The Family of Pleasure Ch. 01


Lynn moved quickly down the hall of her exuberant house. The royal looking red rug made little sound as her bare feet turned towards her daughter’s room. As she neared Alice’s room, she nearly moaned with lust at the prospect of finally being able to do her daughter. With Will and James still in Colorado, and Ben with the school band in Hershey’s Park, it was the perfect opportunity to take her sexual encounters with her daughter a step further. For the past few months, whenever she had gotten the chance, she had slipped the drug into her daughter’s drinks. Nothing lethal, or even slightly dangerous, as she had studied many different disorienting drugs, and determined the perfect one.

The first few weeks were the best, as she was as excited as she was when she first experimented with other women, in her high school days. For years, Lynn had admired her daughters from afar, attempting to ward off her taboo thoughts, until at last she realized her oldest daughter, Alex, had the same feelings toward her, on her birthday. Since then the two shared a bond, at first particularly sexually. Yet as they grew closer through their orgasmic experiments, the two became akin to best friends. Yet those days came to an end when Alex packed up for college, and was forced to leave her family behind, and her sexual adventures.

The day Alex left was one Lynn would remember for the rest of her life. It was the only time she had ever had intercourse with another women. Now, after weeks of planning, her frustration with her family’s schedules finally ended when she realized she would have a whole weekend with her daughter alone. It was almost to perfect to be true. Years of lust and sex filled dreams would finally become a reality, as Lynn carried her brown leather bag into Alice’s room.

Alice was the quieter of her two daughters. While Alex prospered socially, Alice remained well known, but never as popular as Alex was during her exotic days at Birmingham High. Of course Alex’s figure was quite fitting for her position, but Alice’s body was one of exciting curves, and the seemingly perfect tan, not to mention her 36DD cup breasts. Alex was always jealous of her sister, having only 34B cups. Alice was always popular amongst the boys for her body, however much she covered it up, yet was rarely asked out, as she was often feared intellectually by the boys at the high school. Being placed in the gifted class immediately did not surprise Lynn, as her daughter was considered the most intelligent student in her middle and elementary school.

For the first years of Alice’s life, Lynn became worried, as the only attractive features of her younger daughter were her golden hair, and curvy body. While these did attract the attention of many males, they never looked at her the way they did Alex, who at the time, had grown into “womanhood” as her father so wisely put it, at the age of twelve. Alice finally began developing at the end of middle school. By the beginning of High school, she was possibly the biggest breasted woman in the entire county.

Now, as Lynn opened the door to her daughter’s room, she began to take in every detail of her Alice’s body. From her enormous breasts, to her long, almost hip lengthed hair. She was not the tallest woman in the household,(which would be her older brother), but was a good size, at “5’7”. Her legs were slim, and made Lynn take in a deep breath, as she examined her daughter’s sexy body. In Lynn’s opinion however, the most powerful feature of Alice’s body was her face. Her eyes were a startling beautiful blue, like a flawless mix between the sky and the ocean. Her face was almost always serious during the day, which was a shame, as her lips and nose seemed to fit so well she escort haberleri was often asked if she had gotten a nose job. To top it off was her shining blond hair, which was most likely from her father.

Lynn didn’t bother to be quiet; as she often was during the usual times she walked down towards her Alice’s room. Their would be no one to witness what Lynn had planned, although many would have begged to see it. Lynn slipped her hands into her bag, and retrieved an egg shaped vibrator, with a long cord and remote control. Lynn attempted to calm herself down with deep breaths, as she pulled the covers shielding her daughter’s lower body to the ground. Alice had worn only her white panties, and a tank top, which barely covered her chest. Slowly, Lynn pulled down her daughter’s panties, and put them on the white rug floor. This exposed her daughter’s tight pussy, which was shaven almost expertly. Lynn was surprised to say the least. She had often assumed her daughter had no or little interest in sex, or anything even close to that particular category of pleasure. Was she less innocent than Lynn had originally thought? Lynn took a large roll of duct tape out of her bag, and put next to the vibrator. Next she placed the vibrator near her daughter’s sex, and firmly placed a piece of duct tape over it. Lynn smiled intensely as she pressed the start button.

