The Disappearing Dream


Good grades graduate with honors do everything right But! Where is that bright future? Its been shipped overseas by the fat cats and politicians. Sick parents have to work not old enough for Medicare what she has to do to live The American dream I’m sure you know it. White picket fence two point two kids and since the women’s movement a fulfilling career for the wife in addition to the husband’s nice steady job. . They told me if you do everything right. You too can live the dream. So I did. My parents believed in the dream so I was the all American girl ballet classes, perfect attendance in school, Brownies, Girl Scouts. They told me if you do everything right you too can live the dream I tailored my life to doing everything right. I carried a 3.9 through high school fourth in my class, sang in the choir, I was a cheerleader and a candy striper at the local hospital.

I was accepted to a state college and carried the same 3.9 through college while still cheerleading and singing in the choir Until there was a glitch in my plans my senior year my dad died and my mom got sick and there was no more money from home. I had to find a way to support myself and I had to give up cheering and choir. Finding a part time job in a college town that allows you time to get to your classes is almost impossible. A girl in one of my classes heard me talking to a friend about my problem and how I was afraid I was going to have to quit school.

She stopped me outside on my way to the apartment I shared with two other girls. I had been dreading telling the girls I lived with I was going to have to go home and they would not be getting my rent money anymore.

“Hey, Debbie I don’t want to pry but I know of a job that would allow you to stay in school if you want to bad enough,” said a girl I later found was Carol. She went on”, it’s over in Centerville but you could ride with me and it doesn’t start until 8:00 and you’ll be home by 3AM.”

Debbie looked at her like she was nuts, “why isn’t everyone at school working there, it doesn’t pay much right.”

Carol said”, I work four nights a week and my worst week was $800.”

Astonished Debbie asked”, what do you have to do to make that much money?’

“Dance and pick up the money people throw at you,” said a smiling Carol”, I told you, you had to want to stay bad enough.”

“Oh, you mean strip in front of people” Said a dejected Debbie.

“No in a bikini probably more then you had on when you were a cheerleader, Carol went on and there are huge bouncers to keep the animals off.”

“I really don’t know if I could do that in front of men but, the money is great and I could stay in school.”

Carol said”, what are you doing tonight? Grab a sexy bikini and ride over with me I’m sure the boss will take one look at you and let you dance tonight we’re two girls down and that wears me down when I have to dance every fourth set. Try it if you can’t take it you can just hang around until I get off and watch and I’ll bring you home at 2:30.”

Debbie knew that this job would not fit into the perfect life she was trying to live but, these were desperate times that required desperate measures as she put on her sexiest bikini under her jeans and sweat shirt.

On the way to Centerville Carol explained the rules “this is a bar men will want to buy you drinks you must take them but, the bartenders all know that they are not allowed to put booze in your drinks so you won’t get drunk. But watch your drinks guys like to put stuff in them. There are a lot of potted plants and I dump most of mine or else you will spend half the night in the john. You will probably dance about eight sets; a set is three songs the deejay will play songs that you choose. You can expect to make about thirty to fifty dollars a set however at the end of the night you have to give the deejay and the two bouncers ten dollars apiece.”

Debbie said”, my God that’s two ten a night I could probably quit getting student loans, four nights a week and my problems would be over. There has to be more to it than that well, I’ll just go with the flow.”

Carol knew there were some catches but she would get a thousand dollars for bringing her in if she stayed.

Debbie’s first set the deejay gave her a huge introduction announcing that Brandy was the clubs newest dancer and treat her right if you want her to come back. They did she counted seventy dollars in ones and fives. Plus the first guy to buy her a drink stuffed a five in her bra strap between her breasts. Several others did the same before her next set. After her second set she had one hundred fifty one dollars. She had been a little stiff her first set but she loosened up on the second. A few guys bought her drinks and were putting tips a little closer to her breasts each time until one guy got brave but a bouncer grabbed him by the back of neck and said”,uh uh.”

On the way home Carol said “, did pretty good huh?”

