The Elevator


Let’s see….

A story.

Romantic and erotic.

This is, of course, purely fictional.

Just a fantasy.

(This happens some when, no time or place in particular.)


I was in the lobby, waiting for the elevator in the hotel I was staying at, across the street from the convention center, where I was taking part in a few seminars.

The convention center was packed this weekend. They had 3 different conventions going on at the same time in different parts of the center and a lot of people were staying at this hotel. There were a lot of people waiting for the elevators.

When the elevator finally came down and opened up there was a rush of people and we all piled into the elevator, crowding the small car to capacity.

I worked my way to the back corner and stood against the wall.

Everyone in the car was squeezing up against each other.

A few were pushed back against me and I tried to ignore it.

It wouldn’t last more than a few minutes and I was probably going to be one of the last to get out. I had a suite near the top floors.

Normally, I wouldn’t have gotten more than just the smallest and least expensive room, being just me, but being part of the convention seminars meant the company was putting me up, and this was all the hotel had available. Nice.

That’s when I noticed the woman in front of me was pushed back against me with a lot of pressure. It was crowded, but I didn’t think it was that crowded.

I also noticed her perfume.

It was very light and somehow familiar.

Very light perfume mixed with the smell of freshly washed hair.

She had gorgeous hair. Silky looking and natural.

It wasn’t moussed or sprayed to death.

If it had been colored, it was done just right.

It was right under my nose.

The light scent of her was intoxicating.

I noticed she was still pressing back against me.

Her backside fit against me with an intimacy I was sure wasn’t accidental.

She was nicely figured and had a mature sexiness that I found hard to ignore.

Something was familiar about this, but I couldn’t quite figure it out.

People were getting off and coming on and the car wasn’t exactly emptying out as much as I had thought it would.

That’s OK, I thought, she was still pressing back against me and hadn’t made any attempt to move forward.

I was beginning to enjoy the feeling of her against me when I felt her hand reach back and squeeze the side of my thigh.

Now I knew she wanted my attention, and she had it.

I still hadn’t seen her face and I was trying to remember if there had been anyone during the day that I may have made eye contact with and maybe flirted with.

Harmless, but you do it anyway at these things.

I couldn’t remember any of that happening.

It had been a very busy day.

No one could see what she was doing, but it was doing a real job on my self-control.

With her hand firmly squeezing along my thigh and the feel of her backside pressing against me, I was beginning to respond in what could become very embarrassing should she decide to move away from me and leave me exposed with a very obvious reaction.

I decided to see if this was a tease or something else.

I moved my hand up and placed it on her hip, just inside the arm that was behind her squeezing my leg.

I squeezed her waist just at the point it became her hip and was rewarded with more pressure against me.

Nice waist, soft and firm.

Her butt was driving me crazy. So was her back.

It was a strong back, with the wideness that promised a generous abundance of breast.

This was driving me crazy.

And it was so familiar.

I was sure I knew this woman who was causing a reaction in me that I hadn’t felt since….

The elevator door opened then and more than half of the people got off.

That’s when I noticed she had been holding a large poster in front of her, in effect, hiding us from what we had been doing.

I put both hands on her hips and squeezed as I pulled her back against me with no resistance. I ran my hands down her hips to her thighs and softly stroked my fingers across her beautifully round behind.

Damn! What a nice butt!

I was so engrossed in the sexy roundness of her bottom that I didn’t notice we were now alone on the elevator car as it stopped at my floor.

That’s when she stepped toward the door pulling me with her.

I was mesmerized and completely at her whim.

Pulling me off the elevator she turned around and kissed me with a passion that brought back a forgotten youth like a slap in the face.

I did know her!

“Hello, Farmboy,” she said softly.

“Hello Hotstuff,” I said even softer.

She felt good. I felt like a nuclear furnace.

I was afraid to let go of her.

She wasn’t letting go of me either.

“Let’s get out of this hall. We’ve got some catching up to do.”

We went into my suite and closed the door behind us.

This had all taken place in the four minutes it took for the elevator sancaktepe escort car to stop and go up 26 stories!

