskier with each sentence.”That depends. What are you willing to do for me?””Oh my God, anything, anything ma’am” Anna whispered.”Your body is shining in the photo, why?””I used body lotion; I thought you might like it.””Fetch the bottle, and put your phone on speaker,” Corrine waited until she heard the phone’s echo and Anna settling “pour half the bottle over yourself, make sure to cover every inch of skin””There’s a lot here, it’s a large bottle,” Anna said.”I didn’t ask that. Don’t question me; just do as you’re told.””Yes ma’am, I’m sorry ma’am,” Anna was finding it hard to breath. She very briefly thought of the sofa she was reclined on and the effect of the oil on the material, but she pushed it from her mind: she had more important things to occupy her.Her hand was shaking slightly as she opened the bottle and she gasped softly with the first touch of the cold liquid, she poured a little onto her upper chest and felt it tickle as it ran down between her breasts. Holding the bottle steady she watched the small rivulet pool on her stomach before overflowing and trickle down to spread at the waistline of her panties.”Tell me what you’re doing, describe it,” Corrine’s voice came from the phone resting on the table.”It’s embarrassing.””Good, your embarrassment excites me.”Anna didn’t reply for a minute, then “the lotion is running over me, over my body. It’s soaking into my knickers, making them stick to me. I can see my…myself.””Say it, tell me what you see,” Corrine demanded.”It’s my…my pussy, my knickers are wet and I can see my pussy.””Don’t you dare touch it you little slut! Now use your hands to spread the lotion over yourself. I want you slippery and shiny. Touch yourself everywhere except your pussy,” Corrine instructed.”Oh my God, it’s everywhere, my boobs are soft and, and slidy, I can’t grip them, and my nipples are…. Oh shit I have to, please let me touch myself?” Anna writhed as her hands roamed her body, her inhibitions gone.”No, no touching. Pour the rest of the bottle into the front of your panties, do it now.”Anna didn’t reply, but she obeyed, and though just a splash would saturate her panties she upended the bottle until it emptied. Spreading her thighs she gripped the sodden material and pulled her panties hard up into her crotch. She felt the liquid ooze between her buttocks and invade her pussy, and holding the waistband of her panties tight she gyrated her hips forcing her clitoris against the wet fabric.”Slow down now my sweet, stroke yourself, caress your breasts. Feel your thighs and bottom. Love yourself and imagine it’s my hands touching you,” Corrine was silent for a minute while Anna did as instructed. The only sound was Anna’s shuddering breath “now slowly push both hands into your knickers and use just your fingertips, lightly, just the merest touch,” Corrine whispered.Anna had her eyes closed, the voice was hypnotic and she did indeed imagine that Corrine was touching her. She jerked when fingers touched her clit and her nipples ached. She bent her knees, her legs cycling, her calves and thighs sliding against each other, causing her clitoris to move against her fingers. Sweat mixed with the body lotion and suddenly she couldn’t hold back another minute.”Please make me cum, please, I can’t stand it. I need you,” she was almost crying in her need and when Corrine said just one word “cum,” Anna spasmed and her whole body cramped and her fingers squeezed her throbbing clitoris. And she came, gasping and thanking her lover who was a hundred miles away.”Send me another photo, exactly as you are now,” Corrine said before she hung up.Feeling still very horny and with slippery, trembling hands Anna picked up her phone and obeyed………………….Sunday evening found Anna laughing with Sheila and Janice. Janice was her oldest friend: they were in the same class throughout their school years before losing contact when Janice went to university. They got together again five years ago and again became close, each vowing to forever be there.Two bottles of sparkling wine had disappeared, though Sheila, sitting on the only comfortable chair and clearly pregnant had restricted herself to just one glass. Anna and Janice were sprawled on s**ttered cushions as they talked and reminisced but were interrupted by the sound of knocking at the door.Anna got up and swayed a little as she went to answer the door. She was surprised to see Corrine and her first instinct was to throw her arms about her and kiss her, but with her friends just feet away she managed to restrain herself “Corrine, What?