The Corner Office


“Where is he?”, she said to herself as she sat impatiently at her desk.

It was 9 o’clock and he should have been in by now. Olivia was waiting for her boss, William to arrive. They worked for a large communications firm, and William was the General Manager of the records management section. They had known each other since she came to the company 12 years ago. She was a call center trainee, and he was working as a systems analyst . They hit it off immediately, and became lovers within a month’s time. Although their affair was short lived, they became close friends, and kept in touch over the years, sharing their ups and downs. On a couple of occasions, they were able to briefly re-kindle their affair, only to then part their separate ways, but still retaining their good friendship. Through the years, they both, married, had kids, and moved on with their lives. Fate, however, brought them back together again when Olivia returned from a prolonged sick leave and discovered that William was promoted to manage a new unit. When she called him to say hello (they hadn’t spoken in three years), he answered the phone as if they already talked that morning. She was shocked. It was like they were never apart. They quickly caught up with each other’s current situations.

“Do you have room for one more?” She asked. She didn’t want to return to the call center and the bitchy atmosphere that permeated the place.

“Sure, anything for an old friend. I’ll help you out.” And so, once again their paths crossed, and this time it would be a great adventure.

“Good morning sir.” The voice of the girls in the front office snapped her out of her fog.

When she looked up, she saw William signing in. In a few minutes he would be passing through her section on his way to his office.

“Good morning everyone.”

William always had a smile when he came in each morning. Everyone thought he was just very cheerful and polite, which he was, but she knew that the grin on his face showing those cute dimples each day was because she was there. Olivia admired and loved him so much. It was as if they were meant for each other. It just took 12 years to realize it. He was still the cute guy she met long ago. William was 41, five- eleven, medium skinned, with a good build. He always looked dapper in the suits he wore everyday, but there were two things that made her hot and wet each time she saw him. First, he had the most adorable eyes. Big, brown and penetrating, it felt that he looked directly into her soul, trapping her in an erotic trance. And finally, the large cock he tried so much to hide in his pants. No matter what he did, that tell tale bulge was always visible. It was the topic of several office “girl talk” secessions. Olivia always laughed to herself when the girls would imagine what is dick was like. “If my surprise goes well, I just might be tasting that dick today”, she thought as he walked in. As he passed her desk, William gave her that quick second look, hoping that none of the other girls noticed. Olivia bat her eyelashes quickly in response. William opened the door and went into his office.

Goddamn! She always looks so hot!” he said to himself as he signed in for the day.

William always took the opportunity to get a long look at Olivia each morning when he signed in. The desk was directly in the line-of-sight of his girl. He would spend a minute or two as if he was inspecting the entries or shuffling through new memos, but he really was inspecting the beauty sitting at the fourth desk. Olivia was 10 years his junior, and strikingly beautiful. She was tall and slim, long legs with sexy thighs and curvaceous hips that rose up to a cute round ass. Her breasts were nice and inviting with perky nipples. Olivia had the face of a model. High cheek bones, beautiful brown skin, big brown eyes, beautiful smile showing off her perfect lips. Her hair and makeup was always impeccable, a face you would expect to see on the cover of several magazines. She was wearing a sleeveless flowered dress, and when he passed her desk, she conveniently turned toward him so the he could see the whole outfit. The dress was short and flared, showing off those luscious legs. And to put the nail in the coffin, she was wearing sandals with three inch heels which strapped around her ankles. William had a serious shoe fetish, and those shoes were just the thing to make his dick hard. But it seemed that everything she did made him hard. The sexual bond between them was so strong, it endured over 12 years, and in the past 10 months had grown to a fever pitch that didn’t seem to stop. Within that time, they had fallen in love with each other, and although they had their separate lives, this just worked. He couldn’t understand it, couldn’t explain it, but it did. They were the unknown variable that balanced out their life’s equation. Out of all the women he’d been with, none of them touched his soul like Olivia, and none of them could approach the sex that they shared. “Keep it moving Will”, he said to himself as he passed her desk. Just the sight of her and her outfit had his dick stirring. He wanted to get to his office before his growing hard-on became gebze escort noticeable. He went into his office, and closed the door, not even realizing that Olivia already knew that she got a good “rise” out of him.

About an hour later, she rang his phone.