The reaction was instantaneous. Alice’s body slowly shook, as the buzzing noise filled the room. Lynn took a step closer to her daughter’s bed, and ripped of the tank top, letting the naturally large breasts shake along with the rest of Alice’s body. She looked so sexy; Lynn could barely contain herself from leaping on top of her daughter, and licking her entire body. All in good time, she thought. Now we need to take it to the next level.

Lynn reached for another vibrator, this one shaped like a man’s dick. It was at least 10 inches. She pushed it inside her daughter’s pussy, and quickly realized how tight Alice was. I guess she hasn’t been having sex, Lynn thought, as she pushed the vibrator in just enough to keep it inside her. At least not recently.

Lynn flicked the on switch on and was shocked at how fast the tool moved. It mingled in with the cord vibrator’s buzzing noise, and quickly made Lynn even hornier. This seemed a little extreme, even if the packages for the vibrators all had said hardcore. Still, the worst that could happen was for Alice to moan, and have a wet dream about some cute boy plowing her. Lynn moaned, already wet from seeing her daughter’s body naked. She slipped off her pink panties, and removed her similar night gown, revealing her 34C cups. While they were larger than most of the women Lynn had met during her sexual experiments, she felt small in the presence of her daughter’s gorgeous breasts.

She started to rub her own pussy, which was also shaven of all hair. She could feel the juices already leaking out, and looked in Alice’s six foot tall mirror, inquisitively examining herself. She was quite pretty, compared to most of the women on Worsent Street. Most of them were in their fifties, with a few in their mid forties. Lynn was only 38, having had her eldest son at 21. She had long brown hair, which was curled, but not to the point that it looked identical to her daughter’s style. It went down to her chest, which was quite perky, and made her all the more attractive. She was “5’10’ and just an inch taller than Alex.

Satisfied with her appearance for the time, she returned to pleasuring herself. By now she was dripping wet, and a few drops of her juices were on the floor. She began to finger her pussy now, and few the first few minutes felt pleasure gaziantep escort haberleri floating throughout her body, just as she was feeling an orgasm coming through her body. She removed her finger, and quickly moved towards Alice’s bed. She moved on top of her face, giving her just enough room to breath. Lynn continued to finger her pussy joyfully, and moaned. Her moans grew louder and more intense as she pushed her fingers deeper into herself. Starting to feel herself climax, she let out a pleasure filled moan, and grinned in bliss as she saw her juices drip all over her daughter’s extravagant face. For a few moments, Lynn lay next to her daughter, but then realized the vibrators had been inside Alice for at least ten minutes.

Crawling towards her daughters thighs, she noticed a large pool of dripping nectar by her pussy. Lynn licked her lips and tasted the fluids.

Lynn gasped, as the pleasant fluids went down her throat. She had never tasted sex fluids as pleasant as this. She had tasted men’s cum at least thirty times, from many different men, and women’s fluid half that amount. Frankly, the women’s fluids were almost always better. Still, her daughters were the best she had ever tasted. Even better than Alex’s. Lynn licked up the rest of the juices, and began to notice the vibrators. Both had made her daughter begin to moan in her sleep. Now Lynn felt like pushing it to the next level. She moved the vibrator in her pussy further inside, now making Alice jerk up and down every few seconds. It still was not fully in, but it appeared to be making her drip even more juices.

Lynn grabbed her bag, and retrieved another vibrator, this one smaller, but larger in size. It was covered in a comforting smelling chemical, and some oil. Lynn spread her daughter’s ass hole, and lightly and carefully inserted the vibrator. Wow, she’s even tighter down here. Lynn breathed a lust filled moan, as her daughter’s own moans grew louder, and more exciting. She could already see Alice was about to come, and started licking up the fresh juices from her pussy. Just as she finished filling her throat full of the sweet tasting fluids, Alice let out an orgasmic cry, and her juices flew into her mother’s open mouth.

Lynn noticed the entire bed was now covered in liquid, and grabbed two more vibrators from her bag. Both of these were cord vibrators, similar to the one near her daughter’s pussy, although these were larger, and were covered in oil similar to the one on the other vibrator. Taking two more pieces of duct tape, she applied both vibrators to Alice’s nipples. Lynn grinned, almost shaking from anticipation, as she held each of the vibrator’s controls in her hand. Flipping the power switch, she let out a horny hiss of satisfaction, as her daughter writhed in pleasure even more than previously.