…I wasn’t expecting you.””Don’t I at least get a kiss?” Corrine asked with a smile.”Of…of course, it’s just…” Anna stumbled with her words, and after looking back toward the lounge she quickly pressed her lips to Corrine’s mouth.”You have company?” Corrine asked.”I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were coming,” Anna reluctantly stepped away.”It’s okay, don’t worry. Why don’t you introduce me? I promise not to embarrass you,” Corrine said quietly and held Anna’s elbow, easing her toward the lounge “but I’ll probably have to spank you later,” she whispered close to her ear while squeezing her bottom.Anna jumped and gasped, but acted as though nothing had happened, she wasn’t sure if Corrine was joking but she felt a flush of excitement at the thought.Sheila greeted Corrine and Anna introduced Janice. They exchanged pleasantries and Corrine noticed the sofa, covered with towels pushed into a corner.”Had an accident?” she said raising an eyebrow.”Yes I err… I spilled something, it’s still a little wet,” Anna said looking away to hide her blush.The four women chatted for a few minutes and Corrine agreed to have just one glass of wine before she made her excuses, explaining that she was just passing and needed to drop something off for Anna. She bid goodbye and headed for the door with Anna following.”Why don’t you stay? Sheila will be going soon and Janice is going drive her. You can stay the night,” Anna said once they were in the hallway.”No, you enjoy yourselves, I really have to go. I brought you a gift by the way,” she said pulling a package from her bag “you might want to wait until you’re alone before you open it though”Anna turned the gift over in her hands as though she might be able to see through the brown paper wrapping “please stay?” She asked again.”Really, I’d love to but I can’t, I’m sorry,” she said as she opened the door “Janice seems nice,” she added “are you and her…?” She said turning back with a quizzical expression.It took a second for Anna to realize what she meant “oh God no, she’s just a friend, a very good friend,” she said, and though she hid it she was a little disappointed with the implication that she and Corrine may not be entirely exclusive.”And you don’t plan to seduce her?” Corrine teased.”Janice? Never, I think she’d run a mile,” Anna giggled.”What if I told you to?” Corrine said “What if I wanted you to seduce her, would you?”Anna didn’t reply for long seconds, then in a very quiet voice said “yes. But please Corrine, don’t make me do that?”Corrine smiled and stroked Anna’s face “okay, maybe sometime later though,” she said with a grin “take your panties off,” she suddenly ordered.”What!””Your panties, take them off. That’s if you’re wearing any.”Anna hesitated just long enough to check that they weren’t being observed, then reached under her dress and slipped the lacy garment down her legs.Corrine held out her hand and Anna dropped her panties into the waiting palm. She made a show of sniffing them before pushing them into her pocket, causing Anna to turn red with embarrassment.”You can have them back when you crawl into my office and ask permission to wear them tomorrow,” she said, then leant forward to kiss Anna tenderly before she left.”Yes ma’am,” Anna whispered to the closing door……………It was early the following morning, a half hour before anybody else, apart from Corrine, had arrived when Anna sat behind her desk. She thought about Corrine’s gift to her: the framed twelve by ten print, a copy of the photo she had sent two days earlier, superimposed with a picture of Corrine’s face, making it appear as though she was inside her lovers head, as if she was within Corrine’s mind. It stood now, in pride of place on the table beside Anna’s bed, a beautiful image of her, appearing so wanton, so sexual and open. The most wonderful present she had ever received.Anna looked kaçak iddaa toward the oaken door, imagining the woman waiting on the other side, was she thinking about Anna at that very moment and the instructions she had given her? Did she believe that Anna would obey? Of course she did. And Anna herself had never considered otherwise. And she thought excitedly about what she was about to do.Approaching the door she knelt, and she had to reach up from her lowly position to turn the doorknob. The skirt of her suit was tight so she had to hitch the hem high on her thighs to allow her to move. She didn’t knock or announce herself, but crawled slowly on all fours across the soft carpet toward Corrine’s desk.Corrine looked up from her paperwork when she heard the door opening; she put the end of her pen between her teeth and leaned back into her chair watching intently as Anna crawled toward her. She moved languidly, cat like, each limb deliberately placed and her hands caressing the carpet. Her legs were exposed to the top of her thighs showing just a tantalizing