“Hi sweetie”, she said in a cheerful voice. “Are you busy?”

“Never to busy for you baby.” His deep voice made her quiver in her seat.

“Do you have company?”

She was referring to William’s administrative manager known throughout the section as the “Witch”. She sat across from William and was the total opposite of him. Where William was cool and understanding, it was as if her whole purpose in life was to make others miserable. No one liked her, and no one more than Olivia. The Witch had tried to fuck with her on several occasions, but William put her in her place. Not because they were lovers, but because the Witch was just plain wrong. She was so jealous of their friendship, it showed in her face every time she saw them together. Olivia surmised that the Witch probably wanted William for herself. Too bad bitch! Not happening.

“No, your friend stepped out.” He replied.

“I’m coming back to see you.” She said.

“I await you with baited breath.” William could always be counted to come up with something “different” to say. That was just one of the million things that she loved about him. Too bad the Witch wasn’t there. Olivia loved to see her get mad and leave when ever she came to chat with the Boss. Olivia checked herself in the mirror, got up from her desk and went to see her man.

A soft double knock on the door followed by “Can I come in?” greeted William. “Please cum.” He said, and he meant it literally. Olivia opened the door, entered, and closed it behind her. William just stared at this gorgeous beauty before him. His dick was hard as a rock.

“Forgive me if I don’t get up, but you, well, you know what you do.”

“You need to cut that out!” she replied with a devilish grin on her face.

She grabbed a chair and sat down next to him. She crossed her legs, allowing her dress to rise ever so slightly to reveal more of those long legs. William was transfixed by her presence. And to top it off, she was wearing his favorite perfume. It mixed so well with her natural scent, that it would drive him insane if he endured it too long.

“Stop looking at me like that!” She snapped. “Remember, we’re still at work, and anyone could walk in.”

“You are so much trouble dressing like that. You know what you do to me.” He said.

“I’m sorry. Ah, no I’m not!” she replied. They talked for about 15 minutes, updating each other on what’s going on at home with the spouses and kids. She said, “Well, I have to get back to work. Some of us must do that, you know.”, as she got up out of the chair.

“I must compliment you on your outfit, you look so delicious.” William said with a deep sexy tone. “Thank you Trouble, I had you in mind this morning. I wanted to be airy today.” She always called him “Trouble” when she knew he was turned on.

“Well, that is a summer dress, just right for the hot weather.” he replied. Olivia turned and faced him.

“You don’t get it do you.” She saw the puzzled look on his face.

“Get what?” He answered.

She stepped towards him and proceeded to lift the front of her dress up, exposing her hairy pussy to his face. She wasn’t wearing any panties! William was caught completely off guard. His mouth dropped, he stopped breathing, and if they could, his eyes would have popped out of his head. He was so struck, he couldn’t get any words out of his mouth. All he had was pure lust in his head. There he was with the most beautiful girl in the world inches in front of him with her pussy in his face. When he was able to inhale, her musky scent filled his lungs and shot strait to his balls. He felt as if his dick was going to rip out of his pants. Olivia’s scent always triggered some deep primal reaction. Instinctively he reached for her hips, wanting to bury his face in her snatch, but she jumped back and dropped her dress back down. Olivia wished she had a camera because this was an ultimate Kodak moment. William had such a look of bewilderment on his face, but it quickly turned into pure lust. There were very few times she saw him look like this. It was more than the reaction she wanted, and she had to break the spell. Otherwise in seconds, he would be throwing her on his desk and fucking her like an animal in heat. That was all good, but not with an office full of people, any of which could be walking in with a job for the boss to help with. They worked too hard to keep this affair a secret. She knew William was a big undercover freak, and although he talked a good game (and backed it up 100%), she had pushed him to a level of pure animal lust, where he would totally forget where he was and just attack her. She grinned, secure in the fact that she was the only woman to be able to do that.

“Now, now, Trouble. Calm down. None of that in the office.” She said as she backed away. She loved teasing him. She loved what she would get in return, göztepe escort a good hard fucking. Poor William, he looked like he was stoned on drugs. “See you later Trouble” she said as she reached for the door. She could see the outline of his dick traveling down his right leg. Her pussy began twitching with anticipation. She wanted that big dick inside her so bad. Not yet. “Bye.” She said, but she was now so hot, she couldn’t resist to put him over even further. She raised her dress in the back, showing her bare, round ass. She wiggled it for a couple of seconds, then dropped her dress back and scurried through the door to the safety of the outer office.

