The Club Pt. 02


Chapter 2 First Night

I spent the rest of that day sleeping and eating and the maid came and went at regular intervals. I felt no hostility towards this thing that served me but was irritated that it would not speak to me at all. It kept putting a finger to its lips and, at one stage, I really felt that it wanted to speak but couldn’t for some reason be it discipline or vocal chords being cut. I have heard of this being done to some BDSM slaves once they have been indoctrinated.

It was late afternoon I think when she came for my tea tray. Certainly it was dark and the lights were on. This time though she returned after clearing the tray and I saw keys in her hand. My bonds were completely removed. She motioned me to follow her and, for the first time, I left by the open door. As I walked I felt the satin slide against my skin and I could tell that stubble was growing. I felt my chin and felt at least a day’s growth, possibly more and the knickers were bunched around my genitals and creased. If I had been wearing this outfit for as long as two days it would need changing pretty soon.

Anyway, the maid turned right through another similar door and I realised that there was no staircase that I saw but one or two doors off the corridor that we had not used. Perhaps the stairs were behind one of those.

In the new room was a steaming bath and a bathroom with all mod cons. I relieved myself and thought with a start that I had automatically sat down to pee. After relieving myself I shed my camisole top and kicked off the knickers round my ankles. The maid recovered both garments and put them in a wash basket. I stepped into the bath water. It was deliciously hot and caressed my skin. The maid picked up a bottle off a cabinet and before I knew it she had emptied it into my bath water. The heady scent of lavender assailed my nostrils. It was sickly sweet and cloying and I felt a little sick as I now knew how far these people were going to go with my feminisation. I had obviously dabbled but mostly rubber and never with oils, scents and moisturisers although, as a guy I frequently used after shave and deodorant when quite a few of my mates didn’t.

For the first time, I had a niggling doubt but it soon passed. I sat and immersed myself in the scented bath and my maid passed me some soap. As I soaped my arms and face I saw her drop to her knees and lean on the side of the bath. Her head was now inches from mine and I looked at her and her rubber mask. She leant forward and I heard her whisper “Later, we will talk later. Not now, they might be listening”. Fingers to lips again but that voice was feminine! So my maid was a girl. I was pleased and not pleased at the same time. I really didn’t want to share my feminine side with a girl, only myself. I had never wanted to be seen as a woman or even be one. I only dressed for the sexual side.

The bath progressed with me standing and using the highly scented soap and water on all my body. The maid then asked me to stand up and she proceeded to shave me from ears to shins using shaving soap and a Quattro razor. She was very expert and took enormous care around my genitals. Even my balls were shaved and then, when I turned round and leant against the tiles, my arse and even the crack was carefully shaven.

I stepped out onto the bath mat and she carefully shaved my feet as well. She then spent an hour doing my nails. A full manicure and pedicure but no varnish although my toenails were already bright red anyway but my hands were natural. She tutted at my bitten skin and nails on my fingers but I was far too relaxed to take umbrage. My hair was dried with an electric dryer and when I fastened a towel around my waist she tutted again and refastened it around my chest. She led me back to my room and sat me down at the dressing table but this time I noted that a revolving stool was there and the chair was over in another corner. I looked in the dressing table mirror and saw my reflection. Nothing new there but I was tingling with anticipation and my skin was soft and delicate when I stroked myself.

Then my maid went over to a chest of drawers in the room and brought back what I knew was a make-up bag. So this was it! My first make-over.

First out of the bag were two breast forms. Two soft, shaped bags of silicon that welled over her fingers as she held them but never lost their shape. Glue was applied to them and then to my hairless breasts. First she fitted two plastic clips to my own nipples that were fastened inside the breast forms with short elastic cords. She struggled with that until I supported the breast forms in my own hands. They were cool to the touch. She did up the plastic clips so they pinched the skin and then applied the forms to my breasts and I heard the glue stick together. When she and I let the forms fall I felt the drag on my shoulders. When I scratched a sudden itch on my nose my arm brushed the form and it wobbled slightly and I felt the altyazı porno pull on my own nipple.