glimpse of flesh above her stockings. The tight skirt was stretched across her bottom, a bottom which swayed so seductively with every movement of her legs.Time seemed to slow, taking an age before Anna reached a point before Corrine’s desk. There she stopped and with legs together she raised up to sit back upon her heels “please ma’am, may I have my panties back?” she said in almost a whisper.”Stand up, come here,” Corrine said. She was struggling to control herself, to stop her hand pressing between her thighs, and she almost capitulated as Anna, in the process of getting up raised one leg revealing her naked pussy.Standing beside Corrine’s chair Anna waited with her arms at her sides. Corrine slid her hands up Anna’s legs, pushing her skirt higher until it was bunched about her waist. She turned her Secretary, inspecting her belly and arse. Then stroking the quivering buttocks she said “I’d like to see this red and glowing, I think I’ll have to spank you soon.”Anna didn’t reply, she didn’t trust her voice not to falter. Instead she allowed herself to be turned until she faced Corrine again. The older woman produced the black panties embroidered with small red roses and flourished them in front of Anna’s face, and then she held them out so that Anna could step into them. As the flimsy garment was pulled up her legs she felt a rivulet of moisture leak from her pussy and trickle down her thigh, she prayed that Corrine wouldn’t notice and at the same time hoped that she would. She blushed; sure that Corrine must smell her musk and dreading her commenting on it.The panties were stretched across Anna’s thighs, leaving her pussy still lewdly exposed, and Corrine tugged on the short red hairs “this will have to go as well, I prefer my toy naked, completely naked,” she said before pulling the panties tight up into Anna’s crotch. Corrine then ran her hands over the girl’s hips and across her bottom as though smoothing the material. Finally she stroked two fingers between Anna’s thighs separating her labia, pressing the material between her nether lips. Anna’s knees weakened and she visibly sagged, groaning deep in her throat. A half smile played on Corrine’s lips as she calmly turned back to her work.Anna remained where she was, not sure what to do, until eventually it became clear that she was no longer required and turned to go.”Crawl, you crawled in here so crawl out,” Corrine said without looking up from what she was doing.With her skirt still hoisted around her waist Anna dropped to her hands and knees and crawled back across the room feeling more humiliated than at any time in her life. She moved slowly knowing that Corrine was watching. Finally exiting Corrine’s office she stood and collapsed into her chair. She may have felt humiliated but she was also so aroused she thought she might cum from just thinking about it………….Anna couldn’t concentrate; it was two hours after she had crawled from Corrine’s office. She typed words into her computer automatically without really paying attention to what she was doing. Her thoughts were filled with Corrine. She now knew that she was in love. She had had boyfriends, some, she thought, were serious relationships, but nothing compared to the way she felt about Corrine. She had never dreamed that she was gay, it was something she never consciously considered, but she was neither shocked nor surprised by being attracted to another woman, in fact she thought there had always been a tiny spark, deep within her mind that suspected that she was different. But what distracted her most was the way she responded to Corrine. She knew that she had always been a little too compliant, never wanting to rock the boat, but with Corrine she was positively submissive, never happier or more aroused than when she was being dominated or, dare she admit, being humiliated. Had she always been that way? Had it just taken the right person to bring it all out?Anna’s reverie was interrupted by the buzzing of the intercom”Come in here please,” Corrine’s voice commanded. She sounded terse and not happy at all. Anna thought it best not to say anything, she would discover the reason soon enough. So she straightened her clothing and knocked quietly on the door.”You made five mistakes in this letter.” Corrine said tossing a sheet of paper across her desk before Anna was even through the door.”I’m sorry,” Anna mumbled, if Corrine said it was so, that’s how it was “I’ll correct it straight away,” she added, picking up the paper. Why Corrine had made such an issue of it Anna didn’t know, but secretly she wondered if she herself had subconsciously made the mistakes on purpose?”That’s not the point, it’s just not good enough, a fucking c***d could have