For the next few moments, Lynn, now filled with sexual pleasure, caressed her daughter’s body, from her fluid covered legs, to her stomach, and stopped at her breasts. Alice’s nipples were now erect with the pleasant sexual vibes going throughout her body, and Lynn took one of her daughter’s breasts, and squeezed it. She took the other one, and rubbed it gently at first, hearing moans from Alice, then sped up, as her own pleasure filled moans made the room fill with the sound of female moans, and vibrator’s buzzing.

Lynn moved her face up to her daughters, and was once again struck by her beauty, which seemed even more striking now that it was covered in Lynn’s sticky juices, and was shaking from the pleasure of the vibrator’s entering her. Lynn planted a light kiss on her lips, which was so wonderful; Lynn forced her mouth open, and pushed escort gaziantep haberleri her tongue in.

Despite her daughter being asleep, it was still so astonishing pleasurable that Lynn began to play with her daughter’s tits at a much faster pace, and could feel them both shaking with pleasure. After at least a minute of kissing, Lynn returned to the bottom of the bed, and was pleasantly surprised to see the bed was now drenched in wet liquid. She looked at the vibrators in her daughter’s sex, and ass, and pushed both in slowly, to the point that she could no longer force them in. She noticed that Alice’s moans had practically become screams of pleasure induced by the vibrators, and to hurry along the orgasm, Lynn rubbed her daughter’s legs, mostly the hips, and thighs, but fast enough to make her daughter’s orgasm come quickly.

Lynn her one more set of moans from Alice, and saw her juices squirt out of her pussy, and leak off the bed, and onto the floor. By now she felt horny enough to apply her own vibrators. Reaching into the bag, she retrieved vibrators almost identical to the ones her daughter had, but Lynn’s were all larger, and bigger, as she was much looser from 24 years of intense sexual experience. Within a minute she had applied all of the vibrators, and quickly attempted to turn them all on as close together as possible. She instantly realized why her daughter’s moans were so extreme, as she felt a pain in her lower body, while still feeling almost the most pleasure she had ever felt in her life. Her entire pelvic area had begun to leak fluids, and now was on the verge of an orgasm, despite having only just put the devices on. Lynn lay next to her daughter, and writhed and shook on the bed, in a similar style as Alice. She felt herself begin to come, and let out a loud screech of pleasure. The juices squirted out of her pussy, similarly to the way Alice’s had.

She began to notice that the entire room was drenched with juices. Sexual fluids from herself, and Alice. Yet also there was sweat and saliva covering the bed. Lynn began to notice Alice had come at least four times. Lynn reluctantly removed he own vibrators, after turning them off, let Alice come one more time, as Lynn rubbed her breasts, and then removed her daughter’s vibrator’s as well. Lynn retrieved the last tool in the bag, and the largest. She carried out a strap on dildo, measuring in twelve inches long, and about a few inches wide. Lynn quickly strapped it on to herself, and moved towards her daughter’s mouth. Slowly she inserted the dildo, and began thrusting carefully. She attempted to contain herself, but within thirty seconds, her own moans, and the muffled sounds of Alice’s made her move closer to her pussy. Now, she entered the tool more aggressively, having had recently seen it stretched by the vibrator.

She began thrusting at a much faster pace, and the moans of Alice’s pleasure began to become louder, and seemed more lust filled with the vibrator’s buzzing gone. She could feel her own juices begin to seep out within minutes, and saw her daughter’s bed was now over flooding with the fresh juices from Alice. Lynn began to feel an orgasm coming, and moved down to Alice’s ass hole, and inserted the dildo much more carefully. However, soon she moved quicker, and with a much more exciting movement of her hips. She could feel herself begin to cum, and moaned, as Alice breaths turned into pleasurable yells. Both of them came onto each other, and a large amount of the liquid now covered both of their bodies.

Beginning to feel tired, Lynn put the dildo back inside the bag and pressed her body against her daughters. Their pussies were practically next to each other, as Lynn began to hump Alice, and lick her large breasts, which were covered in sweat, nectar, and saliva.

After five minutes of this, Lynn moved down towards her daughter’s pussy, and began to lick passionately. Lynn began to blink sleepily, as she drank much of the fluids from her daughter’s lower body. Moving back up to her daughter’s face, she stared at her once more before falling asleep.

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