The Contract Ch. 01


Paul had reflected a lot since his divorce. He was not about to give up on sex at 53 years old; hookers and wanking were really not up to the job and there was absolutely no way he was going to set himself up to be cleaned out by another gold digging wife.

Whichever way you looked at it, a guy with a bit of cash built up was just a sitting target for the crazy legal system. As a very traditional bloke, Paul took his role as head of household seriously. He worked bloody hard and expected his wife’s job to be helping him to do that by looking after the home and being there for him. Twice now he had seen a big chunk of his money walk off out of his life to women who had shared his bed and done some cooking, but had never contributed a penny to the household or ever earned a single thing while they were married to him.

A third marriage wasn’t an option and casual girlfriends just didn’t cut it. It was in a bar one evening chatting to an old friend that the solution presented itself. Tim was older than Paul and he had been widowed a while back. Not the most attractive guy and a bit too fond of the booze, Tim couldn’t find a new soul mate until he signed up with a Thai bride organisation on the Internet. Sure enough, for a modest investment of time and money he had found himself a great lady, half his age who seemed very keen to please him. They had already married in Thailand and in a few weeks Paul was going back to Thailand to bring her home when she had a visa.

Tim was a good mate and Paul was so excited with his new lady that he wanted to show off. He invited Tim back to his place to have another drink and see his special video.

As soon as they were comfortable with a couple of cans Paul slipped a disc into his DVD player and there he was on the TV screen in a hotel room. The picture switched to a very pretty Thai lady wearing a lovely smile and without any delay Paul flopped his wrinkly little dick into her gorgeous mouth. She sucked, licked and worked his prick as if it was the only thing she had ever wanted and she finally got him to a reasonable half hard.

Paul moved her into position and fucked her hairless pussy for a few minutes before working his old tool into the cutest little asshole you could imagine. The girl was moaning and writhing in a way that was impossible to tell whether she was in discomfort or pleasure, but there was no doubt that Paul was enjoying himself. In the tight ass he got to a pretty good hard and then he suddenly grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face back onto the prick he had just slipped from her asshole. He gave her a few seconds of really hard face fucking before he grunted a bit and shot her a mouthful of watery old cum. Amazingly she smiled again and swallowed it right down.

Paul paused the video.

“There’s plenty more of that. She does whatever I want and even says thank you.”

“Lucky man” said Tim, but his mind was racing and all he wanted to do was get home and work on an idea of his own. He didn’t want to puncture Paul’s excitement, but he suspected that when she had her visa and was settled here her enthusiasm might go away. Was there a way to get over that? He thought there might be.

Tim just knew that he had the solution. Being a UK citizen, people from poor European Union countries could come to Tim in Britain as they chose. No problem about visas. The answer was obvious. Find the right woman, bring her to live with him in England, but not marry her. Tim had a lot more cash than Paul and there was nothing to stop him doing it. A girl needs to work for her living and he knew exactly how control gold diggers after his past experience.

A little bit of work on the Internet and exercising his credit card had Tim on a flight to Sofia within a few days. He was met at the airport by a British businessman who had been working in Bulgaria for some years on a range of projects.

Tim and Gordon exchanged enough pleasantries on the journey to Gordon’s office for Tim to be happy to explain his proposal completely truthfully when they sat down to discuss his needs. It was straightforward. Tim wanted a widow, divorcee or maybe even an unmarried woman aged between about 30 and 40 . She must have at least a few words of English, show signs of being reliable and with a real wish to better herself as well as wanting to look after the interests of family members staying in Bulgaria. He would prefer a woman from a rural area where there were low living standards and not many opportunities for work.

The grin on Gordon’s face broadened by the second. Not only was he going to get a nice fee for the easiest karabük escort job he could think of, but he felt the joy of a fellow spirit in Tim.

“You know what.” He said. ” Apart from living here because I can make more money than I can at home, one of the best bits is that Hungarian women really know how to look after a man. They think it is their job to do it as well. There is none of your big mouth, big spend, bitches here.”

They agreed that Tim would pay Gordon some fairly generous expenses up front and have a nice short holiday in Sofia. Gordon would set up a meeting with two or three potential companions in three days time and he would provide his own flat for Tim to carry out auditions, interviews or whatever he wanted to do to make his choice.


Before he came to Sofia, Tim had hunted round the Internet to find some good places to check out. Bulgaria is not the most exciting country on earth and the bar scene and night life can be pretty dull. One thing which did catch is eye was a hardcore BDSM film producer. On his laptop he logged in again and messaged them from the ‘contactus’ page.

“Hi. British businessman in Sofia. Would like to meet to discuss marketing in UK and maybe possible business relationships. Please contact.”

Tim never expected a reply, but he was a natural networker. Never miss a chance to make a contact, and what else was there to do anyway?

To his surprise, his email bipped within minutes and when he went to the inbox it was from KaneKlub.

“Auditions today. Join us I hour. Help choose.”