done better,” Corrine said as she stood and walked across the room. Anna stood holding the document, petulantly refusing to look at her boss.”Hold out your hands, palms up.” Corrine said standing behind her.Anna dropped the paper onto the desk and complied, wondering what Corrine planned, and she was surprised when a thin plastic rod was laid across her palms. She recognized it as one of the supports from a plant in the corner and realized what Corrine intended to do.”I thought you planned to spank me?” she said as though it was the most natural thing in the world.”That’s for my pleasure; this is punishment,” Corrine said and indicated the paper “what was your first mistake?”Anna looked down at the red rings encircling her mistakes “I spelt agreement wrong.” she said, and she yelped as the rod flashed down to sting her hands.”Next?” Corrine barked, walking around to the other side of the nervous girl.Anna’s bottom lip was trembling; tears were forming in her eyes. But her hands remained motionless “I used a comma instead of a period ma’am,” and the cane struck again.”Next?””John is a noun, it should start with a capital,” Anna said, finding it hard to hold back the tears.Corrine walked back around to where she started and struck again.Anna visibly sagged and a low groan issued from her throat “it should read ‘your’ not ‘you’re’ she said without any prompt.Corrine this time stayed on Anna’s right and tapped the pain racked palms gently.Anna moved only her head, a puzzled expression on her face, as though she was asking why Corrine hadn’t struck harder. She immediately turned back and said “another spelling mistake, it should be c-o-n-s-i-d-e-r-e-d,” once again the rod flashed down making Anna flinch and whimper.It was over and Corrine placed the rod on Anna’s opened palms and sat once again behind her desk “are you okay?” she asked.Anna still hadn’t moved but tears ran down her cheeks “you hurt me,” she said quietly.Corrine stood again and moved around her desk. standing in front of Anna she took her hands and gently kissed each palm “yes, I did,” she said, then using just the very tip of her tongue she licked away a tear from Anna’s face “your tears arouse me,” she said, then she stood back and added “go now and type the paper correctly.”Anna walked slowly to the door but before stepping through she turned back and asked “can I stay with you tonight ma’am…mistress?”Corrine nodded almost imperceptibly, her heart beating wildly after the way Anna had just addressed her………….”Is something wrong with your memory?” Corrine asked when they entered her apartment. they had walked hand in hand down the street and Anna hadn’t been concerned who saw them, neither was she worried about what the cab driver had thought when they kissed in the back seat, if Corrine was okay then so was she “don’t you remember what I told you the last time you were here?” Corrine said.After thinking for a few seconds Anna did indeed remember and removed her top and skirt “I’m sorry ma’am,” she said.”I prefer what you called me earlier,” Corrine said.Anna, dressed in just her underwear, thought for a moment then corrected herself “I’m sorry Mistress.””Yes that’s much more appropriate. now, we’ll shower first then eat, and later I think I’ll spank you,” Corrine’s hands roamed Anna’s breasts as she spoke and she finished with a kiss, pressing her body and lips hard and so passionately to her it took Anna’s breath away.Corrine led the way to the bathroom, Anna followed, the thought of being spanked on a whim merely for Corrine’s enjoyment sending a thrill of excitement through her body…………”The skin should be warm, maybe even a little hot,” Corrine instructed, pressing the hot flannel against Anna’s crotch. She held it in place for a few seconds and then rinsed it under the hot tap before repeating the process “then the soap should be worked in with a brush…like so.”Anna gripped the side of the stool she was sitting on and sucked her bottom lip back between her teeth and she wanted to scream out in arousal. She sat with her legs spread lewdly while Corrine played with her and teased her, all under the pretence of removing her pubic hair. Anna had trimmed and shaved herself many times in the past; it had always been a laborious task but never taking more than a few minutes. But Corrine had been kneeling between her thighs for a half hour already and she hadn’t even removed a single hair, instead she had used her hands and different innocent objects to drive her almost insane with desire.She had started with an almost clinical examination, ordering Anna to sit and spread her legs wide, and then using her fingers to stroke and probe, squeezing and pulling the labia, opening Anna up