The Education of Cassandra


I don’t know why I do the things I do. I seem to have a dark side, an evil beyond even my own comprehension. I won’t make excuses for my behavior, and I won’t apologize either, I am what I am.

You know who I am, and it scares the hell out of you. You find me attractive, and yet repulsive. I feed your fears, and make you tremble with trepidation and excitement. I am the flame that draws the moth to the light, only to engulf and consume the life within.

I stalk my prey with stealth and cunning. I seek out the week, the lonely, and the unsatisfied. Like a Chameleon I blend into the background, so as not to attract attention. I hide in the light because I can. Though your eye’s see me, they don’t reveal, that which hides within.

I’ve been described as dark and brooding, with a European look. A black feathery mane hangs about my neck, and frames a well sculpted tanned face. My furrowed brow line accentuates eyes so dark they appear almost black.

I exercise regularly to maintain my edge. Strength training combined with cardiovascular training for stamina keeps me young and vital. My arms and legs are powerful, and my chest is massive with broad shoulders, that taper down into a slim waist.

I only mention this so that you may better understand my confident bravado, and candor. Escape from me once chosen is impossible. To struggle within my grasp will only serve to make you grow weaker. Once limp within my arms I will devour your heart, your soul, your very essence. When the time comes, and it will, you as you know yourself will exist no more.

Many a woman have lost their way, only to find themselves in the dark recess of an insane mind. A mind stripped of all conscious morality, and human dignity. For the purpose of this story I will use Cassie as an example of extreme depravity as only one human can show another.

Cassie was a beautiful long legged, red head with the greenest eyes I have ever seen. They were so bright and full of life. Her luxurious red hair fell about her shoulders, and caressed the middle of her back. Her full ruby lips begged to be kissed, to be tongued, to be fucked.

She was wearing a tight short blue dress, that vee’d in the back. Her skin was smooth, and lightly freckled. The dress clung to her curves, and hid absolutely nothing. The low cut of her dress revealed an ample cleavage, and cradled each breast in a thin light, material. The thin material formed nicely around large protruding nipples.

The curve of her hard firm buttocks caused the short dress to hang out, and away from her sexy nylon covered thighs. Her calves looked strong and taught, accentuated by a pair of white open toed heels. In a word she was stunning.

As gorgeous as she was, the thing that caught my eye the most, she was alone. Standing at the end of the bar, she swayed back and forth to the music that permeated the air. She looked lost standing there sipping her drink, and surveying the room.

She appeared to search the room as though looking for that one special person. The one she might connect, and share a dance with. One that might make her laugh, as they made light conversation over drinks. Yes, she looked hopeful, lonely, weak, and very unsatisfied.

I approached Cassie, and took a place next to her at the bar. As she remained standing, I took a seat in the empty bar stool at her side. Feigning indifference to her presence, I ordered my drink rum and coke neat, no ice.

I sat quietly sipping my drink, watching Cassie from the corner of my eye. Finally I turned to her and smiled brightly and gave a slight nod of my head. I raised my empty glass, and asked if she would like another drink.

She shook her head no, and went back to her little solo dance pretending to ignore my presence. I would have none of that. I turned back to her after several minutes of watching her well developed ass gently sway, in the mirror behind the bar.

“I hate these places.” I smiled and shook my head in a disapproving manner.

Cassie nodded her head knowingly.

“No I mean it. Every time I come here with friends I wind up sitting at the bar alone.” I lifted my glass to my lips and watched intently as she continued to sway to the music.

“I know what you mean. I’m here with a friend too, but I think she left with some guy.” She didn’t even turn my direction as she spoke. She seemed to be purposely avoiding eye contact.

“Well here’s to good friends. Who needs em?” I shrugged my shoulders and laughed lightly.

“So who are you here with?” She asked still avoiding full eye contact.

“Oh, just some friend of mine. I’m not sure where he disappeared to.” I gestured out towards the crowd indicating he could be anywhere, in the grinding horde of humanity.

We chatted for awhile at the end of the bar as the music blared in the background. I found out she was a 25 year old paralegal. She had just recently moved to Dallas, from some small mid-western town in Indiana. She was living with a friend, who at this point and time had bitlis escort seemed to abandon her.