“I can’t believe it four hundred eighty bahis siteleri six dollars. I actually liked all those guys drooling over me. Plus I get my exercise in for the week. Thanks a lot Carol this job is a life saver.” So I became Brandy the dancer.

I continued to dance even after graduation. Spending my days sending out résumés and attending job fairs I even bought a small car and made the rounds of every business that could possible use my skill set dropping off applications and resumes. I was using three reams of paper a week and wore out my printer. I even flirted with HR people but, nothing worked.

The only skill set that had any value seemed to be the way I moved my body on stage. At least it paid well but, my confidence and self esteem was taking a hell of a beating. I noticed a drop in my earnings at the club.

Jeff the owner one night called me aside. “Deb you have to perk up you never smile anymore and you don’t put your heart into it like you used to. A lot of people depend on the money they make here and we don’t want customers feeling they were given less than your best.”

“I’m sorry Jeff I am down, I can’t find a job in the field I’ve been preparing for my whole life and it’s killing me.”

Jeff replied”, well you are qualified for the job you have. I know you took this job as a means to an end but, in this economy this may be the only end in sight. Tell you what I’m good at running a bar but, I am not such a good business man. I will pay you an extra hundred a week and you can become the business manager for JRP Inc. You would get experience and good recommendation if you find something better.”

“Jeff I’m not even going to think about it and give you a chance to change your mind I want the job and I promise I will organize everything quickly and efficiently. When do I start?”

“Why don’t you come in a couple of hours early tomorrow and see what needs to be done,” Jeff replied. Well I’m Debby and I graduated with my nice shiny degree in business administration and a ton of student loans That shining city on the hill that was America has been sold to, bankers, corporate giants, insurance companies, and drug manufacturers for campaign cash. Greed is king and the politicians who are supposed to protect us are in the fat cats pockets so deep that they have to call someone to see what they think on every issue.

Even so I am on my way it may be a sleazy business but I am doing what I, set out to do and was to soon find out I had more responsibility then I expected.

When I walked in the next day he took me to his small office in the back of the bar handed me a pack of business cards with my name on them that stated I was the business manager and a cell phone which he said the daytime calls would be forwarded to. He pointed to a file cabinet and said”, there is another file in the desk see what you can do with my mess.”

I started with the file in the desk it was the records for the lounge purchases; liquor, beer, cleaning supplies, glassware. Payroll the girls each got two dollars and fifty cents an hour. The bouncers got seventeen dollars an hour. The cleaning crew was an outside company that was paid fifteen hundred dollars a week. His income records were the cash register tapes. There was a big trash can next to the desk and it was full of receipts from suppliers. I called him to the office and asked him about the trash can.

“That’s my IRS defense can if I am called for an audit I take that with me. I tell them these are my records if you like I can leave them with you but. I need the can. I lift it like I am going to dump it on his desk and tell him I don’t keep good records but I know exactly how much I paid myself and that is what I reported. They always say no don’t dump it and send me home.”

“And that really works I can’t believe it,” I said.

“Well it has twice but they haven’t called me down for a couple of years,” Jeff replied and he went back to the bar.

I had the files in the desk in order. So I started on the file cabinet the first things I saw were the files for ten income properties. It seems that Jeff had a habit of buying an income property whenever he accumulated fifty thousand dollars. I noticed he had some properties that he had owned for over ten years. The properties were financed looking at his tax returns told me he had taken deductions for interest on the properties and had not taken the costs of the buildings ten percent per year. He just held on to them. He was right he was not a good business man and whoever was doing his taxes wasn’t very good either. The IRS allows you to deduct ten percent of your investment I rental property every year for ten years. Then you are supposed to sell it and buy another property and do it all over again. The other thing that bothered me was the fact that he rented the building his business was in and the rent was steep especially considering he had made all the improvements to it. I had my work canlı bahis siteleri cut out for me. I still had to dance to make a living but I was getting experience in my chosen field.