Once inside my suite, we stood inside the door, holding each other tightly.

I don’t think either one of us wanted to let go of the other one.

It had been a very long time, and the feel of her body against mine and the tight squeeze of her arms around me felt like the two missing pieces of a puzzle finally put together.

We kissed as if it were the last time we would ever kiss anybody.

Her lips felt amazing. Soft, demanding, compliant.

Our tongues touched, dancing against each other, exploring, creating a growing excitement that demanded more.

I held her tight against me. My arms were wrapped around her waist, holding her tight against me. My hands slid down and I grabbed her butt cheeks and squeezed, kneading and stroking, pulling her against my thigh, which was tense and hard against her crotch.

I could feel the heat from her as she wrapped her legs around my leg and ground her pelvis against my thigh.

We were both getting worked up. Her soft full breasts were pressed tight against my chest. I could feel her nipples through her blouse touching me.

My squeezing and lifting of her soft round ass cheeks and her riding my leg were having the effect we both wanted.

We were both approaching the point of no return.

I started to ask her, “How did…” and she stopped me with “After..”.

Good, because the only thing I wanted to do was touch her.

Everywhere. With my fingers, my tongue, my eyes, my lips, my skin.

I wanted to touch her everywhere.

I wanted to touch her in places and ways that no one else had.

I wanted her to feel that touch afterward no matter where she was, no matter when.

I wanted to feel her body and make her feel this sexual excitement for as long as she wanted it. I wanted to feel it too.

It had been a very long time since I had felt this and I was hoping it was the same for her.

I could have been wrong, but it didn’t feel that way.

I was burning up, being enflamed by feelings that been hidden away for a long time.

Sure, after we had gone down our separate paths I had relationships that had been hot and heavy, my own marriage had started out like that. But time and the stresses of life had dulled some of that. I’m sure she had gone through some of that too.

Plus, there were some things you could do with one partner that you could never do with another. Different inhibitions, different turn-ons, different wants and needs. Different levels of trust.

Our breathing was getting very heavy.

She was almost there, rubbing my leg and holding me tight.

Our lips and tongues hadn’t separated since we came into the room.

I reached around even more and slid my hand up between her open thighs, gripping her ass cheek right where it became her hot center.

I squeezed and pressed firmly against her hot mound from behind, feeling the moist heat and putting pressure with my finger tips against her anus, feeling even more heat.

Her thighs clamped around my leg were strong and she was beginning to tense up, her hips were starting to jerk in short movements as she finally reached the point of no return.

She held me even closer as a low moan escaped from deep inside her as she gave in to the orgasm that went through her entire body.

She kept whispering my name in my ear over and over.

God, that turned me on to hear her voice in my ear!

The feeling of her pressed against me shaking and trembling made my desire for her even stronger.

Her breathing was heavy and her arms were still around my neck as I picked her up and carried her over to the couch.

Placing her on the couch I started to remove her jacket and blouse.

She was doing the same to me.

She pulled my shirt off and ran her hands through my chest hair, rubbing her hands over the muscles in my chest and arms, squeezing and touching.

I could feel the difference in the way she was touching me.

When we were younger, our touching had been intimate, naïve, exploring sexual boundaries.

Now both of us were exploring each other with the accumulated experiences of other relationships, job experiences, and family responsibilities.

All that did was return more complete information about each other to our overloaded senses.

The need to know more was driving us both to explore this chance meeting as far as we could carefully take it.

Both of us wanted more.

I could feel the tremor go though her when I stroked my finger-tips around and over and across her full round breasts. Cupping and squeezing them, I rubbed the taut nipples between my fingers and thumbs, making them stand out even more with the attention they were getting.

I bent down to lick and suck on her nipples as I squeezed her ample tits and marveled at how beautiful they were. She caught her breath very time I nipped her nipples with my teeth, making ümraniye escort them very stiff.

She had managed to get my belt undone and pushed my pants down by this time.

Her hands we touching and stroking my stomach muscles, squeezing my ribs and finally wrapped around my hardness.

It was amazing how warm her hands were. How just simply touching me made me so hard that it felt like I was bigger than ever.