She spent a long time on my make up. My face felt increasingly tight as layer after layer was applied. Mascara and eyeliner, eyeshadow and blusher. Finally the lipstick and gloss and this new immaculate feminine face looked back at me from the mirror. I heard her move behind me and open the wardrobe. I was mesmerised by my own reflection and I felt so good! My skin glowed and my face and neck were even toned and smooth. My lips were full and bright glossy red. My new breasts moved with me and swayed gently.

Then my maid gave the crowning touch by placing a dark copper brown wig on me, As I felt the page boy flicks graze my cheek and the fringe touch my newly arched eyebrows ( did I tell you how that hurt? ) I felt myself succumb to the feminine appearance that stared back at me from the mirror. The new me. At a gesture from my maid, I stood up, my breasts swaying and she took a hanger from the wardrobe and on it was a sheer white nightdress. Halter neck, with two silver belts sewn into the fabric, one at just under bust height and one at waist height. The right side was slit to the waist. I really wished I didn’t have a paunch for this garment. The maid now pushed my testicles painfully into my groin and I felt them slide up inside me. I later learned that doing this regularly made it easier. My flaccid cock was then effectively squeezed back between my legs by the special panties that she slid up my legs. Very feminine and satin with lace trim but tight and with a concealed pouch for my cock. Erections would be difficult and my testicles were uncomfortable.

I donned the exquisite nightie and swished and sashayed around the room feeling utterly feminine for the first time with my hairless legs swishing the fabric and my breasts swaying but under control. I could even see the outline of nipples protruding through the fabric over my new bust. My maid produced some stiletto heeled fluffy mules from somewhere and I paraded in them. I could do no more than embrace her and hug her taking care not to disturb my make up and gorgeous wig. I felt really good!!

The maid left and came back a few minutes later with two glasses of wine. She helped me to enter the satin sheeted bed and plumped up pillows and cushions so that I was propped up in bed like a true lady. I certainly felt like one as I sipped my wine.

All of a sudden and without a word my maid stood up, undid a zip at her crotch exposing her sex. I could see her gloved fingers wet with her own juices. She pulled off the duvet that covered me and quickly lifted my nightie and pulled down the panties. My cock was as surprised as I was and stayed limp. I felt her hand on my cock as she gently circled it and stroked it. Her other hand went for her own sex and I saw her insert a finger into her vagina. I even heard a slight wet sucking sound and my cock instantly responded and grew into her hand. My testicles popped out of their confinement as they squeezed up under my erect cock. She gave a little sigh and then a series of heavy breaths with a small moan. Her head dipped and I saw her lips part as she took my cock head into her mouth. I felt the warmth and moisture as her lips slid down my member. I felt her gag as my balls hit her rubber clad chin. She lifted her mouth off my cock and swiftly climbed onto the bed and straddled me. I saw my erect cock at her entrance, felt her juices mingle with her spit and my cock slowly slid into her warmth as she slowly lowered herself onto me. We both sighed in unison. She leaned forward and I felt my cock bend and touch her vagina walls and the gap at the base allowed her juices to flow out and soak my hairless balls.

She whispered in my ear ” Tomorrow is a busy day for you and I will not be there to look after you.” ” I wanted to do this…..I just….wanted….” I heard her moan as she lifted herself and slid down again on my soaked cock. I could feel her juices flowing almost like a stream and each stroke pumped more out of her. So much that I could feel a pool gathering around my arse and soaking the sheets. She lifted herself and lowered herself with ease and I heard the sucking noises from her vagina. I have never been with a woman who was so wet. I loved it! I felt my cock start to tingle and harden with each stroke. I looked at her rubber dolly face and I could see her eyes boring into mine as she practised her art. She shifted her knees and put her gloved hands on her thighs and I watched her clothes stretch and wrinkle as she moved and her skirt rustled as it settled over my abdomen and was lifted off with each stroke.

She lifted slow and came down fast and increased the tempo as she did. With a shattering roar and a white hot stream of cum I climaxed inside her as she rested at the bottom of the umpteenth stroke. I heard her sigh deeply and I felt her thighs twitching and felt her vagina amatör porno walls spasming against my oozing cock as she milked me of every last drop of cum.