After about an hour of light conversation, and a few drinks her defenses where easing to the point, that I asked her to dance. She accepted, and took my arm as I led her away from the bar to the dance floor. We danced to several faced paced songs, and returned to our place at the end of the bar.

After a few more drinks the hour was growing ever later, as the traditional last call approached. The crowd had thinned out a bit by this time, and we were one of a few couples still at the bar. I ordered her another drink, and as she wasn’t looking I placed a powdery sedative into her drink.

“Where’s your friend?” She asked as she sipped from her potent cocktail.

“I don’t know.” I shrugged my shoulders and scanned the thinning crowd for my pretend friend.

A slow song began to fill the air where once there had been the hard driving beat, of Back in Black. I asked if she would dance one more dance, and she accepted. I turned to take her hand as she stepped away from the bar. She staggered slightly, and I knew it wouldn’t be long. The drug was achieving the desired affect.

I took her in my arms as we danced, and held her lightly against me. She placed her head on my shoulder. With her head tilted up towards me, I leaned in to kiss her soft full lips. She responded in kind, and I soon found our tongues probing and prodding, in a passionate kiss.

My hands drifted down her back, and came to rest on her sweet little bottom. She brushed my hands from her ass weakly, and murmured “No please don’t.”

Not to be discouraged I pulled her in tight against me. I placed both hands on her ass cheeks, and forced her crouch into my now throbbing cock. I began to grind into her womanhood, in a dry humping motion. My mouth covered hers, before she could utter a single sound. Her protest lost, and muffled by my probing tongue.

My hands began to massage and roughly squeeze the cheeks of her ass. No longer satisfied with the feel of her ass through the material, I slid my hands up the back of her thighs. I began to knead the soft pliable mounds of her cheeks.

Again she tried to push my hands away. This time I responded roughly, and in one swift motion I pinned one of her arms against the small of her back. She winced in pain as I applied pressure forcing her arm upward. My other hand eased the thin material of her panties to one side, and eagerly sought out her fleshy cheek.

“Don’t make a sound bitch, or I’ll break your fucking arm.” I whispered in her ear, and pushed her arm upwards in an effort to make my point.

She moaned in pain, as her body began to grow limp in my firm grasp. I held her tightly as the drug began to take her over and cloud her senses. The house lights came on, and I began to lead her towards the exit. She staggered and drug her feet, as though she had too much to drink. The bouncers just nodded knowingly as we pushed our way by them, and into the night air.


Cassie awoke in total darkness still groggy, and weak. Deprived of her sense of sight she began to panic. She tried to move but, found herself bound by her wrist and ankles. She could tell she had been stripped of all clothing, as a slight breeze blew across her naked skin.

She wanted to scream, but couldn’t. She could tell by the straps she felt against her cheeks that she had been gagged. Her jaws and muscles in her face ached from the object placed firmly in her mouth. Cassie struggled to scream, but only faint inaudible murmurs could be heard.

Her body grew weak as she fought against her restraints. Her muscles throbbed from fatigue, and she wondered how long she had been tied in such a manner. Fear gripped her mind, as she began to realize her hopeless situation. She lay limp within the confines of her restraints, in complete darkness. Tears began to well up in her eyes, and flow down the sides of her face.

Cassie began to sob into her gag. Her breasts heaved in the anguish, of her plight. She found it difficult to breathe through her nose, as her body retched uncontrollably. She was going to die she thought to herself. Her eyes bulged wildly, as she desperately searched the darkened room. Franticly she searched the darkness, only to find even more darkness.

Cassie stiffened suddenly, as she heard footsteps on what could only be a set of stairs. Each step pierced the silent darkness, with a soft thud. A dim light pushed back the darkness, Cassie struggled to make out her surroundings. She squinted and peered out from the thin slits of her eye lids.

Cassie held her breath unable to breath as a small figure approached her. The figure moved silently by Cassie, without even acknowledging her presence. Cassie strained her head and neck to follow the figure as it disappeared somewhere behind her.

Suddenly there was the warm glow of candle light. It bathed the room in its soft warmth. Cassie’s eyes began to adjust to bolu escort the new light. She began to take in the scene around her. Her mind reeled as she came to the conclusion she was being held, in a type of dungeon.

