The Day We Did Janey Ch. 04

Double Penetration

I am ending this story, here, sooner than I had planned, because there doesn’t seem to be great enthusiasm for it. Writers have to take chances, though.


I have to confess, when Debbie said that I felt like dog shit. I looked at her, or anyway glanced at her, and I was thinking she had been the only grown-up here all day. Anyway, why was she down here in a shack beside the river and making her living as a whore? I didn’t know anything about Debbie, where she came from, but I do know that my dad and how many guys, like the principal of our high school, came down that stinking path through the high reeds…

I hadn’t even noticed, but while we had been doing Janey, Debbie had slipped back into her black brassiere and panties. She had the leanest body, all muscle in the arms and belly and legs. She stood erect, her head lifted, and she was pretty with big brown eyes and full lips and curly hair flung back from her head and over her shoulders.

Now, the other guys had come over. “Hey,” said Ernie, as though he had been out having a smoke, which maybe he had been, “who untied her?”

Timmy said, “Why did you let her up, Debbie? I’m not finished.”

Debbie slowly walked over to Timmy, and I watched the movement of the tight high butt in her dark panties and her graceful back. She reached out and took Timmy’s dick, which looked so hard it hurt to see it, and looked into his eyes and started playing with it very gently and slowly. Timmy seemed to push his belly at her offering the dick.

“What do you want?” she asked in her low voice. “You okay with a piece of me?”

I couldn’t believe it. Timmy’s reply was a great line in the history of comedy: “You mean sex?”

“No, I mean hair stylin’,” drawled Debbie. “How you want your dick hair done? You need a permanent?”

“I’m okay with a piece of you,” piped up Ernie. “I sure as hell am, Debbie.”

She walked over, holding his gaze as she came. She looked down at him and Ernie blushed. “You’re a big boy, Ernie. I like that.”

She seemed to fold up, gracefully, coming to a rest with her ass on her heels Her long fingers took Ernie’s dick. Her face came forward and delicately her lips closed over it. Those beautiful brown eyes were looking up, never wavering from Ernie’s.

“Oh, yeah,” he moaned. “Oh, yes, please.”

I was watching, thinking that a few minutes ago I felt my balls turn inside-out, blowing out through my dick, and thought I might never come again. Now I was getting stiff.

And then, from right behind me, Janey said, “Get her bra off. I want to see. Just yank it right down over her tits.”

Me, I guess that meant. I knelt behind Debbie; she didn’t seem to notice. I unhooked her black bra and slipped it over her shoulders. She let me, and it slid off smooth as can be.

Debbie had no pendulous, swinging boobs. Hers were perfect cones, straight out from her chest. At the ends, the nipples continued the cone shape, right to a point. Except that her breasts were a cocoa brown and her nipples almost black and very long.

Ernie was grunting, now, his hips heaving, trying to drive his big dick down Debbie’s throat.

“Flick her titties, hard.” Again, Janey’s voice. I hesitated just a moment, then knelt behind Debbie, reached around her with both hands, and began to strum my straight, spread fingers up and down on each side to flick her stiff nipples. After I moment, she said, “Aw, shit, mine are so hot… You almost could make me come that way…”

“No more on Ernie,” snapped Janey. “Let him wait.” And after a second, another angry: “Stop, Janey. Let him wait.”

Janey, still on her knees, looked canlı bahis around, her lips slicked and glistening so my prick jumped and began to ache.

“Do him, now,” said Janey, pointing at me.

I stepped up. Janey turned on her knees, her eyes met mine, and she smiled so beautifully, I was sure I loved her. She reached up, took me, and fed me into her mouth. As I looked down, I was astounded at what I had done in just a few moments to her nipples.

Janey ordered: “Get her panties off, too, Timmy. Pull them off. I want to see the hair on her belly and her cunt lips.” Where in HELL had Janey got this dirty mouth, I wondered?

Timmy walked toward Debbie slowly, at first, glancing around. Then, Janey snapped, “Get them off,” and Timmy knelt down quickly, his hands on either side of Debbie’s hips, fingers hooked over her panties.

“Okay, okay,” said Debbie, “you’ll never get’em off this way.” She stood up quickly, shoved down her panties, stepped out of them, and used her foot to toss them toward Janey. She turned for a moment, facing Janey, and flipped her hips so she pushed out her flat, dark lower belly. A riot of tightly curly black hair deeply covered her pussy, ran in a thick band up her belly, half-way to her to her navel, and spread out an inch or two on her slim inner thighs. It seemed, somehow, primitive, animal, that riotous growth. But I glanced up into Debbie’s face, and she was smiling at Janey, unashamed, enjoying her effect, and I began to love her even more.