embarrassingly, inserting one and then two fingers, pushing deep and twisting the digits. Corrine then traced circles around Anna’s clitoris before pulling back the hood, exposing the sensitive button. She watched Anna’s reaction as she flicked and nipped, rubbed and pressed, admonishing her should she move or make a sound. Anna almost cried in excitement and frustration when Corrine pushed the fingers of one hand deep inside and used her thumb to tease her clit.”Be still, and don’t you dare cum, this is not for your enjoyment,” Corrine said, but Anna couldn’t understand how she could possibly not enjoy it as Corrine’s other hand massaged her pelvic area. Despite Corrine’s warning Anna couldn’t stop squirming and thrusting her hips and the light hearted reprimand only excited her more.After what seemed an eternity of teasing, Corrine declared that she was ready, but then she only made things worse with the hot towels, but the soap laden brush was the last straw, as the soft bristles moved between her labia and over her throbbing clit Anna groaned deep within her throat and despite all of her efforts at self control her body reacted, she bit down on her thumb as her hips jerked and the brush moved fast and hard on her most delicate spot, Corrine wickedly forcing her to the edge, watching her face as she orgasmed.”I believe a spanking may be called for after that little display,” Corrine said, not sounding at all unhappy.”I didn’t realize that you needed a reason,” Anna responded between breaths.”And for your impertinence it’s now doubled.”Anna rested back against the wall, her legs still stretched wide and her groin covered with soap, she finally gained control of her breathing and whispered “yes mistress.”………..They showered, and Anna climaxed again with Corrine using her mouth and hands under the falling water. Then they dressed: Corrine in knee length lace nightdress and silk dressing gown, Anna in just stockings and heels, with thong panties hiding her smooth and newly hairless pussy. And after eating they sat on the sofa, Corrine reading a book and stroking Anna’s hair who lay with her head on Corrine’s lap.”Why won’t you let me touch you?” Anna finally broke the silence.”Hmm?” Corrine said distractedly while still concentrating on her book.”You know…You always make me…but you never let me…You know.”Corrine looked down at the younger women, and the blush of embarrassment on her lovely face made her heart swell.”What do I know?”She asked.”When you touch me…there… You lick me, but you never let me do it to you,””What do I do? Say it,” Corrine pressed.Anna turned her face away shyly ” you lick my… you eat my pussy, but you never let me do it to you.”Corrine smiled, she had been waiting for just this moment “because you never asked me,” she said, and went back to reading her book.”I don’t understand,” Anna said turning back to look up at her mistress.Corrine sighed theatrically and laid her book down “you need to ask me, beg me, before I allow you to taste me, before I allow you to become mine,”There was silence again for a few seconds before Anna spoke “can I…please?””Do it properly. Tell me exactly what you want. I want to hear you say it.”At first Corrine thought that Anna wouldn’t say anything but then “please…please mistress…please let me lick your…your pussy?”Corrine stroked a stray hair from Anna’s face then said “of course. But you have to understand the consequences: when you agree to go down on me you become my submissive, my toy,” she paused to allow the seriousness to sink in “you will do whatever I say, lick my pussy whenever I tell you to. And also know that as your mistress I might decide not to lick you again.”It was said in a calm businesslike manner, as though Corrine was offering her a deal. Anna rolled over, facing away and realized that that was exactly what it was: a deal. Remain as they were, enjoying the moment, until it runs its course. Or surrender herself to Corrine, relinquishing control and living a lifestyle at the whim of another. She had no doubt that Corrine would care for her, but would she receive pleasure? kaçak bahis Assuredly, would she be punished? Undoubtedly: but would she be happy? And with a certainty she had never before felt in her entire life she knew she would.There was only one answer she could give, her mind craved it and her body yearned for it. So climbing to her knees beside Corrine she looked into her eyes and said “please Mistress, let me belong to you, own me, and please, please, for the love of God let me eat your pussy?”