Cassie found herself spread eagle in the middle of a rather large room. It was filled with various apparatus used to encourage torture and sexual gratification. She was strapped to what appeared to be a leather cushioned table. The table ended abruptly at her buttocks, and then split away, in a y shape. Her legs spread wide; Cassie realized she was lewdly exposed. A small fan at her feet supplied the gentle breeze she had been feeling against her bare skin.

The figure emerged from behind Cassie, and moved within Cassie’s peripheral vision. Her vision now fully adjusted, she could make out the small figure off to the side. Cassie turned her head, and watched as the figure set a tray on a large round table. In the glow of the candle light she could make out the figure of a woman. The woman was dressed in a long flowing see through hooded gown. It was fastened in the front with a loosely tied sash. She could make out the contours of her figure easily through the sheer material.

Cassie watched as the woman poured what appeared to be water, into a ceramic looking wash basin. The woman then transported the ceramic basin to a metal tray cart, and began to push it in Cassie’s direction. The woman kept her hooded head down as she neared, keeping her face hidden from Cassie’s view.

As the woman reached Cassie’s side, she could make out a petite figure. Her breasts were small rounded mounds of flesh. Large dark nipples were easily viewed, through the sheer white fabric of her gown.

The woman was obviously very trim, and stood about 5’3″ with long slender legs. A large dark bush covered the soft folds of her womanhood. The hood over the woman’s face prevented Cassie from seeing the mysterious woman, as she busied herself at Cassie’s side.

Cassie began to long for the darkness, that once enveloped her. She had never been so exposed to anyone, in her life. Helpless to cover up, her humiliation was assured. She tried to plead with the figure beside her, but nothing legible could be heard.

Cassie watched intently as the woman began to dip a wash clothe, into the basin filled with water. The woman held the wash cloth above Cassie’s body, and wrung the water from the cloth. Water fell onto Cassie’s breasts, and stomach. The sensation took Cassie’s breath for a second. Her nipples began to harden, `as the water mixed with the cool air emanating from the fan.

Goosebumps ran rampid, as the woman repeated her actions over various parts of Cassie’s body. Cassie began to relax, and started to enjoy the sensation, of the warm water and the cool fan. Though bound she found she didn’t fear the woman at her side.

The woman apparently satisfied the water had cleansed Cassie body, placed the wash cloth back onto the cart. She grabbed a towel and began to dab the water up, in a slow deliberate fashion. Suddenly the figure bent down, and took one of Cassie’s erect nipples into her mouth. Her hand snaked across Cassie’s stomach, and up towards Cassie’s other breast.

Cassie moaned into her ball gag as the mysterious figure massaged and caressed her full 34 C breast. The wet mouth on her sensitive nipple caused a slight contraction, deep inside her womanly walls. Cassie looked down as best she could, and watched the figure manipulate the hardened nipple of her left breast.

Her long brightly colored red finger nails raked across the white flesh of Cassie’s breasts. The woman began to nibble, and nip at Cassie’s right breast, as she twisted and pulled her other nipple. Cassie arched her back slightly, to meet the stranger’s lips. Surprised by the sensation of another woman’s lips and hands on her body, Cassie began to moan softly into her gag.

Cassie felt strangely confused, and betrayed by her own emotions. Her fears and trepidations blended with feelings of arousal, and sensual self awareness. Her emotions melding into a sweet symphony, of angst and pleasure.

The stranger’s hands began to roam and wonder over Cassie’s body, pausing to squeeze and massage Cassie’s ample flesh. She could feel the strangers hands kneading the flesh of her inner thigh, just below her ever dampening little love hole.

Cassie tensed as she felt the stranger drag a well filed nail across the soft folds, of her hot little mound. Her hand came to rest just above Cassie’s hooded clit. Cassie felt two fingers on either side of her clit, pull back against the skin. The hood slid back easily exposing Cassie’s throbbing little button.

The stranger’s mouth began to suck at Cassie’s nipples, with more fervor and passion. Drawing first one and then the other nipple deep into her mouth, her tongue danced across the sensitive little nubs, her teeth biting at each with more force than before.

Cassie felt a long skinny finger push past her burdur escort wet opening, and pierce her inner walls. The stranger began a slow melodic movement in, and out of Cassie’s eager little tunnel. Her inner walls twitched slightly at the first contact, of the stranger’s finger on her well exposed clit.