“She is going to pay for that!” He said to himself when the door closed. “Shit! I hope I didn’t mess up my pants!” Lucky he was wearing his dark blue suit, so if any of the pre-cum that was soaking his shorts right now got on his pants, it wouldn’t be noticeable. Leave it up to Olivia to find a way to step it up to another level. That’s what made their sex life fantastic. They both were not afraid to try new and “unorthodox” things. He was committed to her, and would do anything to please her. William was determined to have her today. He couldn’t wait till after work to go to a hotel. He needed her soon. Some how, some way, his dick would be slamming her before work was over.

The day was passing slowly for William. His mind kept drifting to Olivia’s bare body beneath that dress. He needed to be with her. He wished that he had his own private office, but that was still several months away. Then he had an idea. He called his district manager on the phone.

“Jimmy, its William. How are you doing? Did you get the stats report I sent?”

“Yes I did. Thanks a lot brother. What else is going on?” Jimmy was a great boss and friend. They had helped each other out on several occasions.

William answered, “Jim, can I borrow your office for about 20 minutes? I have one of the girls who is having some personal problems, and she wants to discuss a few things. I would do it up here, but I have no privacy.”

“No problem. Come right down, I have a meeting to go to in about 15 minutes.”

“We’ll be right down.” William replied. He jumped out of his seat and high-fived the air. He called Olivia on the phone.

“Yes Trouble”, she answered. William explained the deal. He would go down to Jim’s office. Olivia would follow in five minutes.

We don’t have a lot of time baby”, he said.

“Let’s make this happen.”

Olivia thought about it for a moment. It was damn risky. Jim’s office was located one floor below them. A very nice corner office with a view of the surrounding area. The only problem was it was right next to one of the company’s call centers. Some of the operators sat less than ten feet from Jim’s door. But the more she thought about it, the hotter she got. Just the idea of having sex within such close proximity to others, and the fact that they could be easily busted, and they were at work, was the ultimate turn on. Fuck the risks. If they got busted by Jim, it would be ugly, but he wouldn’t blow up their spot.

“Let’s go!” She said. William grabbed a few things and headed for the back door. On the way out, he passed the Witch.

“Where are you going in such a rush?”

“I have to meet with Jimmy about a few things. I’ll be back in awhile.” He said.

“See you when you get back.” She replied, walking into the office. William didn’t even hear her response. He had already turned and was entering the stairwell.

William walked through the maze of operators and then made the right turn down the corridor to Jim’s office. There were three reps stationed outside his office. O’ well, William said to himself, I hope they’re very busy. To further play the role, he carried a folder filled with papers, and his clipboard. It didn’t matter that all the papers in the folder were blank. It looked ‘official’. When he got to the office, Jim’s door was slightly cracked. William knocked, and Jim signaled him to come in.

“Thanks for letting me use your office.”

“Sure, any time.” Just then, William heard a familiar sweet voice in the hallway. A minute later, Olivia knocked and came through the door.

“Hi Jim”, she said.

“Hi Olivia. Ok, you guys take your time. I won’t be back for a while.”

“Thanks Jim” William replied. With that Jim left. William went to the door and checked the knob. It was not locked. It would just have to do. William closed the door firmly and turned to his lady.

“You know I know those girls outside. We used to work together in the other center.” She said.

“You don’t say Baby.’ I guess they might get to know you a little more.” He said with a devilish grin.

William walked over to Olivia and pulled her to him. He held her tight against his body. His hands traveled slowly over her back and her ass. He inhaled her scent. Olivia saw that wild look in William’s eyes. He was holding her tight. So tight, that she could feel her nipples turning hard being pressed against his chest. He was sniffing her like some kind of dog, but haramidere escort it was turning her on! Her pussy was soaked, and she could feel her juices starting to flow down her thigh. She looked into his eyes and they kissed. A hungry passionate kiss, with there tongues intertwining. His hands were under her dress now, caressing her body. His touch sent electric shocks over her body. William lifted her up and sat her on a chair in the corner of the office. He got on his knees between her legs, spreading them wide. He was face to face with her pussy. Olivia was dripping wet. Her pussy was engorged with the lips partly spread. They glistened from her juices. William waited no longer. He took his tongue and spread her open, sucking the tasty nectar. His tongue wiggled in and out of her snatch. He sucked and nibbled on each lip, carefully rotating his tongue in her love canal. William then attacked her clit. Sucking it, and biting it with his teeth. Olivia was in ecstasy. She grabbed the sides of his head and forced him to her pussy. She just loved the way William ate her out. Not many men had the proper skills to give pleasure this way.