Then, she was back on her knees, my dick in her mouth, her gaze locked on mine, and that same easy smile on her lips. I glanced up at Janey-so different, with her pale, swollen breasts, her spreading nipples now crinkled to points, and her carefully trimmed auburn patch.

Suddenly, Janey was on her knees behind Debbie. Debbie knew it, but never moved or gave a sign. Janey’s hands came around Debbie and clasped over her breasts and nipples, clasped in a desperate, convulsive grip, and I saw that Janey’s lips were pressed against Debbie’s back, kissing her,

Well, all I knew, at the moment, was that the soft tip of Debbie’s tongue was tickling the underside of dick. It flicked right under the head, chasing that button of flesh, twitching it, wetting it till my hips were churning and I was panting like a runner. I reached down and buried my hands in Debbie’s mane of dark hair, pressing her face to me, so my dick disappeared into her mouth. I saw her accept it, her eyes closed, her cheeks soft and hollowed, accommodating my whole rod.

“Timmy, stop,” I heard Janey say, but Timmy, naked now, had come to kneel behind his big sister. His hands were frantic and far from gentle on her firm white boobs, crushing on her chest, dragging out her nipples.

Janey protested, “No, Timmy…my boobs…”

I yanked Debbie’s hair, dragging her mouth off my prick, and my hand went down and grabbed my prick, my whole fist brutally jerking myself, so that I came and abrupt spurts of cum coated her lips, dripped from her eyelids, and began to fall onto the shelf of her waiting tits. Her face stayed lifted to me so I could see what I had done and see was smiling.

It was big Ernie’s voice, sudden and commanding, almost frantic, that was demanding, Get her down on her back, get her down.”

He practically threw Janey out of the way, and Janey gave a yell of protest. But when Ernie roughly seized Debbie’s shoulders, she just rolled onto her back, easy as can be, not resisting, and pulled her knees back, her legs coming wide apart so we saw the dense, thick hair, almost impenetrable around her pussy. But I saw, most of all, kaçak iddaa her broad face, with the strong jaw, the beautiful chin raised as her head fell back.

Her eyes had not closed. She watched us, smiling, so inviting; and she had her thighs so spread that I could see, peeping from her thick bush, the dark crinkled lips of her pussy. Come and get’em.

I had thought Ernie would be onto her. But, in a movement almost too quick to see, Janey had grabbed Ernie’s nuts in her fist, in fact, his whole dangling package, and on her face was a fierce determination. On Ernie’s face, of course, was shock and a spasm of pain as his body bent over to protect himself.

Janey hissed, “You wait, then you do it, all right?”

“Yes, yes,” gasped Ernie.

Janey released her hold and knelt, letting herself fall forward between Debbie’s parted thighs. I saw only Janey’s auburn hair in Debbie’s crotch and knew Janey’s lips were fastened on Debbie’s cunt even before Debbie gasped, “Oh, wait, baby. No, no, baby, I’m too sensitive. No, stop, now…”

Janey lifted her face for one second and growled at us like a Marine sergeant, “Hold her fucking thighs apart. Pin her shoulders. Do it. Hurry.”

And yeah, like automatons we all moved.

Debbie just let it happen, but she sighed “Aw, no, I can’t take this,” then lay with her eyes wide open, staring at the ceiling, as though waiting for her fate.

Janey was back at work. In a few moments, Debbie’s voice rose in panic, protesting, “No, my clitty. I can’t stand it, I can’t. My clit.” And her loins were going wild, so we barely could hold her. She was striving desperately to fling off Janey’s lips, but Janey stayed there like a pit bull.

Ernie and I had all we could do keeping hold of her thighs against her frantic attempts to close them. And Timmy was at her head, holding down her shoulders.

At last, after what seemed endless incoherent protests and shrill cries, I heard a deep, slow breathing; she was moaning softly, too. And her hips began to move rhythmically, pushing her hairy belly higher each time. She murmured, “Yes, hon, that’s it. Suck my twat white bitch, eat me out.”

Ernie, Timmy, and I let her go, now. She wasn’t going anywhere still she came.

On a sudden inspiration, I walked into what I thought was Debbie’s bedroom. I thought I might find a whip. Less than a minute later, I emerged and Timmy and Ernie stared thunderstruck. I smiled. I had slipped around my waist and fastened a huge hollow dick that actually went over my own. It was on tight, so it bobbed nicely as I walked toward where Janey now had climbed up onto Debbie and was sucking her tits.