She lifted off me and my soaking wet limp cock splatted against my abdomen and I realised that the front of my beautiful nightie was soaked in cum and juices as was the sheet and the nightie underneath. My nightie and bedclothes were basically ruined and would need laundering. I wondered what else there was to wear. Certainly there was no escaping the wet bedding. The damp patch was huge and still spreading. My maid sprung up and without zipping herself up and with juices all over her legs she walked out of the door. I even heard a slurp and a vaginal fart. The door closed and I heard the lock close. I suddenly felt cold and very cheap. Made up like a tart with a wig and a nightie with wet cum stains back and front, my dick and balls all sticky cold and wet and a cold wet patch across my bed.

I searched the room and although I found the make up bag and my abandoned panties there was no trace of anything else in terms of towels, tissues or make up remover. Already, my pillow was smeared with make up and a look in the mirror suggested that my make up was a bit of a mess in places. I tried to repair the damage but with no real luck.

It was really cold now and I shivered in the thin nightdress. I put the panties back on and adjusted my tackle. At least it kept the cold wetness of the nightie off me. I could do nothing about the sheet and when I lifted it, it was obvious that it had soaked into the mattress as well and, as such, would not benefit from being left off or turned around.

I spent a miserable night lying in a cold puddle and in the middle of the night I cried a little, I felt so miserable. Even the breast forms were a nuisance, dragging at my chest and uncomfortable unless held.

I slept fitfully and even after my orgasm, frustrated.

Chapter 3 The Nightmare Journey

I was rudely awoken by two women I had never seen before. Before I had a chance to really awaken, I felt a collar locked around my neck. They put my mules on my bare feet and then pulled me upright. I felt a springy leather belt go round my waist and the clink of a chain before my hands were handcuffed in front of me. I lifted my hands but was unable to do so. I was in a transit belt. A ball gag was pushed into my mouth and strapped behind my head. A dog leash chain was clipped to my collar and without further ado I was pulled through the bedroom door and along the corridor. I spotted another door ajar and as the leading woman pushed it open I saw a narrow staircase leading downwards.

It was bare wood and very narrow wooden un – carpeted and steep. I was being hurried along by the lead woman who had the benefit of a handrail and was wearing trainers, jeans and a T shirt. I was wearing heels and they clattered on the wood as I tried to keep my balance and transit the stairs in my full length nightie without the use of my hands. At one point I caught a heel in the hem and because I wasn’t allowed to stop and disentangle it, I heard it rip and, at the same time, I heard and felt the top of the side split part and the seam started to unravel. I was still in a wig and full but smeared make up. I must have looked a sight dressed in a stained, ripped nightie as well.

We reached the bottom of the stairs and a wooden door. The lead woman opened it. We were outside in the open air and obviously at the back of a large house overlooking gravel and grass fields. I could see a copse at the far side of the field next to the house. It was cool, overcast and the ground was wet from recent rain. I shivered in my thin nightie and grunted into my gag. I felt the torn hem of my nightie snag on something and again, no chance to sort out the tangle. I felt the nightie go tight and expose my legs and the side seam parted a little more. My clothes were being ripped from me! I stopped and the lead woman pulled me roughly and I felt the woman behind me both pick a handful of the nightie and push me as she yanked the nightie. I heard it rip again as I stumbled forward. I thought I would fall but the lead woman lifted the leash and I felt the chain tighten and the collar bind as I was held up. I regained my balance without falling but felt my feet splash into a muddy puddle and the water went up my legs. As I stumbled on I could feel the hem of the nightie drag through the puddle.

I was dragged onto the grass and a faint track leading towards the copse was visible in the wet grass. The ground was smooth but I could feel my heels sinking into the ground and I had to walk as much on my toes as I could. I could feel the strain on my calves. Now I knew why women never wore heels on soft ground. It started to rain. The women gave a curse in some foreign tongue and started to move quicker. At one stage they were holding me either side and almost running. I felt amatör porno rivulets of rain running down my cleavage and soaking my nightie which then started to feel heavy and cling to me. I could feel my wig getting wet and the rain ran off it onto my face and shoulders. My make up started to run. I was cold, wet and miserable.