……………..The promised spanking didn’t occur that night. Instead they talked for an hour as Corrine explained exactly what her idea of a DS relationship entailed. It was no more or no less than Anna expected, and though she had virtually no experience with that particular type of lifestyle she readily accepted each and every one of Corrine’s ideals, actually thinking it wasn’t much different from what she had already been introduced to over the last few weeks.”You seem to know what you’re talking about, you make it sound so simple,” Anna remarked.”It is simple. I don’t claim to be an expert; everyone is different, different ideas and desires, some extreme, some gentle, physical or psychological, full time or just play partners. It’s only as difficult as you want to make it.””Have you done this before? With another girl?” Anna asked. She was reclined with her head resting on Corrine’s lap. Corrine was sitting upright with a glass of wine in one hand; the fingers of the other traced the spattering of freckles on Anna’s upper chest, making patterns on her skin.”I love your freckles, they’re so damn sexy,” Corrine said.Anna playfully slapped the hand away “don’t avoid the subject,” she said.”But I do, I want to kiss every last one of them.””Corrine!””Okay, okay. I’ve had one, maybe a couple…Oh alright, four,” Corrine said.”Oh. I see,” Anna said quietly.”See, this is why I didn’t want to say. I knew you’d be upset.””I’m not upset, I, I just didn’t realize that you’d done all this before,” Anna said, but it was clear she wasn’t happy.”Are you jealous?” Corrine said, grinning.”No, no of course I’m not jealous, I just thought I was… alright, yes I am jealous. You’re my first…girlfriend. And I thought…I hoped that…””Just think of them as practice, so I could be perfect for you,” Corrine said, leaning forward to kiss Anna’s forehead “and I really do love your freckles.”They both laughed and Anna dug her fingers into Corrine’s ribs, tickling her. When they calmed down Anna spoke “you won’t hurt me will you.”Corrine pulled Anna to her and held her “I’ll never hurt you, never. But it excites me to hurt you. Does that make sense?”Anna thought back to that morning, how Corrine had made her crawl in her office, how she had caned her hands, and how perversely proud she herself had felt “yes it does, it does make sense,” she said holding Corrine tight………..That night they made love tenderly, yet with great passion, and contrary to what Corrine said she spent quite some time kissing and licking Anna’s body, doing everything she could to keep her thrall on the edge of orgasm but not allowing her to cum. With her mouth busy between Anna’s spread legs, she looked up the length of the girl’s body just as Anna arched her back. And a loud, almost agonized groan escaped her lips. That was the cue for Corrine to stop, but instead of waiting for Anna to calm down before bringing her once again to the brink, this time she rolled away and pulled Anna toward her.”Now it’s your turn, make it good, make me proud of you,” she said breathlessly.Disappointment and frustration briefly showed on Anna’s face, but there was also excitement and desire. She moved across the bed to position herself between Corrine’s legs, looking down at the naked woman.Corrine stared into Anna’s eyes and relaxed back into the pillows; she nonchalantly laced her fingers behind her head and slowly pulled her feet up, spreading her knees as wide as possible. She grinned at Anna, her expression easy to read, the look said “okay, I’m ready, you may eat me now.”Anna had waited for this moment, she had dreamed of it, begged for it. Now, looking down at the woman beneath her all of her frustrations disappeared, her inhibitions vanished. Something that she wanted so badly was now before her. She leant down, her lips touching Corrine’s belly, feeling the flesh quiver. She pushed her tongue in the small crevice which was Corrine’s navel and licked, coating the skin with her saliva leaving a wet trail as she moved down toward that most sacred place.”What do you think you’re doing?” Corrine said.Anna looked up perplexed, she knew Corrine wanted this and it was something that had filled her own mind and driven her to distraction for the last few days.”You cum only when I say so, and certainly not before I do,” Corrine said. Anna was still puzzled, but Corrine nodded toward Anna’s right hand which was moving between her own legs “take your hand away from your cunt, it belongs to me remember?”Reluctantly, but so excited that she was short of breath Anna dragged her fingers away from her pubis, feeling ever more submissive and incredibly aroused. Leaning forward she again kissed Corrine’s stomach, trailing her lips down until she touched the small tuft of brown hair. She deliberately moved her face to the side, licking and nibbling the skin of Corrine’s hip, leaving a wet trail down the woman’s outer thigh and up the