The Cowboy


Lyn hummed a country song quietly as she entered the barn. She had rented out the apartment up top to a “cowboy” while he worked for the farm. She laughed when she thought of him as a cowboy because up until about a month ago he had been a manager of some sort. He had apparently gone a little middle-aged crazy and left the hustle and bustle of regular work to chase a boyhood dream of a cowboy life.

She had to admit, she was surprised he stuck with it. His horse was spirited and he was pretty green, more likely black and blue she thought as she chuckled to herself. He was thrown so many times that first week that she considered having the ambulance stand by. He kept getting up and trying again.

He was actually started to ride fairly well. He still had a lot to learn about managing cattle but that would come with experience. She had teamed him up with her best cattle man; in spite of being older and more educated than him the new guy (she still called him that) listened and learned.

“He might actually make it”, she thought as she glanced up at his apartment.

It was a slow day with a storm coming up so she had given him the hands a day off while she puttered around the house. The heat preceding the storm was stifling and soon she found herself outside in the barn. She had decided that washing her favorite horse might be a good way to cool down some.

As she pulled Lucky out of his stall she wondered how he would act this time. He had gotten better about being washed but once in a while he would get a little ornery and shake off just as she was soaping him, soaking her to the skin. He seemed to take delight in making her look like a drowned rat. With the heat today she would almost welcome the unexpected shower.

Sure enough, Lucky gave her a shower as soon as she approached him with the soap. He was particularly aydınlı escort ornery today and she was soaked by the time she had lucky half way washed. Laughing with Lucky as she washed him down, she caught a movement out of the corner of her eye. She peered over his neck and saw the new guy watching her wash Lucky.

As she continued on around she kept glancing up at him in the loft. He was mostly hidden in a shadow and she realized he probably did not know she had seen him or he would have said something. She wondered for a moment what could be so interesting about a horse bath. She knew he had done several already and there was no real trick to it. “Then what would make him want to watch?” she pondered.

As she wondered about this she watched the new guy watch her. His gaze was intense and suddenly she realized it was her she was watching not Lucky. She glanced down at herself in sudden embarrassment and realized that her t-shirt was soaking wet. She had not worn her bra today because of the heat and the wet-t-shirt made her look practically naked. She instantly turned red in embarrassment.

Still she figured if he knew that she had seen him then she would be even more embarrassed so it was best to finish and slip out, never to mention this to anyone. As she finished washing Lucky she occasionally glanced up to see if he was still watching. He was. In fact he had moved to get a better view. She blushed again as she thought of him looking at her. But she was also a little excited thinking that a man actually wanted to see her “that way”.

As she glanced up a second time she saw something that made her blush even more. His right hand was moving in the shadows below his waist. It took her a while to figure out what he was doing but the second or third glance she realized bağdat caddesi escort he was playing with himself. She blushed again but this time with excitement.

She found herself getting turned on by the realization that a man liked watching her body so much he was playing with himself. As her excitement grew, so did her nipples. The thin wet t-short made them look obscene. She was beginning to not care. She was so aroused now she began to make a show of it. As she finished washing Lucky she turned and looked directly at him. She saw him duck back deeper into the shadows until she licked her lips as seductively as she could while touching her nipples. Then she beckoned him out of the shadows with her finger.

He stepped out of the shadows red-faced. His jeans were bulging at the front as though they could barely contain his cock. She motioned with her hand for him to show her. Slowly he reached down and hesitated. She urged him on by touching her nipples. Then she saw him slowly unfasten and unzip his jeans. As they slid down his thighs they revealed his underwear now with his cock straining to burst out.

She continued staring up at him standing there in the hay loft before she urged him to take his pull down his underwear. He shook his head and pointed at her. Obviously it was a case of “you first”.

She hesitated a while then pulled her t-shirt off in one quick motion. Her huge breasts swung free. Her nipples were standing straight out in excitement as she heard him gasp. That gasp was as much applause as she would ever need and she smiled looking back up into the hay loft expectantly at him.

He hesitated a few moments as if trying to gather the courage then slid his underwear down. His cock sprung free and bounced up and down quivering bostancı escort in excitement. She admired the scene. He stood there in a western shirt with his pants and underwear gathered around his boots while standing in a hay loft. It was a scene right out of her fantasies and she could not resist.

Almost reading her mind he grabbed a blanket and through it over some hay bales. Lyn began the short climb up the ladder her breasts swinging in the air until he reached down and pulled her up the last one. They kissed hard; her nipples rubbing against his chest. While she reached down and stroked his hard cock.

She broke their kiss and pulled down her shorts revealing her recently shaved lips. Then she hopped up on the blanket and pulled him to her. She sat two bales up and he hesitated only slightly as his cock touched her wet opening. He eased his thick cock into her as she felt herself stretch to accommodate him. Just as she stretched until it was almost painful he entered her. He kept pushing slowly inside her until she felt completely filled by his manhood. The feeling was so intense she almost came immediately.

Slowly he began to move in and out of her. She could feel him throbbing with excitement already and knew he was not going to hold on for very long either. But all thoughts were soon lost in the intense pleasure she felt as he began to pound into her. What started out as soft and gentle soon became animalistic. In her passion she ripped his shirt off of him sending buttons flying. She ran her hands on his chest then around his back as he slammed into her.

All too soon, she began to cum with such intensity that she scratched his back deeply. The pleasure and pain combined with her spasms around his cock made him cum with her as he shot load after load deep into her womb.

They screamed together in ecstasy then he collapsed on top of her as they panted from the exertion.

Eventually, they pulled away from one another as Lyn apologized for the shirt and his back. He just smiled and told her he was honored to be branded by her in such a way.

“Maybe he’ll make it as a cowboy after all.” she though as she walked bowlegged back into the house, sore from their sex.

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