She was stroking me with a knowing firmness that was sending shock waves through me.

My breathing was getting heavier as she slowly stroked my hard cock with both hands, making me want more.

She sat down on the couch and leaned back, lifting her hips as I pulled her pants down off her hips, off her smooth thighs, and off her legs completely.

She was still one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen.

She was sexy in that coquettish way young women are, but with that tinge of mature sexiness that I had found as I grew older made an older woman even more desirable and giving.

I also noticed something else.

She was bare. No hair anywhere except her head.

I wanted to touch and explore every inch of that bare skin.

I wanted to immediately go down on her and taste her.

It was obvious she was very wet, and the sight of her was driving me crazy.

“My turn,” she said, as she pulled my hardness to her mouth and kissed the blood engorged head. She held me against her check, feeling the heat and the length.

I ran my hands through her hair.

That soft beautiful hair.

She started licking the length of me, causing even more pressure to build up.

She then slowly started to suck on me, slowly taking more of me into her hot, wet mouth, running her tongue back and forth under the tip as she tried to take as much of me as she could into her mouth. I could feel my entire length being engulfed as she deep-throated me. Damn! I didn’t think I could hold back. I wanted to cum. Hard.

I pulled her away and pushed her back on the couch.

I knelt down and grabbing her ankles, lifted her legs over my shoulders, spreading her thighs.

I went down on her slowly.

Kissing and softly sucking on the inner part of her thighs, working my way closer to the swollen lips of her bare pussy, glistening with the wetness of her earlier orgasm.

I wanted to give her more.

Her scent was intoxicating and turned me on even more than I thought I could be at this point.

I kissed her mound, cupping her ass cheeks in my hands.

She lifted herself up, offering more. I took it.

I started licking up and down the smooth skin of her pussy lips as she held my head with her hands. She was hot, her lips were swollen and sensitive.

As I licked up and down and closer to her clit, her hips started to rock back and forth more.

I started to focus my attention on her hot swollen clit, pushing the button with my tongue, making it as hard and stiff as my swollen cock.

Finally, I started to suck as hard as I could on her clit, holding it gently between my teeth, not letting it go, flicking my tongue back and forth over it as I sucked.

She was arching her back and pushing my head down even harder on her overheated cunt. Her breathing was becoming short and ragged.

I was enjoying her smell, the taste of her, the feel of her skin, everything.

I could feel her start to cum as her hips started to jerk and spasm against my lips and tongue.

She was breathing hard as she sat up and pulled me to her, guiding my extremely hard cock to her wet pussy lips.

As soon as she had my cock head in her she reached around and, grabbing my butt, pulled me into her in one long stroke.

God, it felt amazing.

She was super wet and very hot.

The way she squeezed my cock with her cunt mean’t I wouldn’t last long enough at this rate. And I wanted to last a very long time.

“Oh yeah! That’s it. Fuck me, Farm Boy, give it to me!” she breathed as I stroked in and out of her hot wetness.

The sight of my hard thick cock going in and out of her bare pussy lips and the strong grip she had on me was starting to get to me.

She sensed the tightening in my body and decided to change positions in order to prolong my ability to stay hard.

She pulled me over to the couch and made me sit back while she climbed back up on top and grabbing my hard slick cock, slid back down on me, taking me all the way into her hot wetness.

“Oh my god!’ we both said at the same time.

We were both holding each other tight.

Her beautiful tits were right in my face, and I startled to suck and lick the nipples hard, making them thick and stiff from the added attention.

She was moving hard on my cock, feeling all of it inside, her hot wet pussy squeezing the length, really grinding down.

I was squeezing her ass with one hand while the other held her waist.

I started stroking her pussy from behind with my middle finger, rubbing the wetness from her pussy across the tuzla escort sensitive area between her cock stuffed pussy and her anus.

“More” she breathed heavily in my ear as she pushed down harder on my thick thrusting cock and back on my rubbing finger.

I started rubbing her anus with my wet finger tip.

Her breathing got heavier the more I rubbed her ass.