inside until she was just an inch from the yearning centre. She shivered when she felt Corrine tremble, and heard a small groan of disappointment and anticipation as she moved across to the other leg, then she almost swooned when she heard a murmured “please?”The taste was somehow familiar, like kissing Corrine after she had been down on her, and she sucked the labia into her mouth, swirling and washing with her tongue until the flavour almost became a part of her and the musky aroma filled her senses. She pushed against the wet flesh, driving her tongue as deep as possible, extracting every drip of sticky fluid. Only then did she touch the throbbing clitoris: clamping her lips tight and sucking it to exposure from its protective hood, then lathering her tongue over the sensitive bud.Corrine arched up from the bed; her hands gripped and twisted the sheet beneath her. Her mouth was stretched open in a silent scream as her climax built from deep within her womb and threatened to engulf her whole body. Then she groaned an agonized “noooo…” when Anna pulled away.She looked down her body to see the face of her lover, her lips wet with her own juices and stretched into a grin a mile wide. And then, when Anna gave a small chuckle and pressed her mouth once again to her yearning pussy, she knew she had created a monster, a beautiful, wonderful and adorable monster.Corrine lay exhausted, her arms and legs flung wide, gasping for breath, too tired to move. Anna had teased her until she could take no more, until Corrine had wound her fingers into the red hair to prevent Anna from pulling away again, screaming out her orgasm and feeling like her whole body would cramp and tear apart.Anna rested her head on her mistresses stomach, smiling happily, happy with the thought that she hadn’t disappointed, that she had given Corrine the same pleasure that she herself had felt, happy that she had pleased her mistress.Eventually Corrine found the strength to move. With difficulty she slid to one side and pulled Anna up to lay beside her. Their arms reached out and they held one another until sleep claimed them………………Anna awoke to see Corrine watching her, she returned the smile and good morning greeting, and feeling warm and snug she cuddled into the arms of the other woman.”Oh shit the time!” Anna suddenly bolted upright.”It’s okay,” Corrine said turning onto her back “we’re not going to work today, we have to collect your things, you’re moving in with me.””I am?””You are.”Like a c***d at Christmas Anna bounced up and down on her knees, her face exploding into a huge smile………….Anna was surprised at how few possessions she owned, and how few she actually wanted to take with her. Packing two suitcases and loading them into Corrine’s Mercedes took less than an hour. The apartment, her furniture and her no good car they decided to deal with later. On the return journey Corrine turned off the main road, saying that she had some shopping to do and headed into town. Parking in a side street she took Anna by the hand and led her to Blackwell’s, her favourite store.Corrine was greeted by the staff like an old friend, she said cheery hellos and hugged Annabelle before introducing Anna “this is Anna, she works for me, she’s also my partner.”Anna blushed at the description but Annabelle took it in her stride “we’ve already met. How are you Anna? It’s lovely to see you again, you’re looking good,” she said giving the nervous girl a hug “so, what are you looking for today?” she enquired.Corrine, taking control, spoke first “we need some everyday clothes and also a few things for when we entertain, evening wear is required too of course.”Annabelle took Anna’s arm and guided her among the racks of beautiful, ridiculously expensive clothes, pointing out various items and selecting others. A young girl appeared as if from nowhere, following close behind, happy to carry the chosen articles. And for the next hour Anna walked in and out of the fitting room modelling each outfit, on display for Annabelle, and mainly Corrine to comment on and to judge the suitability of every item. Anna’s opinion was never asked for and the few times she remarked on anything they listened politely but Corrine always had the last word. So she dressed and undressed, aided diligently by Fran, the young trainee, and paraded for her mistress. She felt more like a possession than a person and this was brought home when Annabelle picked out a green silk lounge suit for her to try.”No no no,” Corrine said quickly “it’s very nice but she’s not permitted to wear clothes at home, are you my sweet?”Anna wanted the ground to open up and swallow her; she couldn’t bear to look at Annabelle, what must she think? With her eyes on