The message was accompanied by a row of smileys and a mobile phone number. Within the hour Tim was knocking at the door of a warehouse in an industrial estate just outside Sofia.

While Tim got to know the man who ran the show, a camera man set up and five young women turned up over the next twenty minutes or so. Andrei explained that he had always wanted to be a film maker, but there was no way he could get anywhere with it in Bulgaria and he didn’t have the resources to get to the US. One day he decided to give his wife a good whipping and he set up the camera so that he could keep an enjoyable record of his work and maybe show a few friends over a drink.

Once he had done that and thought it was a good job he decided to post the video on an amateur porn site. He was amazed at the result. He got thousands of hits and before long he had worked out how to sell clips and his wife was getting more whip welts than she had ever had before.

Now Andrei had formed his own film company and after a few small flogging films that had been a big success he was ready to move onto something bigger. The rented warehouse and the girls were the setting for a full length BDSM film to be made and Tim had made contact at just the right time to lend a hand.

Andrei advertised for young women to audition to star in the film. He had hundreds of applications from women who were desperate to make some money and who wanted to be in a film as well, even if it was porn. Most lost interest when they were told to view the clips of Andrei’s wife screaming and crying under the lash being applied all over her body, but there remained enough who insisted that they could take it and wanted to star in the film. Andrei selected six of the best looking and most determined sounding young woman and invited them along today to audition. It seemed that one might have lost her courage and not turned up , but that was OK because he only intended to select the two best applicants.

Raising the temperature on the hot air blower, Andrei called the women together and asked to see their proof of age and current clean bill of health from the clinic that he had directed them to. As he checked the documents he told them to get their clothes off and that they would be staying naked for the next two hours. He asked each girl individually if she was still ready to be beaten, tortured and sexually used in the knowledge that if she was not selected for the film she would go away with only 100 euros and some very painful bruises. The two chosen women would get a contract worth 1,000 euros and the chance of taking part in future films. All of them agreed.

“OK guys.” Said Andrei. “You ladies on your knees in a row. Before we start filming you can suck some dick to get us in the right mood and help me decide who I will most enjoy working with in the future.”

He smiled at Tim and Bogdan and said:

“Come on gents. Time to try out the merchandise. Just remember girls, the audition starts now. The best cock karaman escort sucker has a better chance of a good contract so get to work.”

The three men had their pricks out in no time and five eager mouths opened and leaned forward in invitation to be used first. As the guys started to respond to the willing mouths and moved on to grab some hair and push into the throats, one of the women who had missed out who had missed out for first attention shuffled round on her knees and started licking Andrei’s ass. The other unattended girl realised this was a good move and picked Bogdan for the same treatment I guess she thought that getting on the right side of the camera man might do her some favours.

Seeing the other men with two girls each seemed to make Tim want to get more out of his woman. He forced his good sized dick hard into her throat until she was gagging and gasping for air when he finally drew back. He turned and pulled her face close into his ass with a command to get her tongue to work.

Keen to see that his guest was made welcome, Andrei dragged the woman away from his ass and ordered her to suck Tim. After a couple of minutes of this, Andrei suggested a change round and they continued to swap until each man had tried all five mouths and they were all feeling close to the need to cum. At this point Andrei declared that he thought Mariya was the best sucker and suggested that all three of them should cum in her to see how good she was at swallowing.

Andrei shot a good, thick load of creamy cum into Mariya’s mouth as everybody else looked on. After showing it on her tongue he told her to hold it in her mouth while Bogdan topped it up with another good quantity shot in without missing a drop. Her mouth was filling, but Andrei told her not to swallow until Tim completed her collection. Grabbing her blonde hair while he wanked the few strokes necessary, Tim positioned his prick closely to the goo filled mouth and blasted an excited load on top of the white pool.

Mariya’s mouth was full to the corners of her lips.

“Swallow” Commanded Andrei. She closed her mouth and gulped down the sticky cum to a short round of applause from the three men. The women onlookers showed differing expressions of concern and anticipation. All wondered if Mariya now had the edge in getting selected and thinking of strategies to improve their own chances.

Andrei picked the smallest girl. She was barely five feet tall, very slim and just nineteen years old.

“These tits are tiny.” He said, gripping her by a nipple and pulling her towards him.

“Could you take a riding crop on them?”

“Yes Sir. Yes I could. I can take anything.”

“Anything Eh. That’s a big claim. How do you know?”

“My boyfriend Sir. He canes me hard and he said I must not fail today.”

“Have you had your tits caned?”

“Yes Sir. He ties them tight to stand out and then he canes them.”

“What about your cunt?”

She blushed very pink and one or two of the girls sniggered. “Yes Sir. That too. Just a couple of times.”

“Very good. We will see if his discipline is as tough as ours. Does your boyfriend fuck your ass or piss in your mouth?

“Yes Sir, he fucks me there, but not the other thing.”

“Well I need a piss right now. Who wants to show her a new trick?”