Cassie’s arms and legs grew taught, and railed against her constraints. Held tightly in place Cassie was unable to use her legs for leverage. She feebly pushed her hips up to meet the strangers fingers on her clit. She managed to lift her hips off the table, but a few inches. Her pussy ached to cum, as she moaned into her gag.

The stranger began to apply firm circular motions to Cassie’s engorged, sensitive clit. The slow melodic method, the stranger used to explore Cassie’s inner sanctum, was quickly bringing her to the edge. Cassie pulled against her restraints, as her orgasm began to build, from deep within.

Her mind searched desperately, as she tried to cope with her lapse of sanity. Held against her will, she was being manipulated to orgasm. Even worse she found herself enjoying the sensations of this strange woman’s hands.

Cassie’s breasts heaved as her breathing became more erratic. She flung her head from side to side wildly, as the stranger’s expert fingers worked her throbbing clit. She growled into her gag, as the first spasmodic wave of her orgasm washed over her body.

Trembling, Cassie’s body became racked with orgasmic pleasure. Cassie was lost in the moment, forgetting she was being held against her will. Assaulted by this faceless woman, Cassie let go of any remaining fear. She surrendered her mind , and body allowing the stranger to bring her sweet release.

Cassie could feel her juices flow down between the cheeks of her ass. Her throbbing clit pushed up against the stranger’s fingers. Again she pulled up within her restraints, as yet another hard spasmodic wave erupted from deep within her walls.

Cassie’s eager hungry cunt easily absorbed two more of the stranger’s fingers. The stranger pushed her fingers rapidly in and out of her gapping spasmodic hole. Each thrust forced Cassie’s juices to ooze from her hot little tunnel. Her walls clamped down on the strangers fingers, with every contraction of her orgasm.

The stranger’s teeth clamped down hard on Cassie’s now overly sensitive nipple. She held Cassie’s nipple firmly between her teeth, as a third orgasmic wave over took Cassie’s body. Cassie’s inaudible screams could barely be heard through the gag, in her mouth.

Cassie began to relax in her restraints, as the last of her orgasm subsided. Her breathing was labored, as she attempted to draw air through her nose. The stranger released Cassie’s aching nipple, from her teeth. She slowly removed her fingers from Cassie’s drenched quivering mound. Cassie lay trembling, exhausted from her ordeal. Her muscles ached, and burned from the strain, of her orgasms.

Slowly the stranger turned, and went back over to the large round table. There she lit a candle, and keeping her head bowed she made her way back to a hallway. The faceless woman disappeared into the corridor. Cassie could hear her bare feet, as she navigated the stairs from where she first appeared.

Out of the darkness Cassie was startled, by a sudden clapping noise, and looking in the direction of the noise. Cassie watched in horror as a figure of a man emerged, from the shadows. The figure stepped into the light, instantly Cassie recognized the man from the bar.


I stood there politely clapping, to show my appreciation for the show; I was so privy to have watched. My cock throbbed within the confines, of my black trousers. I surveyed the gorgeous creature lewdly displayed in front, of me. I was very pleased with my choice, and couldn’t help but smile.

“Very nice Cassandra. Very nice indeed.” I moved towards her, and took either side of her face between my hands.

Looking into her eyes I could see the fear welling up within them, where just moments before existed only pleasure. I caressed her cheeks, as a loving father would his daughter. Cassie grew tense under my tender, loving touch, and I could hear her whimpers emanate from her gagged mouth.

“Shush it’s gonna be ok.” I placed a single finger to my pursed lips. God my cock ached for her, but this was not about me. This was about the education of Cassie.

I removed myself from her gaze, and reached under the metal cart at her side. I removed a small electronic generator, and placed it on top of the cart. I then maneuvered the cart between Cassie’s legs. I gazed upon her clean shaven mound, as I attached small electrodes to the posts, of the generator.

One by one I peeled back the light film that covered the adhesive pads, of each electrode. Reaching between Cassie’s legs I spread back the soft folds, of her mound exposing her inner lips. With gauze I dabbed away the wetness of each of her inner lips, and applied a small bit of gel. I attached the electrode to each lip. I repeated the process for her outer lips, and placed an electrode at either side of her clit.

I fastened electrodes to each nipple, of her firm round breasts. My cock throbbed, and pounded as I went about my erotic task. I could feel pre cum ooze into my underwear, in a steady stream.

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