The more I focused on her ass, the less I wanted to cum.

I was still hard as a rock, just distracted enough to stay with her for this ride.

I decided it was time to fuck her in both holes at the same time.

I pushed my wet middle finger into her anus, feeling her tighten up and then push back even more to get my finger deeper.

“OH, oh, yesss! That’s it. Fuck me! Fuck me!” she cried softly into my ear.

I thought of something else I could do that might stimulate her even more.

I reached back with my free hand and gave her exposed ass a hard stinging slap!

“Oh yes! Yes!” she cried out as she started her amazing orgasm.

The extra stimulation took both of us over the edge as we both came strongly in and on each other.

We were both breathing like we’d run a marathon, but we weren’t moving from each other.

Not yet.

“Wow!” I said into her ear.

“Oh yeah. Wow!” she said, catching her breath.

“Want more, or do you want to rest a little?” I asked.

“I think we should take a shower and go from there” she said.

“OK,” I said, “but don’t bend over in there, or I’ll have to take advantage of your position.”

“Is that a promise?” she asked.

Oooo, this was different.

“That’s a promise.” I said.

The night was only half over.

We slowly got up from the couch, she held my hand as we went to the bathroom to take our shower.

The water was hot.

We both liked long hot showers.

I enjoyed the feel of her body and the feel of her hands on mine as we soaped each other up.

I especially enjoyed rubbing her back, her shoulders and neck.

Slowly squeezing my soapy hands up and down her backside.

I especially enjoyed the feel of her soft, round ass cheeks in my cupped hands as we held each other, slippery with soap and hot water.

Her hands were sliding up and down my body.

We were exploring and touching each other the same way.

Kissing her in the shower and feeling her soapy body against mine was exhilarating.

Showering off the soap made our skin stick to each other without sliding.

It was intoxicating to feel her after all the time that had passed.

(She didn’t bend over in the shower, in case you were wondering.)

“Just for the record, Farm Boy, that hurt,” she said.

“I apologize,” I said. “Can I kiss it and make it better?”

“Maybe,” she said, smiling.

I loved to see her smile. God, she was beautiful!

I toweled her off and we went into the bedroom and laid on the bed, propping ourselves against the headboard.

She was leaning against my chest, laying on me with her legs wrapped over my legs.

She rubbed my chest as I rubbed her neck, shoulders and back, every once in a while sliding my hand down to rub slowly between her round cheeks.

It was exciting and relaxing at the same, as if we had always been like this.

She tentatively rubbed my now soft but still full cock as we talked about our lives.

We talked about her children, her professional life, my professional life, and the places we’d been. We only surreptitiously talked about our marriages, as if that would intrude and take away this time together, knowing we would have to go back to our lives all too soon.

We talked for what seemed hours, but wasn’t even as long as the forceful sex we had had earlier. We talked as if it were just yesterday, as if no time had passed.

Now we wanted to just be with each other for the short period of time that was left to us. She was going to be here for a few more days, I was supposed to be leaving later in the morning and I couldn’t change the flight.

I was sort of singing a piece of a song I knew when she asked me what it was.

I told her I would send it to her so she could hear the whole thing and let me know what she thought.

Our absent-minded touching had energized both of us to the point where she had decided it was time for more intimate contact.

She kissed my chest and slowly worked her way down to my now recharged hardness, licking and softly sucking my length.

My pulse was pounding, she was driving me crazy with her biting and sucking.

I started to rub her wet lips from behind, my hand between her thighs, trapped by her soft, still tender cheeks.

We were both squirming and maneuvering each other to give ourselves the maximum stimulation we could without pushing the other one too soon over the edge.

I was slowly rubbing and lightly slapping her swollen lips and the stiff button that was demanding my attention, while squeezing one of her large full breasts and lightly twisting the excited nipple. My hand would remember the feel of that breast for a long time.

She had been sucking me and rubbing her hands all over my cock and balls, making me harder and ready for her.

I could feel her mounting frustration as she finally twisted around and climbed on top, slowly sliding down on my hardness.

I could hear her breath as she slowly exhaled while impaling herself on my hardness.

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