I started working on amended tax returns for the previous ten years. I hadn’t had a chance to talk to him about what I had found when I started to dance the next night. Jeff called me over after my second set and said”, I know we never talked about this side of the business but, those two guys at the end of the bar are my banker and my accountant and I need a big favor. The banker also owns this building and he is threatening to sell it. Whenever he comes in I am supposed to get him laid normally Jane or Jill does it for me but, he has asked for you.” “You are not really trying to pimp me out are you,” I replied. Let me get this straight you want me to fuck your banker and your accountant.”

“No no, just the banker he has me by the short hair without the building I am out of business and I’ve got a lot of loans through his bank,” Jeff replied.

Let’s start with your accountant I was going to ask you to fire him anyway he doesn’t know what he is doing or he’s fucking with you. I have already begun the paperwork to file amended tax returns for the previous ten years.

“As for the banker he’s charging you almost double what you should be paying for this building. I have found a building just down the street which is nicer, bigger and for sale.”

Looking at the banker and realizing I hadn’t been laid for a month I told Jeff”, alright but I want your promise that I get to fuck him over too. I don’t know exactly how but I want to screw him good.”

Jeff replied”, you know he privately loaned me fifty thousand to start this business in the first place and I feel I owe him for that also.”

“I am sure you paid that back plus interest and he has been screwing you ever since. You don’ really owe him anything. I want your promise to let me get you out from under that asshole and get a little payback.”

“What about my other loans what if he revokes them,” Jeff asked?

“Those are covered by contracts with the bank he can’t do anything about them without creating large legal problems for the bank.”

And just like that I became a whore. I took the banker by the hand and led him to the back and up the stairs to the room next to Jeff’s office. There was a day bed there, might as well be comfortable. I had slipped my cell into my bikini before I took him up stairs I told him,” you can’t fuck with all those clothes on.” As he fumbled with his belt I slipped my phone under the pillow and undid my bikini top.

After he had undressed he turned back toward me and said”, you can’t fuck with all those clothes on,” with a shit eating grin on his face.

“First Al you have to know the rules, I don’t fuck anyone if they don’t give me head first.”

“What do you mean head,” he said.

“Well, Al a girl doesn’t get ready to fuck with out some foreplay to make her juices run so it isn’t painful for her. You are married aren’t you Al? You need to lick my sex Al that is the quickest way for a girl to get ready.”

“I have been married for twenty years and my wife has never asked me to do that.”

“Are you kidding Al never, oh my God, I pity your poor wife. Al I am going to teach you how to have good sex. I promise the next time you have sex with your wife she will go crazy. So you know the rules so let’s get started,” I said as I slid my bikini bottoms down and laid crossways on the bed with my ass hanging barely off the bed and spread my legs. “Here’s a pillow Al on your knees please. Now you need to take both hands and push my knees up and out. Perfect Al now you just put your tongue out and lick from the top to the bottom.”

He ran his tongue from the bottom of my crack to the top and said “, it smells like fish but it doesn’t taste bad.” He did it again and then again.

“Ahh you got it Al just like that. Oh that’s good Al real good.” He kept it up for a minute or two. I said”, now Al take your middle and index finger and put them in your mouth to wet them and concentrate your tongue on that little bump at the top of my ,slit you know the place that makes me jump every time you touch it. Ahh perfect now take those fingers you wet and push them into me. Ahh great now turn them sideways and bend them up until they touch the top of my vagina you will feel a little rough spot there. Ahh that’s it now just rub it softly. Keep licking that, little bump oh God, ohhh God, feel how wet I am getting for you.” I was having a little trouble talking now but, I told him”, you have just discovered the two magic buttons to a woman’s heart if you can press them both as you are now any woman will be yours.” His eyes were closed as he worked my clit and my G spot I took two pictures with my phone and said”, let’s fuck Al.”

He stood up and rubbed his dick up and down a few times, closed his eyes and started to push güvenilir bahis into me, My ungh hid the click as I took another picture. He had a good sized dick not too big and not too small and developed a nice rhythm. I was enjoying watching his dick pull an inch of me out on every out stroke and then that pink collar disappeared each time he thrust in. As he sped up that collar seemed to stay wrapped around his dick and I realized he was close to getting off.