Debbie glanced up, saw me, and barely held back a big grin spreading over face, but she quickly winked. Frankly, Janey didn’t seem to be paying much attention to us guys. That girl had the ripest, biggest, most gloriously shaped ass I had seen in my short life.

I said, casually, and was sure Janey wasn’t listening, “Hold her Debbie, hold her right where she is.” Debbie’s arms came up and went around Janey’s back in a gentle hug and Janey sucked harder.

“And you guys hold her legs apart,” I said softly.

When Timmy and Ernie gripped Janey’s ankles, her head lifted, she turned to us scowling, and said: “What are you doing?”

At that moment, Debbie’s strong arms locked tight around Janey’s back. Then Janey saw the foot-long, jumbo dildo that sprouted from my belly.

“Oh, no,” she snapped. “NO. I’ll KILL YOU. Get the fuck away.”

I knelt, reached out to spread Janey’s delicious ass cheeks, and spit several times right on her very pink, very kaçak bahis tight little asshole.

Then, as she yelled a variety of things, and struggled uselessly against Debbie’s bear hug, I leaned forward, put the bulging head of my monster on the wrinkly little target, and began to push, letting the weight of my body fall against the cock to shove it in. In just a second or two, I was so far in that my own thighs and belly touched the beautiful soft skin of Janey’s perfect ass and I never, ever wanted to move.

Then, I jumped, I swear, six inches off the ground. Janey¬¬¬¬ shrieked as her ass was penetrated by the giant thing that slid deeper and deeper. After wildly incoherent noise, the first actual words I heard were pleasant, albeit said through gasps, “Oh, no, guys, please. Timmy? Ernie? That’s my ASS. Please? My ass?” And on she went on like that.

I began to stroke-long, deep thrusts. Janey’s big butt clenched in desperation and she strained against Debbie’s arms to rise. At the same time, her little feet, held at the ankles, began kicking in a little drumming dance of protest in the air.

But then, suddenly, she let her head fall to Debbie’s bosom, let her ass go slack and yielding, and began to do some Lamaze breathing, a controlled pant that only occasionally became a soft squeal as I reamed her. Then, I saw that her face was over Debbie’s in the hottest French kissing I for one had ever seen—or dreamed. The kiss went on and on, and Janey seemed to have forgotten her asshole entirely.

Well, I wasn’t going to come this way, and Janey no longer was entertaining us, though every guy in the room dreamed of someday kissing Jane Morrissey that way. So, as gently as I could, I pushed up my body, withdrawing the awful impalement. More or less through lips fastened to Debbie’s lips, Janey gave a grunt as her asshole was evacuated. I was astounded to see that her ass still gaped in a black circle a good inch across.

“Hold her,” said Ernie quickly. Debbie may or may not have heard him. Her arms still encircled Janey, but loosely.

Ernie knelt, now, and flopped forward onto the magnificent cushion of ass, directing his stiff prick into the gaping asshole. For a moment, Janey turned her head, said, “Oh, Ernie,” smiled, and went back to her business. After Ernie came Timmy; Janey must of known, but didn’t even look as Timmy desperately rode her big ass and came in her hole.

Neither of the two took long, excited beyond belief even after coming earlier. Now, Timmy and Ernie, their dicks dangling, were standing watching the two women. Janey turned and looked at me. “You taking a piece of my ass?”

I slowly shook my head. “Love to. Can’t. Can’t get it up again.”

Janey rolled off Debbie, ever-so-gently, got to her knees, and rose. She came over to me holding out her hand. “Give me the dildo.”

I unstrapped it and handed it over, and Janey started strapping it on.

She nodded toward Debbie. “Turn her over, now, and you straddle her back to hold her down. If she tries to rise, reach around and twist those black licorice sticks off her titties. She turned to Ernie and Timmy. “Hold her legs nice and wide apart, okay?”

Debbie opened her eyes as if from a dream. She lifted her head and asked, “What’s going on, here?” After a second, she said, “Oh.”

Janey had finished strapping on. Against the pale perfect skin of her belly and reaching almost to the bottom of her big smooth boobs, the venous black plastic dildo looked immense.

By then, the three of us were rolling Debbie over. She had the biggest, firmest butt I ever saw.

Janey was kneeling, now, with the soulless length of plastic jutting and ready. She frowned thoughtfully, and asked, “Can you really fuck someone unconscious?”

“Sure you can,” said Debbie conversationally, her pretty face sideways on the floor. “But a passed-out whore ain’t much fun.”

The end

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