We entered the copse and the rain stopped although the trees still dripped. The path was bare mud and we skirted some of the worst puddles and mud although my nightie hem was trailing now and I felt it getting heavy with mud. Then we came to a crossing track. This was wide, about 10 feet and was badly churned mud. It was obvious that both vehicles and livestock had passed this way and it was a veritable sea of churned thick mud. I could see on the far side that there was a deep and liquid mud puddle that we had no choice but to cross as the vegetation on either side of the track was thick and impenetrable.

Another guttural curse from the woman and this time they actually conversed in low tones. Obviously they were not dressed for crossing this track and their trainers were muddy.

The lead woman pulled out a mobile and walked back down the track as she dialled a number. I couldn’t hear what she was saying apart from the opening ‘Hi, it’s me….’ in a thick accent. The other woman picked up my leash and stood there holding it. I looked down at my beautiful nightdress and saw that it was wet, stained, ripped and mud spattered. Even as cold as I was I felt sad that this garment had been ruined. It started to rain again. I could hear it spatter in the muddy track and the trees above.

The lead woman returned. The next part was unexpected. I was led back down the path about three yards and my leash was wrapped around a stout tree trunk and fastened with a carabiniere. With that the two women turned tail and hurried away. I was alone in bondage in a wood, God alone knows where, dressed in a ripped nightie and a wig with smeared make up and high heels and it was raining. I was wet, cold and unutterably miserable. I voiced my misery through the gag to no avail. I was alone with the dripping woods. After quite a short while my nightie was completely soaked and I felt a trickle of water in my panties which, up to now had been dry. The rain teemed down and the trees dripped.

I don’t know how long I was there but I became aware that I was also starving not having had any breakfast. After a while the rain stopped but the trees were still dripping. The place was silent except every now and again the undergrowth would move at some distance. The sun came out and filtered through the leaves and I felt its warmth through my soaked nightie.

Although I was worried I was also exhilarated and possibly, slightly turned on. This was not what I had in mind for myself but it was thrilling to be feminised, dressed, made up and wet and trashed at the same time. Like a wet dream, literally. I had often wanted a woman to be like this for me and had often researched and looked at the WAM images on the web. Now I know what it felt like to actually be that woman. Tied to a tree, scantily clad, wet, clinging nightdress, completely vulnerable to any passing man who wished to take advantage of me. I wriggled my body and felt the wet cloth slither and cling as my breasts swayed. I felt my imprisoned wet cock stir.

All that went away as I heard someone coming, crashing through the undergrowth. It was a man coming from the direction of the house. He was wearing wellingtons and a waxed jacket and had a walking stick. I didn’t really look at his face but recall it to be ruddy. I heard him stop behind me and he was breathing heavily. I was frightened now. I was in unknown territory here. My vulnerable state was so overwhelming that I became completely submissive, incapable of resistance, resigned to my fate. I felt him touch my bum through the wet cloth, caress it and my brain went on hold. I felt the knife tip on my spine and his hand take hold of my nightie as the tip went through the fabric and pricked my coccyx. I felt and faintly heard the razor sharp knife part the fabric from the top of my arse crack to the bottom including my panties. I heard the knife click closed and the sound of a zipper. Without any warning or preparation he rammed his rigid cock up my arse. I screamed through the gag. He immediately started furious pumping and, locked together, we stumbled forward until I was against the tree trunk. He pumped wildly in my arse and I felt alternately full and empty. The initial pain went away to be replaced by a dull and thrilling ache as his cock pummelled my prostate. I felt myself spread my legs and the wet nightie strained and clung to my right leg as the loose hem was slapped against my ankles. I felt my flaccid but aroused cock dribbling pre cum and then I felt his hot cum coat my insides. I had been raped and my virginity taken. I was both exalted and humiliated at the same time. I felt his cock go limp and he withdrew. He used the nightie to clean himself of his cum and my shit and I heard the zipper again. I moaned into my gag as his cum oozed from my crack and soaked into the nightie. I brought my legs together and felt warm liquid spurt from my arse. I felt very dirty and abused.

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