“Oh God!” She cried.

She was cumming and cumming hard. William felt her body tremble as her flicked her clit with the tip of his tongue.

“I want you in me, NOW!” she screamed. William didn’t even care if they heard them out side. He was going to have her and please her well.

William stood up and un-buckled his pants. He dropped is pants and shorts to the floor, finally releasing is dick. Olivia sat up and leaned forward. She loved his cock. Nine inches long with a sharp downward curve, so much, that she called it the Hook. She grabbed his cock in her hand and took it in her mouth. William moaned as she sucked on his member. Olivia began massaging the head of his dick with her tongue. She knew that drove him crazy. She slurped his dick, tasted and swallowed his pre-cum. Just as sweet tasting as always. She thought. She could feel his cock getting harder and harder in her mouth. Olivia guided her tongue down his shaft, and sucked his sack. Enough of the foreplay, it was time to fuck. Olivia got up, and William sat down on the chair. With her back to him, she straddled the chair and slowly guided his massive cock to her pussy. She slowing rubbed the head of is cock on her clit, sending shivers through them both. She then guided the Hook into her dripping pussy.

Aaaugh!, she cried as his cock pushed deeper and deeper into her. This was the ultimate sensation for her, the initial entry into her snatch. William moaned with desire. Her pussy was so hot, it felt like his dick was in a oven. Finally, she got all of him in her, his cock head pressed sharply against the entrance to her womb. Bracing herself against him, she began pumping up and down, creating a steady rhythm.

” Ooooh it feels so good.” she cried.

“Yes, yes, fuck me harder baby!” He said, as they reached a combined rhythm.

As she moved down, he would thrust up to increase the pressure. Their fucking was making loud sucking and slurping noises. Olivia could feel the head of his dick massaging her g-spot on each stroke. It must be the curve in his dick, she thought, that allows him to hit that spot with such accuracy. Olivia thrust down, impaling herself on his dick. She began to rock back and forth, grinding her self against him. His dick was incredibility hard, just like a brick, and she was trying her best to break it in two. William could feel her pussy start to throb heavily. Her grinding increased in intensity. She was nearing another orgasm. Faster and faster she moved, until she lost control and the waves of pleasure came over her.

“I’m cumming!” She cried. Her body shook violently, dislodging her from his cock. “O my God! Look!” William peered to the side just in time to see her cum shooting from her pussy like a flood.

“Oooh, you see that!”

“Yeah baby I saw it.” Seeing her cum like that was amazing. She was the only woman he had that ever did that. Only William could make her squirt like that. No one else has done it.

Olivia was spent. The last orgasm was so powerful, it left her mouth dry. She knew William was close. She grabbed his cock and shoved it back in side her. William, on cue began pumping her like a piston. She took her right hand and massaged his balls. William was ready. He began to pump her pussy faster and faster. He could feel the cum pressure reaching it’s peak in his nuts. His dick stiffened and his balls sucked upwards, as he blasted load after load of cum into her pussy. Olivia felt his balls implode, and the hot cum filling her insides. It felt like magma erupting from his dick. She felt his spasms slowly recede and his breathing start to slow down. She lifted herself off him, turned around and squatted between his legs. Williams cock was still twitching , covered with her cum. She grabbed the base of his dick and then sucked the head. She knew that right now, his dick was at it’s most sensitive. As she sucked the remaining cum through the head, each swipe of her tongue sent shock waves through William’s body. She took great pleasure in giving him “seizures”. William looked as if he were having an epileptic fit. Finally, as the spasms subsided, she started to rise up off the floor. As she did that they both heard a splat, as their combined load fell out of her pussy and hit the floor. Olivia sat on William’s lap. They stared into each other’s eyes, and softly kissed each other over and over.

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