the floor she turned back toward the fitting room.”Anna, I asked you a question, please don’t be rude,” Corrine’s voice, the one she used in the office when she wanted to be obeyed stopped her.She knew she had to answer, and she knew how she was supposed to answer, and she knew Corrine was expecting it, otherwise why had she asked in such a humiliating fashion? “Yes mistress,” she mumbled without turning to face them.”What did you say? We can’t hear you,”Anna knew that there was no avoiding it, so with head held high she spun round and declared clearly “yes mistress. I’m only allowed panties, stockings and shoes when at home,” and rather than running to hide she stood proudly waiting for Corrine to speak.Calmly placing the complimentary glass of sparkling wine on the ornate side table, Corrine stood and walked to her lover. She stood close, staring into Anna’s eyes for some seconds, neither willing to be the one to look away “you are so very, very precious to me. Please don’t ever change,” she said and kissed Anna tenderly on the lips.Fran fussed with the last dress, awkwardly trying not to look at Anna’s face or say anything out of place. Anna stood, arms in the air allowing the garment to slide over her body. She was shaking with nerves and something else, something she rarely felt, was it pride? She didn’t know. But whatever it was it felt good. The dress settled on her shoulders, hanging loose but clinging to every contour of her body, and looking in the mirror she could see the outline of her braless breasts and her nipples standing erect, demanding attention.Fran gaped and Anna smiled “its okay, everyone to their own,” she said, reassuring the teenage assistant. Then she thrust her breasts out and walking with the gait of a stripper she went to show her mistress, determined to make her love that dress………..With a new found confidence: after all she had not only come out as gay in front of a shop full of strangers, well okay, almost strangers, but she had also declared her submission to another woman, Anna almost, almost made it through the lingerie department without even a blush. Knickers, stockings and the occasional bra passed before her eyes, she was measured and fitted, dressed and undressed, and she sashayed before her mistress and her friends, proud that she was happy and pleased with her sub. Then they produced the more intimate things, the less practical underwear, the tight satin and lace and transparent garments. Even these Anna modelled, doing her best to look sexy, all for the approval of her loverFinally, attired in just a very tight red satin Basque, Anna stepped before Corrine. Her breasts were pushed up high and almost overflowed the bra, her nipples felt due to escape with minimal movement, a matching thong barely covering her bald pussy. Corrine and Annabelle sat side by side watching closely, Fran had followed from the changing room and stood next to Michelle.”It makes you look like a slut, we’ll take it,” Corrine said.With the show over Annabelle escorted Anna back into the changing room. She took the garments and handed them to Fran and helped Anna back into her own clothes “you were very brave. I think you love each other very much, I only hope I find someone like you someday,” she said, giving Anna a hug.Anna thought it was a very personal thing for a store assistant to do and say, but realized that these people were more: they were also Corrine’s friends and she had brought her there for more than just buying clothes, she was being displayed for Corrine’s pride and their approval. Anna hugged back, happy that she had passed the test…….”Okay, I think we should be moving, we still have things to do,” Corrine announced as Anna, once again, dressed in her own clothes joined her.Annabelle and Fran gathered up a number of items as Anna held to Corrine’s arm, she smiled coyly, batting her eyelashes comically and pressed close “can I get the green dress? Please Mistress please?” she asked quietly but with excitement.Corrine smiled indulgently, kissed Anna on the lips and moved to the sales counter…….As Corrine signed the sales slip Anna protested “no Corrine, err…mistress, it’s too much,” Annabelle and Fran were carefully folding garments and wrapping them in tissue before placing each into individual boxes, and the pile kept growing “the green dress, that’s all, please….” but Corrine silenced her by pressing a finger to her lips.”Shush. I have more money than I’ll ever need; I want to spend some of it. Please don’t spoil this for me?”Anna was immediately chastened, but still felt embarrassed “I only wanted to look nice for you,” she said.”Oh shut up,” Corrine said, not unkindly.

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