I pushed him away and said”, I want to ride for awhile Al OK “He lay on the bed and I climbed on reverse cowgirl I had palmed my phone because I had noticed a dresser in the corner with a big mirror that would give me a great picture. As I slid down enveloping him I framed the picture, perfect me with his dick obviously piercing my pussy him watching my ass slide down on his prick with a stupid grin on his face. I got two of those. I put the phone on movie mode got up , put he phone om the dresser pointed at the daybed and hopped back on in regular cowgirl.

I started working my ass hard shouting “,come on Al give it to me, fuck me harder, harder deeper, come on Al don’t get lazy on me now I am coming nooow, oh God now Al, oh Al so good.” I could feel warmth as he came and the look on his face was priceless. That ought to really piss his old lady off when she sees it, I thought.

Now it s time to finish this game I put my hands on his shins and started working my as up and down as fast as I could. Watching my ass work up and down on his dick while my asshole winked at him would get him off and the God of friction was just icing on the cake. He started grunting so hard I was afraid he was going to have a heart attack.

He lay there breathing like he was going to die I rose up off his dick and squeezed his come out so that it dribbled on his groin.

He lay there breathing hard with his dick covered in his sperm and his eyes closed. That called for a couple of pictures.

I dressed and left him there. When I got down stairs I told Jeff”, you better check on him I think I may have fucked him to death!” I walked out got in my car and headed for home I needed a shower. Thinking on the way home it hadn’t been a bad day I got off twice, had my payback for the banker in my phone and saved the bar for awhile at least. I’m sure his wife is going to love me even if she doesn’t know it. But, on the other side I was a whore I fucked someone for money.

The dream was just two tail lights fading into the distance now I thought I had reached rock bottom but I wasn’t even close. The next day, when I showed up for my job showing off my body for dollar bills. Thinking about the night before I realized just how far I had sunk. I was a whore plain and simple.

Judy a girl I danced with said to me”, I’ve got this gig at a bachelor party tonight after work and I need another girl would you be interested it pays a grand?”

I thought what the fuck I am already wearing the label why not “, sure Judy half and half right.”

Judy said “, five apiece and if we work hard there is usually a nice tip. Wear that cheerleader outfit that will really turn them on.”

When I finally found room 325 at the Ramada Inn I stood in front of the door working up my courage to knock. I could hear the music from inside. Stealing my self I knocked and the door immediately opened and there was Judy in the middle of the room already down to her G string and bra bumping to the beat of the music surrounded by five young guys. Some one handed me a drink tasted like rum and coke heavy on the rum. Just what I needed some Dutch courage.

Judy loosened her bra holding it teasingly over her tits. All five of the guys were staring at her open mouthed. She threw her bra onto a chair with the rest of her cloths as she danced around the room. Next she slipped her thumbs under the strings of her G string moving them up and down so that there was a glimpse of her blond pubic hair still swinging her hips to the beat of the music. Her tits were much larger than mine and rolled on her chest with each movement as she turned her back to the groom spreading her legs about six inches, bending at the waist she slid her G string down to her knees and let it fall to the floor.

She turned and took the groom by his arms and backed him up to the bed dropped to her knees and unbuckled his belt unzipped his pants allowing them to fall to the floor. She pushed him back onto the bed, fondled his balls in one hand, stroked his considerable shaft with the other and fitted her mouth over his crown. Waving at me to get up and dance.

The groom moaned”,oh God,” as her cheeks hollowed with her suction.

The music was still playing a good dance song; I began to work my ass to the beat. Not that I had much of an audience what Judy was doing to the groom seemed to be more interesting. I threw a few high kicks in because that’s what cheerleaders do when they want attention. But I didn’t get any until I pulled my letter sweater with the state mascot over my head. The best man paid some attention then. I had a sports bra on because that’s what cheerleaders wear but I realized that and my cheerleader panties were not going to draw much attention in this room. The sports bra landed on top of my sweater.

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