Two of the women immediately said yes and put their hands up as if in school.

“Please Sir” one continued. “I love to serve in this way. My husband uses my mouth for this. I can do it.”

“Remind me what your name is.”

“Rayna Sir.”

“OK Rayna is the urinal today. You will make yourself available to all three of us whenever you are needed. OK.”

“Yes Sir.

“Come here.”

Rayna shuffled forward on her knees until she was right in front of Andrei. He put his limp dick close to her open lips and after a few seconds a stream of yellow piss started filling her mouth. Before it overflowed he stopped and Rayna swallowed. Andrei continued in the same way until he was finished. All the time the small girls face was very close and she stared with wide eyes as the other woman was used as a urinal.

When he was finished Rayna showed how accustomed she was to such treatment by sucking the drips from his prick and quickly cleaning him with her tongue.

Andrei went to a table and collected some things from it. He showed the small girl a wooden post and told her to get up and go to it. Andrei handed a riding crop to Bogdan and a leather flogger to Tim before going to the post. He secured the girl’s wrists to a pair kars escort of cuffs and fixed them to the post above her head. With her back to the post he then fixed he ankles to a spreader bar so that only the balls of her feet and toes were touching the floor.

“What is your name?”

“Violeta Sir.”

“OK Violeta. You said you can take anything. Now we will find out if that is true. We are going to start with a front whipping, just to warm you up.”

“Tim, please give her twenty strokes from her tiny tits, down past her belly to her cunt.”

All the women had removed their pubic hair before they came as instructed by Andrei in his communications. He did not want them to have the slightest protection from punishment or the least covering of their nakedness. As Violeta wriggled her small body against the post, the teenager looked completely vulnerable and as helpless as she was.

Tim moved over. He was already erect again and he felt some discomfort with his very stiff prick pressing against his clothing. He was very eager to mark this pretty, little body, but he was hesitant to start. He flicked the flogger onto his hand a couple of times to judge the weight of it. He lined up his arm and swung the flogger to get a good strike straight across her tits.

Violeta winced and shuddered, but did not cry out. Thin red lines showed themselves on her pale skin. There was a distinct thrill through Tim’s body as he looked at what he had done. He raised his hand and brought a harder stroke down across her belly.

At this point Andrei told the other women to call out the number of strokes to save Tim the need to remember.

Tim’s next stroke lashed the bald cunt and upper thighs. There was a little squeal from Violeta at the same time as a chorus of ‘three’ was called out by the four girls anxiously looking on.

After eight strokes, the whole of Violeta’s front was red with purplish welts raised in places where the flogger had made contact on already damaged flesh. With each stroke she was now crying out a little and tears trickled down her face. At this point Tim decided that he needed a bit more freedom of movement and undid his trousers to let his prick spring out. Andrei said that he thought it was a good time for them all to get naked and be free to get into the audition more fully.

As Tim continued, Andrei had his prick in a girl’s mouth with another licking his ass while he watched. The other two women took the hint and did the same for Bogdan who struggled to keep concentration on his camera work at the same time.

Unable to carry on calling out the strokes because their mouths were occupied, the four women were relieved of the requirement to call strokes and Andrei instructed Violeta to do it herself. Despite her tears and pain, she remembered the instructions her boyfriend had given her. She did not want to go home to more beating and she managed to struggle out each stroke number correctly.

With the twenty strokes complete and Violeta criss crossed with livid marks, Andrei unhooked her wrists from the post. And she slumped to her knees. If she had hoped for some relief, she was wrong. Easily picking up the small body, Andrei hooked the centre ring of the spreader bar to the post and hung her upside down with her legs spread wide. It was just possible for her to relieve the pressure on her ankles by pressing her hands on the floor.

“Now Bogdan. I will take the camera while you give the little lady ten strokes of the crop on her juicy cunt.”

Before he could start, Bogdan needed a piss. He called Rayna over and when he had finished Tim immediately took his place to give her another bladder full.

For the cunt cropping, the four women were ordered to stand close by and watch. Bogdan was a very experienced Master who had been Andrei’s first colleague. They had used each others wives and got together often to think up new ways of disciplining, exhibiting or humiliating their women. He did not hesitate to start the pussy torture and the women were again instructed to call out the strokes. Before their eyes, Violeta’s cunt lips swelled, reddened and oozed to the sound of screams, the thwack of the crop and the crisp call of the stroke number until the tenth was delivered and She was taken down.

Andrei removed the bar. He told Violeta to get on her hands and knees ready for the ass caning that he was going to give her, but before that he was going to give her hot, swollen pussy a bit of a fuck. The feel was just amazing as he forced his prick into the hot and damaged flesh of her tight cunt. There was not too much time to spend on this though, there was work to be done. Andrei got to his feet and gave Violeta twenty strokes of the hardest caning she had ever received. Half way through he asked her if she could carry on and she whimpered that she could. There was no way that she was going to let her boyfriend down.

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